Is “Project X” Elon Musk’s Next Big Play? (StocksToTrade)

I recently stumbled across a presentation featuring Tim Bohen of StocksToTrade, who said he’s convinced “Project X” will be “Elon’s Next Big Play” and disrupt a market 1,000X bigger than electric vehicles.

According to Bohen, “shares of Tesla could soon hit $2,000 a piece” and send five “tiny energy stocks” to all-time highs as a result.

What is Project X? Is this really a new Elon Musk project? Or is the whole thing a scam? And what stocks is Tim Bohen bullish on?

These are some of the questions I wanted answers to, so I decided to look into Bohen’s claims and see if his presentation was legit. And in this post, I’ll show you what I found.

What Is Project X? Real Elon Musk Project?

First and foremost, Project X is NOT the actual name of an Elon Musk project. Instead, it’s the name Tim Bohen uses to describe Tesla’s energy storage systems.

More specifically, Project X relates to Tesla’s Megapack, a large-scale rechargeable lithium-ion battery system that can help power the grid. And the Powerwall, a similar concept but designed for home energy storage.

Tim Bohen never uses the term “Megapack” or “Powerwall” in the presentation; the whole thing is shrouded in mystery. He only shares “clues” and “hints” about what he’s (actually) referring to. However, he does make it clear that “Project X” is all about Tesla’s energy storage systems, and the specific clues he shares support this.

For example, Bohen shares the following clue:

“Specifically, I’m convinced Elon’s play here is to take on the electric utility companies.

Electric utilities… yes that’s right.”


Tim Bohen also discussed how Australia has benefited from Tesla’s energy storage systems for years and says, “Elon’s ‘Project X’ is powering 30,000 homes.”

A quick Google search revealed that Tesla installed a 100-megawatt battery system in South Australia in 2017 that can power up to 30,000 homes for an hour.

So, that clue is a match too.

But it’s also old news. Tesla has since expanded this project and has installed a battery in Victoria that can power more than 650,000 homes for an hour. And that’s just in Australia; Tesla’s Megapacks have also been deployed in the U.S. and Canada.

So, my point is, that’s what Tim Bohen is referring to when he talks about Elon Musk’s Project X: Tesla’s energy storage systems.

What’s the big deal?

According to Tim Bohen, it could send Tesla shares to $2,000:

“I’m convinced Elon’s “Project X” will make self-driving cars look like a footnote.

In fact, I expect “Project X” will disrupt a market that’s 1,000X BIGGER.

It’s why I’m so confident shares of Tesla could soon hit $2,000 a piece…”

Why does he think this?

I can’t speak for Tim Bohen, but based on what he says in the presentation, he believes this will be Elon’s “Next Big Play.” He says that electric cars were just “Tesla’s first move” and a “stepping stone” to revolutionizing a “massive $23 trillion” clean energy market.

“I’m Convinced “Project X” is Elon’s Next Big Play…”


“Mark my words… this Tesla story will make their electric car story seem like a footnote.

Because while the car market is very big… worth $2 trillion worldwide…

Most people don’t realize the clean energy market is worth $23 trillion.”

How does Bohen know all of this?

The short answer is, he doesn’t. Bohen is speculating on what might happen based on his research. However, to explain his thesis, he states that “Elon is rapidly advancing Project X in three different phases” and explains each “phase” in the presentation.

  • Phase 1, according to Bohen, relates to how “Elon is hellbent on building the ultimate battery.” He claims Elon is “lowering battery cell costs down to $60 per kilowatt hour” and working on increasing the amount of power the batteries can store by 50x. I checked, and both of these seem to check out.
  • Phase 2 relates to how Tesla is building “massive utility projects” in towns and cities around the world, which Tesla is doing with it’s Megapack installations.
  • And Phase 3 is where “Tesla finally operates as a giant decentralized electric utility.” According to Bohen, Tesla has “no interest in being a traditional utility company” and will instead continue installing decentralized energy systems around the world.

Bohen also mentioned something about April being an important date. Specifically, he states that Elon could make an announcement on the 25th.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is the best story that hasn’t been told.

But I expect that’ll all change on or around Apil 25 when Elon delivers a BIG announcement to shareholders.”

I have no idea why Tim Bohen believes that date is important, but he suggests acting on his recommendation now rather than waiting until April.

What “Project X” stock is Tim Bohen recommending?

