What Is Adam O’Dell’s Perfect Trading Window? (Details)

Hi, and welcome. In this post, we’ll be looking into Adam O’Dell’s latest presentation on the Money & Markets website about “The Perfect Trading Window.”

According to Adam, this system could help you make “at least 12 triple-digit wins” over the next 12 months, thanks to “retail-driven anomalies” in the market.

How does it work? And is it legit?

That’s what I’m going to uncover in this article. I’ll start by showing you what his system is about and how it works. Then, I’ll shed some light on who Adam O’Dell is and give you an overview of the service he’s pitching, Home Run Profits, to help you decide if it’s worthwhile.

Adam O’Dell’s “The Perfect Trading Window”

I first stumbled across The Perfect Trading Window through a presentation on the Money & Markets website where Adam O’Dell talked about how over 10 million new traders “accidentally opened a $1 trillion opportunity.”

Adam O'Dell during The Perfect Trading Window presentation on the Money and Markets website.

Despite my skepticism, I was curious to see what Adam was talking about because I remember him from another service he runs called Wednesday Windfalls, which I recently wrote about.

In short, Adam O’Dell is a former hedge fund manager and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) who has established a good track record in the stock advisory space over the years. Of course, not everything he recommends works out, but he is a real investment guru.

Anyway, in this presentation, he’s talking about how millions of new retail investors have been “flooding the market” lately and piling into meme stocks like Gamestop, AMC, and Hertz.

Specifically, he points out that 10 million new retail traders entered the stock market this year. And how, if this keeps up, 20 million new traders could begin trading within the next year.

Long story short, Adam says that all of these “rookie traders” are creating “hugely profitable trading opportunities” as a result of “retail-driven anomalies.” And that he knows how to take advantage of the opportunities they help create.

How does his strategy work?

According to Adam O’Dell, it’s not about piling into meme stocks like GME or AMC because he says these are “just too volatile … and too risky.”

Instead, he says there’s a “smarter way to take advantage of the $1 trillion of new money flooding the stock market today.” And it all has to do with something called momentum.

Essentially, Adam O’Dell’s strategy is all about identifying stocks with strong upward momentum. In other words, he looks for stocks where the price is already trending upwards and that look set to continue trading higher over the next several months.

And he says his system is “designed to pinpoint the exact moment a stock is about to hit Maximum Momentum.” Which he describes as a “period typically lasting two to three months” where the stock’s momentum is accelerating.

So, in other words, Adam’s strategy involves buying high and selling higher. His goal is to more or less jump into trades right before he believes they will go up by 100% or more.

He doesn’t reveal the “algorithms or technical indicators” his system uses to identify these opportunities because apparently, they are “proprietary.” But he does say that the strategy involves using options to potentially maximize returns.

How do options work?

Stock options are derivatives of the underlying shares. They give you the right, not the obligation, to purchase the underlying asset for a set price within a specified time period.

On the plus side, it is possible to make higher returns with options because you can control a much larger number of shares with less capital. So in that way, it’s a form of leverage.

However, you can also lose your entire position if the stock price tanks because you don’t own the underlying shares. So, as with any investment, there are risks involved.

What does the “Perfect Trading Window” have to do with all of this?

Adam says his system is all about finding momentum-based trading opportunities that arise from “retail-driven market anomalies.” In other words, his system looks for anomalies in the market that, as Adam puts it, “rookie traders” help create.

And The Perfect Trading Window is all about capitalizing on this trend as more and more retail investors enter the market. As mentioned, an estimated ten million traders entered the market this year, and Adam expects that to reach 20 million over the next year.

And he points out how a Market Insider article shows the amount of money coming into the market from retail investors is expected to reach $1 trillion this year.

So, the “perfect trading window” is all about using Adam’s “Maximum Momentum” trading system to capitalize on the “torrent of new money” he says is entering the market over the next year.

Or, more specifically, it’s about following his trade recommendations over the next 12 months as a member of his advisory service, Home Run Profits. And he says he’s “willing to guarantee you’ll be able to make at least 12 triple-digit wins over the next year” with this system.

Let’s take a closer look at what Home Run Profis is about.

What Is Home Run Profits?

Home Run Profits is a trading advisory service run by Adam O’Dell of Money & Markets that involves momentum trading using options. And according to the Money & Markets website, the goal of the service is to help subscribers “consistently generate market-beating returns.”

During the presentation, Adam says the algorithms and indicators behind his system are proprietary. However, he says that each time his system “triggers a buy signal on a stock,” he and his team vet the opportunity, and if it checks out, he shares it with subscribers.

Each month, for 12 months, subscribers receive two-to-three trade ideas via email that are based on Adam’s “Maximum Momentum” system. You also get the research behind each recommendation to help you better understand why Adam has recommended it.

And from there, it’s up to you whether or not you follow his recommendation using your own trading account since the service helps you become a proficient self-directed investor.

