Rob Booker’s “The Hotsheet” – Legit $490 Per Day System?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’ll be discussing a new trading service from Rob Booker called “The Hotsheet” to try to figure if it’s legit and worthwhile.

According to the presentation, this system made Rob and his friends $455,364.13 in nine days, and he says it could help you make $490 per day on market days, even if you’re a newbie.

Sounds cool, but it’s easy for someone to make bold claims, so whether or not it makes you that sort of money is another story. That’s why, in this post, we’ll consider what the system is about, how it works, and who Rob Booker is to help you decide if it’s worth taking a chance on.

What Is “The Hotsheet” and How Does It Work?

I first learned about The Hotsheet while looking into another trading service from Lance Ippolito called Weekend Wiretap, which Rob was helping promote. And during my research, I found a presentation on about his new “Hotsheet” system.

The presentation starts as an informal webinar recording. Rob Booker introduces himself and talks about how he and his friends used the system to make over $400K in just over a week.

From there, the video cuts to a formal presentation where Rob talks about the system’s potential and shares testimonials from his followers who appear to be loving his work.

What’s he pitching?

The Hotsheet is a daily trading service where Rob Booker shares his top 5-10 trade ideas with subscribers. He says these trades could make you $490 per day, five days per week.

He doesn’t guarantee you’ll make $490 per day, though. He says that this is the potential and breaks down how he gets to this figure which I’ll elaborate on shortly.

How does the system work?

According to Rob, there are three main steps involved with The Hotsheet system.

First, he says he creates a “hotlist” of 5-10 stocks that he believes have a high probability of going up that day. And he shares this list with subscribers of the service about 30 minutes before the market opens via email or text message.

Second, Rob says he waits for the “high-probability stocks” to “explode upward” at the market open and buys the ones that rally while dropping the ones that tank.

He says he shares the details on each stock like the ticker, the buy price target, and recommended stop loss, so you know what to do when the market opens.

According to Rob, the third step is to wait 15-60 minutes and cash out. However, he does mention that some people like to hold the stock for multiple days.

So from what I understand, whether you want to day trade or swing trade (trade across multiple days) is up to you. Rob just gives you the details of his pick. From there, it’s up to you.

How does he choose the stocks he recommends?

Rob says the stocks he recommends to members of The Hotsheet are usually in the $2 to $10 range and move between 10% to 50% within a couple of hours of trading each day.

This means, at least from what I can tell, that he’s targeting small-cap stocks that are highly volatile. And he’s looking to capture the stock’s momentum as the market opens.

I also noticed that some of the example stocks he showed are popular meme stocks, so it seems as though he may be trying to capitalize on stocks that are trending.

In any case, Rob doesn’t share his exact method for selecting each stock he recommends, so as a subscriber, you are more or less are relying on his expertise.

Who Is Rob Booker?

Rob Booker is the man behind The Hotsheet service. He’s also the publisher at InvestPub, runs, and is the author of two books. One book is called Trading By Faith, and the other, Adventures of a Currency Trader.

Other than that, there’s not a lot of information online about Rob that I could find. Unlike most gurus I come across in this space, there’s no “about” page on his site. Nor is there one on the InvestPub site, from what I could see.

Nevertheless, Rob does seem to be quite active on social media. He has a Youtube channel called Rob Booker Trading with over 92K subscribers, and his LinkedIn profile says he’s based in Texas and has been “educating (and entertaining) currency traders” since 2003.

What Do You Get If You Join The Hotsheet?

According to the presentation and order page on, members of The Hotsheet get the following after signing up:

  • The Hotsheet: This is a list of 5-10 stocks Rob emails you each day before the market opens, that he thinks could break out that day along with the ticker and price targets. The idea is to take that information and decide if you want to place a trade using your own trading account.
  • Top Picks: On top of the stocks on The Hotsheet, Rob says he shares his top one-to-two stocks with subscribers each day that he is trading using his own money.
  • Profit View: Rob says that each week either he or one of his top students recaps the recommended stocks for that week to see how they performed.
  • The “Simmer Sheet:” This is a list of potential stocks that might be included in The Hotsheet at some point in the future.
  • Training: Subscribers get a short video on how to get started with the service and another one on “how to try and get the most profit possible.”

Cost to Join and Refund Policy

The cost to join The Hotsheet is $997 for two years.

Regarding the refund, I’m unsure if it’s possible to get a refund with this service or not. On one page of the company website, it states that they offer a “prorated refund:”

All products offer a prorated refund based on the number of days the purchaser had access to the courses, packages, trade rooms, workshops, software, and/or alert services


Then, on a second terms page, it states that some services don’t come with a refund and that you need to check the specific terms for each particular service:

Rob Booker’ Premium Services (and sometimes specific offers) have different refund policies, including some services for which there is no refund.  Please review the specific terms for each particular service or offer prior to subscribing to that service/offer. 


However, on the order page itself, there is no mention of the refund policy. So it’s unclear whether you can get a refund on The Hotsheet or not. It might pay to call or email their support team to determine the refund policy before joining if you have any concerns.

Can You Make $490 Per Day With This System?

During The Hotsheet presentation, Rob says it’s possible to make $490 each day the market is open with the service. And since there are 200 trading days per year, that works out to $98,000 per year.

How did he arrive at this figure?

In the video, Rob says that the average price of the shares he recommends to The Hotsheet members is around $7. And that the average account size is $2,450.

He also says that the average “Hotsheet winner” moves 20%, which works out to a $1.40 move in the share price (if the share price is $7).

And when you do the math…

  • At $7 per share, you can buy 350 shares with an account size of $2,450.
  • 350 shares multipled by $1.40 (20% increase in share price) gives you $490.

Of course, these are all just estimates based on averages. But these are the figures Rob mentions in the presentation and how he arrived at the $490 per day figure to the best of my knowledge.

During the presentation, he also says his goal is to send you ten stocks per week (two stocks per day over five days) that he says could reach double-digit percentage gains.

And he emphasizes that this is his “goal” because he can’t guarantee anyone will make any money following his recommendations.

Is making $490 per trading day with this system realistic?

It might be possible to make that much, or more, some days. However, whether or not it’s “realistic” is another story. I personally wouldn’t expect to make that much each day.

Also, the $490 per trading day figure doesn’t consider the losing trades, and you should expect that there will be losing trades, which Rob himself even points out.

He does say he aims to help you minimize losses, but trading is risky, so anything could happen. For example, you might make $490 for the day on the winning trades but lose more than that amount on the losing trades.

Not to mention, The Hotsheet is a new service, so it doesn’t have an established track record yet. So it’s too early to know how well the service has performed on average over time.

So my point is, you might be able to make money with The Hotsheet system, but there are no guarantees. And trading is risky, so as with any service, it’s possible you could lose money.

Bottom Line

The Hotsheet is a new trading service run by Rob Booker, who says his goal is to send you ten stocks per week for 12 months that have the potential to see double-digit gains.

I chose not to join the service because I prefer to take a longer-term approach to investing. I’m also a little skeptical of stuff like this because I’ve been burned in the past.

That’s me, though. What you decide to do is up to you. All I will say is that this sort of thing can be risky, and there are no guarantees you will make money by signing up.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this post helpful.

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