Full Review of CTFO – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my review of CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome).

The company claims to provide consumers with the best CBD oil products on the market. Along with an equally amazing ‘business opportunity’ for those that want to spread the word.

In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know…

What’s CTFO About?

CTFO (short for “Changing The Future Outcome”) is a US based network marketing company that specialises in CBD Hemp oil products.

Through my research I found that the company originally launched in 2015 as a weight loss MLM called Chew The Fat Off. Which is a bit odd.

I guess that didn’t work out very well for them. Which may explain why the founder (Stuart Finger) and CEO (Steve Finger) re-branded the company to “Changing The Future Outcome”, and started selling CBD products earlier this year.

Either way, there’s no denying the massive upward trend surrounding CBD oil products…

Google Trends CBD Oil
Source: trends.google.com

Many people are becoming aware of the potential benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol), so this is definitely a growing market with tons of potential for startups.

The question is though- is CTFO selling high value CBD products and offering a legitimate business opportunity, or is this really just some type of pyramid scheme?

To answer this question, let’s first take a closer look at the products themselves…

The CTFO Product Line

The CTFO product line is made up of various creams, drops and edibles that are rich in CBD oil.

And incase you’re wondering… no, none of these products will make you high!

CTFO CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil is derived from the Hemp and Cannabis plants, but it contains little to no THC (the part that makes you high). CTFO’s CBD oil apparently has zero THC, which means it is fully legal and compliant throughout all of the US and Canada.

Changing The Future Outcome sells a range of CBD products which fit into FOUR main product categories– health, anti-aging, nutrition and CBD for pets.

CBD for “health”. These products consists of CBD oil drops for general health and wellness benefits such as increasing your energy levels, decreasing anxiety, improving digestion and boosting your immune system among others. As well as CBD cream which is combined with Emu oil, and apparently helps with aches and pains.

CBD for “anti-aging”. CTFO’s anti-aging products consist of 15 individual products that range from hair regrowth treatment to ‘anti-aging serums’, skin creams and facial cleaners.

CBD for “nutrition”. The nutrition product category consists of edibles, oral sprays and capsules designed to help improve your mental and physical well being. Such as reducing stress, losing weight and getting a better nights sleep.

CBD for “pets”. Treats, drops, sprays and even CBD infused shampoo aimed at reducing anxiety and helping your pets live a healthier life.

As you can see… there are lots of products on offer here for a variety of purposes.

But are these legit products that will actually help you?

Well, (as a whole) the benefits of CBD oil are well documented and there’s no shortage of people who claim it helps them in various ways. From helping with anxiety, to muscle aches and even epilepsy.

However, whether or not CTFO itself is producing the “highest quality” CBD, for the best possible price, is another story.

The company certainly claims that they have the best CBD going…

We source our hemp from Industrial Hemp farms that produce some of the richest, CBD Hemp in the USA. Our CBD is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation & is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp in the world

But that’s what they all say, right?

The company does provide lab testing results though, which does show the quality of the products. And while it is difficult to compare prices (given the sheer number of products and places you can buy) the prices seem fairly reasonable overall.

So I think it’s safe to say that these CBD products are legitimate.

However, just how amazing each individual product is, is really something only you can decide. Obviously if you were going to be selling these products, you’d want to try them yourself to at least some extent.

That way you can know for sure that you are offering people real value.

Either way, I always recommend doing your homework before buying (comparing with other companies) and being cautious of bold claims about potential health benefits.

The CTFO Compensation Plan

The CTFO compensation plan outlines the ways associates can earn money within the business opportunity, and how much.

As with most MLM (multi level marketing) companies, this stuff can get pretty confusing and elaborate. In this section I’ll break this down as best I can to help you understand how it all works.

Getting started

Joining CTFO is 100% free.

Some CTFO promo sites I’ve seen are really emphasizing this too, using statements like “no gimmicks – no gotchas – no credit card required”.

And this is true for the most part. It is free to join and you can earn 20% commissions on any sales you make. Without ever needing to upgrade or qualify further.

This is no doubt a big selling point on the business opportunity side of things. Especially considering how there are startup costs involved with similar MLM companies like Kannaway and Hempworx.

However, if you want to qualify to earn from the core MLM pay plan (the meat and potatoes) you need to become an “active, qualified associate”.

Which means either purchasing $47.47 worth of product yourself OR maintaining at least 10 personally enrolled customers or associates.

There are some conditions attached to the latter option though. At least two of these retail customers need to be spending $47.47 a month and any recruited affiliates need to be fully “active qualified associates” themselves.

Ways You Can Earn Money

There are four main ways you can earn within the Changing The Future Outcome compensation plan:

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Unilevel Commissions
  3. Matrix Commissions
  4. Bonuses (Infinity bonus and Top Gun bonus pool)

1) Retail Commissions

Earning retail commissions is all about selling the product itself, either in person or via your free replicated website.

If you prefer to sell in person, the idea is to buy the products at the wholesale price, and sell them at retail. If you sell online, you simply earn a set commission direct from CTFO once the sale has taken place through your site.

To understanding exactly how much you will earn from retail sales, you will need to analyse the CTFO product price list.

