What’s Matthew Carr’s Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10?

I recently stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website by Matthew Carr, who says Apple is working on a breakthrough technology he calls “The iPhone Mega-Upgrade.”

And according to Matthew Carr, there’s a “virtually unknown” company working with Apple that trades for less than $10 a share. And he believes it’s the “ultimate growth stock.”

Cool story, but is it true? And what stock is he teasing?

That’s what I intend to find out.

Let’s start by looking into Matthew Carr’s prediction to see what it’s all about. Then we’ll look at the clues he leaves about the stock he’s bullish on to see what it could be.

Breaking Down Matthew Carr’s “iPhone Mega-Upgrade” Prediction

Matthew Carr begins the presentation by asking us to take a look at a “nondescript white industrial building” and states that, inside this building, “Apple scientists are reportedly working day and night on a new breakthrough technology.”

White industrial building shown in the "iPhone Mega-Upgrade" presentation on the Oxford Club website.
Source: https://pro.oxfordclub.com/p/GROWTHTO79ORELT2YRDSTBLTBLLTOMT/EOREXAGT

Admittedly, my curiosity got the better of me with this; I had to know what this building was. So I did some Googling, and I found the following Youtube video from 2015:

I’m not sure how “secret” it is, but this does appear to be a building that Apple is using in some capacity, which they don’t exactly advertise, and it’s located in Taiwan.

What is Apple working on?

Nobody knows for sure except for Apple and those they choose to share that information with. However, according to Matthew Carr, Apple is working on a new technology, which he refers to as “The iPhone Mega Upgrade,” that could make iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks better.

iPhones, iPads and Macbooks upgraded with this tech are expected to be substantially thinner, more efficient, higher-resolution, more reliable and longer-lasting.

Source: https://pro.oxfordclub.com/p/GROWTHTO79ORELT2YRDSTBLTBLLTOMT/EOREXAGT/Full

However, Mr. Carr soon points out that it’s the company next door to this building that he’s interested in. Not Apple itself.

He says that the company he’s bullish on is “virtually unknown” and trades for less than $10 per share and that it could be “the biggest winner as this new technology develops.”

He also says both Apple and this company, whatever it is, are collaborating on a $330 million production facility to launch this new tech.

The two companies together are reportedly collaborating on a $330 million production facility to bring this technology to the masses.

He then starts talking about investing in “Secret Companies.” In short, this is a term Matthew Carr uses this term to describe companies that make “boatloads of money” but don’t get the same recognition of household names like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.

In other words, companies like Nvidia that make the stuff that goes into things like smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

And he more or less says that if you bet on the right “Secret Company” ahead of the masses, the payout could be significant.

In a roundabout way, Matthew Carr suggests that his stock pick is a “Secret Company” that makes the stuff that goes into well-known products we use every day and that it could see similar gains to companies like Nvidia. Or, in his words, it could see a “rocket ride” lol…

And I believe the company behind it could be on the verge of a true rocket ride like Nvidia.

What exactly does this “Secret Company” make that’s so important?

According to Matthew Carr, they make Micro LED screens.

And he believes Micro LED is the future for virtually every device with a screen. From iPhones, laptops, and tablets to wearables, televisions, and car displays.

Why? Because he suggests that Micro LED technology, in particular, the tech his $10 “Secret Company” is working on, could “make screens simpler, cheaper, clearer and brighter.” All while improving the color and definition of the screen.

What is Micro LED? And is it really a big deal?

Matthew Carr describes Micro LED as a “new type of screen made up of tiny microscopic LED lights” and says that each light is thinner than a human hair.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

microLED displays consist of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. When compared with widespread LCD technology, microLED displays offer better contrast, response times, and energy efficiency.

I’m not an expert on MicroLED technology, but I did some research on this topic, and it’s certainly an interesting technology with a potentially promising future.

According to an article on techradar.com, unlike regular LED screens, Micro LED screens don’t need a backlight because the LEDs are so small that they can function as individual pixels. And this technology has the potential to outperform the latest OLED televisions.