Tim Bohen says he’s “confident shares of Tesla could soon hit $2,000” and says he’s telling everyone around him to buy shares of the company.

“That’s why I’m telling people around me to buy a stake in Tesla right now.

Not April. Not next week.”

However, that’s only part of his recommendation. Tim Bohen also says there are five “tiny stocks” he’s telling people to look at. And the details of those Project X stocks are in a report called “5 Tiny Stocks To Play Elon’s Massive Energy Revolution.”

“The biggest potential gains are going to come from these smaller companies.

So while you can just go buy shares of Tesla if you want…

I’m convinced this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

That’s why I’ve put together a special report with the names of the best 5 tiny stocks I’m telling people to look at.

This report is called… 5 Tiny Stocks To Play Elon’s Massive Energy Revolution.”

Aside from the report, Bohen has put together a video called “How To Roll Back The Clock On Tesla” that shows you how to invest in his five “Project X” stock picks.

What are Bohen’s five picks? He doesn’t reveal the names of any of these companies in the presentation, nor does he share any clues about them.

So, the only way to find out what these companies are is to read the report I just mentioned, which comes with a subscription to the Stocks To Trade Advisory.

What Is Stocks To Trade Advisory?

Stocks To Trade Advisory is a monthly newsletter where Tim Bohen shares his top three trade ideas with subscribers, along with his research and analysis of each pick.

The company behind the service is called StocksToTrade, an all-in-one trading platform that provides training and a real-time stock scanner designed to find stock opportunities.

And according to Bohen, the company’s goal is to “train regular people to become extraordinary traders.”

What do you get if you join?

The main thing you get access to are Bohen’s top three stock picks each month and the “Weekly Watchlist,” a list of the top five trades he’s watching and why.

The subscription also comes with the “5 Tiny Stocks” report and video I mentioned earlier, a copy of Bohen’s new book called “10 Trading Patterns You Need to Know,” and you get access to a daily live stream where Bohen shows you the number one stock he’s following at 8:30 am before the market opens.

How much does it cost?

The full StocksToTrade service costs $179.95 per month to access. However, the StocksToTrade Advisory is a separate trading advisory service dedicated to sharing Bohen’s monthly stock picks, and it costs $49 for 12 months.

I haven’t looked into StocksToTrade yet because I only just learned about it, but I will be looking into it soon. And when I do, I’ll come back and share the link to it here.

Update: After writing this post I decided to look further into this service and just put together an in-depth review of StocksToTrade Advisory. It covers everything you need to know about the service and I share my take on whether or not it’s worth joining.

Who Is Tim Bohen?

Tim Bohen is the “Lead Technical Trainer” for StocksTo Trade.

According to the company website, Bohen “has been passionate about finance since an early age” and sold his company in 2013 to pursue trading and helping others do the same.

The site doesn’t mention what that company was, but Bohen’s LinkedIn profile states that he was the VP of CMSInter.Net LLC, a technology and communications company. And according to this Daily News article, he was the co-founder of CMS Internet in Crystal Township.

The above article also states that Bohen is friends with Timothy Sykes, a well-known trading guru behind numerous trading programs, including Weekend Profits which I’ve reviewed.

Anyway, the StocksToTrade website states that Tim Bohen has been the lead trainer at StocksToTrade for over eight years now. And he claims to have recommended numerous triple and quadruple-digit stocks in the presentation.

For example, Bohen says he recommended Tesla at $113, NIO at $1.80, Workhorse at $1.61, Plug Power at $2.98, and numerous other stocks that have seen big gains.

That doesn’t mean you’ll make money following his stock picks going forward, but he does appear to have recommended some decent tech stocks.

Bottom Line: Is “Project X” Legit?

As I mentioned earlier, there is no (actual) Project X that Tesla or Elon Musk are working on. Instead, “Project X” is a term Tim Bohen used in the presentation when talking about Tesla’s energy storage systems and the potential this could have for investors.

So, on the one hand, I can see why some might not like that aspect of the presentation since Project X is not the name of a real project Elon’s working on.

However, on the other hand, Bohen did make some interesting points about Tesla’s energy storage systems and how this technology could disrupt traditional utility companies.

He also uses the presentation to pitch his Stocks To Trade Advisory service, which seems legit based on what I’ve seen. And the company behind it, StocksToTrade, provides a genuine subscription service and has been around since 2009.

