What Graphene Company Is George Gilder Teasing?

Tech investor George Gilder has released a presentation about a so-called “miracle material” that he claims will “transform the planet and mint hundreds of new millionaires.”

And according to Gilder, one company “holds the key.”

“It will soon be found in every electronic device, automobile, and aircraft on the planet.

“Militaries and tech companies all over the globe will scramble to get this miracle material in stock.

“Virtually overnight, it will transform the planet and mint hundreds of new millionaires.

“And one company on Earth holds the key to unlocking the enormous wealth potential of this fascinating new material.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20230926233159/https://www.gilderreport.com/offer/gilders-technology-report-trillion-dollar-miracle/?step=1

The “miracle material” he’s referring to here is graphene.

And as for the company he’s teasing, he didn’t reveal that because he wants you to join his newsletter, Gilder’s Technology Report, for $77 to find out.

I looked into his clues, though, and managed to at least partially solve this riddle. So let’s discuss his graphene prediction and take a look at the company he’s teasing.

Why Is George Gilder Bullish on Graphene?

According to George Gilder, every major tech innovation the world has ever seen will pale in comparison to the impact of the “miracle material” he’s teasing (aka graphene).

“Every major technological event to date pales in comparison to the size and impact of what this one company is working on today.

“The biggest technological advances in the future will ALL stem from a single breakthrough tied to THIS sheet in my hand.”

During the presentation, Gilder talked about how graphene has “thousands” of potential uses across many different sectors. From lightweight body armor and self-healing artificial muscles to water purification, graphene batteries, and even cancer treatments.

He basically claims it’s a “miracle” material that could transform many industries and make early investors a fortune due to what he calls the “Aluminium moment.”

What does that mean?

According to Gilder:

“An Aluminum Moment is when a patent leads to total domination of a breakthrough market…”

In short, Gilder talked about how aluminum, oil, and steel were once rare and hard to process, but thanks to certain companies developing a patented process for making them readily available, vast fortunes were created for these companies and their investors.

“All these fortunes were created by an Aluminum Moment…

“Which happens when a company’s special patent offers it total domination of an extremely valuable market.


“And today, we are staring at the biggest Aluminum Moment in history directly in its face.”

The “aluminum moment” he’s referring to in the presentation relates to an Ontario-based company that he says has a “pending patent” on the world’s “only fast-graphene process.” Basically, he claims that the company has found a way to turn garbage into high-quality graphene over 350,000% faster than traditional methods.

“The miracle material itself is called graphene.

“Back in 2004, two scientists discovered you could take graphite, the same material we use for pencils, and turn it into graphene.

“Although it works, this process takes hours to produce only a tiny flake of graphene.

“That’s been the crux of graphene’s biggest hurdle.

“Even though this will shape the future of technology and be used for everything from car batteries to hoverboards…

“It’s been impossible to produce on any large scale.

“But now, thanks to the tech found at the secret Ontario production plant…

“One company will be able to create graphene out of one of the most common resources on the planet: garbage.”


“What’s even crazier is that this patent-pending process speeds up graphene production by over 350,000%.”

So, based on the presentation, George Gilder is bullish on graphene because of its many potential use cases. And believes that one Ontario company could more or less hold the key to making graphene available to use at scale.

What company is he talking about?

And what specific stock is he recommending here?

Let’s take a look!

What Graphene Company Is George Gilder Teasing?

George Gilder discussed TWO companies in the presentation.

The first company was the Ontario company with the pending patent I just mentioned, and this was the main company the presentation focused on.

But this is also a private company, so you can’t invest in it in your regular brokerage account, which is why he teased a second company (that is public).

So with that said, let’s look into these companies, starting with the first one.

The “Secret Ontario Production Plant”

Aside from what we’ve already discussed, the first main clue Gilder shared about this company was that it is located in Ontario, Canada:

“One Company’s ‘Secret’ Ontario Production Plant

“A production plant that’s about to mass-produce the world’s most valuable resource and tap into a trillion dollars in future wealth.

“It’s all happening at one private location in Ontario, Canada.”

Next, he shared a very specific Forbes quote about the company:

“It’s all happening at one private location in Ontario, Canada.

“Much of this project is shrouded in secrecy.

“But some details have started to leak out.

“Forbes calls what is going on inside the plant ‘Modern-Day Alchemy.’

