Andy Snyder’s “Death of Cash Prosperity Kit” (Is It Legit?)

Today I’ll be sharing my take on Andy Snyder’s Death of Cash Prosperity Kit.

According to Andy, a “frightening and volatile event” is coming in 2021 that could mark the beginning of the end for cash in America, and he says his “Prosperity Kit” can help.

I must admit, I found the presentation to be quite gloomy.

But he does make some interesting points, and I did want to know what this “kit” was all about and what he was selling, so I decided to look further into it.

Here’s a summary of what I found:

  • The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is a bundle of five investment reports from Andy Snyder about how to survive and thrive if cash is banned in America, which he says could begin as early as September 22, 2021.
  • The reports cover five different investing recommendations from Andy related to gold, cryptocurrency, cashless payments, investment income and money storage.
  • To get Andy’s “Prosperity Kit,” you need to join his advisory service called Manward Letter for $99 on the Manward Press website.
  • It’s not a scam, but there’s no guarantee Andy’s predictions will play out as he says, or that his recommendations will help you prosper financially.

Read on for my full take…

Andy Snyder’s “Death of Cash” Presentation

I first discovered The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit through a presentation on the Manward Press website featuring Andy Snyder.

The presentation is titled “The World’s Most Popular Asset Could Soon Be Banned In America” and talks about why you should move your money by September 22, 2021.

Andy Snyder during his "Banned In America" presentation on the Manward Press website.

The presentation begins with Andy Snyder talking about an “audacious new law” that could have a greater impact on society than the Great Depression and 2008 financial crisis.

Starting just days from now, a select but highly powerful group virtually hand-picked by the new Biden administration will lay the groundwork for an audacious new law…

It will have a longer-lasting financial and personal impact than the crisis of 2008 or even the Great Depression.

He says he expects we will experience this “frightening and volatile” event by late 2021 and that it could destroy America’s economic legacy and give “Big Government” even more power.

His words are quite ominous, to say the least.

Anyway, Andy says he’s never witnessed anything like this and that if you own gold, bitcoin, stocks, or rely on investment income, you need to pay attention to what he’s predicting.

And what he’s predicting is the “death of cash” in the U.S.

Andy says we could soon see cash banned in America, which, if that happens, could “bring immediate chaos,” and says you need to be prepared.

Why does he think cash is going to be banned?

To explain his theory, Andy talks about the history of money in America, dating all the way back to the late 1700s. In short, he talks about how America first adopted the Continental in 1775, used gold and silver coins for almost 100 years, then began using the (paper) dollar in 1875.

Andy then explains that when President Richard Nixon stopped allowing the U.S. Dollar to be redeemed for gold in 1971, the money printing accelerated.

Because, as Andy points out, from this point on, the government was able to print as much money as they like without being constrained by how much gold they own.

No longer did it need to restrict its spending, borrowing and money-printing to what gold it had stored in the Treasury… Now it had access to virtually unlimited credit and money.

The topic of what money is, how it’s evolved through the ages, and where our monetary system is headed is fascinating. And it’s a topic most people seem to spend very little, if any, time considering. Which is a shame considering we work our whole lives to get it.

In any case, after Andy summarized the history of money in the U.S., he started talking about how he believes the use of physical cash will be outlawed shortly.

Just like when the U.S. government criminalized anyone who refused to accept the Continental… or when FDR criminalized the ownership of gold with Executive Order 6102 in 1933… I believe central bankers are set to eliminate and criminalize the use of physical cash.

So to revisit the earlier question of why he thinks cash will be banned…

According to Andy Snyder, there are a couple of main reasons for this.

He says the first has to do with giving central bankers and governments more control:

But I suspect the real reason the Fed and every one of the big banks want to eliminate and criminalize the use of cash is that it gives them total and complete control of the money supply.

And the second, according to Andy, has to do with enforcing negative interest rates.

Basically, as Andy explains, negative interest rates mean that instead of earning interest on the money you save at the bank, the bank actually charges you money.

The U.S. already has negative real rates (interest rate minus inflation), but some countries already have negative interest rates on regular bank deposits, although this is rare.

