Dr. Stephen Leeb’s “AT-4” Stock Revealed (Reset 2022)

Hi, and welcome. Today we’ll be looking at a presentation by Dr. Stephen Leeb titled “Reset 2022” that I recently discovered via email.

The overall tone of the presentation was a bit “doom and gloom” and talked about some of the issues facing America, like rising unemployment, social unrest, and the widening wealth gap.

In short, Dr. Leeb says we’re on the cusp of a “$118 trillion reset” that will “destroy millions of jobs” and that technological innovation is at the center of it.

He says emerging technology will be the reason many lose money in the future but that there’s a “wonderful opportunity” in store for those on “the right side of technology.”

He then says there’s one company that’s more or less integral to the opportunity coming out of the “tech reset” that supplies a “rare material” called “AT-4.” And says it could help you make a 306% return over the next few years.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what Dr. Leeb is predicting, what his “AT-4” stock pick is, and whether or not his service, The Complete Investor, is worthwhile.

Dr. Stephen Leeb’s “Reset 2022” Prediction

The “Reset 2022” presentation is essentially a “warning” about how millions of Americans could be left behind by a “Historic $118.6 Trillion Shift.”

Dr. Leeb begins by pointing out some of the most alarming issues facing Americans today and does so through the lens of a more conservative, right-leaning point of view.

He talks about how the once “clean, beautiful streets” from New York to Chicago to San Diego are now marked by “pockets of poverty and despair.”

He also talks about things like violence, social unrest, record levels of unemployment, collapsing small businesses, rising government and household debt, and so on.

And he sums it up with the following:

“America, as we know it, is on the ropes…

Liberty is on the ropes.

And many individuals — through no fault of their own — risk losing everything in the months ahead.

It’s sad and terrifying.”

Source: www2.investingdaily.com/plp-tci-reset

What Dr. Leeb says is concerning.

In some respects, it reminded me of a presentation about a “Financial Lockdown” by Dr. Eifrig, which I recently wrote about. The overall theme is similar, but unlike Dr. Eifrig, Dr. Leeb doesn’t mention inflation as his primary concern.

Instead, he points to “breakthrough technological innovation” as the key reason behind an ever-increasing wealth gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in America.

And says there are “new rules of acquiring wealth as a result of technology.”

Instead of working hard, Dr. Leeb suggests that it’s more important whether or not you participate in the growth of technology as an investor.

He says this will determine whether “your next 20 years are spent in poverty, or the kind of financial abundance you’ve only ever dreamed of.”

Dr. Leeb’s overall thesis on how technology is creating a “divide” in America is very similar to what Louis Navellier and Eric Fry talk about in their Tech Supercycle Summit presentation.

The gist of Dr. Leeb’s thesis is that technology will only accelerate as we move forward. And in the process, wipe out millions of jobs through automation while simultaneously benefiting those who have their money in the right stocks.

“No matter the industry, livelihoods across America are being swallowed up by technology.

This is the tech reset, which has already started…

That will wipe out millions of middle-class jobs…

And this is why if you want to survive this reset, you MUST get into the right kinds of investments now…

Stocks that put you on the right side of this tech surge…

Opportunities that can double your wealth… even turn every $1,000 invested into $4,060 or more.”

Source: www2.investingdaily.com/plp-tci-reset

According to Dr. Leeb, the best tech innovations and stock gains are not behind us as many might expect. Instead, he says technological innovation worldwide is accelerating.

And he points to Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns to help explain why.

At the core, this “law” has to do with exponential growth in technological innovation. In other words, it’s about how the speed of technological progress is accelerating.

To help drive this point home, Dr. Leeb talks about how it took thousands of years to develop two innovations (the wheel and fire) and how we now see world-changing technological changes every couple of years. And he points out numerous examples of how technological innovation is accelerating, such as space travel, genomics, computing, and artificial intelligence.

According to Dr. Leeb, a “huge amount of money is up for grabs” due to this technological change that could cause a “$118 trillion technological reset.” I’m not exactly sure how he came up with the $118 trillion figure, but he does mention research from the McKinsey Global Institute.

“All told, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates this collision of innovation will generate over $118 trillion in economic impact across industries as varied as…”

Source: www2.investingdaily.com/plp-tci-reset

The only study I could find referencing this figure is a 2010 report from McKinsey Global Institue titled “$118 Trillion and Counting: Taking Stock of the World’s Capital Markets.”

According to the report, the “total value of the global financial stock—including bank deposits, government and private debt securities, and equities—now stands at $118 trillion.”

