Stansberry’s “Ultimate Weight Loss Drug” Stock Revealed

Stansberry Research has released a new stock teaser pitch about what it’s calling the “ultimate weight loss drug.”

According to the presentation, it could be the “most sought-after drug in history,” and for investors, it’s being teased as the “medical investment opportunity of a lifetime.”

“It will likely be the most sought-after drug in history.

“The meteoric rise ahead could be akin to investing in some of the best-selling drugs in history… back when the sales of their groundbreaking products were at $0.”


“And for investors, this is the medical investment opportunity of a lifetime… to say you got in on the ground floor of a drug that likely many of your family and friends will soon take.”


The presentation also teased a few other healthcare-related stocks, and all four are revealed to those who join the Prosperity Investor newsletter for $2,500/year.

I didn’t join that service, but I did research the clues. And I think I know what companies Stansberry Research is teasing here.

So with that said, let’s unpack the teaser!

Stansberry’s “Ultimate Weight Loss Drug” Pitch

The essence of Stansberry’s new (June 2023) stock teaser pitch is that there’s a “newly patented breakthrough” weight loss drug that could be about to get FDA approval.

And according to the pitch, the drug is “about to attract billions of customers,” “treat more than 70 diseases, and could see “842% market growth.”

The presentation was hosted by Stansberry’s Tom Carroll, who is heading up their new Prosperity Investor service, and he’s supposedly been investing in the healthcare space for around three decades.

Carroll claims that the weight loss drug he’s referring to could “single-handedly slow the onset of almost every major chronic disease in the United States.” And he says it has the potential to “make more money for its developer than anything else on the market.”

Those are some pretty bold claims.

Which is something I’ve come to expect from these types of presentations. They are designed to get you excited about a company so that you’ll want to join their service.

Nevertheless, Carroll cited numerous quotes about the drug from scientists, researchers, doctors, and mainstream media to lend his claims more credibility.

“Early clinical results were revealed at a world-renowned conference.

“Hundreds of scientists and researchers were in attendance – doctors were calling the results ‘unprecedented.'”

He also said that the FDA has granted it “fast track designation” and that “hundreds of billions of dollars” could “pour into” the company behind the drug as soon as June 26.

“And the FDA has been watching all along…

“They granted the drug a priority review and a ‘fast track designation,’ meaning their decision could be expedited.

“The FDA even went on record to say this new breakthrough ‘proved more effective’ than any other drug ever evaluated.”


“As soon as June 26, we’ll see results from an FDA ruling that will potentially cause hundreds of billions of dollars to pour into one healthcare company.”

I’m not a medical expert, so I have no idea how big a deal this drug may or may not be, but I do suggest taking the whole “June 26” thing with a grain of salt.

The presentation centers around the idea that you need to “get in” before that date to see the biggest gains, but the reality is – this is marketing hype used to sell a newsletter.

Plain and simple.

No one knows what drugs will or won’t be approved by the FDA. And no one knows what impact this will have on a company’s stock price. It’s pure speculation.

That said, Carroll did share some interesting points, and who knows… maybe he’s onto something here. I just wouldn’t expect to get rich overnight or anything, as you could just as easily end up losing money if things don’t work out.

Anyway, let’s see if we can figure out what company he’s referring to.

What Weight Loss Stock Is Stansberry Teasing?

Aside from what we’ve already discussed, here’s a quick summary of the hints Tom Carroll shared about Stansberry Research’s “ultimate weight loss drug” stock pick:

“The drug we’re talking about today had an average weight loss of 20% over a year and a half.”


“Dr. Louis J. Aronne – the director of the Center for Weight Management at Weill-Cornell Medicine – said the weight loss seen from this drug was “in the range of bariatric surgery.”


“The FDA already approved this drug for one disease, and it passed with flying colors – so, we know it’s safe.”


“They already have TWO manufacturing facilities under construction on U.S. soil to keep up with the coming demand.”

That’s not a lot to go off, but the quote he shared from Dr. Aronne was very specific and led me to an article on about a drug called Tirzepatide, which is made by U.S. pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly And Co (LLY).

A stock chart of Eli Lilly taken from Google search.

Not only does the quote Tom Carroll cited in the teaser match what Dr. Aronne said in the above article, but what the article says about the Tirzepatide seems to match some of the other hints he shared.

And after continuing my research, what I found seems to suggest that Eli Lilly is quite likely Stansberry’s pick.

For example…

  • According to the article I shared (above), people who took the highest dose of Tirzepatide “lost about 21% of their body weight” during the 72-week study.
  • The same article states that Tirzepatide (marketed as Mounjaro) has already been approved “as an injectable prescription medicine for people with Type 2 diabetes.”
  • And according to an October 2022 news release on the company website, Lilly has received “U.S. FDA Fast Track designation for Tirzepatide.”