The same article points out that both Samsung and Sony have already released Micro LED TVs, but these are prohibitively expensive, so they are yet to gain mass adoption.

However, they are huge TVs. And based on what Matthew Carr talks about in the presentation; Micro LEDs can be used for a whole host of purposes. Not just TVs, smartphones, and laptops.

For example, it could improve car navigation displays, surgical displays, fingerprint scanners, all kinds of wearables, and more.

He makes a compelling argument, too. Even though it’s mostly a promotion for Oxford Growth Investor (more on this shortly), I thought he made some excellent points on why this tech could take off, beyond the obvious.

In any case… what stock is he teasing?

Read on.

What “Ultimate Growth Stock For Under $10” Is Matthew Carr Teasing?

When I first started looking into the stock Matthew Carr is teasing, my initial guess was that it might’ve had something to do with either Foxconn or Hon Hai Precision Industry.


Because firstly, Foxconn is a Taiwanese tech company, and the Apple facility Matthew Carr mentioned in the presentation is located in Taiwan.

Second, it has over 29,000 patents which is another clue he provides.

And third, Alexander Green, who works for the same publishing company as Carr (The Oxford Club), has been teasing this stock for a while now, as I explain in this article.

But after taking a closer look, no cigar.

Mainly because the financials don’t fit what Carr describes in the presentation, and neither did the clue about the “$330 million production facility.”

So I kept on digging…

And based on my research, I believe the stock he’s teasing is AU Optronics Corp. (AUOTY).

To explain why, I’ll share some of the main clues he leaves about the company and follow up with how AU Optronics matches these clues.

Here are the clues from the presentation:

“The two companies together are reportedly collaborating on a $330 million production facility to bring this technology to the masses.”

“Samsung has a confirmed partnership with this company to add the tech to its televisions.”

“Tesla has partnered with it as well, to add it to its cars.”

“Net income is up from $121 million to $1.54 billion when you compare the last 12 months with all of 2020…”

“This $10 stock holds more than 20,900 patents… the vast majority of which are invention patents.”

Now here’s why I believe it’s a match:

  • AU Optronics (AUO) was founded in 2001 and describes itself as an “expert in optoelectronics” (study and application of light-emitting or light-detecting devices). And on a page about their Micro LED technology, say they’re “devoted to the development of advanced display technology.”
  • According to this May, 2020 article on appleinsider.com, Apple was (and perhaps still is) planning to build a (roughly) $330 million facility that makes Micro LEDs with Epistar and AU Optronics, on a 30.83 hectare site in northern Taiwan.
  • AU Optronics has joined Samsung’s supply chain by providing glass backplanes. It’s also a supplier to Tesla and is said to be making displays for their EVs in North America.
  • Based on the company’s Yahoo Finance page (linked to earlier), AUO had a net income of about $121 million in 2020 and the four quarters up to and including the June, 2021 quarter work out to a net income of roughly $1.5 billion. Note that these are the figures I came to after converting TWD to USD because it’s a Tawianeese company.
  • According to the about page (see link in first bullet point) of the AUO website, the company “has been granted more than 20,900 patents globally.”
  • And the stock is currently trading at around $6.44 at the time of writing (October 20, 2021).

So, bottom line, it’s a match.

Of course, I can’t be 100% certain because I have not read the report Matthew Carr put together where he reveals the stock (the one titled “The Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10”). But based on my research, I’m confident that this is the company he’s teasing in the presentation.

Should you invest in it?

As always, I’ll leave that part up for you to decide. I’m not a finance guru, so I don’t provide stock recommendations. My goal with this post was simply to unpack the presentation and try to figure out what stock Matthew Carr was teasing.

So I recommend you do your own research on whether or not the stock is a good investment.

What are others saying?

To some extent, AUO seems to be under the radar. From what I can tell, there hasn’t been a lot of media attention around it over the past couple of years.

Although I did find some interesting commentary on it.

For example, this article on Seeking Alpha seems relatively bearish on the stock, while this article from Zacks Equity Research on Nasdaq.com describes it as a “great momentum stock.”

