What “King of E-Fracking” Stock Is Andy Snyder Teasing?

I recently received an email from Manward Press about a new Andy Snyder presentation, which centers around his so-called “#1 e-fracking stock.”

In short, Snyder believes we are in the midst of a “long-term bull market in energy” and claims he’s identified an opportunity to “make big money in this market.”

If you watch to the end of the presentation, you’ll see that the whole thing is a pitch for Snyder’s Venture Fortunes service, which costs $1,495 to join.

I didn’t do that, but I did look into the clues he shared in the presentation to find out what company he was teasing. And in this post, I’ll share all the details with you.

Unpacking Snyder’s “King of E-Fracking” Teaser

The essence of Andy Snyder’s e-fracking pitch is that he’s found an oil company that is “pioneering an efficient new way to pull oil from the ground,” which he says can “significantly reduce fracking’s carbon footprint.”

He basically claims that the technology this company has developed can remove the negative stigma associated with oil drilling.

He also says that the company’s tech can reduce costs, as they’ve found a way to help power their equipment with flared (i.e. wasted) natural gas.

Here’s how he describes the process:

“It looks like this…

  • The rig drills horizontally in search of oil and liquid natural gas.
  • The ‘waste’ liquefied natural gas is used to spin turbines and create electricity.
  • This electricity powers the rigs and allows the entire cycle to repeat until there’s no more oil to extract.

“Now, the process typically dumps tons of C02 into the air… and costs a fortune.

“But the company I’ve identified says this new method, known as ‘electric fracking,’ or e-fracking for short, can potentially reduce its emissions to ZERO…”

Long story short, he predicts that e-fracking will soon become the dominant form of oil and gas production in America and that its stock could rise 740% in two years.

“I predict e-fracking will soon become the dominant form of oil and gas production in America.

“It’s the type of technology that free enterprise loves.

“Traditionally, environmental activists have wanted to reduce emissions by shutting down operations… or adding huge expenses to the process.

“E-fracking is the best of both worlds.

“It reduces emissions AND reduces costs by millions of dollars.

“And this company is paving the way.

“That’s why it is seeing gigantic increases in sales and profitability.

“But that growth is about to go into hyperdrive…

“Potentially sending the stock soaring as much as 740% within two years.”

These are some pretty bold claims.

Snyder is basically saying that this company has the potential to make oil fracking emission-free and hand investors a significant gain in a short time.

Anything is possible, but that seems like a pretty hyped-up claim to me.

Nevertheless, I wanted to know what company he was teasing, so I looked into the clues he shared, and I think I know what it might be.

Andy Snyder’s “#1 E-Fracking Company” Revealed

Andy Snyder shared numerous clues about his pick in the presentation, but the following are the main ones he shared, which made it pretty easy to solve.

“Not only does it have the largest e-fleet in the world…

“But it’s also the ‘Patent King’ of the industry, with 110 patents protecting its groundbreaking tech.”


“The company is operating in the Permian Basin… which holds 71 billion barrels of oil.

“It’s moving into the Marcellus Shale region… which holds another 214 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.”

Based on those clues and others in the presentation, I believe Andy Snyder’s stock pick is ProFrac Holding Corp. (ACDC), a Texas-based company that services the North American oil and gas industry.

Why? Well, the first thing I did was research companies that have the largest electric fracking fleets, which led me to this article on the Journal of Petroleum Technology website.

In short, the article talked about how ProFrac has agreed to buy U.S. Well Services, which the company said will make it the “biggest owner of electric-powered fracturing fleets.”

I also found a different article on offshore-technology.com that talked about ProFrac’s intended purchase of USWS’ intellectual property portfolio, which apparently includes “more than 110 patents related to electric frac technology.”

Third, I learned about another acquisition the company announced regarding Signal Peak Silica’s Permian Basin operations, which may explain Snyder’s other clue.

And lastly, Snyder said that the company “just went public,” which is also a match because ProFrac Holding Corp. went public in 2022.

So, I can’t be certain, but this company looks like a match.

What does the company do?

The company’s subsidiary, simply known as “ProFrac,” says it has developed a fleet of electric fracs to reduce its customers’ emissions “without compromising wellsite performance.”

I’m not an expert on fracking, much less “e-fracking,” but the basic premise is that e-fracking companies use electric-powered oil pumps that run on flared natural gas rather than diesel.

Here’s how drillingcontractor.org explains it:

“E-frac systems utilize electrically powered pressure pumps running on modular gas turbine generators, as opposed to the diesel-driven pumps of a conventional system. The turbines make electricity using CNG, LNG or site-produced field gas that may otherwise be flared. This means both fuel savings and carbon reductions are possible.”

All in all, I think this is an interesting concept.

But whether or not e-fracking will be the big deal that Snyder makes out in the presentation is another story. And there is no guarantee whatsoever that its stock will make you money, let alone 740% in two years, as the presentation suggests.

Nevertheless, if you want to know what company Snyder’s teasing for sure, then he has put together a report called “The King of E-Fracking: Ending the Climate War and Making You Rich.” And this comes with his $1,495 per year newsletter, Venture Fortunes.

I’m not a member of Venture Fortunes, but I have joined Snyder’s flagship Manward Letter service, and I have published an in-depth review of this service if you want to know more.

Bottom Line

I’m not a big fan of Manward Press’ sales presentations because, while they sometimes make interesting points, I find they are often overhyped. I also wasn’t overly impressed with the Manward Letter service after joining it recently.

I’m not saying that the presentation or service is a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend rushing into any service (or investment) based on what is said in a stock teaser pitch, as these rarely give you an objective look at both sides of the coin, so to speak.

In any case, I hope you found this post helpful, and I’d love to know what you think about all this, so feel free to hit me up in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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