Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance (Honest Review)

Investing expert Keith Fitz-Gerald has been involved in multiple financial publications – many of which are very expensive.

However, if you wanted to get them all, you could save a little money by buying a membership to the Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance.

But what is it exactly?

Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance is a lifetime subscription to four of Keith Fitz-Gerald’s subscriptions: Money Map Report, High Velocity Profits, High Velocity Windfalls, and Straight Line Profits. It costs $6,499 up front and has a $249 annual maintenance fee.

Read on to find out more about these subscriptions, who Keith Fitz-Gerald is and my thoughts on whether or not it’s actually worthwhile.

What Is Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance?

Rapid Fire Profits Alliance is a subscription service from Keith Fitz-Gerald offered by Money Map Press that is comprised of four of his subscription services:

  • Money Map Report
  • High Velocity Profits
  • High Velocity Windfalls
  • Straight Line Profits

He makes bold claims, saying those four services have produced over seven windfalls on average each month for nearly two years.

All of these services would normally cost you over $9,000 per year. However, the Rapid Fire Profits Alliance only costs a one-time payment of $6,499. That gives you a lifetime membership. 

On top of that, there’s a $249 annual maintenance fee.

This obviously seems like a pretty good deal, seeing as you’re saving $2,844 when compared to getting these services individually, and that only for one year!

It is important to note, however, that with this subscription there are no refunds once you purchase it. 

This means even if you are unsatisfied and could get your money back on these services if you purchased them individually, when you buy them as this Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance, you will not be able to get your money back for any reason. 

How Does Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance Work?

So, when looking at what you will receive with this subscription, as stated above, you will be receiving four newsletters:

  • Straight Line Profits: newsletter that shows the potential for huge profits based on Fitz-Gerald’s reverse-engineered NASA technology, the Arbitrage Detection Grid System.
  • High Velocity Profits: a research service that gives you stock recommendations based on what he calls an “X Pattern.”
  • High Velocity Windfalls: a monthly “supplement” to the High Velocity Profits subscription that gives you longer-term recommendations by using a variation of the X Pattern.
  • Money Map Report: a monthly newsletter that uses trend-based research to give you “high-yield” stock opportunities.

On top of these four reports, you will also get lifetime access to any products that are added in the future at no extra cost.

Keith Fitz-Gerald also says you will receive two gifts with your Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance subscription.Those are:

  • A Real Silver Coin: a physical, Eagle’s brand coin that is supposedly the best for investment purposes and “guarantees” you the highest liquidity.
  • A Free Subscription to Fast Profits With Money Morning: a video series from Money Map Press’ flagship website Money Morning that gives you investment tips each week.

With all of these services, Fitz-Gerald claims that they can “help anyone navigate through market volatility.” 

Who Is Keith Fitz-Gerald? 

Keith Fitz-Gerald is a stock trader and analyst with 37 years of experience and counting. With that much experience, it’s no wonder why he has some notable accomplishments, such as: 

  • Being one of the few investors to forsee the dot-com crash and Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009
  • Being an expert in what’s called “Market Chaos Theory”
  • Having advised individuals or institutions that were responsible for billions of dollars

He’s also a regular guest on BNN, Fox Business, and Bloomberg and has even been featured in publications like Forbes.com and the Wall Street Journal.

With all of these accomplishments, it’s probably safe to say that Keith Fitz-Gerald might know a thing or two about stock investing.

His financial publications are published under the company Money Map Press, which also promotes publications from individuals like Tom Gentile and D.R. Barton.

Is It Worth the $6,499 Price Tag?

Whether or not Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance is worth it, ultimately comes down to how legit the education is, and how accurate the trade recommendations are, during the course of your membership.

All of the services included in this subscription are all based on educated inferences on potentially lucrative trade opportunities.

This means that to know whether this could be profitable, you would have to look at the probability for earning money in the stock market itself. 

Yes, it is possible to make money investing in stocks – and there are people (like Fitz-Gerald) who have done just that. But there are also many people who lose money in it, too. 

With all of these services in the Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance, there are systems that Fitz-Gerald follows to help you make money. 

However, with the volatility of the stock market, no system or method can function with 100% accuracy, and as such there will always be at least some risk that you could lose your money.

So, it’s best to take a cautious approach and maybe try out some of Fitz-Gerald’s other, cheaper publications before you invest thousands of dollars into this.

My Overall Opinion

All in all, the Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance is legit and probably not a bad option if you are looking to subscribe to all of these services.

If you are interested in all of these services, this would save you a lot of money both in the long run and the immediate future. 

There are, however, cheaper options out there, such as Keith Fitz-Gerald’s free Total Wealth report, that might be a better place to start and see if this is right for you.

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