What EV Charging Company Is Jim Woods Teasing?

With the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) increasing, it’s only logical to assume that there’ll be a greater need for EV charging stations around the world.

And in a recent stock teaser presentation, investment guru Jim Woods said that “there are simply not enough charging stations to keep up with the EV demand.”

However, Woods also said that one company (AKA his “#1 new EV stock”) could “solve the charging station shortage” and that its stock price could “burst through the roof.”

What company is he teasing? Jim Woods didn’t reveal his pick in the presentation. Instead, he shares the details in a report called “The EV Flex Plan: An Easy Path to 7-Figures,” which comes with a subscription to his research service, the Intelligence Report.

That said, based on the clues Woods shared, I think I know what company he’s bullish on, and in this post, I’ll show you exactly what my research uncovered.

But first, let’s look at what he’s predicting…

What Is Jim Woods’ EV Charging Prediction?

Jim Woods’ latest electric vehicle presentation centers around the increasing demand for both EVs and EV charging stations and how he believes that there’s a shortage of EV charging stations, which could get much worse.

“This critical EV charging shortage is about to go from bad to worse.

Much worse.

And bigger shortages traditionally mean HUGE price increases.

How do I know this shortage will get stronger?

Because in 2020, there were 6.8 million EVs around the world.

Yet by the end of the decade, the number of EVs is projected to climb as high as 230 million, according to CNBC.”

The source of the above EV growth estimate appears to be IEA’s 2021 Global EV Outlook publication, which suggests the global EV fleet could reach 145-230 million by 2030, depending on a range of factors, including government efforts to reach climate goals.

So, while nobody knows how bad a potential shortage of EV chargers might get, what Woods said about increasing demand for EVs is grounded in real data.

He also highlighted that two- and three-wheel EVs are “popping up in America, Asia, and Europe,” suggesting this could further increase the demand for EV charging.

Long story short, Woods believes that “the only company in a position to resolve this challenge” is his “#1 new EV stock.”

According to Woods, this company is “uniquely positioned to step up to the new huge charger demand” and “has a proprietary advantage” over its competitors.

“The one company I’ve found is uniquely positioned to step up to the new huge charger demand… and mint thousands of new millionaire investors in a short time…

It’s because this company has something powerful that other charging companies do not.

Which is why I’m writing to you today. As you’ll see in a moment, this company has a proprietary advantage that puts it light-years ahead of its competition.”

What “advantage” is he talking about?

Woods mentioned a couple of different potential advantages that the company he’s recommending has in the presentation.

One thing he mentioned was related to how fast the company’s chargers work. In short, Jim Woods said there are “three different charger levels” and that this company’s “new Fast Charger system” can charge commercial vehicles at twice the rate of other chargers.

“I haven’t even mentioned this charging company’s powerful presence in the EV truck and bus markets… as well as the markets for many other commercial vehicles.

For instance, the company’s new Fast Charger system charges commercial- and industrial-grade vehicles at twice the rate of other chargers.

These Fast Chargers even use a wireless uplink to the cloud, helping manage data and rapid-charging variables, to make every customer experience run smoothly.”

This wasn’t the main thing that Jim Woods suggested gave his “#1 new EV stock” the advantage, though. Instead, he focused on the company’s “revolutionary FLEX business plan,” which he claims could “change everything in the EV charging market.”

“It’s what I call my #1 EV play’s ‘FLEX’ business plan.

And the company is using this revolutionary FLEX business plan to clobber the conventional ‘business as usual’ strategies the other charging companies use.

And the EV charging company using this FLEX business plan is rapidly growing around the world… across America, Europe, South America, and the Middle East…

It’s the catalyst with the power to change everything in the EV charging market around the globe.”

What “FLEX” business plan is Woods talking about?

According to Jim Woods, the charging company he’s recommending doesn’t just sell charging stations like its competitors; it “partners” with commercial property owners and offers them four “FLEXible” levels of ownership and revenue sharing.

“Unlike its competitors, this charging company doesn’t simply sell charging stations to commercial property owners, collect an installation fee, and walk away…

With everything else becoming the property owner’s problem…

Instead, this company ‘partners’ with commercial property owners, offering four FLEXible levels of ownership and revenue sharing…”

Woods explained that the first option is “host-owned,” where the property owner buys the charging stations outright. The second option involves the property owner leasing the company’s charger. The third option is a co-ownership model. And the fourth option is what Woods calls “FLEX-owned,” which he believes is “groundbreaking.”

“FLEX-Owned: This turnkey solution is the GROUNDBREAKING option that’s set to dominate the market, as you’re about to see.”

What’s the big deal?

According to Woods, this option is where the company installs a charging station for free and shares in the revenue it generates with the property owner. And he believes that this option is why it can “crowd out the competition and dominate the industry.”

“The FLEX-Owned plan is simple:

There’s the EV charging company that builds and installs the chargers…

There are hundreds of millions of commercial property owners around the world who want a charger installed…

And with this company’s FLEX-Owned plan, the EV charging company will install – free of charge – multiple EV chargers for a commercial property owner… again, at NO COST.

Absolutely free.

After that, the EV charging company simply shares the dollars coming in from the chargers with the property owners.

This allows anyone with a commercial parking space to create money out of thin air!

This FLEX-Owned plan is why this EV charging company can crowd out the competition and dominate the industry…”

So, that pretty much sums up Jim Woods’ thesis… he believes that increasing demand for electric vehicles will see an increased shortage of EV charging stations and that the company he’s recommending is “uniquely positioned” to help fill this shortage.

What EV charging company is he teasing?

Let’s take a look!

