Full Review of HempWorx – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my review of HempWorx.

This is a network marketing company that claims to offer the highest quality Hemp-Derived CBD products on the market.

And apparently.. a lucrative business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know about the company, it’s products and compensation plan, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Sound good? Ok, let’s dive in..

What’s HempWorx All About?

HempWorx is a network marketing company that specialises in CBD products.

The company began in May 2017 after a merger with My Daily Choice, which is now it’s parent company.

The founders of the company are Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Who together, claim to sell the best CBD oil products and offer one of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry.

And let’s face it, there’s no denying the rising popularity of CBD products.

More and more people throughout the United States are purchasing CBD based products. So it’s little wonder why MLM companies like HempWorx, along competing companies like Kannaway and CTFO, are jumping on the bandwagon.

Not to mention, ‘everyday folks’ are looking for a way to cash on this trend, and HempWorx claims to provide the means for them to do it.

So, is this company legit or just another pyramid scheme in disguise?

Well to answer this, let’s first take a look at the products. One of the main ways to figure out if a network marketing company is legit, is to see if the actual products they sell are of real value.

So with that being said, let’s take a look…

The HempWorx Product Line

The Hempworx product line is made up of hemp-derived CBD products.

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is derived from either the cannabis or hemp plant, and it does NOT make you high. It is considered by many to be the more ‘medicinal’ part of the plant.

HempWorx CBD oils are derived exclusively from hemp plants, so the products are made up of ‘hemp-derived’ CBD. According to the website, there’s less than 0.3% THC (the part of cannabis that makes you high). Which makes these products 100% federally legal in all 50 states throughout the US.

As of writing this, the company sells four main types of CBD products:

  • CBD oil
  • Relief, Revive and Renew creams
  • Coffee and creamer
  • CBD dog treats and oil

I’ll discuss each of these in more detail in a moment. But for now, I want to discuss the pricing of these products.

Interestingly, these products aren’t priced individually if you visit the HempWorx online store. Rather, you can only purchase these in ‘packs’ of various types and quantities.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing to show you what I mean:

  • Pet Pack – 1 pet product for $39
  • Builder Pack – 1 product of any kind for $69 plus shipping
  • Two Pack – 2 products of any kind for $138 plus shipping
  • Director Pack – 4 products of any kind for $199 plus shipping
  • Executive Pack – 12 products of any kind for $599 plus shipping

Hempworx Products

The only exception is that the CBD pet products are priced separately at $39 plus shipping. Also worth mentioning is that if you want a 750mg bottle of CBD oil, it’ll cost you an extra 20 bucks.

Every product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee too, which is definitely going to remove some barriers when you try to sell this stuff.

Anyways, in the following sections I’m going to explain what each of these products are about in more detail.


CBD oil is Hempworx’s flagship product.

These Hemp oils come in either 500mg or 750mg concentrations, and three flavors- Cinnamon, Peppermint and Natural.

One of the main selling points of the HempWorx CBD oil is that it comes from locally grown Kentucky hemp plants. And it’s extracted using the CO2 extraction method, which is considered by experts to be the highest quality and purest extraction method available.

And apparently, they’re “free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients”.

I guess any company could make these claims, so it’s good to see HempWorx test their products using third party laboratories. They also place this testing data on their website which anyone can verify at any time.

All in all this appears to be a good product at a reasonable price.

Relief, Revive and Renew Creams

Relief is a mixture of 50mg of CBD and emu oil, which apparently helps sooth and relax sore muscles.

Revive is a cream made up of Collagen Retinol, 50mg of CBD and an unknown ‘proprietary formulation’. According to the website, customers say the cream “reverses the visible signs of aging as well improves overall texture & complexion”.

Renew is an ‘anti-aging’ cream that apparently makes the skin look “younger, tighter, and brighter”. The cream is made up of 50mg of CBD and ‘apple stem cells’ which apparently helps rejuvenate aging skin.

Coffee and Creamer

This product is CBD infused instant Arabica coffee. In total, there are 30 serves in a box and each serve contains 5mg of CBD, along with “other powerful ingredients”.

The “CBD Keto Coffee Creamers” are a packet creamer that you can add to your coffee. Each serve contains 5mg of CBD and comes in Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Mocha flavors.

CBD Dog Treats and Oil

These products consist of a beef flavored 2.5mg CBD dog treat, and a bacon flavored CBD oil that contains 250mg of CBD.

CBD products for dogs are becoming more popular as a means to help with overall health and anxiety. It’s still early days as far as results but there’s definitely a market here.

HempWorx Compensation Plan

The HempWorx compensation plan outlines the various ways you can earn, how much you can earn, and what you need to do to qualify.

Worth noting is that it’s identical to the My Daily Choice comp plan (AKA Affiliate Rewards Program). This is because the entire business opportunity side of things is run through My Daily Choice, since it’s the parent company.

So how does it work?

Well, as with all network marketing (MLM) companies, there are two main ways you can earn.

