What’s Ian King’s Infinergy Stock? (All You Need to Know)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. In this post, I’ll be discussing Ian King’s new “Infinergy” presentation, which I recently discovered on the Banyan Hill website.

According to the presentation, Infinergy could potentially power the earth for the next five billion years, and there’s one “tiny company” at the center of it all, which Ian King details in a report titled “Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution.”

However, the only way to access that report is to join Strategic Fortunes. So if you’re not ready to do that, read on because I think I may have figured out what company he’s teasing.

But first, let’s start with what “Infinergy” is all about.

What Is Infinergy? $16 Trillion Revolution?

Ian King began the Infinergy presentation by holding up a large, ordinary-looking crystal that he says has the potential to power the entire planet for the next five billion years.

Ian King holding up a crystal during the Infinergy presentation on the Banyan Hill website.
Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-IKAINFINERGY-001/EIKAXBAY

Ian says that, thanks to a “Nobel Prize-winning discovery,” the energy these crystals can produce is “virtually infinite” and that this is why he calls it Infinergy.

According to Ian King, Infinergy can fuel your car, light your home, and run factories, and it’s cleaner than oil, natural gas, and coal. He also says that “these crystals are about to explode on the scene and ignite an energy revolution,” unlike anything we’ve seen since the 1800s.

We could be looking at the biggest disruption to the energy industry since Rockefeller started Standard Oil in the late 1800s.

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-IKAINFINERGY-001/EIKAXBAY/Full

What exactly is Infinergy?

Infinergy is a term Ian King uses to describe photovoltaics, which essentially means the conversion of sunlight into electricity (i.e., solar power).

That’s what Infinergy does.

It takes these energy particles directly from the sun…

And concentrates them to generate power for everyday uses.

In scientific terms, this power is called photovoltaic.

Simply put, this means converting sunlight into electricity.

Or, as it’s more commonly called, solar power.

Why does Ian call it “Infinergy” instead of solar power? Believe it or not, this sort of this is widespread in the financial publishing space; many gurus use weird terms in their presentations to add an element of mystery, most likely because it leads to more engagement.

In any case, that’s what Ian King’s presentation is all about – solar power.

And solar panels aren’t exactly new, either. The first solar panel was invented in 1954 by Bells Labs. However, during the presentation, Ian King points out that early solar panels were very inefficient because they were “made from silicon filled with impurities.”

And he says the company he’s monitoring sells panels from crystals that result in “silicon that is 99.9999999% pure,” which makes them “400% more efficient than the first panels.”

What do crystals and silicon have to do with solar panels?

According to Wikipedia:

Crystalline silicon is the dominant semiconducting material used in photovoltaic technology for the production of solar cells. These cells are assembled into solar panels as part of a photovoltaic system to generate solar power from sunlight.

So that explains why Ian King was holding up a crystal in the presentation; crystalline silicon is the most common semiconductor material used in solar panels. And he states that the company he’s bullish on makes silicon that is “virtually free from impurities.”

Aside from that, he says the company has “energy storage solutions” that allow you to access the sun’s power 24/7. And that when you combine that with the lowering costs associated with solar and government incentives, we are about to enter the “takeoff stage” for the solar industry.

Specifically, Ian says, “$16 trillion is projected to funnel into this niche energy sector over the next decade” and that this could trigger 1,800% growth from where we’re at today.

What’s he basing these growth figures on?

I did some research, and according to reuters.com, the global renewable energy market was valued at over $881 billion in 2020 (the figure Ian King shows in the presentation).

And according to Forbes, Goldman Sachs “expects the clean energy sector to reach a $16 trillion investment volume through 2030.”

So that appears to be how Ian King came up with the 1,800% growth figure; he’s talking about the growth of the renewable energy sector in general, not the growth of his No.1 solar company. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the company he’s teasing.

What Is Ian King’s “Infinergy” Stock Pick?

During the presentation, Ian King said there’s one “tiny American company” at the forefront of a “new energy revolution” that he says could grow by 1,800% in the next decade.

He doesn’t reveal the name of the company, though. So the only way to access it is to sign up to his advisory service, Strategic Fortunes, and read the research report he put together.

However, I went through the clues he provided in the presentation, and based on that, I believe the company Ian King is teasing is SunPower Corporation (SPWR).

To explain why I believe it’s SunPower, let’s go through the clues Ian King shares in the presentation, then I’ll show you why this company matches up with them.

“Apple, Target, Walmart and Costco are just a few businesses it has deals with.”

“Its market cap is just 1/25th of BP.”

“Located in the tech capital of the world, it’s about to bring Infinergy to the masses…”

“It just raised access to $1 billion to help roll this energy breakthrough out to millions of Main Street Americans.”

“Vanguard Group owns $278 million in its stock … BlackRock holds over $200 million, and Invesco is sitting on $150 million in its shares.”

“Not only does it sell the most efficient panels on the market, it also provides an all-in-one solution for homeowners and businesses alike.”

“This company has already captured 50% market share in the new home market.”

“Well, this firm has a backlog of 220MW.”

“So it says a lot that the Department of Defense is transitioning to Infinergy … and that it’s partnered with this firm.”

“They’re infused with the purest crystals and thus more efficient than anything out there.”

“They’re also longer lasting … up to 40 years.”