And lastly, he talked about the team running the company:

“I’ve personally confirmed that the scientific team heading up this plant contains some of the smartest people on the planet, with specific, deep experience in patenting new technologies.

“Among them, you’ll find one of the top 10 chemists in the world…

“A man who is one of the 50 most influential scientists…

“And another who’s been named ‘Scientist of the Year’ and inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.

“Not to mention this team has a combined 132 patents as well as over 180 research publications to its credit.”

What could it be?

It looks like George Gilder is teasing a private company called Universal Matter.

And I say that for three main reasons:

  • First, the Forbes quote he shared led me to this article about how garbage is being turned into graphene, and it cites James Tour, a scientific advisor for Universal Matter.
  • Second, it’s a private company based in Ontario that says it has developed a faster, cleaner, and more economical way to commercialize graphene.
  • And third, the clues Gilder shared about the company’s team seem to line up.

So, Universal Matter looks like a match.

However, this is NOT the company he’s recommending we buy because it’s a private company (not a publicly listed stock).

So he teased a second company, a “special investment” that he claims is the best way to “profit from this graphene megatrend.”

“… the one company about to kick off a trillion-dollar graphene surge is currently unavailable to the everyday investor.

“Luckily, the investment I reveal in this special report is the ONLY way right now for everyday folks to profit from this graphene megatrend through an investment in a public company.

“And with this special investment, anyone can get started today with as little as a few dollars.”

What “special investment” is he talking about?

Read on.

“Your Way In: Graphene’s Trillion-Dollar Takeover”

When you boil it all down, this is the actual company George Gilder recommended in the presentation, as it is a public company.

What does it do?

According to Gilder, it has developed “state-of-the-art graphene nanobots” to detect cancer cells, detect fraud in the oil industry, and prevent counterfeiting.

“… I’ve confirmed that investing in this specific company as fast as possible is the #1 way to tap into the graphene production surge before it happens.

“Because this company has used graphene’s miracle properties to develop state-of-the-art graphene nanobots.

“These incredibly small, incredibly versatile pieces of technology are 100 times smaller than a human hair and have an almost endless variety of applications.

“From tracing and detecting cancer cells in your body with pinpoint accuracy…

“To detecting fraud in the oil industry…

“And even preventing counterfeiting…

“On top of hundreds of other potential applications.”

He also (very generally) talked about some of the deals the company has in place with different industries and said that no other company can replicate its tech.

“And it is already on the cusp of signing more deals with the $7.2 billion gene therapy industry…

“The $25.9 billion bioprocessing industry…

“AND the $818 billion diagnostics industry.

“But what’s most exciting…

“It has a massive competitive moat, locking in its value for investors who get in right away.

“There isn’t a single company on Earth that can replicate its unique graphene nanobot technology.”

Unfortunately, none of those clues are tangible enough to narrow down his pick, so I wasn’t able to solve this one. But if you have any ideas of what it might be, let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Bottom Line

George Gilder made some incredibly bold statements in this presentation about how this technology is a “miracle” and could mint many new millionaires “virtually overnight.”

Please, take that with a grain of salt.

Gilder, as far as I can tell, is a respected technology investor who has made some remarkable predictions in his time. But that doesn’t mean he’s right on every call he makes, and I wouldn’t recommend buying into ANY company expecting to get rich overnight.

People have been hyping up the idea of graphene disrupting XYZ industry for years, and while it may end up being at the forefront of exciting new technologies/product innovations, there is no way to know for sure if/when it will have its “aluminum moment.” Even less certain are what specific companies will make good graphene-related investments.

So, I would not recommend rushing into anything without doing your own due diligence.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the article.

Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “What Graphene Company Is George Gilder Teasing?”

  1. Suggest the missing publicly traded graphene company could be ZTEK (Zentek Ltd)
    Zentek Ltd. engages in the research and development of graphene and related nanomaterials in Canada. It owns 100% interest in the Albany Graphite project located in Northern Ontario, Canada. The company develops graphene-based antimicrobial coating under the ZenGUARD brand, surgical masks, HVAC filters, personal protective equipment, rapid detection point of care diagnostics tests, and pharmaceutical products based on graphene-based compound. In addition, it develops graphene oxide synthesis and graphene synthesis. The company was formerly known as ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. and changed its name to Zentek Ltd. in October 2021. Zentek Ltd. was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Guelph, Canada.


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