Andy Snyder’s “XRI” Metaverse Stock Pick Revealed

I recently received an email from Andy Snyder that led me to a pitch for his Manward Letter service, and it centered around an “XRI” metaverse company he likes.

In short, Snyder said in the presentation that “XRI is predicted to be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030” and that his “#1 metaverse company” is positioned to “take the lion’s share of this growth.” He also teased three other “bonus” metaverse stocks as well.

Snyder didn’t reveal his picks in the presentation, but he did share a bunch of clues about them. And after looking into what he said, I think I’ve uncovered all four picks.

So without further ado, let’s see what it’s all about!

Breaking Down Andy Snyder’s “XRI” Pitch

Given how poorly tech stocks have faired lately, I was somewhat surprised to see Snyder pitching metaverse-related stocks.

But apparently, he’s super bullish on this tech, which he calls XRI…

“We’re on the cusp of the biggest tech revolution since the dawn of the internet.”


“It’s not blockchain or crypto…

“Not 5G…

“Not artificial intelligence…

“It’s MUCH bigger.

“I call it ‘XRI.’

“All told, XRI is predicted to be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030…”


“XRI will be the defining technology of the next decade.”

Source: July 2022 Andy Snyder presentation (

What exactly is XRI?

According to Snyder, XRI stands for “extended-reality internet,” and it’s basically something he made up for the presentation to describe “the virtual and augmented reality technology behind the metaverse.”

“And it’s all because of XRI.

“It stands for…

“The extended-reality internet.

“This is the virtual and augmented reality technology behind the metaverse.”

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the metaverse over the past year or so, so you’ve no doubt heard of it by now. And while there are different ways to define it, Snyder defines the metaverse as “essentially a 3D version of the internet.”

And in the presentation, he talked about how this tech is being used in a variety of industries, including engineering, health, real estate, retail, and more.

What’s he predicting?

When you boil it all down, Snyder believes that the metaverse (or “XRI” as he calls it) will be the “third phase” of the internet. He talked about how the internet started off as passive because corporations were the main users in the 1990s, became an “active” part of our lives in the 2000s, and now he believes XRI is making the internet “immersive.”

“While the first phase was passive…

“And the second phase was active…

“The third phase will become immersive.

“And it’s all because of XRI.”

I tend to agree with Snyder in that virtual and augmented reality represent significant trends (not just a passing fad). It’s inevitable that people will want more immersive experiences with entertainment, and AR/VR can be used in many different industries. But choosing the right company to invest in is an entirely different story.

According to Snyder, however, he’s found one company that “dominates” the metaverse, which he believes could be the “next” Tesla, Google, or Microsoft.

“… today, I’m sharing with you what I believe will be the next Google, Tesla or Microsoft.

“Just like Google dominates search engine technology…

“And Tesla dominates electric vehicle technology…

“This stock dominates the metaverse.”

Another point Snyder repeatedly made throughout the presentation was that the metaverse market could hit $13 trillion by 2030, which he appears to be basing on how Citi said the metaverse represents a “potential $8 trillion to $13 trillion opportunity by 2030.”

He also made a (very) bold prediction about the company he’s teasing’s revenue:

“According to Citi, the metaverse market is expected to reach more than $13 trillion by 2030.

“And since my #1 metaverse company plays a crucial role in the metaverse, I predict the company’s revenue could explode over 974,000% by 2030!”

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure how big any market will become, much less how much revenue a company will make or how much its stock will go up or down.

So it might pay to take that prediction with a grain of salt.

Still, I wanted to know what company Snyder was teasing, so I looked further into his clues. And in the next section, I’ll show you what my research uncovered.

What’s Snyder’s “#1 Metaverse” (XRI) Pick?

The first main clue Snyder shared about his pick is that the company makes software that allows people to create virtual reality experiences.

According to Snyder, 75% of all virtual reality is made with his #1 metaverse company’s software, and it’s created a platform for developers.

“… 75% of all virtual reality is made with my #1 metaverse company’s software.”


“It’s created a platform that makes it easier for developers to create real-time virtual reality content.”

Next, he shared some specific examples of how this software/platform is being used:

“For example, architects use it to create digital replicas of their house or building designs.

“Imagine being able to go into your house before it’s built, see exactly what it would look like and make real-time changes with your architect.

“Orlando is using this company’s technology to create a ‘digital twin’ of the city.

“This digital city would show transportation experts how a rail system might work and help utility companies to map out 5G networks.”

Third, he said that Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft are using their tech:

“And as I’ve said, the world’s top companies use its technology…

“Alphabet, the owner of Google…

“Meta, formerly known as Facebook…


And finally, he dropped some hints about its revenue:

“Over the last six quarters, sales have gone from $772 million… to over $1 billion.”

A revenue chart of Andy Snyder's #1 Metaverse company recommendation.

As a quick note, the revenue figures Snyder shared in the chart above are trailing 12-month revenue figures, not quarterly. In other words, the 12 months leading up to each quarter.

In any case, to crack this one, the first thing I did was look for companies that Orlando has worked with to create a “digital twin” of the city. And according to, Orlando “has teamed up with Unity Technologies” for this very purpose.

From there, I looked into the revenue figures Snyder shared, and they appear to match Unity Software Inc. (ticker: U), which is trading as Unity Technologies.

I didn’t look into the trailing 12-month period for each quarter in the above chart. But according to Yahoo Finance, the revenue for the 12 months leading up to Q1 2022 was just under $1.2 billion, and it was just over the $1.1 billion mark for 2021.

So it looks like a match.

What does the company do?

