What “Day Zero” Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’m looking into a presentation by Jeff Siegel of Angel Publishing dubbed “Day Zero,” which is essentially an ad for his Green Chip Stocks service.

The premise is that an announcement will be made on May 25, 2022, which Siegel refers to as Day Zero. And apparently, it all has to do with the “end of aging.”

What’s more, according to Siegel, this event “could make you very rich.”

There was a lot of mystery and some hype about getting rich in this presentation. It basically suggests that on Day Zero, an announcement will be made that could make investors in a “little-known company” rich – practically overnight.

“A small investment in this company has the chance to turn you into a multimillionaire…


Nevertheless, I wanted to know what company Jeff Siegel was talking about, so I looked into his clues. And in this post, I’ll show you what I discovered.

Including the name and ticker symbol of the stock I think he’s teasing.

But first, let’s look at what the Day Zero presentation is all about.

What Is “Day Zero” About?

The presentation we’ll be discussing here centers around the “end of aging” and how Jeff Siegel expects a “little-known company executive” to make an announcement at an invitation-only meeting on “Day Zero.”

“Because on Day Zero, at an invitation-only meeting of the world’s most connected and influential people…

I expect a little-known company executive I’ve been watching to make an announcement so stunning…

That people will talk about it forever.

And it will go down as one of the biggest medical miracles in history…”

And according to the presentation, “Day Zero” is May 25, 2022.

“May 25, 2022, Is Day Zero…”

Jeff Siegel clarified in the presentation that he’s not talking about the literal end of aging. Instead, he says the company he’s tracking has found a way to “get rid of old cells,” which “effectively puts an end to aging” by blocking or reversing certain diseases.

“But this company has found a way to get rid of old cells…

Before they start wreaking havoc in your body.

And because of this, you can block or even reverse diseases.

Vision loss, heart disease, chronic pain, cancers, arthritis — all gone.

This effectively puts an end to aging as we know it.

Of course, no one is making wild claims that you’ll live to be 120… 150… 200… or beyond.”

How is the company (supposedly) able to do this?

During the presentation, Jeff Siegel talked about how chronic diseases happen as cells get older and become less effective at detecting and fighting infections. And he suggested that by eliminating the old cells, it may be possible to “fight off infections and disease.”

To be clear, I’m NOT a medical professional or scientist (and I’m pretty sure Jeff Siegel isn’t either), so I can’t speak to the accuracy of his statements.

But that’s the gist of what was stated in the presentation.

And it reminded me (a lot) of what Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl stated in a different presentation dubbed the “#1 Stock of This Generation,” which was all about “zombie cells” and how eliminating these could help reverse the effects of aging.

In any case, Jeff Siegel claims that the Day Zero announcement, which he expects the company to make “as soon as May 25, 2022,” could “make you richer than you ever dreamed possible” if you “play your cards right.”

I, for one, won’t be getting my hopes up about getting rich overnight as a result of an announcement on this date. And there are a few main reasons I say this.

  • First, nobody has a crystal ball. So even if everything Siegel’s saying is true, then there is no guarantee you’ll make money betting on any company, regardless of what announcement may or may not be made in the future.
  • Second, as I was researching this, I discovered that the “Day Zero” presentation isn’t new. It has been around for at least a few years. How do I know? Because Stock Gumshoe wrote about a different version of this presentation in March 2019. And it appears as though the date for this “announcement” has changed.
  • Third, after looking into the most recent version of the Day Zero presentation, I believe I know what company Siegel is teasing (different from what Stock Gumshoe guessed). And I haven’t found anything on the company website to suggest any announcements will be made on May 25, 2022. Maybe there are, but I haven’t found any.

So, I wouldn’t expect to get rich on “Day Zero.”

While anything is possible, I don’t think that’s a very realistic scenario.

In any case, let’s see what company is being teased in the Day Zero presentation.

What “Day Zero” Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing?

I believe Jeff Siegel’s “Day Zero” stock pick is UNITY Biotechnology (ticker: UBX).

How do I know?

Well, I can’t be certain; this is just my best guess. But UNITY Biotechnology matches the clues in the presentation, such that it’s highly unlikely it could be any other company.

The first thing that tipped me off was that, as mentioned, Jeff Siegel’s Day Zero pitch was similar to Keith Kohl’s anti-aging presentation, which I only recently looked into. And my research suggested that Kohl was also teasing this same company.