Either way, if this did occur in the U.S., as Andy points out, many people would withdraw their cash because at least you won’t be charged money to store it at the bank.

So, long story short, Andy explains that if/when negative interest rates happen, it could be disastrous for the financial system as people make a run on the banks.

And this, according to Andy, is why cash will be banned. Unfortunately, there is no workaround if there is no cash; you must store your money in the bank, even with negative interest rates.

What’s Andy’s solution?

Andy Snyder says there are five steps you can take to avoid the coming chaos…

I’ve developed a simple five-step plan you can start using today. It will help you protect your family and profit handsomely as this event unfolds.

Here’s his five-step solution:

  1. Buy Gold… the RIGHT Way
  2. Forget the Digital Dollar – Get Ready For Million-Dollar Bitcoin
  3. Collect Your Share of Billions of Cashless Payments
  4. Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a Zero Interest Rate World
  5. Create Your Own Bank

Each “step” coincides with an investment report. And these reports, along with a subscription to Manward Letter, are what make up the “Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit.”

In the next section, we’ll discuss this in more detail.

What Is The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit?

The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is essentially a package of five investment reports with a subscription to an investment advisory run by Andy Snyder, called Manward Letter.

Andy Snyder's Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit

Here are the five reports that make up The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit:

  • Owning Gold in the Digital Age: Use New Technology to Keep What’s Yours
  • Crypto-Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies
  • Cashing In on the Cashless Payments Revolution
  • How to Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a Zero Interest Rate World
  • Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future

Worth noting is that Andy once referred to it as the “Death of Cash Survival Kit.” But from what I can tell, his “Survival Kit” and “Prosperity Kit” are virtually the same, just different names.

In any case, according to Andy, each of the above reports is designed to help you protect your family in the event cash is banned in America while also helping you generate profits.

While the Manward Letter service is a monthly investment newsletter that provides you with Andy Snyder’s latest investing insights and recommendations, each month, you get fresh insights and ideas and access to the model portfolio and other resources to help you invest successfully.

Andy says his main focus with the service is “revealing the truth” about money and the economy that mainstream media refuses to tell you about. He describes it as a “contrarian” newsletter that uses a “unique and battle-tested approach to building wealth.”

Instead of promising to help you find the next big tech company, like some services I’ve reviewed, Manward Letter caters more to conservative investors and people interested in protecting and growing their wealth.

In any case, the five special reports I mentioned earlier, and a 12-month subscription to Manward Letter, cost $99, and this is what makes up the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit.

How Does The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit Work?

The basic idea is to visit the Manward Press website and sign up for the Manward Letter through the “Death of Cash” presentation. There are a few different membership options, but the $99 option comes with the “Prosperity Kit.”

Once you’ve signed up, the idea is to read each of the five reports you get with the kit to learn about the investment recommendations Andy is making. And from there, you can decide which recommendations you want to take advantage of if any.

Instead of just giving you a bunch of random reports, though, Andy has associated each one with a “step” in what he calls the “Five Steps for Surviving the Death of Cash.”

Here are the five steps and the corresponding report for each:

  • Step 1: Buy Gold… the RIGHT Way
    • Owning Gold in the Digital Age: Use New Technology to Keep What’s Yours
  • Step 2: Forget the Digital Dollar – Get Ready For Million-Dollar Bitcoin
    • Crypto-Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies
  • Step 3: Collect Your Share of Billions of Cashless Payments
    • Cashing In on the Cashless Payments Revolution
  • Step 4: Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a Zero Interest Rate World
    • How to Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a Zero Interest Rate World
  • Step 5: Create Your Own Bank
    • Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future

The first step is all about investing in gold, but not in the way most people do. Instead, Andy shows you how to invest in gold in such a way that you can transact with it digitally. And he outlines some of his top gold investment ideas as well.

The second step is all about investing in cryptocurrencies.

He says he shows you “the hottest coins,” which kind of puts me off because there are many scams in the crypto space. But I do believe in the value of bitcoin, which is why I own some.

Bitcoin makes sense if you’re concerned about currency debasement because it has a hard-capped supply of 21 million coins. Moreover, unlike gold, it’s not controlled by any person, organization, or government. Altcoins, on the other hand, I do not think are good.

