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Rob Booker’s “The Hotsheet” – Legit $490 Per Day System?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’ll be discussing a new trading service from Rob Booker called “The Hotsheet” to try to figure if it’s legit and worthwhile. According to the presentation, this system made Rob and his friends $455,364.13 in nine days, and he says it could help you make $490 per day on market days, even if you’re a newbie. Sounds cool, but it’s easy for someone to make bold claims, so whether or not it makes

Is Lance Ippolito’s “Weekend Wiretap” Service Legit?

I recently came across a presentation featuring Rob Booker and Lance Ippolito on the WealthPress website about a new trading system called Weekend Wiretap. According to the video, thanks to a “strange Friday afternoon phenomenon,” you can place a quick trade on Friday afternoon and cash out Monday morning with up to 610% profits. Sounds good, but is it legit or just another scam? That’s a question I’m going to help you answer in this article. So if you want