Rich Retirement Blueprint Review (Founder’s Forecast Pitch)

Hello and welcome, today I’m looking into Bill Spencer’s Rich Retirement Blueprint.

Rich Retirement Blueprint is an investment report created by Bill Spencer of True Market Insiders, that’s aimed at helping you fast-track your way to a wealthy retirement.

Bill Spencer's Rich Retirement Blueprint presentation
Bill Spencer’s Rich Retirement Blueprint presentation (Source:

According to the website, by signing up to Bill’s service, Founder’s Forecast, you will get access to Bill’s blueprint, which can help you “leverage the secret Insider’s Index that could potentially transform an average American account into $1.1 million in 5 short years.”

In this review, I’ll show you what I learned about this “blueprint” and the Founder’s Forecast service, and share my thoughts on whether or not I believe it’s worth joining.

Rich Retirement Blueprint Review

I first stumbled across the Rich Retirement Blueprint through a presentation on the True Market Insiders website, where Editor In Chief Bill Spencer was talking about a “simple blueprint designed to overcome America’s Retirement Crisis.”

During the presentation, Bill points out that many retirees in the United States are unable to live as comfortably as they’d like, and how a large percentage rely on social security.

He says that one of the main reasons for this is the typical “mainstream advice” coming from the media and money managers. Along with a debasing currency, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (AKA money printing) program.

He says all of this is gutting the average American’s retirement dreams, and that one of the main culprits is mutual funds because they provide mediocre returns and charge exorbitant fees.

He says this naturally leads many to invest in passive index funds like the S&P 500, which isn’t much better because the returns are low and the risks can still be quite high. He points to the crash of March 2020 as an example, where the market nosedived in a short period of time.

Towards the end of the presentation, Bill talks about the “Retirement-Killing” myth of diversification. And says that “safe” and “diversified” aren’t the same thing.

He points out the fact that some of the most successful investment firms in the world, like Berkshire Hathaway, have the majority of their holdings in a relatively small number of companies. And how being over-diversified can massively dilute profits.

So, to sum it up, Bill says there’s a retirement crisis underway, and that the typical “mainstream” advice of investing in mutual funds, index funds and being “well-diversified” aren’t helping.

What’s the solution?

Well, Bill says he was a financial “Insider” up until very recently, and talks about an “Insider’s Index” that could potentially turn an average American account (which he points out is estimated at around $107,000) into over a million dollars in just five years.

Sounds good…

But what’s an “Insider’s Index” and how does it work?

According to Bill Spencer, it’s an investing strategy that has to do with “Smart Concentration” rather than mindless diversification, and it only requires holding seven stocks.

So it’s more diversified than going all in on one or two stocks, but more concentrated than betting on a large index like the S&P 500.

How does he choose which stocks to invest in?

Bill says it’s all thanks to a 3-step formula:

  • First, he looks for companies that aren’t already huge winners like Tesla or Netflix, and instead focusses on the next global mega-trend and the company leading the way.
  • Next, he makes sure the company is “ceiling proof” in that there’s a massive global market for what the company is offering, and therefor huge upside potential.
  • Lastly, he looks for “bullet-proof” companies like Coca-Cola and Amazon that have a huge competitive advantage.

During the presentation, Bill lists numerous examples of the types of companies he recommends to his followers, as part of his strategy. Like Square, Zillow and RingCentral for example.

And how these are the types of companies that could help you turn $107K into over a million. He also says you can make his strategy work whether you have half as much as that, or five times that amount, to invest with.

How do you learn more about Bill’s strategy and access his recommended stocks?

According to the website, everything you need to know about Bill’s “Insider Index” strategy and the seven stocks he recommends, is inside the Rich Retirement Blueprint report.

How do you access the Rich Retirement Blueprint report?

It’s pretty simple, you just need to join his service, Founder’s Forecast, for $49 on the True Market Insiders website. And in the next section, I’ll give you an overview of this service to help you decide if it’s worth joining.

What Is Founder’s Forecast?

Founder’s Forecast is an investment advisory service run by Bill Spencer of True Market Insiders. According to the website, the aim of the service is to connect subscribers with the best, most exciting and potentially most profitable investing opportunities in America.

As a member, you get weekly trade recommendations from Bill Spencer as well as his “Insider” insights to keep you informed.

You also get access to the model portfolio, which lists all of the stocks Bill is currently recommending to subscribers, The Rich Retirement Blueprint report, and a bunch of other bonus reports aimed at helping you invest successfully.

Here are the bonus reports Bill is offering:

  • Claim Your Share of the Coming Energy Revolution 
  • The “Uberization” of Everything – And How to Make a Mint From It
  • This 5G Supplier Is Set to Fatten Your Account
  • Boost Your Returns With This Large-Cap Cyber Standout

How much does it cost to join?

The basic membership is only $49 for 12 months, but for $79 you get an extra bonus report titled “How to Profit from the End of the Airport.”

And the company offers a 180 day money back guarantee, so you can try the service for six months and if you don’t like it, request a full refund.

Who Is Bill Spencer?

Bill Spencer is the Editor In Chief for True Market Insiders, a popular financial publishing company that was founded by Chris Rowe.

According to his profile page on the True Market Insiders website, Bill has “been a fixture of finance, economics, education and publishing for almost 30 years.”

He worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1988 to 1996, where he handled some of their largest deposits, trained staff, and created their manuals.

From there, Bill wrote about tech investing opportunities for Morgan Stanley’s high-net-worth clients, did mergers and acquisitions for Bear Stearns, and worked for other well-known investment banks.

So the whole “insider” thing isn’t just a marketing gimmick – Bill is an expert investor who has worked in key roles for some of the most important financial institutions in the world.

According to the website, he became dissatisfied with corporate life and wanted to make a difference, which led him to joining a financial publishing company called Tycoon Publishing, and eventually True Market Insiders where he now provides education and insights to help individual investors.

I recently wrote an article about another service True Market Insiders runs, called Sector Focus, and I’ve detailed some of the predictions made by Chris Rowe, its founder.

So if you want to learn more about the types of opportunities they recommend, I recommend checking out the articles I just linked to.

Bottom Line

The Rich Retirement Blueprint is an investment report created by Bill Spencer of True Market Insiders. In it, Bill shares his “Insider’s” approach to investing and the seven stocks he recommends, that could help you create a wealthier retirement.

In order to get access to that report, however, you need to join Bill’s service called Founder’s Forecast for $49. Which overall seems like a pretty good deal considering you don’t just get access to the Rich Retirement Blueprint upon joining. You also get access to Bill’s weekly trade ideas, the model portfolio and a bunch of other bonus reports.

At the end of the day, there are no guarantees that any of what Bill shares is going to make you money, let alone help you make a million dollars or more.

Investing is risky, regardless of which strategy you follow.

But he is an expert, and his service could be worth joining, especially if you are either in retirement or planning for retirement. Either way, I hope you found this helpful.

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