The first main way you can earn is by selling HempWorx products, and the second way is by referring others into the business opportunity.

In this section, I’ll break this down in more detail so you know what to expect…

Getting started as a HempWorx Affiliate

To become a HempWorx affiliate, all you need to do is purchase a ‘product pack’ and pay the $20 activation fee. This gives you access to a replicated website, your back office and a ‘starter kit’.

The minimum product pack you can purchase to become an active affiliate, is a Builder Pack for $69. So this, along with your $20 activation fee, brings the minimum affiliate startup cost to $89.

However, there’s also the option to become a ‘preferred customer’.

This is similar to becoming an affiliate, but you don’t need to pay the $20 activation fee. You just need to signup for a monthly autoship.

The benefit of becoming a preferred customer is you can refer others to buy products, in order to get your product for free.

If you can convince 3 friends to buy a product, you’ll receive 1 product shipped to you for free. And you can keep on doing this as often as you like, getting more and more free product.

So in reality, this is a kind of ‘segue’ into becoming a HempWorx affiliate.

Ways You Can Earn Money

There are 8 main ways you can earn money within the HempWorx business opportunity:

  1. Retail and Preferred Customer Commissions (paid weekly)
  2. Jump Start Bonus (paid weekly)
  3. Binary Commissions (paid monthly)
  4. Leadership Check Matching (paid monthly)
  5. Global Bonus Pool (paid monthly)
  6. Rank Bonuses (one-time bonus)
  7. VIP Auto Club (paid monthly)
  8. Elite Expense Accounts (paid monthly)

In the following sections, I’ll go over each of these in more detail…

1) Retail and Preferred Customer Commissions

Retail commissions are paid on retail purchases. And the amount is the difference between your affiliate product pricing and what the customer pays, retail pricing.

Earning commissions on product orders of your preferred customers is different though. Since they are not paying retail price for their products.

The orders your preferred customer places within their first month count towards your ‘Jump Start Bonus’. And subsequent orders count towards your ‘Binary Commissions’.

I’ll explain both of these in more detail below, starting with the Jump Start Bonus.

2) Jump Start Bonus

The Jump Start bonus pays out residual commissions based on the ‘business volume’ (BV) of product orders made within your downline. This includes orders from both your affiliates and preferred customers.

To keep track of who earns what, HempWorx uses a ‘unilevel’ downline system…

Unilevel Downline System

You are at the top of this downline, and your direct referrals fall below you, becoming your ‘level 1’ referrals. Each person they refer becomes your ‘level 2’ referral and so on, with this process continuing 10 levels deep.

In order to fully understand how much you can earn with this income stream, you first need to understand BV.

Each product has its own BV assigned to it (as shown below) and this is what your commissions are based on…

  • Pet Pack – 20BV
  • Builder Pack – 40BV
  • Two Pack – 80BV
  • Director Pack – 100BV
  • Executive Pack – 200BV

As you can see, the ‘Pet Pack’ carries 20BV, while a ‘Builder Pack’ carries 40BV.

In any case, each BV you acquire equates to a $1 commission.

So the more your referrals purchase, the more BV will be generated within your downline, and the more money you can potentially earn.

But you don’t just earn all of the BV associated with a given product. You earn a percentage of the BV according to your affiliate rank, as shown below:

Jump Start Bonus

For example: if you’re a ‘Builder’ affiliate, you will earn 30% of the BV within the first level of your downline. But if you’re an ‘Executive’ affiliate, you can earn 50% on level 1 AND 10% on level 2, 8% on level 3 and 5% on level 4.

So how much money can you make with Jump Start Bonuses?

Well, the best way to answer this is with another quick example…

Imagine you’re a Builder ranked affiliate, with 3 people in the first level of your downline, who each purchase a ‘Builder Pack’ for $69 (40BV). In this case, you would earn 30% of 120BV, which equates to a $36 commission.

So how much you earn depends on your affiliate rank, and the sales volume within your downline.

Qualifying for these commissions requires purchasing or selling at least 40BV worth of product within a given calendar month.

3) Binary Commissions

This residual income stream works on a different downline system than Jump Start bonuses.

Essentially, everybody you refer simultaneously goes into your binary downline.

Which places you at the top and only 2 people directly under you, so you have 2 main ‘legs’. And the downline continues this way, infinite levels deep.

Binary Commission Example

To qualify for this, you must maintain at least 40 BV yourself, and have two direct referrals under you who maintain at least 90 BV. You also need a minimum of 300 BV within the ‘weaker leg’ to trigger a payout.

The weaker leg is the leg with the least amount of BV, and is also known as the ‘pay leg’.

The amount you can earn is based on your affiliate rank and the BV generated within the weaker leg. So if your left leg generates 1200 BV and your right leg generates 450 BV, you would earn a percentage of 450 BV.

The percentage of BV ranges from 8-20%, depending on your affiliate rank. However, each rank is capped at earning a set amount (between $500 to $1,000,000) per month.

