What’s Lou Basenese’s “The Appleverse” Stock Pick? (Exposed)

Louis Basenese’s most recent presentation centers around “The Appleverse,” a term he uses to describe Apple’s version of the metaverse.

And according to Basenese, there’s one “tiny company” that could “hand early investors gains as high as 1,000%” if his prediction plays out.

What’s his stock pick? And is Lou Basenese’s prediction legit?

That’s what I intend to find out. Read on as I break down Basenese’s latest metaverse prediction and share my guess on which stock I think he’s teasing.

Lou Basenese’s Appleverse Prediction

Lou Basenese’s “Appleverse” prediction centers around the metaverse, and how he believes Apple is set to dominate this space as it did with the personal computer, iPod, and iPhone.

What is the metaverse? In short, it’s essentially a new version of the internet where you wear a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headset to enter a digital world. One where you can interact with others, play games, buy stuff, and more.

It’s essentially a digital version of our existing world. However, there are many iterations of the metaverse, so these “virtual worlds” aren’t all the same.

In any case, the “Appleverse,” which Lou Basenese describes as Apple’s version of the metaverse, is what the presentation focuses on.

“And now, I believe Apple is about to do the same thing with its version of the metaverse… with what I’m calling The Appleverse!”

According to Basenese, once Apple enters the metaverse, every dime invested in early efforts of the metaverse “could all soon turn to dust” as the Appleverse is launched.

Why does he believe that? As Basenese explains in the presentation, Apple has dominated emerging industries numerous times before. It didn’t invent PCs, portable music, or mobile phone, but it did make these technologies better and more user-friendly.

And this is essentially the basis of Louis’ prediction – that Apple will launch a better metaverse experience and when it does, dominate the space.


It all has to do with the headsets needed to enter the metaverse.

Right now, the VR and AR headsets used to interact with different versions of the metaverse are bulky and the experience is a long way from being perfect. A lot of progress has been made, for sure, but there’s still a long way to go.

And Basenese believes that the future of the metaverse lies in the devices (AR and VR headsets) needed to enter the metaverse.

“The future of the metaverse really lies in the devices you’ll use to get inside the metaverse.

I’m talking about Augmented or Virtual Reality devices.”

After showing an image of a bulky-looking headset currently used to interact with the metaverse, Basenese explains that the reason he thinks Apple will “upset the entire industry” is that it will develop a better solution to this problem.

“That’s why Apple’s about to upset the entire industry — with a seamless, beautiful solution to this ‘hardware’ problem.”

What is Apple supposedly working on?

According to Lou Basenese, Apple is currently working on a “brand-new, groundbreaking device” to dominate the metaverse, which he says relates to “N421.”

“Because currently, Apple is hard at work developing a brand-new, groundbreaking device to DOMINATE the metaverse and take it mainstream!”


“Code-named ‘N421,’ credible sources believe the device’s highest purpose is…

To launch the Appleverse!”

What’s is N421?

As soon as Lou Basenese mentioned N421, it reminded me of a different presentation I wrote about in 2021 dubbed “iPhone Killer.” In that presentation, Basenese talked about a new project Apple was supposedly working on to replace the iPhone, dubbed N421.

Nevertheless, as I explained in the above post, N421 is the codename for Apple’s new AR (augmented reality) glasses which are currently under development.

There’s a lot of speculation on what this new headset will look like, how it will work, and when it will be released. But at this point, it’s mostly speculation.

As a side note, the best article on the topic I’ve come across is probably this one on macrumors.com. It provides the latest info on this project and is worth checking out if you want to learn more about what Apple is rumored to be working on.

In any case, while Lou Basenese points out that Apple is a great company, he doesn’t recommend buying shares of Apple. Instead, he recommends buying the company that supplies Apple with the “crucial components” it needs for the Appleverse.

“But DON’T buy a single share of Apple stock.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple is a great company, and you can buy shares if you want to…

But Apple is now worth over $2.5 TRILLION. That’s $2,500,000,000,000!

Instead, the BEST way to stake your claim in the upcoming Appleverse…

Is by backing the suppliers of metaverse devices.