So, from what I understand, Tirzepatide is currently being used as a Type 2 diabetes drug known as Mounjaro. But Lilly is seeking FDA approval for Tirzepatide to be used as a weight loss drug. And my research suggests that this is the drug Stansberry is referring to.

I could be wrong, of course, as I haven’t read the report that reveals all the details. But that’s what it looks like after sleuthing around the interweb in search of answers.

What About the Other 3 Healthcare Stocks?

Aside from the company we just discussed, Stansberry also teased three other stocks in the presentation, which are detailed in a report called “3 Chances at 1,000%-Plus Gains in Health Care.” The clues Carroll shared about these were fairly limited, but I’ve seen very similar clues in past presentations I’ve looked into, which made it easy to solve these.

Stock 1

Here’s what Tom Carroll said about the first one:

“One of the companies I’m naming in your third report has 10x potential – they’ve created a simple, at-home test for an extremely dangerous and common type of cancer.

“It afflicts more people than all other cancers combined.

“This technology is cheaper than existing detection methods and non-invasive. It can save millions of lives from early detection… and billions of dollars for in-person medical costs.

“It’s already approved by the FDA… it’s covered by Medicare… and it’s covered by some of the largest insurers in the largest states.”

The above clues are virtually identical to what David Eifrig said in a pitch about his “Health Care Singularity” stock picks. So, it seems as though Tom Carroll is simply re-hashing Eifrig’s same three picks from that teaser.

Long story short, the first company appears to be DermTech (DMTK), a California-based company that has developed a “smart sticker” melanoma test.

A stock chart of DermTech taken from Google search.

If you want to know why I think this one’s DermTech, check out the article I linked to above, as I go into a lot more detail on how I came to that conclusion.

Stock 2

Next, we have a “medical AI” pick:

“The second company – also with 10x potential – is harnessing the power of medical AI.
Its handheld device plugs into any doctor’s smartphone, replacing machines that cost 10 times as much – and without the AI!

“And it’s making screening patients available at the point of care… meaning in doctor’s offices and even in the field.

“So, patients no longer have to spend critical hours waiting for a specialist at the hospital.

“The founder is a trailblazer with three hugely successful companies already under his belt – he won a presidential award for his contributions to genome mapping.

“And his latest venture is backed by Bill Gates, among others.”

What’s this one?

This pick seems to be Butterfly Network (BFLY), a Massachusetts-based company that has developed a handheld ultrasound device.

A stock chart of Butterfly Network taken from Google search.

Stock 3

Lastly, Carroll teased a “pure biotch play.”

“The third company is a pure biotech play – with a chance at the astronomical gains you could see when a groundbreaking drug wins approval.

“Its technology was all the buzz at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting (also called ASCO) – the most prestigious cancer conference in the world.

“And they penned a more than $4 billion partnership with pharma giant Bristol Myers Squibb.”

My guess here is Immatics NV (IMTX), a biotech company based in Germany. I’m not sure how to define what the company does, but the gist is that it’s focused on fighting cancer.

A stock chart of Immatics NV taken from Google search.

Bottom Line

There you have it – four Stansberry Research stock picks.

As mentioned, I can’t guarantee my guesses are right, but it looks as though these are the companies Tom Carroll pitched, and three of them were the same ones David Eifrig teased last year in a different presentation.

As for whether or not any of the companies I’ve mentioned are decent stock ideas or not, that is not something I will speculate on, as I am not a stock picker. They could go up, down, or sideways… I don’t know. Nor do I make those kinds of predictions.

So, as always – do your own research, know that there are significant risks involved with investing, and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Stansberry’s “Ultimate Weight Loss Drug” Stock Revealed”

  1. Hi Tim I enjoy reading your articles. I lost some money through crypto scammers .ie Safe Trades, Pips fm.In your honest opinion are there ANY reliable / credible companies, which claim they can recover lost funds? I keep receiving emails from companies who claim they can get your money back. Sincere thanks Paul

    • Hi Paul,

      I don’t have any experience with third party companies getting my money back, no. When it comes to investment newsletters, if I want to request a refund, I normally just approach the company itself. Because as far as I know, once you invest in the market, that’s it. The only recourse you typically have is with the actual service itself.

      You could try filing a complaint on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website or TrustPilot. Companies normally keep track of this because they don’t want negative press. So if they aren’t responding to your emails, that may be something to consider looking into.

      In any case, be aware that there are scammers who pretend to know people that can help you get your money back. I’ve received quite a few spam comments on this blog from these scammers over the years, and I normally block them.

      Hope this helps, and all the best.


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