Is Matt McCall’s 5G Stock Prediction Legit?

The supposedly new wave of revolutionary technology – 5G – has been the source of both conspiracy theories and legitimate investment opportunities. 

With all the contradictory information online, you might be turning to experts – like Matt McCall – to find out where you should put your money amidst all the confusion.

But is Matt McCall’s 5G stock prediction legit? Technically yes, because it’s just a video presentation leading to a sales pitch for his “club” Investment Opportunities. The membership fee through this presentation is $49-$99, depending on which tier you sign up for.

Now let’s take a closer look at who Matt McCall is, why he thinks 5G is going to be so important, and whether or not it’s worth listening to his predictions.

Who Is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is an investor who got his start 17 years ago when he was a broker for Charles Schwab. 

He has an honestly astounding resume, especially with his experience in investing and finances. 

He’s the founder of multiple companies, including:

  • Penn Financial Group
  • CrowdVest.Co
  • Point B Publishing

All of those companies are involved with finances in one way or another.

McCall also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado and a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kutztown University.

He’s even authored two books about investing, such as The Next Great Bull Market.

He has also been the co-host and chief technical analyst for the national radio show, Winning on Wall Street; as well as having been the former co-host of a Fox Business Network-based daily investment show.

So, to put it simply, the guy has a ton of experience and knowledge in this field. It’s no wonder why people would turn to him for advice.

Besides investing, one thing he also currently does is work as a senior technology analyst at a company called InvestorPlace. And I’ve looked into some of his work from InvestorPlace, such as Green Monday and Cannabis Cash Weekly.

What is InvestorPlace?

InvestorPlace is one of the biggest independent financial research firms in the United States that was founded back in 1974.

Since then, they’ve had an incredibly strong track record of successful stock recommendations. A few of those being:

  • Recommending investing in Amazon in 1997 when shares cost $1.73 – which are currently valued at over $1,700
  • Recommending investing in Apple when it was trading for $0.56 – it’s now trading at $277
  • Recommending investing in Nvidia when it was $4.39 – shares are now valued at $240

So, they have a history of actually making good stock recommendations – although they don’t mention how many bad stock recommendations they’ve made during those years, too.

Regardless, MarketWatch – a financial information site that’s published by Dow Jones & Co. – even called one of InvestorPlace’s analysts “the advisor who recommended Google before anyone else.”

In fact, one of the analysts at InvestorPlace even beat out Warren Buffett by 1,000% over a 15-year period of time.

What is McCall’s 5G Stock Prediction?

All of that information we just covered about InvestorPlace’s success (and McCall’s role at the company) is what leads into his video presentation regarding a stock market prediction.

During the presentation, he claims that this new revolutionary technology (spoiler alert: its 5G) will be more impactful than electricity.

That’s a pretty bold claim, and honestly one that seems overexaggerated. But just because he’s hyping it up doesn’t make it illegitimate, so let’s keep going.

He claims that big names like Bill Gates are starting to invest a lot of money (we’re talking millions of dollars) into this new space.

“That’s why the world’s billionaire investors Bill Gates and Ray Dalio are beginning to invest millions of dollars into this emerging tech.”

Matt McCall –

He also claims that mega-giant companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are investing (secretly) into this technology as well. So, at this point, it seems kind of played up. We’ve all heard the story of the “next big revolution” that will bring in billions of dollars and change humanity forever (looking at you, Mampilly). 

But McCall does something the others don’t, which is attempt to explain why he thinks he can predict this new revolution. And his reasoning is because “it’s happened before.”

He’s talking about the three major industrial revolutions that have taken place during the 200-or-so years of America’s existence: the steam engine, electricity, and the digital age.

He claims that each of those three were the keystones for major changes and shifts that we’ve seen in society. 

And he’s claiming that the reason we haven’t seen the fruition of things like self-driving cars, AI, or virtual reality is that we don’t yet have the proper “keystone” in place – and that keystone is 5G.

A quick overview: 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology for digital networks. It doesn’t just make your phone faster, it is a revolutionary new technology and one that is developing rapidly in countries like China.

Speaking of which, here’s an interesting video I recently watched featuring Patrick Bet-David and former Brigadier General Robert Spalding, who discuss the global implications of 5G:

Anyway, McCall claims that 5G will allow for 1,000 times more data to be processed at any given time at much faster speeds than we’re used to with our 4G.

McCall believes that the implementation of 5G will give way to the (ultra-creepy) internet of things and the “age of man AND machine.”

But he also warns against running off and dumping all your money into companies like Apple or Samsung. Why?

Because more money can (supposedly) be made by the companies working behind the scenes – chip making companies.

And it makes sense when you think about it: phones need chips. Most electronics like that need some sort of chip in them.

In fact, McCall claims that for every phone sold, this company sells five chips.

So, that’s the basic idea. But now that he’s hyped everything up, where do you get more information about it?

Well, that’s where the truth comes out. You can get more information about his 5G stock prediction by purchasing a membership to Investment Opportunities.

Yes, the whole thing is basically a sales pitch – similar to what Tom Gentile did with his $150,000 profit party.

All you have to do is sign up to become a member, which – through this opportunity – only costs anywhere from $49-$99, depending on which of the three tiers you sign up for.

Regardless, when you sign up to become a member, you’ll get three special reports, which are:

  • The 5G Chip That Will Spark a $53 Trillion Revolution
  • The #1 Investment for the Self-Driving Revolution
  • The Secret Battery Set to Drive the $19 Trillion Internet of Things

You’ll also get 12 issues of Investment Opportunities and a 90-day “risk-free” trial of Investment Opportunities at a heavily discounted rate (75% off).

Plus, he’ll even throw in a year subscription to True Wealth, a newsletter written by “investing legend” Steve Sjuggerud.

What is McCall’s Investment Opportunities Club?

McCall’s Investment Opportunities is a self-described “club” where you can have access to potentially big stock investment opportunities early on – before the general public really gets a hold of them.

Basically, it’s where you pay to be a member of a “club” that gets investment opportunities (hence the name).

It costs $99 for a year, which really isn’t that bad compared to some other, similar things (like Tom Gentile’s Alpha-9 Trader).

With a membership, you get:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Investment Opportunities: a “full issue” each month that details what McCall thinks are the current biggest investment opportunities in the world, as well as expert insights
  • Special Reports: 12-36 page-long, in-depth reports about “world-changing” business and tech trends that are posed to deliver “triple digit gains”
  • Urgent Position Updates: updates in case something major happens with one of their positions
  • The Investment Opportunity Owner’s Manual: an easy-to-read manual that explains McCall’s approach to the market, how he finds opportunities, the “right” way to buy/sell, and more tips

If you read the fine print, there’s also a 30 day full refund policy. 

And unlike some other subscription-based services we’ve reviewed, there’s no shady-seeming or “cleverly-worded” money back guarantee. Just a simple, straightforward refund policy that’s based on whether or not you liked it or found it helpful.

So really, it’s not that bad of an option if you really did want to get involved in investing in tech companies and just didn’t know where to start.


Overall, Matt McCall’s 5G stock prediction presentation is legit, in the sense that it’s ultimately just urging you to become a member of the Investment Opportunities Club.

However, whether or not the company (or companies) he’s predicting will take off is another story.

There’s always a risk involved with investing, and it’s something you should definitely do your research on before putting large sums of money on the line.

That being said, both McCall and InvestorPlace have a seriously strong history of successful investments, and given the relatively low price point, it might not be a bad idea to take some of his advice.

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