The good thing about this is that if any unpaid volume you earn carries forward to the following month. As long as you continue to maintain your 40 BV.

4) Leadership Check Matching

This pays out a percentage of the Binary Commissions your downline earns within a given month.

The percentage you can earn depends on your rank and what each level in your downline is earning, up to 10 levels deep.

The following chart is a breakdown of what each rank can earn:

Leadership Check Matching bonus

As you can see, the higher your rank, the higher your check matching bonus and the more levels you can earn on within your downline.

5) Global Bonus Pool Program

This bonus is based on total company revenue globally.

The company sets aside 2% of its total business volume each month, and distributes ‘shares’ of this to affiliates who qualify.

The first way to earn shares is to enrol 4 new affiliates or preferred customers within a given month. Doing this pays out 1 share and there are no limit to how many shares you can earn this way.

The second way to earn share is to advance in rank. Advancing from the ‘5K’ affiliate rank and beyond, you will earn 2 shares in the Global Bonus Pool.

Regardless of how you earn these shares, you must buy and/ or sell 40 BV worth of product in a calendar month.

Exactly how much each share is worth, depends on how well the company as a whole is performing within that month. Obviously the better the company performs, and the more shares you have, the more money you’ll earn from this.

6) Rank Bonuses

The Rank advancement bonus is simply a bonus paid to affiliates who reach certain ranks within the company.

The higher rank you achieve, the bigger your bonus:

  • 5K affiliates receive a $500 bonus
  • 10K affiliates receive a $1,000 bonus
  • 25K affiliates receive a $2,500 bonus
  • 50K affiliates receive a $5,000 bonus
  • 100K affiliates receive a $10,000 bonus
  • 250K affiliates receive a $25,000 bonus
  • 500K affiliates receive a $50,000 bonus
  • Super Affiliates receive a $100,000 bonus

In order to qualify for this bonus, you must buy and/ or sell 90 BV worth of product and maintain that rank for 90 days.

7) VIP Auto Club

Once you’ve earned one of the first four rank advancement bonuses above, you will qualify to earn a vehicle allowance.

Here’s a breakdown of what each rank receives:

  • 5K affiliates receive a $150 per month car allowance
  • 10K affiliates receive a $250 per month car allowance
  • 25K affiliates receive a $500 per month car allowance
  • 50K affiliates receive a $1,000 per month car allowance

The only catch is you need to stick the companies logo on the car.

8) Elite Expense Account Program

This is a bonus paid out to the top 4 affiliate ranks, to help cover miscellaneous expenses.

Because apparently.. building a successful network marketing business is “built around travelling the world, hosting events and creating massive exposure”.

Here’s what’s on the table:

  • 100K affiliates receive a $2,000 bonus per month
  • 250K affiliates receive a $5,000 bonus per month
  • 500K affiliates receive a $10,000 bonus per month
  • Super Affiliates receive a $20,000 bonus per month

This is a pretty sweet deal for anyone who makes it to these lofty ranks.

Verdict – Is HempWorx a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

HempWorx is not a scam in my opinion.

It’s true that some MLM companies operate as pyramid recruiting schemes in disguise, but from what I can see this isn’t the case with HempWorx/ My Daily Choice.

The company sells what appear to be high quality CBD products, and the prices are fairly reasonable. As far as the compensation plan goes.. it’s legit, fair and there’s definitely an opportunity to earn money.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to make a life changing income though.

In fact, according to the companies income disclosure, less than 1% of HempWorx affiliates earn a full-time income (on average).

And believe it or not, this is actually very common among MLM companies.

You can have the greatest products and the most lucrative compensation plan on the planet. But if all you do is try to recruit friends and family, you’re probably going to fail.

Yet this is what most aspiring network marketers do.

In any case, my point is that if you are going to do this business, be smart about it. Learn how to grow your business beyond selling to people you know. Because this will literally make or break your success.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this review helpful.

8 thoughts on “Full Review of HempWorx – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?”

  1. Hi Tim, Great write up on Hempworx.
    I am also an affiliate. I decided to join up when I found out about their THC Free products. I work in the oilfield and have most of my life. I’ve been pretty banged up (bad back, knees, feet and hands) from it and do not like the normal medical products the doctors try to push. I tried cbd oil on a vacation but I stopped using it when I learned that it could show up on a drug test. I kept watching the market and then I found the THC Free products Hempworx has, with the independant lab testing to prove it. I jumped on right then and there. Great people to learn from. Great product and support. If you ever want to talk about it, I’m Rob Thomad on facebook, or if anyone has any questions they can reach me there.

  2. Hi Tim!
    I’m also a HempWorx/MyDailyChoice Affiliate, and you really nailed it in describing our company!
    Come work with with us! Jean

  3. Thanks Tim!!! I am a Hempworx/MyDailyChoice affiliate and you have really told the truth about this company, it’s products (we now have a bath bomb) and network marketing in general. As soon as I can find out what you’re selling I just might buy it!!!!
    Colby Thompson


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