Specifically, whoever will supply Apple with the crucial components they’ll need for the Appleverse!”

What company is Basenese tracking? In short, he claims to have found “one tiny company” that could be critical to Apple’s plans for The Appleverse.

“I believe I’ve found one tiny company that could be critical to Apple’s plans for The Appleverse.”

He claims that this company is a “potential supplier for The Appleverse,” and while he doesn’t reveal its name in the presentation, he does share some clues about it.

And I think I know what it might be.

What “Appleverse” Stock Is Basenese Teasing?

To figure out what stock Basenese could be teasing, let’s look at some of the clues he shared in the presentation, starting with what the company does.

In short, he says the company makes “super small, fast chips” that could help Apple make their devices smaller and more wearable.

“The key to this ‘hardware’ transformation is in the new display devices…

The super small, fast chips that allow Apple to reduce their devices down to sleek, wearable, everyday devices.

And those small, fast display chips are exactly what this tiny, $3 per share company I’ve been telling you about holds key patents in.

Which is exactly why I’m predicting this tiny supplier could be the missing key for Apple to dominate the metaverse!”

Based on that, we know that the company makes semiconductor chips for wearable devices and that it currently trades at around $3 per share.

That’s a start, but it’s not enough to go off… yet.

The real clue came from the three reasons Basenese believes Apple could buy the company out. The first reason is that Apple has billions in cash. The second is that Apple has a history of buying out firms that are critical to its supply chain. And the third reason he gives has to do with the products the company makes.

In short, Basenese talks about how existing VR and AR headsets are big and bulky, and how the Appleverse could solve this problem. And he suggests that his recommended company can solve this problem because it makes some of the smallest displays on the planet.

“Who would want to spend any time in the metaverse with one of those bricks strapped to your face?

And this is the biggest problem I believe The Appleverse will solve.

And they could very well use this company to do it…

See, current headsets are bulky because they need two main components to really enable you to ‘see’ the metaverse, and really be “inside” it.

A microdisplay, or essentially a very tiny screen… And a lens to help magnify this screen to create the ultimate virtual experience.

And this tiny company is a pioneer for some of the smallest displays on the planet!”

So, we now know that the company makes microdisplays.

But the clue that led me right to the company he’s teasing is the one about how the company is working on a patent-pending aspheric design. Basically, Lou Basenese says that most headsets use a spherical lens that can distort your view, but the company he’s teasing uses an “aspheric design” that he claims could reduce that significantly.

“But with this company’s patent pending aspheric design, it’s headsets will bring those screens right into view with almost zero distortion!

If Apple aims to solve the current metaverse device problems, they’ll NEED a company like the one I’ve got my eye on today…

Especially because this company has over 200 patents on its technology!

And these patents are the exact main reason why Apple could take over this tiny firm entirely.”

Based on the above clue, we know that the company makes some kind of AR or VR-related aspheric headset and that it has “over 200 patents.”

What could it be?

I believe Lou Basenese’s “Appleverse” stock pick is Kopin Corporation (ticker: KOPN).

Here’s a summary of why:

  • For starters, the company develops and provides high-resolution microdisplays and critical components for wearable headset products. And according to the company website, it has developed all-plastic Pancake® optics that provides “breakthrough performance” for VR and AR. So, it’s working on what Basenese talked about in the presentation.
  • Second, the company’s about page states that it has “more than 200 global patents and patents pending” related to its technology.
  • And third, in the presentation, Lou Basenese states that the company is “trading for only around $3 per share” and “currently sitting at a market cap of around $250 million.” As of writing, Kopin is trading at around $2 per share and its market cap is just over $190 million.

So, I believe Kopin is a match.

Assuming I’m right, there’s no guarantee this company is an Apple supplier. Nor is there any guarantee Apple will acquire it or that you’ll make 1,000% gains investing in it.

But I do think this is Basenese’s “Appleverse” pick.

How can you find out for sure?