Here’s why I believe SunPower is a match:

  • SunPower is a U.S.-based solar company headquarted in Silcon Valley. And according to the company website, it “designs all-in-one residential and commercial solutions” for clean energy and energy storage.
  • As of writing (November, 2021), SunPower’s market cap is around $5.1 billion. This is a bit higher than 1/25th of BP’s market cap, but SunPower’s market cap has increased since October 2021, which appears to be when Ian King first made the presentation.
  • SunPower raised $1 billion in a partnership with Technology Credit Union to “increase financing options for U.S. residential solar customers.”
  • According to CNN Business, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and Invesco have positions in SunPower that (as of writing) roughly match the numbers Ian King provides in the presentation.
  • It’s unclear if the company has 50% market share of the new home market for solar power. However, the company’s Q3 2021 results show that the new homes market boosted it’s new customer acqusition by more than double compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • According to an article on pv-magazine.com, SunPower has a “multi-family new homes backlog” of more than 220 MW.
  • According to a SunPower press release, SunPower is a “trusted solar advisor” to the Department of Defense and the company has “designed and installed solar power systems at a number of military facilities” over the years.
  • On the product page of the company website, the company states that “The SunPower Equinox system features the most efficient solar panels on the market” and that their panels achieve a “world-record setting 22% efficiency rate.”
  • According to this SunPower document, the company expects its solar panels to “have a useful life of more than 40 years.”

So, all in all, SunPower seems like a good fit because it matches up with most of the clues Ian King provides in the presentation. However, to find out for sure, it’s best to read the research report he put together titled “Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution.”

In the report, Ian King details his “No.1 solar company” (which I believe is SunPower) and the reasons why he’s bullish on it, aside from the points he makes in the presentation. As mentioned, though, the only way to access the report is to join Strategic Fortunes.

What Is Strategic Fortunes?

Strategic Fortunes is a stock advisory service published by Banyan Hill Publishing and edited by Ian King. And the goal of the advisory is to help subscribers profit from emerging technology trends like 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

And according to Ian King, there are four metrics he uses to help identify the best potential companies in the emerging tech space.

First, he looks for companies in industries that are on the verge of huge growth. Second, he looks for companies with double-digit revenue growth. Third, Ian says he looks for companies that are investing in their future growth. And fourth, he looks for a catalyst that could potentially cause the stock price to go higher.

How does the service itself work?

At the core of the service are the monthly newsletters. Each new issue is released monthly and details Ian King’s latest recommendation, market analysis, and insight into market events that he believes could impact the recommendations he’s already made.

On top of this, subscribers receive access to the model portfolio, updates on the portfolio, and some bonus reports depending on which promotion you sign up through.

In this case, you get the following three bonus reports:

  • Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Infinergy Revolution
  • The Solar Storage Superstar: Grab Big Profits on This Innovative Company Now
  • Mobility as a Service: A $1.8 Trillion Revolution

The first report details his No.1 solar company, and the others describe different companies he’s interested in related to solar storage and autonomous vehicles.

How much does it cost?

If you sign up to Strategic Fortunes through the “Infinergy” presentation, the cost to join the service is $79, and it comes with a 365-day refund policy.

Who Is Ian King?

Ian King
Ian King

Ian King is a former Wall Street trading guru who worked for several big-name firms like Citigroup, Peahi Capital, and Salomon Brothers before getting into financial education.

He’s also the man behind the Strategic Fortunes service and two other Banyan Hill Publishing services – New Era Fortunes and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

How well have his recommendations performed over the years?

Ian King is known for recommending some great opportunities over the years.

For example, he recommended Tesla at $25, bitcoin when it was less than $100, Amazon at under $200, and many others. So he is up there with the best of them, especially when it comes to tech-related opportunities.

Not everything he recommends works out well. In fact, like any investment guru, some of his picks have almost certainly lost money. But on average, his subscribers seem to be doing well because, during the presentation, he claims he has averaged 100% per trade:

Over the last two years, across 39 positions with an average hold of 375 days…

I’ve averaged 100% per trade.

Granted, that’s only his recommendations over the past couple of years, but doubling your money in a little over a year on average is pretty incredible.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you will double your money by joining the service or that it’ll help you make any money at all, but Ian King does have a good track record.

Bottom Line

When you boil it down, Ian King uses the term “Infinergy” to describe solar power. And it appears as though the crystal he holds up in the presentation is more or less a metaphor for crystalline silicon, a common semiconductor material used in solar panels.

In any case, the presentation centers around the potential growth of the solar power industry. And according to Ian King, there’s one “tiny American company” at the center of it all.

I believe the company he’s teasing is SunPower Corporation because it matches most of the clues he provides in the presentation. However, the only way to find out for sure is to read the report (Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution), which you get as a subscriber of Strategic Fortunes.

Is Strategic Fortunes worth it?

Ultimately, it will come down to your goals and investing preference. If you’re looking for an entry-level advisory focused on emerging technologies, this could be worth a look. Especially since it only costs $79 for 12 months access and comes with a 365-day refund policy.

On the other hand, keep in mind that there are risks involved when it comes to investing. So even though the service appears to have a good track record, there are no guarantees it will help you make money. That doesn’t make it a scam; it just means nobody can guarantee you results.

Either way, I hope what I’ve shared in this post has shed some light on Ian King’s Infinergy presentation and that it helps you decide if Strategic Fortunes is worth it for you.

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