Alex Reid’s “Future Fuel” (Green Hydrogen) Stock Revealed

Today I’m looking into a stock teaser presentation by Alex Reid about a so-called “future fuel” company he’s interested in.

In short, the “future fuel” Reid’s talking about is “green hydrogen,” and he claims that the company he’s teasing is “perfectly positioned” to benefit from all the money “flooding into this market,” to the point it could hand investors a “46,700% gain.”

“… by getting in on the ground floor of this new energy revolution…

“You can tap into this giant pool of money and potentially claim a 46,700% gain over the coming months.”


That’s a very bold claim.

And it was one of many.

By the end of this pitch, you’d think that “future fuel” was the greatest thing since sliced bread and that getting rich off of it was about as close to a “sure thing” as it gets.

Nevertheless, I haven’t looked into many presentations about hydrogen fuel, so my curiosity led me to want to know more about the tech itself and the company Reid’s pitching.

And in this post, I’ll show you what my research uncovered.

Breaking Down Reid’s “Green Hydrogen” Teaser

Alex Reid’s presentation began with a discussion of a “brand new type of fuel” that he says could make every electric vehicle manufacturer “obsolete.”

He even went as far as to predict that the U.S. could almost entirely transition to this “100% clean Future Fuel” in less than ten years from now.

“Elon Musk is in trouble.

“A tiny company has just developed a brand new type of fuel that could put Tesla out of business.

“And make every other electric vehicle manufacturer OBSOLETE.”


“I predict that in less than ten years, America will almost have entirely transitioned to this 100% clean Future Fuel, which can be produced ANYWHERE, as long as there’s water and electricity.”

What is “Future Fuel?”

Later in the pitch, Reid revealed that the “Future Fuel” he’s talking about is hydrogen.

But not just any hydrogen… “green hydrogen.”

The reason it’s called this, from what I can gather, is that instead of producing hydrogen from coal or methane, the company he’s pitching uses an electrolyzer to “split hydrogen” from water, which makes the production of hydrogen “cleaner.”

Here’s how Reid explains it:

“Instead of producing hydrogen from coal or methane… it uses this ingenious device, called an electrolyzer…

“Which uses electricity from sustainable sources to split hydrogen from its most abundant source on Earth:


“And here’s the incredible part:

“Every bit of hydrogen produced using this method is 100% clean…

“Which is why insiders call this Future Fuel ‘green hydrogen’ as a result.”

According to Reid, the company he’s pitching has developed a hydrogen fuel cell, which he likens to an internal combustion engine but for hydrogen. And this was essentially the main innovation his presentation centered on.

“Looks strange, right? Like some kind of metal box.

“But what you’re actually looking at is a ‘fuel cell…’

“And you can think of it as an internal combustion engine—but for hydrogen.

“That’s because just like internal combustion engines turn gasoline and diesel into energy for cars and other vehicles…

“Fuel cells turn hydrogen into 100% clean electricity for hydrogen-powered cars, trucks, forklifts, ships, and now even planes.

“As a result, this piece of tech is a HUGE cash cow for this company…”

Long story short, Reid claims that numerous automakers (including Hyundai, BMW, and Toyota) are “scrambling” to profit from this trend and basically suggests that this technology, and “green hydrogen” in general, are the future of energy.

But is that really the case?

I’m not a hydrogen fuel expert, nor can I predict the future, so I can’t tell you if “green hydrogen” is the “next big thing” or not. But like any new technology, there are pros and cons to consider, and it’s certainly not a “sure thing” at this point.

On the plus side, like regular battery-powered EVs, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) do not produce emissions. Instead, they produce water vapor and warm air.

They are also much faster to charge than battery EVs since you can refill your FCEV within a matter of minutes, similar to refueling a regular gas-powered car.

And they have the potential to out-range battery EVs.

On the other hand, compared to battery EVs, there are fewer refilling stations available to FCEVs, fewer vehicles to choose from, and the running costs are higher, which will likely continue to be the case unless and until they become more popular.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but my point is that while there is potential, it’s early days for hydrogen-powered cars. So what Reid’s pitching is not a sure thing.

Nevertheless, Alex Reid seems to think it’s a big deal, and he’s pitching one company that he claims is “perfectly positioned” to benefit from what he’s predicting.

What “Future Fuel” Stock Is Alex Reid Pitching?

Alex Reid never shared the name of the company he was teasing in the presentation. Instead, he has put together a report called “Ride the Future Fuel Revolution for Life-Changing Gains,” which reveals the name and ticker.

But the only way to get that report is to join his WealthPin Pro service for $49, which I didn’t do, so I looked into the clues he shared in the presentation to see what I could find.

What did he say about the company?

Aside from discussing the technology the company’s developing, Reid shared numerous clues about the company, including who its customers are, who’s invested in it, and hints about its revenue. He also dropped some clues about its share price.