How do you get Matthew Carr’s take on the stock?

Matthew Carr details his stock pick and the reason why he’s recommending it in a report titled “The Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10.”

And the only way to access this report is to sign up for a new service Matthew Carr recently launched in conjunction with The Oxford Club, called Oxford Growth Investor.

What Is Oxford Growth Investor?

Oxford Growth Investor is a stock advisory run by Matthew Carr and David Fessler of The Oxford Club, and its core focus is on helping subscribers build wealth through technology stocks.

In particular, the focus is on high-growth stocks, which are essentially companies expected to grow at a faster rate than the market average.

If you join through the presentation, the cost is $49.

And for that, you get 12 months of access to the service, which provides you with 12 monthly newsletter issues, model portfolios, weekly updates, research, and special reports.

Each newsletter issue contains Matthew Carr’s latest research, insights, and stock picks for the month and updates on the model portfolios. And one of the unique things about this service is that you get access to two model portfolios instead of one.

In short, the model portfolio is essentially a list of all the stocks Matthew Carr is currently recommending to subscribers of Oxford Growth Investor. And in this case, there are two.

One portfolio is called the “Best-in-Class Portfolio,” which makes up 60% of the recommendations, and it fits The Oxford Club’s “RPM” (Revenue, Potential, Momentum) formula.

And the second is called the “Safe Speculation Portfolio,” which contains the remaining 40% of recommendations. These are more speculative stocks with potentially higher upside, and it involves using a long-term options strategy called LEAPS.

You also get the following bonus reports if you join through the presentation, which details different stocks Matthew Carr is currently recommending:

  • The Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10
  • Two Tiny Tech Innovators Set to Take Off
  • Five Small Cap Stocks Making BIG Moves in Blockchain
  • The Next Stock of the Decade
  • The $3 Stock Vital to the 5G Revolution

According to Matthew Carr, the service will cost $249 when it’s fully launched, but right now, they’re running a special where you can join for $49. And it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee which is a much longer refund period than most advisories provide.

Who Is Matthew Carr?

Matthew Carr is the man behind the “iPhone Mega-Upgrade” presentation we’ve been discussing, the Oxford Growth Investor service, and he’s the “Chief Trends Strategist” of The Oxford Club.

Based on his Oxford Club bio, Matthew Carr has over two decades of financial experience and is an expert in “market-moving trends and disruptive industries.”

Before Oxford Growth Investor, he wrote for several energy trade publications, including Natural Gas Week and Oil Daily and international trade for a magazine called Business Credit. His work has also been featured in Forbes, TheStreet, and Politico.

Today, he seems to be more focused on finding growth stock opportunities that have the potential to 10X without waiting ten years. And from what I understand, he mainly does this within the Oxford Growth Investor service that he runs with David Fessler.

David Fessler is another financial guru that works for The Oxford Club.

I wrote about his Extreme Disruptions Trader service several months ago and shared my guess on some of his picks. In short, he’s a market veteran with over 50 years of experience, recommended Tesla in the early days, and has authored a best-selling book about energy.

So he seems like a good addition to the Oxford Growth Investor.

Bottom Line

The “ultimate growth stock” Matthew Carr teases in the “iPhone Mega-Upgrade” presentation appears to be a tech company called AU Optronics (AUOTY).

To find out for sure, you’d need to join Mr. Carr’s service, Oxford Growth Investor, and read a research report he’s put together called “The Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10.”

I don’t have access to that report, so I can’t say for sure that AUO is the company he’s teasing, but it seems to match up with the clues he left in the presentation.

Either way, the Oxford Growth Investor service could still be worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in investing in emerging technology companies. Because not only can you get the details behind Matthew Carr’s stock pick, but for $49, you get 12 months of access to the research, recommendations, and insights he and David Fessler share with subscribers.

However, keep in mind that all investments carry risk, and there’s no guarantee you’ll make money as a subscriber of any service. So I wouldn’t expect it to help you get rich quickly.

Either way, Matthew Carr’s presentation on Micro LEDs is legit, and so is his service, so you may find it worthwhile depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

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