The only way to find out for sure what Lou Basenese’s stock pick is and get his research is to read the “digital guidebook” (AKA report) he created called “The 10X Appleverse Takeover! How Apple’s Metaverse buyout could hand you 1,000% gains.”

However, the only way to get the report is to join Takeover Trader, a paid research service he runs. So in the next section, I’ll give you the heads up on what it’s about.

What Is Takeover Trader?

Takeover Trader is a stock advisory run by Louis Basenese of Trend Trader Daily that launched in 2022. And according to Basenese, the service is devoted exclusively to identifying “takeover trades.”

In other words, companies like the one he shared in the presentation that he believes could be acquired by a larger company and benefit shareholders in the process.

To find these investments, Basenese says he analyzes SEC filings, networks with CEOs, listens to earnings calls, tests new products, and follows the “smart money.”

How much does it cost?

A one-year subscription to Takeover Trader costs $995 if you sign up through the “Appleverse” presentation. And this gives you access to 12 months’ worth of new issues of the service which each include Basenese’s latest stock picks and research.

You also get access to the model portfolio which contains other “takeover targets” he’s tracking. According to Basenese, each company could attract a buyout offer within the next 30-to-90 days and “fetch buyout offers of at least 5X current stock prices.”

Aside from that, Basenese is including some bonus reports with the service. The first report is “The 10X Appleverse Takeover” guidebook I mentioned earlier. But there are three other reports that detail different stocks he’s interested in and that give you insight into his investment strategy.

Is it legit?

I haven’t joined Takeover Trader, so I can’t say for sure how worthwhile it is. But the idea is to give you Lou Basenese’s stock picks, and from there, you can decide to invest or pass on them. There’s no guarantee it’ll help you make money, but I don’t think it’s a scam.

And worst case, if you don’t like it, you can always request a refund in your first month of joining since the company has a 30-day refund policy in place.

Who Is Louis Basenese?

Louis Basenese runs a free newsletter and website called Trend Trader Daily, and he runs several paid research services, including Digital Fortunes, which I’ve reviewed.

I’ve written about several of his stock predictions, too. For example, the one we’ve discussed today, his “iPhone Killer” prediction (which was similar), and one about low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites, which he has described as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s “next big bet.”

According to Basenese, he’s one of the most accurate Apple forecasters on the plant and during the presentation, he provides numerous examples of Apple-related predictions he claims have turned out to be correct.

For example, he claims to have predicted that Apple would become the first trillion-dollar company, that it would leverage mobile payments (NFC) technology, and that it would enhance the iPhone with biometric security features.

He says he was early on these predictions and that some of his picks related to his Apple predictions have benefited subscribers. He also shares numerous non-Apple-related stock picks that he claims have seen triple-digit gains over the years.

Aside from stock picks, the Trend Trader Daily website states that Lou Basenese began his investment career at Morgan Stanley, where he directed over $1.5 billion in capital.

Bottom Line

To recap, Lou Basenese’s “Appleverse” presentation centered around the metaverse and how he believes one “tiny company” could hand investors a 1,000% gain.

Specifically, he claims that Apple is “developing a brand-new, groundbreaking device” to dominate the metaverse and take it mainstream.

In other words, an AR/VR headset.

And he suggested that the company he’s teasing is a potential supplier that Apple could buy out, which in turn could benefit those who invest early.

After going through the “Appleverse” presentation, I believe Lou Basenese’s stock pick is Kopin Corporation because this company matches all of his clues.

However, you’d have to join Takeover Trader to know for sure, which is a service dedicated to helping subscribers find similar “takeover” investments Basenese is tracking.

Is the presentation legit?

On the one hand, there is no guarantee that Lou Basenese’s prediction will play out or that his recommendation will make you money, let alone 1,000% gains.

However, Basenese does seem to have a decent track record when it comes to tech-related predictions and he does claim to have recommended numerous winning stocks. So you might find his service worthwhile if you’re looking for the types of investment ideas he discussed in the presentation. I just wouldn’t expect it’ll help you get rich overnight.

Anyway, that’s my take.

And as always, if there’s anything you’d like to add, leave a comment below.

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