“Shares are still trading at a massive discount from its 2021 highs…

“Which means instead of paying over $70 per share…

“You can get in for around only $15 a share and position yourself to make MASSIVE profits, alongside the most successful investors in the world!”

However, the clue he shared that led me right to his pick was an image of the company’s hydrogen fuel cell. All I did was search Google for this image, and here’s what I found:

Google Image search results for example hydrogen fuel cell Alex Reid shared in the presentation.

As you can see, the image he shared in the presentation was Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell but with the brand removed. And when you look at Plug Power’s current share price, it’s around $15 a share, which lines up with his other clue.

Stock chart of Plug Power from Google search results.

So, Reid’s “future fuel” pick appears to be Plug Power (PLUG).

What does the company do?

Plug Power is a New York-based company that, according to its website, provides “zero-emission energy solutions” for electric vehicles, robotics, aerial, and stationary power applications. Basically, its core focus is on the “green hydrogen ecosystem.”

I don’t know if it’s a good investment or not, and there’s certainly no guarantee that this (or any) company will make you a 46,700% gain. But based on the clues Alex Reid shared in the presentation, this appears to be the company he’s teasing.

And there are some informative articles about the stock on Motley Fool (among other sites like that may help you further your research.

What Is WealthPin Pro?

WealthPin Pro is a monthly investment newsletter run by Alex Reid. For $49, you get access to the report I mentioned earlier, monthly stock picks, and market commentary.

I’m not a member of the service, so I can’t tell if you if it’s worth it or not. But according to the website, it’s focused on “cutting edge investment opportunities.”

“Every month, my team and I will send you the latest, most-cutting edge investment opportunities in the world. 

“Opportunities that can help you grow rich in a bull or bear market…

“In a recession or boom time…

“In rain or shine. Because there is always an opportunity to get rich. 

“No matter what is going on in the world. 

“And Wealthpin Pro is here to show you how to do it.”

Who’s Alex Reid?

Alex Reid didn’t say much about himself in the presentation, and he’s not very well-known in the stock-picking space compared to some “gurus” I’ve written about.

But in short, he claims to have become wealthy by “aggressively pursuing investments in cutting edge technologies” (tech stocks and crypto) and says he co-founded a Colorado-based real estate investing firm. And now, he’s in the newsletter business.

Other than that, I wasn’t able to find out much about him.

Bottom Line

There was a lot of talk about getting rich in this presentation, so I’d suggest taking that with a grain of salt, as there are no guarantees when it comes to investing.

But at least now you know what Reid’s pick most likely is. So if you agree with my guess, you won’t have to join WealthPin Pro for the sole purpose of getting the ticker.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Alex Reid’s “Future Fuel” (Green Hydrogen) Stock Revealed”

  1. What is cost of H electronics in an auto.
    If big money is pouring in, why the cash crunch. Appears to have the backing but not enough revenue to remain a positive

    E Eggers Louisville Ky

  2. In Mr Alex Reid presentation he said he will give theTICKER SYMBOL for green energy. He added the cost is $8.00 per share. And a $500.00 investment would yeild $234000.00. No TICKER SYMBOL was given. Only info for his news letter

    • Yeah, that sounds about right lol. Many stock pickers tell you they’ll give you the ticker at the start of the pitch to hook you into reading/watching, only to tell you that you have to join their newsletter to get their research report to find out. It’s a sales tactic.

  3. Your comments are impertinent to the subject.

    These comments are impertinent to the subject and the dubject is Green Hydrogen fuel and it’s NAME, so you’re irrelevant.


  4. When you get a chance, watch the JAMES BOND MOVIE Quantum of Solace, he is driving a hydrogen powered FORD, and that was made back in 2008. But the big oil companies did not want a hydrogen powered vehicle getting a foot hold in their market

  5. Jack Johnson is trying to reach you folks about Green Hydrogen snd Alex Reid’s newsletter/program.
    Please call him at [phone number removed for privacy reasons].
    His daughter
    Kris Wade

  6. Thanks a lot. He, like all the others makes his pig in a poke sound like a Must Buy of the year. But I hesitated, decided to do a bit of research, because 5/6 months ago Nomi Prins was touting a hydrogen fuel cell company. That’s why I found you. My good luck.

      • I used to have a bunch of PLUG, but I think I sold it.
        I also spent too much on an advisory Service, and really only had enough left over for the cheapest Stocks. Stocks like TRIB and ICLK really burned a HUGE hole in my portfolio.
        I just couldn’t believe that a numbers guy could be So Wrong. I (sort of) recently read that IClick hoped to have connections to Facebook. It’s described as a digital advertising Site in China. Does anyone know anything else about it?
        I guess TRIB was just recommended for Covid.
        It’s chart looks like a crazy ride, but I keep thinking – it’s gone all the way DOWN. Isn’t it due to go up one of these days? I’d be grateful for any real information. Thank you in advance.


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