Is 1 Minute Windfalls a Scam or Easy Way To Make Money? Let’s Find Out!

With 1 Minute Windfalls, you can collect pay outs of $2,500, $3,600 and $9,000 in just 60 seconds. It’s simple, safe, and it’s “guaranteed” to work.

To top it off, you’ll even receive a free laptop!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re skeptical. And you should be. It’s always smart to do your due diligence before buying into something like this.

Read my review to get the full story before you buy.

1 Minute Windfalls Review

I came across 1 Minute Windfalls today via the Banyan Hill blog. An article I read took me to the sales page, which consists of a video featuring Matt Badiali.

I remember Matt from my review of Freedom Checks. He’s an expert investor who works for Banyan Hill and promotes/ runs various investment publications.

Anyways, 1 Minute Windfalls is the latest investment strategy Matt is recommending.

And even through Matt is the guy in the video, the brains behind this is actually Chad Shoop. Who, with the help of the team at Banyan Hill, created a “proprietary system” for taking advantage of these “windfalls”.

Apparently, Wall street has been using this same strategy for the last 41 years. But they’ve kept it hidden from the public and now he’s revealing it to you.

Matt says that over the last 4 years, some Banyan Hill Readers have earned almost 300k with this method. With 105 out of 108 trades winning according to the video.

And that with a few simple clicks of your keyboard, you can start earning over $4,000 per month with this yourself. He even goes as far as to guarantee it…

1 Minute Windfalls Four Thousand Per Month Guaranteed

In addition, he says you will receive a free laptop. Which is specifically setup with the software you need to make this work.

So it sounds like a simple way to start cashing in. And it sounds like something many people would jump at the chance to get their hands on.

However, it would be wise to take the sales pitch with a grain of salt. Because there’s a lot more to this than you will see just by watching the video.

Let’s take a look at what this is all about in more detail…

What Is 1 Minute Windfalls About?

According to Matt Badiali, 1 Minute Windfalls is a “little known strategy in the options market that pays you instant cash for each trade”.

Which, believe it or not, is actually true. For the most part.

This does have to do with options trading, and you technically do ‘collect payments’ immediately for each trade.

However, there is nothing new or secret about this method in general. 1 Minute Windfalls is all about selling put options, which are also known as sell to open trades.

This is a legitimate method of trading, and it can be very lucrative.

But there’s some things you should know…

For starters, as with any investment strategy, there is a risk in trading this way. And you need to know what you are doing. So it’s not as if you will just “push a few buttons” and receive instant cash windfalls. This is simply not the reality.

Second, you need a significant amount of capital to make anywhere near the money shown in the video. If you do not have the capital, you will make very little at all.

Third, you need a spare $2k just to access the ‘method’ itself. If you watch the entire video, and click through to the next page, you’ll see what I mean. The entire sales pitch leads you towards purchasing a yearly subscription to Pure Income for $1,995.

Pure Income is run by Chad Shoop, who also works for Banyan Hill. As I said earlier, Chad is the brains behind the 1 Minute Windfall strategy. So he’s the guy who explains the method, and who gives you the trade recommendations to make this method work.

In any case, buying this subscription is the only way you can access 1 Minute Windfalls. Not to mention, this is the only way you can claim your (not so) “free laptop”.

Anyways, let me explain how this method works so you know what to expect…

How 1- Minute Windfalls Works

Through my research, I was able to find the exact 1 Minute Windfalls PDF. I found this through a quick Google search, which means it’s free for anyone to access as of writing this.

I highly recommend you read this in full before making any decisions. This way, you’ve read what this is really about and how it works- straight from the source.

However, since you’re here, I’ll break it down real quick…

As I said earlier, this is all about selling put options. The idea with this is to sell the recommended option, in the hopes the underlying stock price won’t go up within a set time period. Which is typically three months according to Chad.

The moment you take out this position, and it’s processed, you receive the ‘premium’.

But this is not yours to keep- yet.

You might be “paid instantly”, but that money is not yours to keep until the time period (typically 3 months) is up.

Assuming the trade goes your way of course.

