Will Ted Bauman’s Investing Tips Make You Rich?

It seems like everyone nowadays claims to have the right tips, tricks, and insights to make you wealthy from the stock market, and Ted Bauman is no exception.

So, can Ted Bauman really help make you rich?

Ted Bauman is an investing expert that contributes to four newsletters at Banyan Hill: The Bauman Letter, Bauman Daily, Alpha Stock Alert (now called Profit Switch), and the 10X Project.

These range in price from free, all the way up to $20,000. All in all, I do think there’s the potential to earn money with Ted’s services, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get rich from them either.

Read more to find out about Bauman’s experience, the details of those four newsletters, if there’s any red flags you should consider, and more!

Who Is Ted Bauman?

Ted Bauman is an economic and investment expert that writes for the financial publishing company Banyan Hill. He joined Banyan hill in 2013 and brought along with him a lot of world experience in the realm of finance.

Ted Bauman
Ted Bauman

As a young adult, Bauman left the U.S. and went to South Africa in the mid-1980s, where he eventually graduated with degrees in economics, economic history, and politics from the University of Cape Town. 

In the 25 years he was in South Africa, he held executive roles in all sorts of non-profit organizations, including being a fund manager for low-cost housing.

He also helped found Slum Dwellers International, which is an organization that focuses on helping those in the squalid areas of poor countries. 

Over the course of the 90s and early 2000s, Bauman was a consultant to entities like the governments of Africa, Europe, and the United Nations.

And then, in 2008, he came back to the U.S. to hold the position of Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. 

Following all of these experiences, he then became a researcher and writer on a full-time scale in 2013, which caused him to travel around the globe again. 

He’s regularly mentioned on MarketWatch, Forbes, The Guardian, and financial TV because of his financial background and knowledge.

Endless Income book cover showing elderly retired couple on a boat.

He has also published works in prestigious international journals, such as The Journal of Microfinance.

Ted Bauman has also written two books: Endless Income (which he wrote himself) and Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), which he co-authored with his father and former U.S. Congressman, Robert Bauman.  

So, as you can see, Ted Bauman has a pretty extensive background in finance around the world and it’s no wonder why people then look to him for financial advice and tips. 

Ted Bauman’s Newsletter Services

Ted Bauman offers four different services through Banyan Hill, which are:

Let’s take a closer look at each.

The Bauman Letter

The Bauman Letter is a monthly newsletter subscription that shows you how to create wealth through the stock market, as well as how to protect that wealth.

This subscription service claims to be your “guide to rogue freedom and bold prosperity.”

Banyan Hill website featuring The Bauman Letter subscription

But perhaps the most crucial element of this is that he claims to be able to show you how to pay $0 in taxes.

He tells you all about (legal?) tax evasion through a bonus publication titled “Pay $0 in Taxes.”

Of course, you’ll only get that if you subscribe to this newsletter, but it only costs $79 per year.

It also comes with a 90-day free trial, so you can decide whether or not this program actually works for you.

Bauman Daily

Bauman Daily is a free weekly newsletter where Bauman will share all of his valuable insights from his world experience with you to help you grow and protect your wealth, independence, and freedom. 

This newsletter also claims to take you behind the scenes by giving you little-known insights into Wall Street that you can use to “profit for yourself.”

He and his team of analysts will give you tips throughout the week – and they might not be what you expect. Why? Because he’s not afraid to go against “conventional wisdom” and speak his mind.

Alpha Stock Alert (renamed Profit Switch)

Alpha Stock Alert is a research advisory service aimed at people of all economic statuses that Bauman claims will help you achieve “alpha” gains that exceed those of the rest of the market.

He does this using a three-point system, where he looks at three main questions:

  • Is the sector the company is in doing better compared to the rest of the market?
  • Is the company one of the best in its sector?
  • Is this the best time to buy/sell that company’s stock?

To help him answer that last question, he brings in his friend Clint Lee to give his insights and advice as well.

One key difference with this service is that he claims anyone can make money with it, regardless of your financial status or current amount of wealth.

But is that really the case?

Something tells me no, it’s not. Because just a subscription to this service alone is going to cost you $3,995 per year.

Now, maybe to someone like Bauman, nearly $4,000 a year isn’t a lot of money, but for some (or, I would argue, most) people, it is. So, that price excludes a lot of people right off the bat, but I guess that really isn’t the point.

If you do end up subscribing to this service, you’ll get:

  • The Alpha Stock Alert Trading Manual: tells you everything you need to get started
  • The Model Portfolio: tracks when they bought a position, how much they paid for it, how much it’s worth, their total gain thus far, and if he still recommends buying it.
  • Weekly Updates: a podcast and transcript where he discusses market and portfolio developments.
  • Customer Service Team

10X Project

The 10X Project is a subscription service where Bauman gives you tips and insights that he claims will give you the proven secrets to 10 times your wealth and 10 times your personal freedom. 

The 10X Project will give you access to things like:

  • The eight ways the IRS manages to stick ordinary folks with higher taxes and how you can put an end to them immediately
  • How to get the top banking havens of the world to roll out the red carpet for you with a single phone call
  • How to bulletproof your investments against the IRS, hackers, and fraudsters with strict “back-channel” banking secrets, so no one knows where your money goes

Along with features like that, subscribing to the 10X Project will get you a lifetime membership of two of his other services, the Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. 

And if you’re wondering whether or not this lifetime bundle pack will cost a lot, it does – $20,000 to be exact.

So, this is not the subscription to go with until you know for a fact that all of his other stuff has worked out for you very well.

But that’s only a one-time payment (thankfully). Every year after that you just have to pay a yearly “maintenance fee” of $99.

Is Ted Bauman a Real Investing Guru?

Ted Bauman seems to have a lot of financial experience, and as such there is the possibility of validity and accuracy in what he says within his services and newsletters.

And I guess it is possible that you could “get rich” off of following Bauman’s advice because, after all, he has been successful himself. So it would make sense that if you took his tips into practice that they might pay off. 

However, stocks are very volatile and there is no guaranteed method to always making money on stocks.

With regards to everything Ted Bauman says in his letters, I don’t think he is a scam or that his services are scams either. In fact, I think he shares a lot of value with his readers.

That’s not to say that every stock he recommends is going to pay off big or that you should rush out and buy every subscription he sells. And, if I’m being completely honest, I do think that some of the marketing used to promote some of his services is a little overhyped.

But all in all, Ted Bauman’s newsletters are legit and something many people subscribe to. And Bauman himself is definitely sought after and quoted in reputable financial sectors. 

Will they make you rich?

I guess it’s possible, but there are no guarantees.

The stock market is a very unpredictable thing and even if Ted Bauman knows his stuff and his advice has the potential to make you rich, that doesn’t mean it will.

So, maybe instead of jumping right into subscribing to the 10X Project at a price of $20,000, try out his tips in the free Bauman Daily newsletter first or the 90-day free trial of The Bauman Letter to really see how you feel about the advice he gives.

He even has a great Youtube channel with some really helpful videos that you may find helpful, so this could be a good place to start.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this article helpful!

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