So, overall, I don’t think the “Project X” presentation is a scam, nor do I think the service Bohen’s pitching is illegitimate.

However, I do feel that some of the marketing was a bit overhyped. And there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Tim Bohen’s stock picks or trade ideas. So I wouldn’t sign up expecting to get rich overnight because that’s not likely to happen.

It’s easy to get excited after watching a presentation like Bohen’s and forget that trading is risky and that losing money is always possible. So while I don’t consider it a scam, I do suggest taking the marketing with a pinch of salt.

What do you think? Could “Project X” (Tesla’s energy storage systems) be Elon’s “Next Big Play?” Let us know in the comments section below.

13 thoughts on “Is “Project X” Elon Musk’s Next Big Play? (StocksToTrade)”

  1. I think with Elon Musk anything is possible. And as for Project X, everybody is trying to go green or clean, and looking for energy storage. So he is on the right t

  2. Just made public,, Tesla has begun a new not Gigi but one size down a MegaFactory there in China.. will be in full production mid 2024, pumping out 10,000 MeagPacks per year… you do the math, 10,000 x 1.24 Million.. buy Tesla today Tesla is NOT a car company,, just makes cars on the side

  3. Tim Bohen’s been on speaking of an a/I micro chip that replaces Lidar with a major
    step up and provides for true driverless vehicles.Lots of partnerships,accelerating revenue and I think a former Hewlett Packard ceo.
    Film not too long unlike some.

  4. “Project X”, is years and years away from even coming close to being a disruptive factor in the energy market. Having systems in place that can deliver power for an hour is laughable.

      • Good reply Thomas,,sadly very few noticed that Elon removed “automotive” from the category of Tesla a number of years ago. It has been officially titled an energy and AI comapny for a few years, Tesla is an AI and Energy company that makes cars as a side business. He reduced the cars again recently, not to make money from cars but to deliver mobile power stations thru out the nation, Tesla Power is in pretty much Every nation. Houston has back up power if they go down Via Tesla, He placed that there due to the inflated power prices 2 years ago. If you reacll some home owners had $10,000 power bills due to a storm. About 1/2 the residents in Australia are using Tesla Power, Tesla’s biggest power bank is pretty much finished here in Cali. Just the Press and our Governor won’t give Tesal credit, Most of his Super Chargers thru out the world rely on Tesla made Power. He now makes mega packs 1/3 cheaper. Tesla will make 1 Million Dollars a week on about 10,000 Mega and Super Mega, Each Tesla will eventually hook up to the grid and not use power but give power..Tesla power is growing at 150% yearly and as we know that will soon turn ine 300%, Time has significantly followed the Parabolic Curve,,My advice Buy Tesal on every dip. I will tell you the press Hates Elon,, and the ONLY reason is he refuses to do commercials, all Broadcast stations are in business to sell sponsorship vis commercials, the News Has to talk trash as he is cutting into their bonuses and bottom line. I say this as the News can not tell you what Tesla has done, even thou they all own his stock. What ever you think add one to two “0” . If Tesla does an ABC , NBC or CBS commercial , stock will literaly blast off and not because of getting the Tesla name out there…that’s already done.

  5. Poject x is very exciting and if it can be done Elon Musk is the man that do it. I would look to invest in company involved in this.

  6. Hi, I ran into your link pretty high on a Duck DuckGo search in Firefox when trying to identify “Project X” (per StocksToTrade), which sends me emails but to which I haven’t subscribed. Thanks for the good work you do.

    I agree that Tesla has a very interesting set of products for energy storage, and there could be some small cap or micro cap stocks that might benefit from Tesla’s successes that StocksToTrade might have identified, but I’m not eager to send money to them to find out, and I can iinvest in Tesla without their help.

    You might be interested in another investment website, Investing Trends, that sends me emails and recently one linked directly to their page about AWLIF, American Lithium, Inc., discussing the significance of increasing sales of Tesla’s Powerwall and Tesla Power Pack to the demand for lithium for batteries and the dedication of the US Government to developing domestic lithium supply. Unlike most investment websites which tease about a stock and lead me down a rabbit hole to a “free” report (often requiring a “trial” subscription), the Investing Trends link gives the stock symbol right up front and a rather good introduction to a possibly sound investment thesis. I will look into AWLIF a little more.


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