Using that price list I thought it would be helpful to illustrate the earning potential of selling the “300 mg Pure Hemp CBD Oil Herbal Drops”…

Example 1 (selling in person): The product wholesales at $49.97 and the suggested retail price is $65.97, which means you will make a profit of $16 for this product if you sell it in person. Or more if you want since you can set your own prices.

Example 2 (selling via your website): All products carry their own set ‘commissionable volume’ (CV), and retail commissions are based based on 20% of whatever the CV for a given product is. The CV of this product is 25, which means the commission is $5.

Now while it may seem like the first example is the way to go- it’s really not for most people.

Because ANYONE can buy at wholesale from the get go… without doing anything other than visiting your online store. So the whole ‘suggested retail price’ thing is a bit of a marketing gimmick, since who in their right mind would pay retail when they don’t have to?

The only people who would pay that price, are probably those who don’t use the internet. So when you boil it down, the REAL commission here is 5 bucks on that product.

That’s not too bad for a physical product, but without the remaining MLM components of the compensation plan, it’s not very exciting either.

2) Unilevel Commissions

This is where the MLM aspect of the pay plan starts.

This works on a ‘unilevel’ downline system. Where you are at the top of your downline, and anyone you personally recruit becomes your ‘level 1 referral’. Anyone they recruit becomes your ‘level 2 referral’ and so on, 5 levels deep and infinitely wide.

Unilevel Downline System

This income stream pays you 20% commissions on the CV of any level 1 referrals, and 4% of the CV generated within levels 2-5.

3) Matrix Commissions

This is a separate income stream with a separate downline, that every CTFO associate is automatically placed into upon joining.

This downline is not just made up of people you recruit, this downline is made up of every associate in this company. The way this works is you are placed into a ‘3×21 matrix’, where each associate can have a maximum of 3 people under them.

So you are at the top of your own ‘CTFO Regenerating Matrix ‘, and sooner or later you will have 3 people under you, who make up ‘level 1’ of your matrix. And they will each have 3 people under them, and so on, 21 levels deep.

3 by matrix downline

So naturally there are going to be many associates above you (people in your upline). Which means associates will be ‘forced’ into your matrix downline from the efforts of people in the matrix above you.

Here are the commissions you can earn from this income stream:

  • 1% commission on the total CV generated within matrix levels 1-5
  • 10% commission on the total CV generated within matrix levels 6 and 7
  • 1% commission on the total CV generated within matrix levels 8-21

These commission rates are small, but this is where you can potentially generate a significant residual income over time. If you have enough associates under you.

Not sure why they made it 21 levels deep though, because it would literally take 15.69 billion people to fill this matrix (LOL). Obviously a lot more people than are even alive on planet earth.

Anyways, another important point to mention here is that you don’t begin earning at the full potential of this downline. You only earn a quarter of the above commission rates, and the levels you can earn from are capped.

This only increases as you achieve higher associate ranks (more on this below).

3.1) Profit Sharing Positions

In addition to standard matrix commissions, you can also earn extra income from the ‘Profit Sharing Positions’ (PSP) aspect of the compensation plan.

Here’s how this works in a nutshell:

  • You get 3 people under you in the matrix
  • Your 4th person goes under one of those 3 as normal, however;
  • That 4th person ALSO goes into a new matrix, with you at the top
  • This process repeats at every 4th person onwards which means you can have many matrices

So this means you are earning what you would normally earn within the regular matrix, plus income from these additional matrices that are automatically generated at every 4th person.

The amounts you can earn, and the qualifications, are all the same as before. Nothing changes except you have the opportunity to earn more money.

And since you are at the tippy top of these ‘PSP’ matrices, there’s no spill over. So they are only filled by your efforts and your associates under you.

4) Bonuses (Infinity Bonus and Top Gun Bonus Pool)

The infinity bonus pool is made up of the total CV generated within your entire team.

Each rank from ‘Vice President’ onwards qualifies for this bonus, and each new rank advancement pays you a cumulatively higher bonus percentage. Up to a maximum of 19% of the CV generated within your team.

But you don’t just automatically earn that 19% once you’re at the highest rank. The system also takes into account what those under you are ranked, and divides the bonus up accordingly.

For example: If you are a ‘Senior Vice President’ ranked associate, you will earn a set 4% infinity bonus AND a 4% bonus of any CV generated within your matrix up to the next ‘Vice President’ ranked associate. At which point you would continue earning 4% commissions for CV generated under him or her.

So in this way the system looks to pay out the entire 19% bonus, but divides it up according to who is ranked what.

4.1) Bonuses (Top Gun bonus Pool)

The ‘top gun bonus pool’ is made up of 6% of ALL the CV generated within the entire company. And this amount, whatever it works out to be at the end of each month, is then distributed evenly to anyone who is qualified as a ‘top gun’ associate.

Understanding the ‘CTFO Associate Ranks’

As with most MLM companies, there are various ‘ranks’ within the company. Which rank you are at, determines what income streams you have access to, and how much money you can make within each.

I’ve touched on this a couple times so far. But the following is a full breakdown of how to qualify for each rank, and the income potential within each new rank.

Free Associate

This is your status when you first join the company. Anyone can achieve this status and it allows you to earn retail commissions of 20% of the CV generated from any sales you personally make.