If during that time, the underlying stock price doesn’t go up, you win. You get to keep the Premium that is paid to you instantly upon opening that trade. If the underlying stock price goes up however, you must buy the underlying stock.

This is why you need such a high amount of capital in your trading account.

The good thing about Chad’s recommendations, is that (apparently) he only recommends stock he would buy anyway. So even if the trade doesn’t go your way, and you have to buy the stock, you still win longterm. Because you now own an awesome stock that you hope will go up in value over time.

If this doesn’t make sense, read it again and do some additional research. Because if you are considering buying a Pure Income subscription, this is something you’ll want to grasp.

How Much Capital Do You Need To Invest (LOTS)

This method of trading requires a LOT of capital. At least, it does if you want to make anywhere near $4k per month.

The best way to show you why I say this, is with an example. And the best example to use is the example Chad gives us within the 1 Minute Windfall PDF itself.

Here’s the example trade Chad provides in the PDF:

example trade
capital requirement

So in this example, you are buying 100 shares at $0.85 each, which equates to 1 contract. So ONE contract equals $85. This is the premium you would be paid if you placed an order for ONE contract.

This is essentially what you are seeing within the sales video too- people placing a trade and receiving the premium.

However, you MUST have capital in your account to enter into this trade in the first place. This is so that if the trade goes against you, you have the funds to buy the underlying stock.

Which costs much more than 85 cents.

In this case, the underlying stock is $29. So for ONE contract (100 shares) you would need $2,900 in capital as ‘backup’. So if the stock price goes up during the 3 month period, you are able to purchase it.

Stay with me here, there is a very good reason why I’m explaining all of this…

Using this same example, this would mean you would need $145,000 in capital to earn a $4,250 “windfall”. So logically, you’d need to place one of these trades per month.

Which means, you would need to tie up $435,000 before you would be able to reinvest your capital in the fourth month.

In other words, you would need over $400k in capital to earn just over $4k per month. According to the example figures Chad himself provides within the PDF, and some basic math.

And here’s the kicker- this is assuming ALL of your trades go your way!

Good luck with that.

So this is for people with deep pockets, who implicitly trust Chad’s recommendations.

Are You “Guaranteed” To Make $4k Per Month? Nope

I think it’s pretty obvious there’s no way they can actually guarantee you will make $4k per month. So when I hear stuff like this I basically disregard it as BS.

In any case, the order page clarifies this guarantee…

sales page 4k guarantee
Sales page 4k guarantee
order page guarantee clarification
order page guarantee clarification

You will also see that “all sales are final” (no refunds) within the fine print.

Which means the only real guarantee you have, is that you can choose a different product if you want. Most of which are readily available for a lot less than $2k per year I might add.

Are People Really Cashing In Big With This?

On one hand, this is a legitimate way of investing. So assuming you do have deep pockets and Chad’s recommendations are solid, real people can make real money doing this.

For sure.

However, I do want to point out a couple of things.

First of all, the three employees in the video, who made between 1200-1500 in under a minute, did not earn anything. All they did was place a trade. That is literally it. They did NOT actually profit, they received the ‘premium’ I explained earlier.

Second of all, here’s some of the testimonials shown later in the video:

Turns out these people are just stock photos though…

That doesn’t mean the testimonials themselves are fake. They could be real, and just want to protect their identities.

However, it does beg the question- are people really making big profits with 1 Minute Windfalls?


Personally, if I had to fork out $2k for the subscription, and $100,000’s to make it work, I’d want something more solid. Call me skeptical.

Verdict- Is 1 Minute Windfalls a Scam?

1 Minute Windfalls is not a scam.

You do receive value for your money and selling put options is a legitimate way to invest. Not to mention, the recommendations are brought to you by some well known investors.

So this could be worthwhile investing in.

However, in my opinion, the sales pitch should be taken with a grain of salt. Rather than preparing you for what you are really getting yourself into, the whole thing looks like an ‘easy way to start cashing in’ within minutes.

Clearly, these are trades that carry a significant amount of risk and capital. And while they might be executed in ‘minutes’ (like most trades) they actually run for months.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this helps you make a more informed decision either way.

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