Enrique Abeyta’s “#1 AI Stock” (aka #1 ChatGPT Stock) for 2023 Revealed

Enrique Abeyta of Empire Financial Research has released a new stock teaser about his “#1 AI stock for 2023.” According to Abeyta, artificial intelligence (AI) could be “the next $15 trillion technology,” and the “$22 stock” he’s teasing is “at the center of it all.”

Enrique Abetya in a presentation on the Empire Financial Research website discussing his artificial intelligence prediction and stock pick.

Abeyta claims that the stock has “legitimate 10-bagger potential in the coming years,” and at one point, he even went as far as to predict that the company “could very well be the next Amazon, Google, or Tesla.”

Those are some pretty bold claims, to say the least.

But despite all the (typical) hype… he did make a rather compelling argument as to the potential of AI in general, and I wanted to know what company he was teasing without having to fork out $2,000 for his Empire Elite Growth newsletter.

So, I looked into his clues.

And in this post, I’ll show you what I found.

Update (April 18, 2023): I just found a new stock teaser from Enrique Abeyta about his “#1 ChatGPT stock for 2023,” and after going through his pitch, he appears to be teasing the SAME company (C3.ai) as he did in the presentation I discuss in this post. The only difference is the marketing. Here is the Web Archive link to the ChatGPT version of the teaser.

Enrique Abeyta’s “#1 AI Stock for 2023” Revealed

Based on what I just discussed, we know that the company Abeyta’s teasing is operating in the artificial intelligence space and that its share price is somewhere around $22.

He also mentioned something about how the company is “about to release a brand-new product by March 31,” which he says “could send its shares soaring.”

I’ll unpack that last part shortly, but for now, what other clues did he share?

According to Abeyta, the company is partnering with some very well-known companies in different sectors and has “over 100 patents and pending applications.”

“Artificial Intelligence is expected to add $15 trillion to the global GDP.

“And this firm is already a dominant player.

“It is partnering with major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Shell.

“It has over 100 patents and pending applications in this breakthrough industry.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20230315003950/https://secure.empirefinancialresearch.com/?cid=MKT721880&eid=MKT722552&assetId=AST289432&page=2

He also dove deeper into the technology the company is working on, generative AI, and talked about why he believes it’s such a big deal.

“I am talking about artificial intelligence, or ‘AI.’

“And more specifically, generative AI.

“You see, instead of merely analyzing data like your typical AI software, generative AI is now using that data to create its own content.

“We are talking about text, images, videos, codes… and much more.

“If you want to know the ONE technology you should be investing in right now, IT IS THIS.”

What is generative AI? According to techtarget.com, it’s a “type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce various types of content.”

Basically, it’s AI that can create its own content, and some examples of this technology in action include Open AI’s ChatGPT (text-based) and DALL-E 2 (image-based).

I don’t know if you’ve used either of those, but I have played around with ChatGPT, and I’ve found it to be nothing short of remarkable. We are still early days in terms of what is possible, but I am convinced that AI (in general) is going to be massively disruptive.

Does that mean Enrique Abeyta’s stock pick will make you rich?

If only it were that simple! Anything is possible, but there is no guarantee that any individual company will make investors money, as there are many variables that can impact a company’s stock price beyond what a given technology may or may not do in the future.

Nevertheless, I wanted to know more, so I kept on digging…

And Abeyta dropped many clues about this company, which made figuring out his pick pretty straightforward. Here’s a summary of the other clues he shared:

“In just four short years, it went from $92 million in revenue to $253 million.”


“But here is the wildest part… this stock is trading at a fraction of the price it was two years ago.

“At $22, it’s actually trading at an 87% discount.”


“It trades on the New York Stock Exchange – and ANYONE with a basic brokerage account can buy shares.”


“My #1 AI Stock for 2023 is not your garden variety tech stock. Its sales have more than doubled in the last four years.

“It has contracts with Shell, Bank of America, Raytheon, Google, Microsoft, and even the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense.

“And its CEO is a true visionary, a Silicon Valley veteran who has won awards from Goldman Sachs, Glassdoor, and Harvard Business School.

“He has gone ALL-IN on his current venture.

“He owns over 4.7 million shares of the company’s common stock…

“And he’s lowered his salary to less than $6,000 per year.”

And lastly, here is a clue he shared about the company’s CEO:

“As Forbes pointed out, ‘history suggests it’s dangerous to bet against [this CEO.]'”

What could it be?