1st Level Manager

How to qualify:

  • Personally enrol 1 qualified retail customer or associate

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from level 1 of your unilevel downline
  • 25% of total payable matrix commissions within levels 1-7

2nd Level Manager

How to qualify:

  • Personally enrol 2 qualified customers or associates

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from level 1 of your unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from level 2 of your unilevel downline
  • 50% of total payable matrix commissions within levels 1-7

Senior Manager

How to qualify:

  • Personally enrol 3 qualified customers or associates

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2 and 3 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within levels 1-7

Executive Manager

How to qualify:

  • Personally enrol 4 qualified customers or associates

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3 and 4 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within levels 1-14

Vice President

How to qualify:

  • Personally enrol 5 qualified customers or associates
  • Maintain at least $25,000 in personal team monthly volume (total sales volume within your unilevel downline)

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • 4% infinity bonus commissions

Senior Vice President

How to qualify:

  • Same as Vice President, but with $50k in personal team monthly sales volume

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 8% infinity bonus commissions

Executive Vice President

How to qualify:

  • Same as Vice President, but with $100k in personal team monthly sales volume

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 12% infinity bonus commissions

Presidential Director

How to qualify:

  • Become an active and qualified Executive Vice President and;
  • Maintain 3 other active and qualified Executive Vice Presidents on separate unilevel legs

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 13.75% infinity bonus commissions

Senior Presidential Director

How to qualify:

  • Become an active and qualified Presidential Director and;
  • Maintain 3 other active and qualified Presidential Directors on separate unilevel legs

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 15.5% infinity bonus commissions

Executive Presidential Director

How to qualify:

  • Become an active and qualified Senior Presidential Director and;
  • Maintain 3 other active and qualified Senior Presidential Directors on separate unilevel legs

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 19% infinity bonus commissions

Top Gun

How to qualify:

  • Become an active and qualified Executive Presidential Director and;
  • Maintain 3 other active and qualified Executive Presidential Directors on separate unilevel legs

What you can earn:

  • 20% commissions from your level 1 unilevel downline
  • 4% commissions from levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your unilevel downline
  • 100% of payable matrix commissions within ALL 21 matrix levels
  • Up to 19% infinity bonus commissions
  • An equal share of 6% of the total CV generated company wide each month

Verdict – Is CTFO a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

From what I can see, CTFO is not a scam.

The company is selling legitimate products that seem reasonably priced. And the CTFO business opportunity does offer people a chance to create a good income over time and with effort.

I personally love the potential of this product too, so I prefer this niche to your typical ‘health and wellness’ MLMs.

With that being said, nothing is perfect and there are drawbacks to consider here.

Probably the biggest of which is the ‘recruiting’ and ‘self qualifying’ aspect of this business.

The MAIN potential to make money lies within recruiting people, who recruit people. Which can become a problem if people are just signing up, buying products to qualify, and then recruit others to do the same. Because this is how pyramid schemes work.

To be clear… I’m not saying that CTFO is a pyramid scheme.

What I am saying, is that within this particular compensation plan, there is nothing stopping ‘chain recruitment’ from becoming an issue.

IF the whole thing is really just about recruiting people who recruit people, and very few genuine retail sales were happening, then the longterm viability of the business will diminish.

On the plus side, anyone can signup and earn commissions as a free affiliate, without doing any recruiting or self qualifying at all. Which is definitely a positive thing and adds credibility to this opportunity.

This might be a good place to start if you want to try the products and make a few extra bucks before diving right in.

In any case, the biggest challenge to making money with Changing The Future Outcome, is getting people to your replicated site.

This requires learning how to do internet marketing. And if you want to do that, you need proper tools, training and support from people who understand internet marketing.

So unless you plan on hassling friends and family (yuk), then you need to get a handle on this stuff.

Whatever you decide, I hope this review has given you some worthwhile insight, so you can make a more informed decision either way.

75 thoughts on “Full Review of CTFO – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the unbiased review. Very helpful and thorough!

    And true, this is what most people fail to understand or don’t know how to setup:

    “However, what you can do is create a simple lead generation site, and direct those people towards your replicated storefront. This is how you can leverage the power of internet marketing to generate leads and sales, without selling or talking to anyone in person.” – Tim [you]

    Reading they’re (pdf-privacy, pdf-terms, and pdf-policy)


    With email contact info. being into different locations

    Reno, NV and Fairfield, CA

    I’m under the impassion that this “myctfo (dot) com” extension used as part of the email residence, is in conjunction with the corporate’s domains website? So, I’m guessing that the domain URL is the corporate website

    • The “.myctfo.com/…” is the extension all CTFO associates are provided by CTFO for FREE. the get up to 12 unique website s for different products.and several for recuting people and associates can get a sampling website that costs $ 19.00 / month and then they have to purchase “sample credits” but in my opinion it’s a win/ win the associate gets to promote their products and the consumer gets a free sample, one catch though, the consumer has to pay gor S&H which is about $6.00.

  2. This review is about CTFO Corporate and their employees, not any MLM associate or downline seller. I feel sorry for those folks.

    There are better alternatives out there at lower cost, better product and with no shipping charges. Do your research, they’re easy to find under searches for “best” or “most effective.” CTFO doesn’t even come up in the search I did using those parameters. Some even provide 24/7 customer support.