It’s unclear if this is the report Dr. Leeb is referring to. However, I think it’s safe to say that Dr. Leeb believes technology will significantly impact society and disrupt a range of industries.

He also says he knows about a “specific tech investment that could turn every $1,000 invested into $4,060 or more” and says it “truly stands out as an epic opportunity in this new age.”

And apparently, it has to do with something he calls “AT-4.”

What Is The “AT-4” Stock Dr. Leeb’s Teasing?

During the presentation, Dr. Stephen Leeb says there’s one company he’s particularly bullish on as part of his “tech reset” thesis, which he says controls 90% of America’s supply of “AT-4.”

What is “AT-4?” And how does it relate to his stock pick?

As far as I know, there is no such thing as “AT-4,” this is a term Dr. Leeb coined as part of the presentation. And he doesn’t reveal what this material is.

However, he does say it’s a rare “miracle” tech material and that he considers it to be the ultimate tech “building block.” He also drops some specific clues about its use case:

5G INTERNET: It’s stronger, and pound for pound, six times stiffer than steel with a 200,000 to 1 strength-to-weight ratio and can be used as a conductor in cutting edge wireless infrastructure.

MEDICINE: It’s non-magnetic AND transparent to x-rays making it a perfect material for MRIs.

DEFENSE: It has a lighter weight and higher thermal conductivity than aluminum making it perfect for use in long-range missiles, guidance systems, and armor-piercing bullets.

AERONAUTICS: It has a melting point of 2,349 degrees AND is extremely stable at low temperatures, meaning it can be exposed to extreme heat fluctuations during interstellar exploration and can even be used in deep-space telescopes.

X-FACTOR: It can harden and strengthen other substances when used in alloys.

Source: www2.investingdaily.com/plp-tci-reset

Based on these clues, it seems as though when Dr. Leeb talks about “AT-4” in the presentation, he’s referring to beryllium – a soft, silvery-white, low-density metal.

I’m no expert on beryllium, but it does appear to be a match with Dr. Leeb’s description of “AT-4” and what it’s used for. For example, it’s stronger than steel, non-magnetic, transparent to x-rays, used for aeronautics and defense purposes, and has many other applications.

And once I figured out “AT-4” was beryllium, all I needed to do was find a company with a $1.3 billion market cap that controls around 90% of America’s supply of this metal. Because these are some of the clues he provided about the company.

Here’s a summary of the clues Dr. Leeb provides in the presentation (in no particular order):

“Because the company I’m talking about is the world’s ONLY producer and distributor of a rare, “miracle” material that is absolutely essential to dozens of technological innovations.”

“Now get this: the company I’m talking about is proudly American, and is located in Utah, where they control 90% of America’s supply of this material.”

“In fact, their final results for 2020 revealed a $101 million cash surplus…”

“Their revenue for 2020 was also a massive $1.17 billion…”

“And their market cap right now is sitting at around $1.3 billion.”

“In fact, you can pick up shares in their business for around the same price it costs for dinner for two out on the town.”

Source: www2.investingdaily.com/plp-tci-reset

Based on these clues, I believe the stock he’s teasing is Materion Corporation (MTRN).

Materion describes itself as an “advanced materials supplier” that, according to the company history page on their website, started as Brush Beryllium Company in 1931.

Do they control 90% of America’s supply of beryllium?

I’m not sure the exact percentage of beryllium they control, but according to an article on tucson.com, they are the largest supplier of beryllium in the United States:

Materion Corp. is the only producer of beryllium ore in the United States. The Spor Mountain area in Utah is currently the largest supplier of beryllium in the United States, with a proven 14,000 tons of beryllium reserves mined by open pit.

Source: tucson.com

Materion Corp. also fits with other clues Dr. Leeb provides in the presentation. For example, its stock price is currently at around $70 (the “dinner for two” comment), and the 2020 revenue.

As for whether or not this company is worth investing in, I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

And keep in mind that this is just my best guess.

If you want to know for sure what stock Dr. Leeb is talking about in his presentation, you’ll need to read his special report titled “Reset Riches: How to Make Up to 306% During the $118 Trillion Tech Shift.” This report walks you through what his stock pick is and why he’s chosen it.

And to get that report, you need to join his service, The Complete Investor.

Overview of The Complete Investor

The Complete Investor is an investment newsletter run by Dr. Stephen Leeb of Investing Daily aimed at helping investors through “good markets, bad markets and turbulent times.”

