How To Become a HempWorx Distributor In 3 Simple Steps

Becoming a HempWorx distributor is a simple 3 step process. And in this article, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

I’ll also be offering you some insight into the HempWorx affiliate program so you know what to expect, along with some tips on how to ensure your longterm success.

Sound good? Okay, let’s dive right in…

Overview of the HempWorx Affiliate Program

The HempWorx affiliate program is a program that allows distributors to earn money with HempWorx in two main ways.

The first way is by selling HempWorx CBD products and the second way is by referring other people into the business opportunity itself.

The reason there are two options, is because HempWorx leverages the network marketing (or MLM) business model. So just as you can make sales on your own, you can recruit others under you, who sell the products and as a result, earn you commissions.

Also worth noting is that HempWorx is actually owned by parent company My Daily Choice. So you will actually be signing up as a My Daily Choice affiliate to promote HempWorx.

In any case, the HempWorx/ MyDaily Choice compensation plan is the official document that outlines the various ways you can earn, how much, and what it takes to qualify.

I explain the full details of the products, business opportunity and compensation plan within my HempWorx review. So I highly recommend reading this if you want to learn more.

In the next secion, I’m going to walk you through the process of becoming a HempWorx distributor, so you know exactly how to get your business rolling.

How To Become a HempWorx Distributor

There are 3 main steps to becoming a HempWorx distributor:

  1. Visit the HempWorx website (directly or through your chosen sponsor)
  2. Purchase a product package and pay the HempWorx affiliate fee
  3. Remain ‘active’ by selling and/ or buying HempWorx products

As you can see, this is a relatively simple process. But there are some things you should know about the way this process works before diving in.

I’ll now walk you through each step in more detail to show you what I mean…

1- Visit the HempWorx website (directly or through your chosen sponsor)

There’s a couple ways you can join through the HempWorx website- with a ‘referring affiliate’ or without one.

In both cases, you will need to visit the companies official website ( to start the process.

If you want to join WITH a referring affiliate (AKA sponsor), you will need to know their username, and type that into the box on the ‘join’ page.

joining hempworx

If you don’t want to join with a sponsor, or you don’t know any, then simply click on the link that says “No, I do not have a referring affiliate”.

In both cases you will wind up on the order screen, which I will explain more about in the following step.

Before I get to that though…

You may be wondering if you should join via a referring affiliate?

Well, there are definitely advantages to having one of these. Because when you join through an existing HempWorx affiliate, you are going into their downline, or in other words, their organisation.

This means that it’s in their best interests to help you succeed. Because the more money you make, the more money they make.

So how do you find someone to join through?

You could run a Google search, check out Facebook groups, or simply speak with whoever told you about HempWorx to begin with. All you need is their username and you’re good to go.

Also worth noting is that every affiliate (including you if you join) has their own ‘replicated website’.

So if you visit the replicated website of ANY HempWorx affiliate, and join through that site, they will automatically become your referring affiliate. And you will be their referral.

In any case, let’s look at what happens once you land on the ‘order’ screen…

2- Choose a product package and pay the HempWorx affiliate fee

This is the page you come to directly after the previous step, and it’s where you will need to place an order to progress further.

There are FIVE different ‘product packs’ you can choose from:

  • Pet Pack – 1 pet product for $39
  • Builder Pack – 1 product of any kind for $69 plus shipping
  • Two Pack – 2 products of any kind for $138 plus shipping
  • Director Pack – 4 products of any kind for $199 plus shipping
  • Executive Pack – 12 products of any kind for $599 plus shipping

The first package (‘pet pack’) costs $39 but this does NOT qualify you to become an ‘active affiliate’. So if you want to become an active affiliate, you must purchase one of the subsequent packs.

These ‘packs’ are literally just a combination of different CBD products HempWorx offers, that you can choose from. The higher level pack you buy, the more products you will receive. To learn exactly what products are available, simply visit the HempWorx website.

In addition to purchasing a product pack, you also need to pay the $20 affiliate fee.

This is a fee that gives you access to your back office, affiliate links and the basics to get your business rolling.

So when you factor in the cost of purchasing a product pack, this brings the total startup cost to between $89 and $619 depending on which product pack you buy.

In any case, once you’ve chosen your products, you then need to fill in your billing and shipping information. And when you’ve done this, click on ‘continue’ and you’re done.

Congrats- you’re now a HempWorx affiliate!

There are some things you should know about ‘staying qualified’ though, which I’ll now explain…

3- Remain ‘active’ by selling and/ or buying HempWorx products

Once you become a HempWorx affiliate, you need to remain ‘active’ if you want to actually participate in the ‘meat’ of the compensation plan.

In other words, to earn money beyond just selling products, you need to be an active affiliate.

To remain an active HempWorx affiliate, you need to either purchase or directly sell 40BV worth of product each month. Which equates to buying or selling ONE $69 Builder Pack each calendar month.

This is why it pays to love the product yourself, so that between now and when you’re making sales, you’re not just buying products to ‘qualify’. You’re buying these because you get value from them.

The other point worth mentioning is that this only qualifies you for PART of the overall compensation plan.

Within the compensation plan there are actually 8 income streams, and each has its own qualifying requirements. So 40BV will not cut it if you want to progress to the higher ranks and income levels within My Daily Choice/ HempWorx.

I highly recommend reading my review of HempWorx to get the full details.


There you have it- by following the above steps you are now a HempWorx distributor and you know what it takes to remain active.

With time, effort and persistence, it is certainly possible to create a good income with this company. So all you need to do now is start building your business.

I hope you found this article helpful!

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  1. So, some of this has changed now. Hempworx has a shopping cart system now. You will be asked at the end, during the product purchase if you want to become an affiliate. If you are looking for a affiliate to sponsor you in, please visit [link removed] and I will be glad to help.

    • Appreciate the heads up here Wayne.

      Please not that I did remove your link, as I do not allow self promotion on this blog.

      All the best and thanks for commenting.


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