    CTFO takes way too long for “expedited” shipping and even longer (11 days or longer) for standard shipping. They charge USPS Express rates for expedited shipping, yet the product takes 5 (sometimes 4) days to arrive. Expedited? Really? Their standard shipping costs more than USPS Priority and yet I’m still waiting. My order was placed 12 days ago.

    It takes them two days to process an order and hand it off to a shipper like DHL. Then, it gets delivered to USPS for final delivery. This adds at least two days to the process.

    They have lousy, unresponsive customer service. They are not truthful when telling you when you can expect your order. They make stuff up that is easily verifiable by the tracking number they provide from USPS.

    When it would be easier to tell the truth, they don’t. The people I know who used to sell this product are done with this company for obvious reasons.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I ran across your review again and wanted to point out I thought it to be fair and balanced. Except there wer a few errors made, In the matrix plan after you personally enroll 3 people, from your 4th person thru infinity you receive a PSP positioned above each person. Not every 4th person from that point. PSP’s (Profit Sharing positions) are a copyrighted part of the plan, which makes it very unique to everything else.

    There has been many enhancements to the plan and product line. There 10X PURE extraction method which they are now part owners in that company. They also add a whole new fast start portion to the plan. They did “Not” touch any of the existing comp plan to add that. Every company I am aware of in my 25 years in this industry will shave a percentage here and there to create an illusion that the enhancements are a benefit.

    They added an explosive and unique Fast Start Pay Program, adding nothing but pure enhancements. They have also added a mobile app that is not matched out their for $19.95 a month. Most everything they promote is a choice, and NOT mandatory. You do not have to participate in the fast tract Bonus or purchase the mobile app.

    They now have over 80 products and about a 3rd are non CBD. They seem to be headed down a similar path as Melaleuca and forming a powerful shopping club with much higher benefits. They do 2+ billion in annual sales.
    CTFO is 2 years in since adding CBD and other products to their product line and are going nowhere but up.

    I think it’s important for people reading this to understand that the 3 owners and founders take NO corporate salary. They earn what all of us earn. They always said if they wanted a raise, we all got a raise. They have stood by that and constantly achieve it at every turn or I wouldn’t be in CTFO. This is why they can pay what they do and add a huge Fast Start Pay Program without changing anything in the existing pay plan. Most every NWM company I am aware of all have corporate positions that have corporate salaries. Yes I have been with CTFO for 2+ years and have found the company and founders with nothing but pure integrity!

    For the guy “Chuck” who commented above. It shows he did not research before slamming CTFO and one of the founders Michael Kahn. If he had he would find that CTFO is set up where “No One” can possibly get hurt (PERIOD)
    Typical sign of someone in another company trying to tear down someone else’s company to make theirs look bigger SMH!

    How can anyone get hurt when it cost nothing to join. NO risk?
    60 day “EMPTY” bottle money back guarantee. No risk to try the products for 2 months?

    I have read quite a few articles of yours and strongly believe if you spent a little time you would be nothing less the astounded at what they have added over the past few months. I have made it a point in my carrier to be a student of this industry. I have yet to have ever found a company that comes close to what they are doing for the average person to succeed.

    Keep up the great work Tim!

  4. Complete scam!!! Beware before joining this company!!!! Do your homework. Was with the company for 2 years and they know they are sinking….

    • Obviously, the asshole posting the above response is not willing to give his name because he was caught cross pitching and fucked out of the company. To me that’s a sign of a true business that doesn’t allow jerks to be part of it. I’m 33 years in the business and its the most honest, upfront company I have ever represented. There is not a sentiment of a pyramid about it as it is 100% based on customer acquisition and customer experiences as if they are not 100% happy with the results of the product within 60 days, then, they get their money back NO questions ASKED. (By the way that’s the empty bottle unlike companies offering a 30 day money back but the bottle must be unopened and in a resalable condition) It’s also the most lucrative patented pay plan I ever seen and Iv’e seen many.

  5. I , unfortunately, did business with Michael Kahn, the owner. He is a fraud and an evil person. If his lips are moving, he is lying. Please don’t let him steal your money like he stole mine. Beware!! This guy will take all you have.

    • Clearly you’re angry and feel jilted somehow. Please keep your negative comments to yourself if you’re not willing to go into specifics. Were you a distributor of Chew off the fat.

  6. Thanks Tim, your review really cleared up some gray area. I found this review in an attempt to answer questions I had. Thanks. This is very well wrote an informative for my self. I just joined an I wasn’t sure what was what. I’m confident in this information an I fell much better about this opportunity. The one question o think you could hit on is. ” what tax category ” this company falls under. C corp?

    • Glad you found the review helpful.

      Please don’t take my review as an endorsement of any kind though. Because it’s really not. Although I don’t believe CTFO is a scam, I don’t recommend it either. Nor do I recommend any MLM for that matter. Because I believe there are better, more profitable and more sustainable business models. Like affiliate marketing for example.

      Regarding your question about tax categories, I cannot advice you on this since I’m not an accountant.

      Thank you for commenting.

  7. Great Review Tim. Thank you.

    Just an FYI-
    Michael Kahn is one of three co-founders that is reason why that link went to his affilliate page, he wrote the matrix pay plan. Also there is no corp site, the affilliate pages are all the same so those are the corp sites.

