What “AI Software Stock” Is Dylan Jovine Teasing?

Dylan Jovine has released a presentation about a company he claims has developed “living software.” And according to Jovine, the stock he’s teasing could give investors “an opportunity to earn a 5,633% return.”

A Dylan Jovine presentation about AI warfare.
Source: https://go.behindthemarkets.com/bw-ai-revolution-ukraine

He also pitched two other stocks, and all three are detailed in a report called “SEARCH & DESTROY: 3 AI Software Stocks Revolutionizing Warfare,” which you can only get by subscribing to his $1,497 newsletter called Breakthrough Wealth.

I didn’t join that service, but I did look into the clues he shared about the first pick (he was very tight-lipped about the other two) and will show you what I think it is in this post.

Overview of Jovine’s Stock Teaser Pitch

The basis of Dylan Jovine’s latest pitch is that artificial intelligence (AI) is “revolutionizing warfare” and that the company he’s teasing is “at the center of it all.”

“You see, while most people are focused on AI ChatBots, there’s been a quiet revolution happening in how we wage war.”


“There’s one small software company at the center of this revolution.

“Its AI software is on the laptops of every Ukrainian decision-maker in uniform.

“But few people outside of military circles seem to know about it.

“Its stock is selling for under $10 a share.

“In that way it reminds me of another niche-software maker, AutoDesk.

“AutoDesk shares rose 5,633% because they revolutionized how buildings were made.”

I’m not going to get into all the stuff about the war in Ukraine (that is well beyond the scope of this blog), but Jovine basically claims that the company’s tech has “been Ukraine’s secret weapon in its war against Russia.”

I have no idea how true that is, but that’s what he claims.

And knowing how these presentations (aka newsletter sales pitches go), I would suggest taking claims like that (and the one about the stock having 5,633% upside potential) with a pinch of salt. Or, on second thoughts… maybe a cup bucket of salt.

Nevertheless, Jovine continued his spiel by talking about how drones (and defending against drone attacks) are at the center of future warfare.

Specifically, he talked about how the U.S. has recognized the need to develop a faster way of identifying, targeting, and taking out incoming drones should the need arise to defend Taiwan from China.

“The Pentagon knew it needed a faster way to identify, target and kill incoming drones.

“That means it needed a faster ‘Kill Chain.’

“And that’s a perfect example of what the AI software from today’s company does:

“IDENTIFY: It automates the process of identifying enemy drones, tanks and missiles by running them against its massive image database.

“TARGET: Then it automates the process of targeting them.

“KILL: And finally, it automates the process of killing them.

“It’s the fastest ‘Kill Chain’ in human history.”

Long story short, Jovine believes that we are launching into a new age of warfare that is being driven by advances in AI software. And “to get in on the action,” he claims that we should “own the company the military is using to supply them.”

“Listen: We are witnessing the launch into an amazing new age of warfare, the likes of which the world has never seen before. That age, above everything else, is being driven by advances AI software.

“Right in front of us, AI software is literally changing how wars in the future are fought.

“So, to get in on the action, you want to own the company the military is using to supply them.”

I’m not even remotely close to being an expert on the topic of military tech (lol), but I was curious to know what company he was talking about.

And I think I’ve figured out what it is.

So let’s discuss that now.

What AI Software Stock Is Dylan Jovine Teasing?

So far, we know that the company Dylan Jovine is teasing in the presentation has developed some type of AI software with potential military applications and that it was trading for “under $10 a share” when he made the presentation (seems quite recent).

What else did he say?

Not a lot. But he did share a few clues that were very specific about what countries (and companies) have bought the company’s software:

“That’s why England’s military bought their AI software on December 21, 2022…

“Australia bought their AI software on November 8, 2022…

“And Japan bought their AI software on January 4, 2021…

“And it’s not just militaries that are benefitting from this revolutionary AI software.

“The CDC signed up to use their software on December 7, 2022…

“The FDA signed up to use their software to modernize the food supply chain on October 25, 2022…

“Lockheed Martin signed up to use their AI software for their Aegis ships on November 30, 2022…

“Hyundai signed up to use their AI software to help with shipbuilding on September 20, 2022.”

Based on those clues, it looks like Jovine is teasing Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR), a Colorado-based company that specializes in big data analytics.

A chart of Palantir Technologies Inc stock taken from Google search.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=palantir+stock

Not does the company seem to line up with the above clues, but it is currently trading for under $10, and it seems to be actively involved in the AI space.

In fact, according to businesswire.com, Palantir was “ranked the No. 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform” in 2021.

Furthermore, the company’s CEO, Alex Karp, matches an image Jovine used in the presentation when talking about the company’s CEO.

And if that wasn’t enough, according to this Reuters article, Karp has previously said that Planatir is “responsible for most of the targeting in Ukraine.”

And the war in Ukraine was one of Jovine’s main focuses.

So, while the only way to be 100% certain would be to see Jovine’s research report, Palantir looks like a match based on the clues he shared.

He also teased two other stocks, but the clues he shared about those were way too vague to find any decent matches. So I’m not sure what those are.

Bottom Line

Only time will tell if Jovine’s AI warfare prediction plays out or not, and there’s no way to know what stocks will go up, even if he is right.

Nevertheless, at least now you don’t have to fork out almost $1,500 to find out what his first AI pick is, assuming you agree with my guess.

So I hope you enjoyed the post. And thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi there, Tim, (again),
    I “Luv” your findings. Another great result. Saved us all, once again.
    Thanks a “Mill”.


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