In addition to the monthly recommendations, you also get weekly updates from Adam O’Dell that are designed to keep you informed about the positions he’s recommended and give you the heads up about when to exit one of the opportunities he’s recommended.

And subscribers also get access to the model portfolio, which is essentially a list of the active Home Run Profits recommendations and some bonus resources.

The first is a five-part video series called “Maximizing Profits With Options,” and the second is a report titled “The Strategy Report: The Secret to Averaging Home Run Profits Every 30 Days.”

How well has Home Run Profits performed?

It’s unclear what the average gain of Home Run Profis has been since inception. However, based on Adam’s presentation, subscribers have received “dozens of triple digit wins” with the service. And he provides numerous examples of these, like the ones shown below:

  • 154% gain on U.S. Steel in 55 days
  • 225% gain on Pan American Silver in 60 days
  • 430% gain on Supervalu Inc. in 63 days

Adam says that the average hold time for his recommendations is 77 days and that his system has “closed an average gain of 20% over 77 days.”

Considering the market has historically seen about a 10% gain per year or less, making double this in a little over two months is impressive. I can’t vouch for the truth of Adam’s statement, but I don’t imagine he’d make something like that up, either.

And either way, assuming that’s true, it’s worth pointing out that just because his service has performed well in the past doesn’t mean it’ll continue to do so. There are no guarantees.

Adam does say he is “willing to guarantee you’ll be able to make at least 12 triple-digit wins over the next year,” but he doesn’t have a crystal ball, so anything could happen.

In reality, the “guarantee” Adam provides has to do with the money you put into the service itself. Specifically, the Money & Markets website states that if you don’t average a triple-digit win every month for 12 months, you can get a second year of service for free.

The site also states that if you’re not satisfied with the service within your first 90 days, you can get a credit to use on another service.

How much does Home Run Profits cost?

A subscription to Home Run Profits is $1,495 per year.

That’s not exactly cheap, but the site says it’s typically priced at around $3,500, so it is discounted if you join through the “Perfect Trading Window” presentation.

Is Adam O’Dell the Real Deal?

Adam O’Dell is a former hedge fund manager, Chartered Market Technician (CMT), and Chief Investment Strategist for Money & Markets.

A CMT is essentially a designation given to traders by the CMT Association that certifies they’re competent with technical analysis. And according to Investopedia, CMTs “demonstrate mastery of investment risk in portfolio management.”

I’ve only come across two other finance gurus with this designation; Michael Carr and John Jagerson. I’m sure there are others, but this is one of the things that makes O’Dell stand out from the crowd and shows he’s a real expert, especially when it comes to technical trading.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across Adam O’Dell, either. He has several other investment/trading programs out there that are published by Money & Markets.

For example, Green Zone Fortunes is an entry-level advisory service he runs, and I recently wrote about a new service he released called Wednesday Windfalls. And he’s the editor of a service called 10X Profits which I haven’t looked into yet.

What are his latest stock picks?

Adam O’Dell recommends many different stocks, so it depends on what service you join as to what recommendations you will gain access to.

That said, he recently released a presentation about an Imperium Machine, which is all about a DNA sequencing company he’s bullish on. And in the above post, I reveal the name and ticker of the company I believe he’s teasing and the complete details as to why.

So to revisit the original question… yes, I do believe Adam O’Dell is the real deal. That doesn’t mean he’s always right or that you should blindly follow all of his recommendations. Not at all. But he is a real investment expert, and his service is legitimate.

Not to mention, Money & Markets is a reputable Florida-based financial publishing company. And the site (moneyandmarkets.com) has a blog, so you can check that out if you want to get a feel for the sort of content the company publishes on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

The Perfect Trading Window is a presentation where Adam O’Dell talks about a momentum-based trading system he’s developed that takes advantage of “retail-driven anomalies” in the market.

Specifically, Adam believes that, given the increase in retail investors entering the market, the window of opportunity has never been better and that the recommendations his system provides can help you capitalize on this trend over the next 12 months.

And the only way to access his top picks is by joining Home Run Profits.

Is it worth it?

At $1,495 per year, Home Run Profits isn’t exactly cheap. However, Adam O’Dell is an expert, and based on his track record; it could be worth checking out. Especially if you’re interested in learning how to trade the momentum of a stock using options.

On the other hand, it’s probably not for people looking for a longer-term, buy and hold advisory service since Adam provides two to three recommendations each month and states that the average hold time for his picks is 77 days.

Another thing to consider is your risk tolerance. While all investments carry risk, trading options can be even riskier depending on how you go about it.

So, at the end of the day, whether or not Home Run Profits is worthwhile will depend on your circumstances and investing preferences. It will also depend on whether or not you’re willing to pay $1,495 to join, knowing that it’s not possible to get a cash refund.

If that concerns you, then it might be worth checking out Adam’s lower-cost service, Green Zone Fortunes, first. As well as some of the free content on the company’s blog. That way, you can get a better feel for the service before jumping into the more expensive subscription.

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