    The company is explained in detail if people are willing to click onto the links that read “ABOUT” the company.

    The site has been updated a few times since the beginning of the year adjusting for the better.

    • Hi Tim,
      Are there restrictions Publicizing this co. And my website on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc.?
      I am thinking about doing this but I have had bad experiences with MLM co’s

      • Hi Paul, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in Tim. Today is my second year with CTFO and love it. Amazing products and comp plan. There are no restrictions about posting on any platform like facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn. You can not post products on amazon or Ebay. You can also post on craigslist or any buy and sell sites, check with them. If your interested in joining, my link is here.

        [link removed] everything revolves around facebook, all the main groups that you would want to follow. Testimonial group, graphics group, and our team group. We are in 22 countries with over 80 products. Our target market is network marketers. Any other questions, you can send me a text [phone number removed] and then I can call you back on my dime.

        We have weekly corporate zoom meetings that get sent to your email as well as other updates. You never miss out. I see you have had problems before with MLM companies, then you will be familar with back offices, check out our state of the art back office and you will love it immediately. Hope to hear from you. Take care.

        [email removed]
        H.Bruce Parks

        • Thank you for commenting, but please do not come here soliciting referrals. For privacy and anti-spam reasons, your contact information has been removed.

      • Hi Paul

        There are not any kind of restrictions in publicizing it you become a member with them get your own link and websites and just share it the way you like exactly like your own busines
        Corina M

      • Paul, Facebook seems to be be backing off on the policy of CBD being a prohibited “drug”
        See my Facebook page ” CBDa Information and News” for an example

    • William
      If you have already joined, log in to the back office and contact your upline. The name of the person and phone # is listed in your back office.

      If you have not joined yet, reach out to me and join with me, I will guide and coach you.

  8. Horrible company. Tried their products. Did nothing for me. I returned them. It’s been over six weeks and no refund. Finally they say they will send me a check in five weeks. Promised a refund at one week. Their customer service is a joke. Do not purchase their products.

    • You should have made your BS comment a little more believable? Be honest and state what company your with and how butt hurt you are that CTFO is obviously superior. Anyone who researches this company would laugh at your childish jealousy. Just go about building your business and have some morals, you might just have some success.
      I’m sure the new Fast Start program and how it stands tall above any other one out their has you looking for a crying room.
      Sad how some think it’s cool or could be profitable to tear down another company to make themselve look or feel better SMH!

    • Deb,
      CTFO is a great company. You must have just gotten lost in the shuffle. They always make good on their promises. They pay me every week and the owners are top notch. Our products are the best out there and work wonders for me and my family. I sleep better, my sore leg feels better and when I drink the extreme shake I have so much more energy. You should give it another try. Maybe you were not using the correct products. Love this company. Have a blessed night.

  9. Great review and I am an associate of CTFO and love their amazing products. The wholesale price compared to others does not even compare. Quality oil, organic, us grown, 3rd party testing, gmp approved, no GMOs it’s fantastic. I have tried other oils that cost $20 more but nothing compares to CTFO. Now we offer a 10xpure with CBDA and what a game changer. It’s exclusive and patented with CTFO. Anyone looking for a great product take a look at the videos on my sight. Thanks again for a great review Tim.

  10. Yes! Thanks Tim for helping me weigh pros and cons in my research…I am digging this idea of online AND retail marketing of CBD products. I am leaving my job soon and I would love to cushion the blow with this as a supplemental income – hopefully moving into a more steady income stream.
    Best wishes to you!

  11. Hello I just want it to be simple you guys build me a website post all the info from your company with your product cbd oils and what ever else you guys sell post the website on the internet and let it sell it’s self I really don’t like the idea that you have to call people to offer them the product and trying to convince them to join just for I could make money. If you guys could make it simple just build me a website with your product post it on the web and if people go to my website and order stuff from my website I get commission easy no calling no bullshit do you guys do and marketing like that with your website oh ya what if I sell your stuff threw wealthy affiliated website is that legal will any body get upset for selling that product threw another website I was just thinking that if any body could answer them questions would appreciate that thank you

    • Yeah so most network marketing companies will give you a replicated website to sell the products, so this is typically where you’ll actually make the sale. However, what you can do is create a simple lead generation site, and direct those people towards your replicated storefront. This is how you can leverage the power of internet marketing to generate leads and sales, without selling or talking to anyone in person.

      I created this article about how to use a website to generate leads for a network marketing business.

      Hope this helps.

    • Eastg16: Sorry, there is no free lunch. One can “start” anything for free. Start a car but don’t put it in gear and it will go nowhere. If a person “simply” wants someone else to work and give them some of the profit, that sounds ludicrous. If a person doesn’t love people, if they don’t love helping people, if they don’t love the product/service enough to share it with others who need/want it, a business is not the place to look, online or offline. No one can’t make money in business without marketing and selling something. Simple warning: If a business seeker puts $100 on the table and walk out with nothing in their hands that can immediately be sold to another person for a reasonable profit, the offer is a pyramid (illegal in America) and they have just been scammed. A job, not a business, is designed for those who don’t have any of the aforementioned traits/desires. The top paying do-nothing jobs are federal employees, refugees, and welfare recipients, in that order. Even they have many of the above requirements – they have to sell themselves!

