Luke Lango’s “The Quickening” (Exponential Tech Stocks?)

Many long-term investors have created generational wealth betting on great tech companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Netflix, for example. And given the current market, it’s easy to see why some experts believe that the best gains in this sector are behind us.

However, according to Luke Lango, we “haven’t missed a thing.”

During a recent presentation dubbed “The Quickening,” Luke says it’s now possible for ordinary people to “get rich in the next three, four or five years” thanks to exponential tech growth.

What is the Quickening? And is it a legit opportunity?

That’s what I hope to uncover in this post. I’ll start by breaking down Luke Lango’s prediction, then look at his track record, the stocks he’s teasing, and the service he’s pitching (Innovation Investor) to try to figure out if it’s worthwhile.

Luke Lango’s “The Quickening” Prediction

The Quickening presentation takes place in what appears to be a live studio audience at the Hudson Theater, next door to Caltech (California Institute of Technology).

It’s introduced by Paul Ghiringhelli, who says that thanks to a “new phenomenon” unfolding right now, “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities” that once took years or decades now “come around every six months or so.”

From there, Luke Lango takes the stage and begins talking about how the rate at which people are becoming millionaires in America is increasing.

Luke Lango during The Quickening presentation on the InvestorPlace website talking about exponential technology and four stocks that could change society forever.

He says that in 2016 more than 1,700 people became millionaires each day and that this number increased to 4,657 per day in 2020, which is staggering. And, as it turns out, true. And according to Luke, a “technological phenomenon” is a big part of the reason why.

What “phenomenon” is he talking about?

From what I understand, the phenomenon Luke Lango talks about in the presentation has to do with two main things: exponential growth and the network effect.

On the first one, Luke says, “we’ve entered a new technological paradigm,” and it’s happening because of an “incredible force called Exponential Technological Progress.”

He says this explains why technology is improving so rapidly and why some companies are getting massive valuations within the “blink of an eye.” He also says it explains why we haven’t missed out yet, and why he believes things will only get faster.

What does he mean by “exponential” technological progress?

Exponential growth has to do with an increase in the rate of change itself. It’s a pretty technical subject, so I think the best way to explain it is by sharing a quick example.

So, let’s imagine that one drop of water lands in a football stadium…

Being such a small amount of water, it’s unlikely anyone would even notice. However, let’s pretend it doubled in volume every hour until the football stadium was full.

In that case, in the second hour, that one drop becomes two drops; in the third hour, it becomes four drops, and so on until eventually, a tiny puddle is visible on a section of grass.

This process takes a long time, and yet still, nothing much has happened.

However, that tiny puddle continues doubling every hour to the point the water now covers the whole stadium at ankle height. Then it reaches knee height, waist height an hour later, overhead the next, and before you know it, the stadium is half full of water.

Then, within ONE hour, the entire stadium is underwater.

Now, there is a more technical description of exponential growth and how it works, but I think what I’ve described is enough to illustrate the basic idea: slowly, then suddenly.

And that’s essentially what Luke Lango is talking about in the presentation, “The Quickening” is more or less a term he’s using to describe exponential technology growth.

During the presentation, he provides numerous examples of how we started with a primitive version of a technology (computers, cameras, internet, cell phones, etc.) and how these technologies (and their adoption) have grown exponentially.

And he sums it up with the following statement:

We’re about to enter the fastest, most disruptive period of technological progress…

Mark my words: The next few years will be the greatest period ever to be a technology investor. There will be more disruption in the next 10 years than in the previous 50 years combined.

Converging technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, augmented reality, blockchain and more will completely reshape our world…


What about the network effect part of Luke’s thesis?

Well, if you’re not familiar with what a network effect is, it’s a phenomenon whereby the more people that use a product or service, the more valuable it becomes.

For example, Amazon started pretty small initially, but as more people shopped on Amazon, more people started selling their products on Amazon. And as more people sold products on the site, more people shopped on the site, and so on.

So it’s a self-reinforcing cycle.

And Luke Lango says that this is the secret behind some of the most successful tech companies of the past 20 years. He also says that thanks to “exponential progress, interconnectivity and increased computing power, the rate at which companies can build valuable networks is speeding up.” In other words, companies can build these network effects faster than ever before.

On the one hand, I couldn’t agree more with Luke about the exponential nature of technological innovation and the importance of network effects. I think he’s spot on there.

However, there’s no guarantee that the companies he’s bullish on are going to be the beneficiaries of exponential growth or that they’ll help you become a millionaire.

So let’s take a closer look at who Luke Lango is, what stocks he’s teasing, and the Innovation Investor service he’s pitching to see if it’s worthwhile.

Who Is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is an investment expert with a background in mathematics and data analysis. And he works for a financial publishing company called InvestorPlace.

His most popular service is Innovation Investor, an investment advisory service focused on helping subscribers learn about opportunities within emerging trends.

