Bill Spencer’s Financial Blackout: Is Founder’s Forecast Legit?

In a recent presentation on the True Market Insiders website, Bill Spencer, who claims to be a former insider to the Federal Reserve, said there’s a “Middle Class Financial Blackout” coming.

One that, according to Bill, will cause bankruptcies, job losses, and financial ruin for thousands of everyday Americans.

Thousands of families and small businesses will go bankrupt… Americans will lose their homes… their jobs… and their freedoms in one fell swoop.


Why does he believe this is going to happen?

According to Bill Spencer, it has to do with “5 converging triggers” that are “building the most catastrophic event in United States history.”

It’s quite a grim prediction.

I was curious, though, so I decided to look further into Bill Spencer’s prediction. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I learned about his thesis, the “5 simple steps” he says can help you protect and grow your wealth and his Founder’s Forecast service.

But first, let’s see who Bill is and if he’s someone worth listening to.

Who’s Bill Spencer?

According to Bill Spencer, he’s a “former Federal Reserve insider” who served for eight years under Alan Greenspan (between 1988 to 1996) and was “heavily involved in training new Federal Reserve employees.”

I have no way of verifying if he really did work for the Fed, but this lines up with what is stated on the True Market Insiders website, and I find it hard to believe someone would make something like that up given the potential repercussions, so I’m going to assume it’s true.

In any case, according to Bill, after leaving the Federal Reserve, he became an editor for Morgan Stanley, where he issued weekly tech reports for high net worth clients during the dot-com bubble.

From there, Bill says he left Morgan Stanley to join Bear Stearns’ mergers and acquisitions department, and as of writing, he’s the Editor In Chief for True Market Insiders, a Florida-based financial publishing company.

Some of Bill Spencer’s most notable calls (from what I can see) include warning people that Wall Street Banks were about to collapse in 2007 and calling the market bottom in 2014.

And today, he’s issuing a new warning about a Financial Blackout and five “blackout trigger points” that he claims could cause the “downfall of the American way of life.”

What 5 “Blackout Triggers” Is Bill Spencer Talking About?

During the presentation, Bill Spencer says there are five blackout trigger points that he believes could cause a “Middle Class Financial Blackout” in the future.

  • The first “Blackout Trigger” Mr. Spencer lists is “The Death of The Middle Class.” He states that, in the last 12 months, over 40% of U.S. dollars in circulation were printed by the Fed and suggests this will lead to inflation, the demise of the dollar, and end the middle class.
  • The second Blackout Trigger Bill Spencer lists is “Biden’s Socialist Agenda.” He suggests that socialism is advancing in the U.S. and that hardworking Americans will pay for increasing government handouts through increased taxation and inflation.
  • Bill Spencer then lists “The Housing Bubble 2.0” as the third Blackout Trigger. Due to things like rising unemployment, small business bankruptcies, and rising real estate prices, a housing bubble has developed that can’t be sustained.
  • Fourth, Bill lists “The Burning of The Dollar” which is about how money printing (AKA quantitative easing) is causing inflation and a devaluing of the U.S. dollar. He also talks about most people don’t realize this because of something called “money illusion,” where nominal prices of assets are rising, which seems great, but in reality, it’s the purchasing power of the dollar decreasing. This is similar to what Dr. Eifrig talks about in his Financial Lockdown presentation.
  • The fifth Blackout Trigger listed by Bill Spencer is called “The Biggest Lie of The Decade.” According to Bill, even though the S&P 500 looks like it’s in good shape, 494 of the companies in the index are down, only the biggest six companies are up. And he states that the market is “ready to crash like a house of cards.”

To sum it up, Bill Spencer paints quite a bleak picture. It seems as though he’s not very bullish on the economy, people in charge, or financial markets.

In the next section, we’ll take a look at the “5 simple steps” he proposes that he believes could help you protect and grow your wealth during the Financial Blackout.

What Is Bill Spencer’s 5 Step Solution?

Step One: The Fed-Proof Savings Account

The first solution to the Financial Blackout, according to Bill Spencer, is a “secret savings account” that yields up to 12%, that’s completely uninfluenced by any action taken by the Federal Reserve. And all the details are included in the following research report:

  • The Rich Retirement Saver’s Playbook

Step Two: Investor’s Guide to America’s Retirement Crisis

The second step involves a “special list of ‘crash-proof’ stocks” that Bill Spencer believes could make investors a fortune in the coming months, regardless of the general market conditions. And, like the last step, everything is detailed in a research report:

  • The Rich Retirement Blueprint – Your 7 Stocks Solution to America’s Retirement Crisis

I’ve actually written about the Rich Retirement Blueprint on this blog, so if you want to learn more, I recommend checking out the link I just shared, which takes you to the post I wrote.

Step Three: Market Crash… Avoiding The Falling House of Cards

The third step involves reading a report Bill Spencer put together called “The Devastating 5: The 5 Stocks Set to Meltdown 80%.” This report details five stocks that he believes you should get out of immediately, as he says doing so could save you a lot of money.

Step Four: The Billionaire’s Tax Secret

Bill Spencer’s fourth step involves saving money on your tax bill. According to Bill, he wants to show readers how to save money on tax using the same “tax secrets” used by the rich and elite. And he details everything in the following research report:

  • The American Tax Miracle: How to Earn Thousands of Dollars Per Year With Virtually No Effort

Step Five: Join Founder’s Forecast

The fifth and final step involves joining a stock advisory service called Founder’s Forecast, which he edits and True Market Insiders publishes.

Each month, subscribers of the service receive a new investment recommendation from Bill Spencer and a detailed research report on why he’s recommending it. From there, it’s up to you to decide which opportunities you want to take advantage of as a self-directed investor.

On top of the stock picks, you also get access to a monthly webinar where Bill shares his latest insights, a monthly portfolio update where he updates members on his active recommendations, and the four bonus research reports I mentioned earlier.

Each “step” I listed earlier is associated with a research report, and the only way to access these reports is by subscribing to Founder’s Forecast for $49.

That’s not a huge amount to pay considering what you get, though. And according to the company website, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is Founder’s Forecast Legit?

Founder’s Forecast is not a scam; it’s a real stock advisory service edited by Bill Spencer, who has over 30 years of experience in the finance world.

And, as mentioned, it does have a refund policy in place, so if you join and decide it’s not for you, you can always cancel and get your $49 back.

That said, there’s no guarantee the service will make you money.

All investments carry risk, so there’s always a chance you could lose money when speculating in the market, regardless of what strategy you use, who you’re following or any other factor.

That’s true for any service, though. So it’s not so much a case of the service being a scam; it’s more that you shouldn’t expect it to help you save, or make, money.

It might, but nobody can predict the future, so anything can happen.

Bottom Line

I’m not a member of Founder’s Forecast, but from what I can tell, it is a legitimate service, and Bill Spencer’s “Financial Blackout” presentation isn’t a scam, either.

For the most part, it’s just Bill sharing his thoughts and opinion on the market and what he believes is the best way to protect and grow your wealth in the future.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure how 2022 will play out, so time will tell if Bill’s predictions prove accurate, but he did raise some valid concerns around things like inflation and the impact recent events have had on the U.S. economy.

Either way, I hope this has given you some insight into Bill’s presentation and helps you make a more informed choice about whether or not his advisory is worth checking out.

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