  12. From the section: “The CTFO Compensation Plan”

    “The CTFO compensation plan outlines the ways associates can earn money within the business opportunity, and how much.”–quote from: Your article; “CTFO compensation plan”, which is linked to an affiliate’s website.

    So who the hell is Michael Kahn?

    “I absolutely do not (and never have) endorsed or promoted CTFO. Period.”–quote from: Tim [you]

    In your reply to: “Richard Fitzwell”

    You don’t endorse or promote CTFO, but your external link goes to an affiliate that does; not to the company page. So who the hell is Michael Kahn?

    You’re not getting a backdoor cut on any referrals that sign up using Michael Kahn’s page?

    Based on my research, “Changing the Future Outcome (CTFO) Inc.” is a re-seller; they are NOT a manufacture. They buy CPD products from another company, then they put the CTFO labels on them.

    I tried finding the actual corporate website for CTFO; there doesn’t seem to be one, any website I find is linked to CTFO’s website via a personal affiliate’s information. Like it’ll say: “Shared by: XXX”.

    Like the link from your article; it says “Shared by: Michael Kahn”.

    “However, whether or not CTFO itself is producing the “highest quality” CBD, for the best possible price, is another story.”–quote from: Tim [you; you know, Michael Kahn’s friend].

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention or discover for yourself they don’t even manufacture their own products; but you’re personally promoting an affiliate’s page. I’d assume you didn’t just pick Michael Kahn at random right?

    • Oh my goodness.. this is getting ridiculous lol.

      I actually want to thank you for brining this up though, because you’re right that link is going to a distributor website, and not the page I originally linked to.

      At the time of publishing this review in December 2018, that link (matrix.myctfocbd.com/overview.pdf), went to a PDF document outlining the compensation plan.

      Normally I don’t link to a replicated site like this, but when I was searching for the company website/ compensation plan, that’s literally the best link I could find at the time. Because, as you yourself confirmed in your own comment, there is no official CTFO site, and as a result no compensation plan PDF I could have linked to. So I linked to the next best thing, a distributor’s replicated site, so that people could read the compensation plan PDF.

      My point is, linking to that page was completely acceptable at the time, because it was a PDF, with no “join” links of any kind.

      However, since publishing this review, that link is now redirecting to a different page on that same site, which does have promo elements. And I can prove what I’m saying, thanks to the Web Archive.

      Here’s the compensation plan I originally linked to in this review:


      Here is the page that same link is now redirecting to:


      And here is the Web Archive of the first link (the one I used in the review), which proves that it was a link to a PDF document before it began redirecting:


      I spent some time on that distributor site to see if I could find the new location of the PDF, and I found it here:


      At a glance there does appear to be some minor changes to the wording within the above PDF. I haven’t been through it in detail yet, but there does appear to be some minor differences.

      So what I am going to do is link to the Web Archive version of the updated compensation plan PDF:


      I think this is the best possible solution under the circumstances. Because this way, people still get to see the compensation plan, without actually visiting that distributors site, AND it cannot be redirected to some other page like last time. Because the Web Archive version is set in stone.

      By all means, if you or anyone reading this can find the compensation plan from the official CTFO site, let me know and I’ll happily update this review!

      Until then, I will link the Web Archive version of the updated compensation plan PDF.

      Do I think it’s odd that CTFO doesn’t have an official website or compensation plan I can link to? Yes.

      Do I know why this is the case? No.

      I’m simply trying to provide people with an honest review that helps them make an informed decision. One that links to the compensation plan, because in my opinion this adds value to the review. Plain and simple.

      • Hello! I just wanted to clarify that there is technically no corporate website. The reason being, the owners do not draw a paycheck. They are in the comp plan just like I am. The “main corporate sites” are those of the owners.

        Hope that helps!

        • Hey Tim,

          Tina mentioned about how the 3 owners do not collect a corporate salary and earn the exact way distributors do, that is why they pay “100%” of the CV (Commission Volume that comes in back to the field.

          Since you wrote this article many changes have occurred. This is a major enhancement that really can’t be matched. There brand new Fast Star Program. You sound knowledgeable of this industry so when have you ever heard of a company adding a huge pay increase without robbing it from another area of their pay plan?

          When they added their huge Fast Start Program they did NOT change “ANY” of the existing marketing plan. It is all the exact way it has been. I would be happy to share this new unmatched addition with you if you’d like. You will find this one does not have the gimmicks the others do. Let me know 🙂

          • Hi Jon,

            By all means share that info here and I’ll endeavour to update this review with the Fast Start Program details as soon as I can. Appreciate the update.

        • Yes Tina, I was going to say the same thing. I’ve been a successful associate as well for two years. I loved the fact that I was able to make money without buying anything. I was at kind of stuck at home due to a couple surgeries. I started and was very impressed with the fact that everything I was told was true. CTFO saved me when I needed it both financially and health wise. I never once asked my friends or family to buy anything. They watched my results and were very excited to use the products. My friends and family not only saw the difference in my own life but trusted my judgement with CTFO. Until you try these products and share your experience you will never know. Sharing your website is the easiest thing to do. I treat my business as if I paid 1000k for it! Enjoy 2020! Be kind, be thoughtful and never be afraid to help others succeed!!!!!