He’s also the editor of Daily 10X Stock Report, Exponential Growth Report, and several other advisories focused on things like crypto and early-stage companies.

Before joining InvestorPlace, Luke graduated from Caltech, managed an investment fund called L&F Capital Management, and has been involved with various venture capital and startup opportunities over the years.

Other than being focused on technology opportunities, one of the things that sets Luke apart is his track record. According to the InvestorPlace website, Luke has recommended many triple and quadruple-digit stocks over the years before they became household names.

For example, Tesla, AMD, Netflix, Blink Charging, Shopify… on and on the list goes.

He was also rated the number one stock picker of 2020 by a third-party site called TipRanks, where experts share their stock picks and analysis.

So, long story short, Luke has an impressive track record. Of course, that doesn’t mean everything he recommends is going to make you money. However, the InvestorPlace website says that the “average annualized gain from his research advisory is 69%.” And I’m pretty sure that takes into account the winners and losers, so that’s a solid overall track record.

What Are Luke Lango’s “The Quickening” Stocks?

During the presentation, Luke Lango says there are “4 off-the-radar tech stocks poised to transform society” that he’s particularly interested in as part of his “Quickening” thesis.

What four stocks is he bullish on?

Luke doesn’t reveal the names of the companies he’s interested in. Instead, he reveals these in a research report titled, “The Quickening: 4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever.”

However, he does give us some clues on the sectors each company is in.

For example, Luke says that one company he’s interested in is building a “massive digital home-buying platform” and likens it to the Amazon of houses.

Another company he mentions is a sports streaming network “like a Netflix for live sports.”

Third, he talks about an “e-commerce company already being hailed as the future of shopping.”

And the final company Luke says he’s interested in is some type of social media company which he says could be a “future trillion-dollar company.”

He says this company is in the early stages of developing a metaverse which, from my understanding, is almost like a second world. For example, one where you can play games, socialize, watch a concert, and more.

Luke also talks about the potential downside of his prediction playing out for some companies. Specifically, he says that “The Quickening is a two-way street” and that “50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will die in 10 years and be replaced by startups we haven’t heard of yet.”

That’s a bold statement, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened, either. If you look through history, there are many examples of great companies that clung to their outdated business model and paid the price in the end. Blockbuster is a prime example of this.

In any case, Luke lists 25 stocks he thinks you should “cleanse your portfolio” of in a report titled “Portfolio Destroyers: 25 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now.”

And if you want to access that report to find out what these stocks are, along with the other report I mentioned earlier that details the four stocks he’s bullish on, you need to join Innovation Investor. So let’s take a look at what it’s about and how it works.

Overeview of Innovation Investor

I recommend seeing my full review of Innovation Investor if you want the whole story, but in short, Innovation Investor is a stock advisory focused on emerging tech trends.

Luke seeks out opportunities in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, 5G, biotech, blockchain, social media, and supercomputing. And he shares his top pick with subscribers each month, along with his research and insight into the technology, company, and stock.

From there, it’s up to you to decide if you want to follow his recommendation or not. If you do, you get all the details you need, and you can invest using your own broker account.

You also get access to the model portfolio, which shows you all of the active recommendations Luke has made, and the details of each. And a quarterly “conference webcast” that gives you updates on the positions he’s recommended.

On top of this, if you join through the “Quickening” presentation, InvestorPlace is currently offering the following bonus reports:

  • The Quickening: 4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever
  • Portfolio Destroyers: 25 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now
  • 3 World-Changing AI Stocks to Buy NOW
  • My EV Sleeper Stock of the Decade
  • VC Insider’s Millionaire Playbook

How much does it cost to join Innovation Investor? It depends where you join, but as of writing, the cost of getting started with the service is $99 for 24 months of access.

And according to the InvestorPlace website, this comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with the service during that time, you can get a refund.

Bottom Line

Luke Lango’s “The Quickening” presentation is about how he believes exponential progress makes it easier than ever to “build great wealth quickly in America.” And how, at the same time, companies with outdated business models won’t survive in the years ahead.

It was an interesting presentation. And I think Luke made a compelling argument about the potential for exponential tech growth to accelerate a company’s network effect.

From what I can tell, this is the “phenomenon” he was talking about at the outset, and it does help explain why some companies are growing so quickly.

Is Innovation Investor worth it?

Innovation Investor could be worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a lower-cost service focused on emerging trends and smaller tech companies. As far as technology investors go, not many gurus in this space have as good of a track record as Luke Lango.

That said, there’s no guarantee it’ll help you become a millionaire or make any money at all, for that matter. Investing is risky no matter what service you join. So I wouldn’t sign up expecting that Luke will help you get rich quickly because that’s not likely to happen, in my opinion.

But either way, Innovation Investor is a legitimate service. So I think as long as you set realistic expectations and understand the potential risks, it could be worth checking out.

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