Next, while Siegel didn’t share many clues about the company itself in the Day Zero presentation, he did share numerous clues about its CEO.

“But the chief executive officer of this company is about to be a science rock star.”


“His résumé is beyond impressive.

A B.S. in Physics from the California Institute of Technology…

A Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University and postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School…

He’s served as a professor at Johns Hopkins University and the University of California.

He recently led a team of 350 scientists and clinicians at a renowned biotech company…

Taking drugs all the way from idea to human clinical trials and beyond.

He’s also led a team researching breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and other neurodegenerative diseases.”

Since I already suspected Siegel’s pick might be Unity Biotechnology, I looked into whether or not his clues matched this company’s CEO, Anirvan Ghosh, Ph.D., and they did. If you check out the link I just shared, you’ll see that each of the above clues fit.

So, unless there’s a CEO of another anti-aging-related company out there that matches this exact description, Unity Biotechnology is Siegel’s pick.

What does this company do?

The company website states that UNITY Biotechnology is developing therapeutics to “slow, halt or reverse diseases of aging.” And there’s a page on the company website that breaks down the science behind what they do, which you may find helpful.

I’m not an expert on anti-aging science (by a long shot), but from what I can see, this company fits what Jeff Siegel talked about in the Day Zero presentation. Of course, I recommend doing your own research, but this is the conclusion I came to.

As for the investment side of things, there are numerous analysts covering this company and up-to-date investment information on the company website itself. So that may be a good place to start if you want to know if it’s a good potential stock.

You could also check out Jeff Siegel’s report called “Day Zero: The Company That Could End Aging and Mint Millionaires.” This report reveals Siegel’s pick, and you can access it by subscribing to Green Chip Stocks for $99.

That’s a lot to pay for one report, though. So in the next section, I’ll give you an overview of what else you get if you decide to join the Green Chip Stocks service.

How Does Green Chip Stocks Work?

Green Chip Stocks is a stock advisory service run by Jeff Siegel of Angel Publishing that centers around the idea of socially responsible investing.

According to the Angel Publishing website, the service “considers things like environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria” when choosing investments.

How does it work?

After subscribing to Green Chip Stocks for $99, you receive research, insights, and investment ideas from Jeff Siegel over 12 months. And from there, you can decide which stock ideas you want to follow and which ones to pass up.

Aside from that, the service provides weekly updates on Jeff Siegel’s recommendations and research reports that cover different companies he’s bullish on. For instance, you get the report I mentioned earlier, and one called “How to Get Rich by Saving the Planet.”

Is it legit and worthwhile?

I am not a member of Green Chip Stocks, so I can’t say whether or not it’s worth it, but I don’t think the service is a “scam.”

According to the order page, Angel Publishing, the company behind it, offers a six-month refund policy with this service. So, while it might pay to check this before signing up, you could potentially request a refund if you don’t like it.

That said, I do think the presentation was a bit overhyped. Especially the part about “overnight riches” and the part about how the Day Zero announcement “could happen as soon as May 25, 2022.” I suggest taking that with a grain of salt.

I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like the idea of making lots of money, especially within a short space of time. But being successful in the stock market is not like winning the lottery; in my humble opinion, it’s more about making good choices over the long term.

Bottom Line

Jeff Siegel’s “Day Zero” presentation centers around the “end of aging” and how he expects an announcement to be made at an “invitation-only meeting” as soon as May 25.

It’s unclear what announcement he’s referring to or what impact it could have. But if I had to guess, assuming it’s not completely made up, I’d say the date might be somehow related to a clinical trial or something.

However, as mentioned, I believe the company Jeff Siegel is referring to is UNITY Biotechnology, and I couldn’t find anything significant about this date on the company website or anywhere else online.

Either way, my opinion is that this date is most likely used as a marketing gimmick to sell more newsletters. So I personally won’t be ascribing much significance to it.

What about Siegel’s Green Chip Stocks service? Should you join?

Aside from being a stock picker for Angel Publishing, Jeff Siegel claims he’s a best-selling author and has 30 years of experience as a professional investor. So you might find his insights worthwhile should you decide to check out Green Chip Stocks.

And if you want to see what other stocks he’s teased, you might want to check out my recent write-up about Siegel’s Helix-Scaling stock pick, which centers around synthetic biology.

Either way, I hope you found this post helpful.

And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. So if you feel like sharing your opinion on any of this, feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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