    • Kevin l. Smith, if that’s your real name, FYI Michael Kahn founded The predecessor company called Chew Off The Fat, was also a MLM that marketed weight loss products.
      They rebraded the company as CTFO, Changing the Future Outcome. and began marketing CBD products.. which i think was a smart move on their part. the CBD market is booming, especially since when the 2018 farm bill was passed making hemp cultivation legal on the federal level. Although each individual State has to develop their own hemp cultivating rules and policies per the USDA Guidelines.
      According to the brighfield group, CBD products will reach 24 BILLION by 2024.

  13. All American company, local product, local certification then why the Montenegro website. What US laws or regulations CTFO is not in compliance with? And the instant 25% off is the general retail store price. It is easier to go in my local brick and mortar store where I know the quality and purity is guaranteed by a US company.

    • Eddie, I can’t speak for most. CTFO uses Evio Labs and they are the first accredited lab in Florida. Each stage of production, from certified organic hemp, to the accredited third party labs is in place because we value the benefits of CBD and do not want our customers to be duped by the fake oils out there.


      • Hi Tina,
        Does CTFO actually manufacture or are they a wholesaler?
        Thanks in advance…just doing my research here and not wanting to confront anybody.
        Tough crowd on here! Lol…


        • Hi Jule! We are both. We do have a lab that extracts our oil. We also have ownership in the company that creates out advanced science, 10xPure products.

          HA HA! I hear ya! Keyboard courage…. LOL

  14. It’s all snake oil. This company is a scam selling vitamins. This is not even close to a true cbd product. All of you associates are trusting internet marketers that have no idea what cbd is or should be.

    • Thanks for commenting John.

      I neither promote nor endorse this company, but I am curious as to why you say this about their CBD oil?

      • Really Tim? You don’t “promote or endorse this company”? This whole page(s) is a non-stop boiler room pitch to reel in chumps for you to make $0.18 off them for a month or two. Get a real job and stop screwing people that are willing to work for a living!

        I offer 50% income of the FULL sales price, from the first sale to the millionth, no required monthly purchase, and it is a TRUE quality CBD product. Every bottle of my CBD has a QR code linking to the third party test results for the batch that is inside the bottle or package in the customers hands. Made in the USA, from a USA company! No MLM, no “recruit 3 and let them do the work for you”, no false claims. – That is as politely as I could describe what you and the company that you ARE promoting AND endorsing.

        But thank you, because of people like you and companies like this, it is much easier for me to find hard working people wanting to sell my products.

        I love how you bash Hempworx! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

        • Hi Richard,

          I absolutely do not (and never have) endorsed or promoted CTFO. Period.

          In fact, I am not involved with ANY multilevel marketing company at all. I do affiliate marketing, not multilevel marketing.

          In any case, I believe my review is unbiased and very well rounded. Nowhere do I say that people should rush out and join, or that this company is superior to other CBD companies (network marketing or otherwise). I simply share my opinion which is based on the facts about the company.

          My aim when doing these reviews is to be as unbiased as possible. So I provide as much information as I can, in as much detail as possible, without saying “you should join” or that “this is a scam”. My goal is to stay as neutral as possible, so that people can make their own mind up about joining/ buying one way or the other.

          Regarding your point about me somehow “bashing Hempworx”… this is not the case at all. I’m curious, did you actually read this review in full before commenting here?

          What I did do, was correct someone in the comments, who came here pitching Hempworx and misrepresenting the facts of the compensation plan. And the only reason I knew that what the person said was incorrect, was because I had literally just reviewed Hempworx in detail before the person left that comment.

          And if you actually read my Hempworx review, you would see that it is thorough and unbiased, just like this one. But I guess then you’d probably say I’m just “promoting and endorsing” that company too, right?

          Anyways, all the best and thanks for commenting.

          • I am also with Hempworx. We get paid on the BV not the price like others say. Most sales are 40. 50 or 100 BV. So your right on target when you say it is BV and not the price. We do get paid 8 ways though.

        • Richard,

          New to CBD oil and I am looking to learn more. I would definitely like to find these products at a more affordable price.

    • Dear John
      You are mistaken
      Results are results
      My fiancé is a Dr with chronic nerve pain from a surgery
      The ONLY thing that works for him is our 10 x pure 1000 Gold roll on with CBDa and the same product orally
      He could take anything he wanted
      He does not like opioids nor uses them
      My product got me through a hysterectomy without having to use pain pills
      It’s the only product, specifically CTFO that takes away the constant bursitis pain in my hips. Oh and it makes my hair grow thicker and longer super fast
      I have many testimonials.
      The products prove themselves
      Just try the product…..we have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!!!! No risk to you.
      Happy 2020

    • John, This is not true. We do know what true CBD products are and CTFO has CBDA, which is much better than just CBD. Love the company and pay plan, get paid every week and feel better everyday. Have a good night.


