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Get 69% Yields With Robert Rapier’s Incredible Dividend Map?

I recently viewed a presentation by Investing Daily’s Robert Rapier, who talked about making a 69% annual yield with “The Incredible Dividend Map” and his Utility Forecaster service. Considering that the average dividend yield is between 2 and 5 percent, I was admittedly a bit skeptical. But I was also intrigued and wanted to find out how it could be possible to make such high returns and whether or not it was a worthwhile opportunity. So I did my homework, and

Dr. Stephen Leeb’s “AT-4” Stock Revealed (Reset 2021 Pitch)

Hi, and welcome. Today we’ll be looking at a presentation by Dr. Stephen Leeb titled “Reset 2021” that I recently discovered via email. The overall tone of the presentation was a bit “doom and gloom” and talked about some of the issues facing America, like rising unemployment, social unrest, and the widening wealth gap. In short, Dr. Leeb says we’re on the cusp of a “$118 trillion reset” that will “destroy millions of jobs” and that technological innovation is at

Is Jim Fink’s Personal Finance Worth Joining? (Review)

I recently received an email about Jim Fink’s Personal Finance newsletter and thought I’d take a look to try to figure out if it’s worth joining or not. In the presentation for Personal Finance, Jim talked about one of the main investment strategies he uses to help his subscribers make money – selling put options. And as a subscriber, he says he shows you how to make as much as $67,548 per year doing this. Jim also shares other investment