Unity is a San Francisco-based video game software development company that was originally founded in Denmark in 2004. And according to its website, Unity is “the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content.”

Long story short, its software helps creators in numerous industries develop 2D and 3D content, including content for AR and VR devices.

As for whether or not it’s a good investment, I can’t predict that. But there’s an interesting article about Unity on the Motley Fool website, which describes its long-term prospects as “compelling” despite the stock dropping significantly from its peak in November 2021.

You could also see Snyder’s research report titled “The Next 100X Stock: The Tech Company Powering the XRI Revolution,” as that’s where he shares his recommendation.

What other companies did Snyder tease?

Aside from his top metaverse pick, he pitched three other companies.

So let’s have a look at those now.

What “3 Stocks to Profit From the Metaverse Boom” Is Andy Snyder Teasing?

1. “The Amazon of the Metaverse”

Here’s a summary of the clues Snyder shared about his first “bonus” pick, which the presentation refers to as the “Amazon of the metaverse.”

“Amazon made it possible for anyone to easily pay for these items and get them delivered.”


“Now there’s a new company that’s doing the same thing in the metaverse.

“Inc. magazine says it’s…

“‘bringing online retailers into the future.’

“It’s doing this by giving companies the tools to launch 3D and virtual reality products right on their websites.”


“And Bloomberg reports that star fund manager Cathie Wood thinks it…

“‘could be the next Amazon.'”

I believe this one is Shopify (ticker: SHOP).

Why? Well, for one thing, according to this Bloomberg article, Cathie Wood said she thinks that Shopify “could be the next Amazon.”

And published an article talking about how Shopify is bringing online retailers into the future by rolling out easy-to-use 3D and augmented reality tools for merchants.

So, Shopify is almost certainly Snyder’s pick here.

2. “This $5 Stock Could Be the Gateway to the Metaverse”

The presentation refers to this company as a “gateway” to the metaverse. And according to Andy Snyder, it’s a software company that specializes in “turning the real world into lifelike 3D imaging.” Here’s a summary of his clues:

“It’s a software firm that specializes in turning the real world into lifelike 3D imaging.

“It can take any physical space and transform it into an accurate and photorealistic digital copy.”


“It now has 5 million buildings and 18 billion square feet of spaces in its 3D digital library…

“And its number of subscribers surged 116% year over year…”


“With an under-$5 price right now, that could translate into a huge win.”

This appears to be Matterport (ticker: MTTR), a California-based “spatial data company” focused on “digitizing and indexing the built world.”

Why do I think that’s Snyder’s pick?

Because not only does much of what he said line up with what’s discussed in this InvestorPlace article, but the stock is trading at just over $4 as of writing.

And according to this November 2021 press release regarding its Q3 2021 results, the company’s total subscribers increased 116% compared to the third quarter of 2020, which matches the other clue he shared.

3. “The Metaverse Runs on This Company’s Hardware”

According to Andy Snyder, his fourth and final pick could “be one of the biggest winners in the metaverse.” And in the presentation, he likened it to Intel, saying that it “invented the hardware that runs the metaverse.”

“My last stock could also be one of the biggest winners in the metaverse…

“What it’s doing is similar to what Intel did with the internet…”


“The company in my report invented the hardware that runs the metaverse.”


“This single device can translate human speech…

“It can recognize objects in photos…

“And it’s a key player in the metaverse revolution.

“It’s got over 8,000 patents on its technology.”

What could this one be?

I think the company Snyder’s teasing here is NVIDIA Corporation (ticker: NVDA).

What initially tipped me off about this one wasn’t what Snyder said, it was an image he shared in the presentation, which turned out to be the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, the company’s ninth-generation data center GPU.

Other than it being more powerful than previous GPUs, I can’t say exactly why Snyder believes it’s a “key player in the metaverse revolution.” But that is definitely the “device” he shared a photo of in the presentation.

And as for the last clue, that lines up with what’s shown on

So, NVIDIA appears to be Snyder’s final pick.

What Is the Manward Letter?

The Manward Letter is Andy Snyder’s flagship monthly research service, which is published by the company he runs, Manward Press.

For $49, a Manward Letter subscription gives you 12 months of access to Snyder’s top investment idea each month, his research, and his model portfolio. You also get the research reports mentioned earlier detailing his metaverse recommendations.

Is it worth it?

I’m not a member of the Manward Letter, so I can’t give you any first-hand insight into how well the service has performed. But Snyder is a pretty well-known “guru” in the space, and I’ve looked into numerous presentations he’s released.

So if you want to find out what other stocks he’s teased over the years, check out the link I just shared. It takes you to a page that shows you all the articles I’ve written about Snyder’s picks, including his top LiDAR and EV picks.

Bottom Line

Andy Snyder teased four companies in his “XRI” presentation, and while I can’t guarantee I’m right, I think I’ve uncovered all four of them based on the clues he shared.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think those are his picks and whether or not they are good stocks, but those appear to be his metaverse-related picks.

What do I think about all of this?

I got turned off the so-called “metaverse” space after watching/reading numerous pitches from different “gurus” about blockchain-based projects (since I’m not a fan of altcoins).

But I do think that augmented reality and virtual reality, in general, are massive trends that aren’t going anywhere. And the companies Snyder teased appear to be working on some pretty interesting technologies that could impact different industries.

Not to mention, they’ve all traded down significantly since late 2021, so you could argue that they are “cheaper” than they were a year or so ago.

Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll make money betting on them. Just because a stock has fallen doesn’t mean it won’t fall any further, as there are a lot of variables to consider.

But at least now you know what Snyder is (most likely) teasing.

So I hope you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for reading!

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