Enrique Abeyta’s “#1 AI stock” appears to be C3.ai, Inc. (ticker: AI), an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software company based in California.

I can never guarantee that my guesses are right, but C3.ai fits the clues Abeyta shared like a glove, so I’m as confident as I can be that this is his pick.

Why do I think it’s C3.ai?

Well, for starters, the clue Abeyta shared about the company’s CEO matches what is said about Tom Siebel in this Forbes article. And Siebel is the founder and CEO of C3.ai.

Second, the presentation is dated February 2023, and the company’s stock price did trade around the $22 range in Feb (it’s now sitting at just over $21).

A stock chart of C3.ai taken from the Google search results.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=c3+ai+stock

And third, according to what is shown on macrotrends.net, the company’s revenue was $92 million in 2019 and $253 million in 2022, which matches another one of Abeyta’s clues.

I could go on… but it seems clear to me that this is Abeyta’s pick.

Also worth noting is that I did some digging regarding his “March 31” statement, and this was the icing on the cake about C3.ai being his AI pick.

What’s Happening on March 31?

According to Enrique Abeyta, the company he’s teasing (which I believe is C3.ai) is “about to release a brand-new product by March 31.” And he dropped some additional hints about this toward the end of the presentation.

“It just announced a line of products that takes ChatGPT…

“The AI platform that reached 1 million users in five days…

“And applies the full potential of this tech to aerospace, oil and gas, utilities, health care, financial services, and defense.

“One former commanding general calls this upcoming release a “technology breakthrough,” and says, ‘This is game changing for U.S. DoD… and can help dissolve the biggest barrier that we have to effective action.’

“And get this… we expect this product to come out by March 31.

“Look, long story short: I believe this year will be a breakout year for my #1 AI Stock for 2023.”

Those hints led me to this page on the c3.ai website about the launch of its new “C3 Generative AI Product Suite.”

I’m not an expert on what this “product suite” entails, but the following is a snippet from the page I just shared that describes it pretty succinctly:

“C3 Generative AI for Enterprise Search provides enterprise users with a transformative user experience using a natural language interface to rapidly locate, retrieve, and present all relevant data across the entire corpus of an enterprise’s information systems.”

Source: https://c3.ai/c3-ai-announces-launch-of-c3-generative-ai-product-suite

Long story short….

Not only does the company’s description of its product suite center around generative AI (which is something Abeyta discussed in the presentation), but the quote he shared about how this tech could be “game changing” lines up with what’s shown on the above page as well. So, that seems to be what Abeyta was talking about when he mentioned March 31.

I don’t know how big of a deal this product launch may or may not be, but I would suggest taking Enrique Abeyta’s comments about the company he’s teasing’s “shares soaring” as a result of its product launch with a (large) grain of salt, as it’s just speculation.

Bottom Line

On the one hand, I found this presentation to be quite sensationalist. To be fair, I’ve seen a lot worse in the newsletter space, but Abeyta made some very bold claims in this pitch.

For instance, one thing he suggested was that the company he’s teasing could be a way for retirees to “fast-track their retirement,” without explaining that there are significant potential risks involved with betting on stocks, let alone small stocks.

“The fact is… almost all American retirees need a way to fast-track their retirement account NOW.

“And one way to do that is by investing in QUALITY growth stocks when they are still small… before they blow up.

“And I believe that my #1 AI Stock is one of those quality stocks.”

It’s hard not to be bullish on artificial intelligence, in general, as a technology. And I tend to agree that it will be very disruptive in the years ahead, perhaps even sooner.

But I don’t think it’s wise to rush into any investment expecting it will make you a lot of money, because there are no guarantees that will happen.

Also, keep in mind that the newsletter Abeyta’s pitching (Empire Elite Growth) costs $2,000 to join and does NOT offer cash refunds.

So there is a pretty decent risk in giving it a try, which is why, if you do want to join, I would suggest trying one of their cheaper services first.

For example, I have joined and reviewed the company’s flagship service, Empire Stock Investor. So you might find that post helpful if you want to get an idea of what Empire Financial Research’s newsletters are like before deciding anything.

Anyway, that’s my take. I hope you found it helpful and would love to hear what you think, so if you feel like chiming in, drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice work Tim, really I agree with you, A.I will be very bullish but we need a bullish QQQ too.
    I think A.I, will change ours lifes, thank for sharing and please check more the Eric and Luke Lango reports, really they give a lot of information and I like the research done. thanks

  2. thanks Tim , i am glad to have your service , i am buying fetch.ai crypto so hearing about AI was helpful.


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