Jim Woods EV Charging Pick Revealed

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, we know that Jim Woods is teasing an EV charging company with four distinct business models.

What other clues did Jim Woods share in the presentation?

Well, for one thing, he talked about how its shares “soared” by 1,450% over a recent 12-month period and shared a chart of its stock performance to illustrate this.

“What makes this one company so special?

For one thing, shares soared an incredible 1,450% over a recent 12-month period.”

Woods also shared a list of big-name companies, retail outlets, and fast-food chains (among others) that are this company’s customers. And he talked about how Apple is on board, and GM is integrating the company’s charging station locations into its EV dashboards.

“Apple is on board. It’s got a special agreement to direct EV drivers to this company’s charging stations through its iPhones’ Apple Maps.


GM, with its new electric car fleet, is integrating this charging company’s stations into the dashboard screens of its EVs.”

Finally, Jim Woods showed a chart of the company’s top institutional investors and how many shares each holds.

What could it be?

Based on Jim Woods’ clues, I believe his EV charging pick is Blink Charging Co. (BLNK).

How does it match?

For starters, Blink, a Florida-based electric vehicle charging company with a cloud-based charging network, has four distinct business models that line up with Wood’s clues.

One business model is called “Host Owned,” where the property owner can buy a charging station outright. Another is called “Blink as a Service,” which is a leasing option. A third option, called “Hybrid Owned,” is where the host provides the installation and Blink takes care of the rest, and both the host and Blink share in the revenue.

And lastly, there’s a “Blink Owned” option, which is similar to the “Hybrid Owned” option, but according to this company document, Blink provides the installation.

Long story short, despite the names, the “Blink Owned” option is the closest match to the “FLEX-Owned” option Jim Woods described in the presentation. And from what I understand, this is the only option where Blink covers the installation cost.

As for what Woods said about the company’s “Fast Charger” system charging commercial and industrial vehicles “at twice the rate of other chargers,” that’s a difficult thing to verify without doing a comprehensive analysis of every other EV charger out there.

But according to Blink’s website, its Blink IQ 200 chargers are the “fastest Level 2 AC charging stations available” and can provide approximately 65 miles of charge per hour. It also has other charging stations that appear to be more powerful on a kW basis.

In any case, the company has “fast” EV chargers by any standard, and the clues about its flexible business models fit what Woods said, as do the other clues he shared about its customers, shareholders, and share price rallying over a recent 12-month period.

It’s unclear exactly what 12-month period Woods was referring to, but one look at a Blink price chart shows that it matches what Woods shared in the presentation. The stock did see a price rise of more than 1,450% between 2020 and 2021, as he suggested, although it has traded lower in 2022, like most tech-related stocks.

So to sum it all up, Blink looks like Jim Woods’ “#1 new EV stock” pick.

That’s ultimately just a guess, though. I haven’t read the “The EV Flex Plan: An Easy Path to 7-Figures” report he put together that details his pick and the reasons behind his recommendation, nor am I a member of his advisory service.

So if you want to find out what company he’s teasing for sure, it’s probably best to see his report. The only catch is that to access that report, you have to join his service, called the Intelligence Report, which costs around $50.

How Does the Intelligence Report Work?

The Intelligence Report is a Jim Woods investment advisory service that was originally founded by Richard Young. After taking over the service in 2017, the website states that Woods continued “helping conservative investors make more money.”

Aside from giving you access to his “EV Flex Plan” research report, Jim Woods says that the service provides subscribers with a look at his “time-proven strategy for accumulating safe, secure, yet high-performing retirement assets.”

“This not only gives you a preview of this EV charging company and its FLEX plan for market domination…

It also gives you a look at my time-proven strategy for accumulating safe, secure, yet high-performing retirement assets.”

How does the service work?

The core features of the Intelligence Report service are the monthly issues, where Woods breaks down his analysis of the financial market and economy, and the model portfolio, where he shares his latest investment ideas.

It’s unclear exactly what sectors Woods focuses on, but the site suggests that the service covers investments in the industrial and technology sectors.

Aside from that, subscribers get access to regular updates on Woods’ recommendations, quarterly conference calls, training videos, and a library of research reports.

As mentioned, I’m not a member of this service, but based on what I can see, it’s a comprehensive, potentially worthwhile service. And it only costs $49.95 to join.

There are more expensive options that come with different bonuses, but that’s the price to join through the presentation, and the site says it comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Who Is Jim Woods?

According to his stockinvestor.com bio, Jim Woods is a former hedge fund trader turned financial writer with over two decades of experience.

He has an impressive rating on TipRanks, too, an independent site that ranks the stock picks from different financial bloggers and stock picking gurus.

As of writing, he’s ranked 7th out of more than 11,000, and in the presentation, he said he’s managed to maintain a top 10 ranking for more than a decade.

He’s also contributed to other respected finance sites, including InvestorPlace, Street Authority, and MarketWatch, over the years.

As for his services, Woods’ flagship advisory is the Intelligence Report, but he also runs a handful of others, including Successful Investing, Bullseye Stock Trader, High Velocity Options, and Eagle Eye Opener, which focus on different investing strategies.

At the end of the day, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following his investment ideas, but Jim Woods does appear to have a strong track record.

Bottom Line

It’s no secret that tech stocks have been slammed this year, some beyond recognition, and nobody knows for sure where the “bottom” will be.

But global economies will continue rolling on, and the electric vehicle trend will almost certainly continue ramping up in the years ahead, as will demand for EV chargers.

That doesn’t mean you’ll get rich betting on EV charging stocks, though, because there are many variables to consider. And as with any investment, there are risks involved, which is why it’s a good idea to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Anyway, that’s my take, hope it helps.

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