    • And you know this how? You have read their COA’s on every associates website? You have reviewed the science and the documentation that led you to say what you say?
      Documentation beats conversation sir. Please do post your documentation debunking anything they claim.
      thank you and I’ll wait…

  15. Thank you! Yes, it is a great company with fabulous products. A few things to point out that were missed.
    1. The farms are federally regulated
    2. Our hemp actually comes with third party certification that it is TOXIC FREE.
    3. Our oil is processed in a GMP facility
    4. Our labs are tested by a third party and ALL of the pages are available and displayed on our website.

    Regarding the regenerating matrix and the profit sharing positions: That enables you to earn commission ON EVERY PROFIT SHARING position, all the way up to your original one. I am receiving several commission on the ONE order every payday.

    PS: We get paid weekly. <3

  16. Just interesting, your comments about recruiting. In a network marketing company, only the leaders “recruit” anyway. By the way, it really is not much different than selling insurance. I get recruited by a guy who sells insurance. I get paid, he gets paid, the guy above him gets paid and the insurance company gets paid. If I am interested in duplicating myself, I recruit others to do the same thing I am doing and I earn something every time they earn something. There is nothing “pyramid” suggested by that set up. Why is it that just because a company is network marketing, suddenly that word is invoked. CTFO sells a product–a fantastic product, by the way, that you don’t even mention–and without selling a product, NOBODY GETS PAID! Period. Sorry for Michelle, but I also started in October and have gotten paid every Wednesday since I started. Sure, I have some “dead” associates, but that happens in any business. No pain, no gain. Try the lottery.

  17. I actually sell Hempworx CBD oil, I love it I started earning 25 percent right away and next week I will be making 50 percent. Plus I get all these also so here is some perks about this business! We can earn up to 50% commissions, we get paid 8 ways, can earn monthly bonuses, car allowances and leadership check matching ? plus they set you up a website and help you all along your way. Plus weekly giveaways, what other job gives you these.

    • Awesome, glad you’re doing well Rebecca.

      I just reviewed HempWorx though, and in the interests of being fully transparent, you don’t earn 50% commissions on the price of the product. You actually earn 50% of the BV of a given product, which is a big difference.

      So for example the ‘Builder Pack’ costs $69 and is attributed with 40BV. You earn a percentage of this, which means at “50% commissions”, you’re actually earning $20 from that product (50% of 40BV).

      Don’t get me wrong, that’s still good for a physical product, but I think this is worth mentioning.

      Thanks for commenting.

  18. I would like to add that CTFO recently added new Rank Ups and upgraded their websites, along with Amazing new tools to help an Associate succeed in sales and recruiting. I have success in this Company because I offer the Products with the 60 day money back Guarantee. People are happy with the products and many are on auto-ship. I don’t ask them to join anything.

    And I’m not worried about the recruiting part of this, because many of my customers refer others to me to order more… and I tell my customers that they can help pay for their products if the people they know who need CBS order from them! Some like the idea… others are happy with just sending me more customers! Either way I win, and so do they. We lead with The Product! And if all I get is customers than that’s awesome.

    On top of getting paid Every Week , and not once a month like many affiliate programs. Most affiliate CBD companies only pay for sales… and many pay less than 20%. So I believe CTFO has the upper hand. I love the products and everything about the Company so far… and new countries are coming soon. We don’t want to grow too fast. We have to make sure we can keep up with the high demand in the countries we are in now! There is more I can say to give kudos to CTFO, but this is it for now.

    There are No quotas, No mandatory purchase requirements. No fees. What you invest is up to you. They include 6 free websites, free auto responder system, text services, free training, tons of support from teams that work together. No reason to complain because CTFO offers this FREE when most (mlm’s) charge. I love CTFO!

  19. Thanks Tim. Appreciate your assessment of CTFO which I joined late last October, and with TEN “DEAD’ associates under me, have made a whopping $9.30 in commissions and spent $330 in advertising, and many hours of emailing.

    I have been involved in many Mlm’s many years ago – never made a penny there either and have put a lot more effort into CTFO than anything else in the past. The problem with offering a free sign up is that there tends to be many flakes out there who don’t think they have to work the business to make money. I also have a problem with the fact that CTFO are not willing to open up in any other countries than the 3 they currently have and I have many leads from different parts of the world but can’t do anything with them, as we don’t ship to all those countries. Very frustrating.

    • I know for a fact that they are working on adding other countries but they first have to wait for legalization in those said countries. I, too have friends in Germany who want to use and sell this. Patience sometimes pays off. I don’t invest in random marketing. I only have a few people under me. I only use ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising and tell people about how it’s helped me and those I know. I’m sorry you don’t have a positive testimony.

    • Michelle, no offense meant but you understand by pointing the finger, you have 3 more pointing back at yourself. A solid company with a true residual income takes effort. The only ones I ever see fail are the ones who quit on themselves. Too many people enter this industry thinking they’ll join and put minimal efforts towards accomplishing their goals. My first year was hit and miss.

      I sure didn’t make a lot of money then. The key is I didn’t quit before the miracle started to happen. If I would have quit then, I wouldn’t be full time with CTFO after 2 years! I believe you were in a couple of months? there are only get rich quick schemes out there that you will see large compensation, if you’re luck, and the NEVER last. Residual income takes constant efforts and not quitting on yourself.

      This is true with any legit NWM company out there.

      I hope this helps you and wish the best of luck with what ever endeavor you choose it the future.


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