The main benefit of joining is the monthly newsletter, but you also get access to resources like the model portfolio, email updates, and some bonus reports.

According to Dr. Leeb, each newsletter contains “straightforward, actionable strategies which will help you invest in the smartest, most profitable opportunities out there.” It also provides insight into his current economic outlook, latest recommendations, and when to buy and sell.

The sectors The Complete Investor focuses on seem to be reasonably broad but mostly center around technology, biotechnology, and natural resources, from what I can tell.

There are also five separate model portfolios with this service: Growth, Small Caps, Fund Folio, Core ETFs, and Income. Each portfolio shows you Dr. Leeb’s active recommendation and the details associated with each. And they each cater to a different type of investor.

Most services I come across have one portfolio. And while multiple portfolios don’t necessarily make it “better,” this is a point of difference as it allows you to structure your portfolio depending on what you’re aiming to achieve—for example, growth versus income.

It’s unclear exactly how well the service has performed since it began 13 years ago, but one page on the Investing Daily website shows that the average return of Dr. Leeb’s “top 5 core holdings” is 133.3% as of writing.

Also worth mentioning is that if you join through the “2022 Reset” presentation, you get access to the following bonus reports:

  • Reset Riches: How to Make Up to 306% During the $118 Trillion Tech Shift
  • Secret Highway All-Stars: 5 Plays That Will Make Early 5G Investors MILLIONS
  • Blue Chip Blacklist for 2022

Membership Fee and Refund Policy

The regular price of a subscription to The Complete Investor is $199, but if you join through the presentation we’ve discussed, you can join for $39 for one year or $78 for two years.

Aside from the extra year, if you choose the $78 option, the site says you get two additional bonus reports that have to do with mining stocks Dr. Leeb is bullish on.

  • Gold Spike: How To Make Massive Profits From The New Gold Bull Market
  • Arctic Profits: The Tiny $9 Company That Could Hand You 20-Times Your Money

Can you get a refund?

Yes, it is possible to get a refund during your first 90 days.

According to the Investing Daily website, if you’re not satisfied with The Complete Investor service during your first 90 days, they’ll refund you.

The site also says that if (at any point) the service doesn’t meet your expectations, they’ll “prorate your fee and refund you immediately for any unused months remaining on your membership.”

I think this policy is a good one. And it makes it one of the most comprehensive refund policies I’ve come across in this space.

Who Is Dr. Stephen Leeb?

Dr. Stephen Leeb is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Complete Investor and also runs a service called Real World Investing.

According to his profile on the Investing Daily website, Dr. Leeb is the author of numerous books related to the economy and financial markets, dating back to the 1980s, and has predicted some of the most critical market-related events within his books.

For example, he called the secular bull market of the 80s and the dot-com crash of the late 90s to early 2000s. Likewise, his best-seller (The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel) predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

Aside from the success of his books, Dr. Leeb is frequently quoted in financial media like USA Today, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. And he’s a regular guest on shows like CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg.

Bottom Line

Dr. Stephen Leeb’s “Reset 2022” presentation is all about the impact he believes emerging technology will have on society. In short, he suggests that technology will make some people wealthy and others poor as its innovation and adoption accelerates.

Based on the presentation, I believe “AT-4” is a term he uses to describe beryllium and that the Utah-based company he’s recommending could be Materion Corp. That’s just my best guess, though. To know for sure, you’d have to join his service, The Complete Investor.

Is it worth joining?

I didn’t join the service myself, so I can’t say for sure how worthwhile it is or whether or not the stock he’s referring to in the presentation is Materion Corporation (MTRN). Everything I’ve discussed in this article is based on information that is publicly available.

However, based on my research, Dr. Leeb’s service is legitimate and could be worth joining depending on your goals and investing preferences.

On the one hand, I think he makes some great points about the issues we’re facing as a society and the role technological innovation plays. I especially like his point about how technology is accelerating exponentially. I agree and think many people underestimate this.

On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that Dr. Leeb’s insights or “AT-4” stock pick will help you turn “every $1,000 into $4,060 or more.” It’s possible, but there’s no guarantee.

Either way, Dr. Leeb is a genuine investment expert. And The Complete Investor seems like a great service. So if you liked his presentation, you may find it worthwhile.

In any case, I hope you found this helpful, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks Tim – there are a lot of us that read your fairly neutral comments on these sometimes hyped up teasing mail fliers that we get. Thanks for your research and honest opinion – cutting thru thr hype.


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