Andy’s third step involves investing in a cashless payments company that he says could soar when cash is eliminated and potentially 100X over the next decade.

The fourth step is about what Andy refers to as a “private savings note,” which can help you earn a 24% annual yield on your money outside the banking system. And I’m not certain, but I believe Andy may be referring to structured notes, which can yield up to 24%.

The fifth step Andy talks about has to do with creating “your own bank” by taking your money out of the traditional banking system and storing it in “other assets.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention what these “safe assets” are, but I am willing to bet he’s talking about bitcoin.

The reason being, he says, it’s not precious metals, that it’s a valuable instrument of private exchange, it can be stored anywhere in the world, and can be moved at a moment’s notice.

That is bitcoin.

Bitcoin allows you to “become your own bank” when you store it on a hardware wallet (cold storage). So you can theoretically hold your entire net worth in bitcoin on a hardware wallet you hold. And the backup to that wallet can be a 12-word phrase. So if you lose the device, you can get a new one and restore your bitcoin with those 12 words.

Anyway, that’s what Andy Snyder’s Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit is all about.

In the next section, we’ll discuss who Andy Snyder is, and then I’ll share my opinion on whether or not I think it’s worth joining to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Who Is Andy Snyder?

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder

Andy Snyder is the founder of a financial publishing company Manward Press and the lead editor of its flagship newsletter, Manward Letter.

Before founding Manward Press in 2016, the Manward Press website says he “cut his teeth at an esteemed financial firm with nearly $100 billion in assets under management.”

It’s unclear what that firm is, but either way, he seems to be best known for his work with Manward Press and his contrarian viewpoints on finance and the economy.

His bio on the Manward Press website describes him as an author, investor, and entrepreneur with “unfiltered, unorthodox views” on money and liberty.

The site also says his ideas have been featured on Fox News and that he’s been helping investors protect and build wealth since 2006.

For example, the website states that he helped people make money betting on a “little-known” Google competitor in 2006, recommended health care stocks before Obamacare, and has helped subscribers see triple-digit gains over the past year alone.

All in all, Andy seems like a really knowledgeable investor.

Bottom Line

The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is a package of five investment reports created by Andy Snyder that center around preparing for the banning of cash in America. And these reports come with a $99 subscription to his newsletter service, Manward Letter.

Andy says this “cash banning event” could begin as early as September 22, 2021, which he says is the “date of the Fed’s key September meeting.”

I did some checking, and it seems he’s referring to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting that’s taking place later this year. So I guess that might be a date to watch based on what he’s saying.

In any case, Andy says cash is likely to be soon outlawed in the U.S. and that he can help you “avoid the pain that’s ahead” with The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit.

Is it legit?

The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit isn’t a scam.

Andy Snyder is a real investing expert with a proven track record. And his “Prosperity Kit” is just a package of special reports where he shares his investment insights and recommendations. You may or may not like his ideas, but that doesn’t make it a scam.

As mentioned, the “kit” also comes with a subscription to Andy’s Manward Letter service, which is a legitimate service that’s backed by a respected financial publishing company, Manward Press.

It also comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. So you can sign up for a whole year, read his reports and try out the service, and request a full refund if you’re not happy.

So it’s legit. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean all of his predictions will be right or that his recommendations are guaranteed to help you make money.

Gold, bitcoin, stocks… there is risk in any investment. So it’s always important to do your own due diligence and weigh up the risks. No matter how “safe” an investment might seem.

I also think it’s worth being careful with his “crypto” recommendations.

As I said, I’m a big fan of bitcoin. But I’m not keen on altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin) which he appears to recommend in one of his reports. I’m skeptical of altcoins because many of them are scams, and it’s super easy to lose money given how volatile they can be.

In any case, Andy does talk about the benefits of bitcoin and other assets like gold and stocks. So you don’t have to invest in altcoins to benefit from his insights and recommendations.

Either way, I hope you found this helpful, and if you’d like to share your thoughts about The Death of Cash Prosperity Kit or his Manward Letter service, feel free to comment below.

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