What Are Chris Rowe’s “Hyperprofit” Stock Picks?

Investment guru Chris Rowe has released a video on the True Market Insiders website dubbed “Move Your Cash Now,” where he teased two “Hyperprofit stocks.”

According to the presentation, Chris Rowe believes we could see a decade where most stocks underperform, while one group of stocks in the energy sector could see outsized gains for years to come. And he’s particularly bullish on two companies.

In this post, I’ll walk you through what Chris Rowe is predicting, show you what two stocks he’s teasing, and give you an overview of the service he’s pitching, Sector Focus.

Beaking Down the “Hyperprofit Stocks” Teaser

The “Move Your Cash Now” presentation began by stating that Chris Rowe has “called every major market turn and run” for the past two decades.

And it highlighted his latest prediction that most stocks could slump over the next decade while one group of stocks (“hyperprofit” stocks) could thrive.

“Thanks to a booming new shift of market forces, which is bigger than anything we have seen in over 50 years, we are about to witness a decade-long slump where the stocks most average investors hold will go flat, or even negative, for an entire decade straight.

Chris sees only ONE group of stocks that he believes will thrive during this 10 years of market darkness… A group of ‘hyperprofit’ stocks that is already on the rise and promises to give regular investors a shot at outsized gains for years to come.

And it’s not big tech, FAANG, or any of the stocks that make mainstream headlines…”

What exactly is a “hyperprofit stock?”

Well, as you may have guessed, this isn’t an actual type of stock.

Instead, it’s a term Chris Rowe uses when referring to a group of stocks in the energy sector that he thinks could see significant gains in the years ahead.

During the presentation, he talked about how the technology and healthcare sectors (among others) have been trending down but how (compared to the S&P 500) the stocks he’s bullish on “are the cheapest they’ve ever been.”

Given some of the hints he dropped and charts he shared, I was suspicious that the sector he was referring to was commodities or energy-related.

And eventually, Rowe confirmed this by saying he believes many of the “best hyperprofit opportunities” will come from the energy sector.

“As you may have noticed, many of the best hyperprofit opportunities will come directly from the exploding energy sector.”

He also said that some of the “early hyper profit stocks” he’s recommended to his followers are “already beginning to explode.” And he listed three companies as examples, including Ocean Power Tech, Sunworks, and Aemetis, which are renewable energy companies.

So, why’s Chris Rowe so bullish on the energy sector?

What stock is he teasing?

And why should you care?

Well, on the first question, Chris Rowe claims that “one simple signal” his mentor gave him many years ago is what has led to some of the best calls of his career. And this appears to be a central part of his latest “hyperprofit” stocks prediction.

In short, the signal Chris Rowe’s referring to is what he calls “Demand Control.” And it centers around the idea of measuring a “special rush of demand” in certain sectors before institutional investors “pour billions” into that space.

“I have seen time and time again that this one signal is the most important predictor for big-institution money-moves.

It’s what my mentor called ‘Demand Control.’

When you can measure a special rush of demand, concentrated into a single group of stocks, you can measure when Demand has taken ‘control’ of a group of stocks.

Once Demand Control is established, you just need to be in BEFORE institutions jump in and pour billions into that one single space.

The flood of cash is so immense you’ll see unknown stocks explode all over the place like fireworks… and this gives regular folks a shot at MONSTER paydays.”

Chris Rowe didn’t elaborate on precisely how his so-called “Demand Control” signal works. However, he did share some examples of how he has used it in the past. In particular, he shared some examples within the biotech and semiconductor sectors.

According to Chris Rowe, he looked into “demand data” back in 2020 and found that Venture Capital Funding into biotech companies “had absolutely exploded.”

And he claims that, after picking up on the “strong Demand Control signal,” large institutions piled into an ETF, which “nearly doubled an entire group of stocks.”

I don’t know how accurate or worthwhile this “signal” is, but according to Chris Rowe, “Demand Control has just been established in a brand new space.”

The “space” he appears to be referring to is the energy sector. And in the next section, I’ll show you two energy sector stocks he teased in the presentation.

Chris Rowe’s Hyperprofit Stock Picks Revealed

Uncovering these two stocks was easy because, along with some clues, Chris Rowe literally shared the names of the stocks on two different charts in the presentation.

Here are the main clues he shared about his first pick:

“This company is a monster in this space.


“They posted record-high profits last year, smashing their previous 7 years of operation.”


“Their earnings per share have sky-rocketed 6,733% compared to the same time last year…

And demand for this stock has already begun to shift, take a look for yourself.”


“I’ve just learned that this company has recently started a massive share buy-back of their own stock to the tune of $10 billion.”

As part of the “take a look for yourself” clue above, Chris Rowe shared a price chart of Exxon Mobil Corp (ticker: XOM).

I checked this company against his other clues, and it’s a match. So, Chris Rowe’s first “hyperprofit stock” is Exxon Mobil, a Texas-based multinational oil and gas corporation.

What about his second pick?

After giving the first one away so easily, I thought maybe the second pick might’ve been more difficult to uncover, but nope… he revealed that one too.

Here are the clues he shared about this stock:

“In the past year, another different company has already delivered investors a clean 242% return.”


“This company just entered into an agreement to acquire another multinational energy company.”

That’s not a lot to go off, though. But like before, Chris Rowe shared a chart of this stock, which revealed that the company he’s teasing is Vermilion Energy Inc (ticker: VET).

I also looked into some of the clues he shared about this company, and they match. For instance, the stock has gone up roughly as much as he mentioned over the past year, and the company has just entered into an agreement to acquire another energy company.

So, Vermilion Energy, a Canadian oil and gas producing company with global operations, is Rowe’s second “hyperprofit” stock pick.

I’ve written about several stock teasers from Chris Rowe on this blog, and this is the first time I’ve seen him tease stocks that aren’t in the tech or biotech sectors.

So it was a bit surprising, but at the same time, that’s what his Sector Focus strategy is all about – going after sectors with strong momentum.

In any case, if you want to find out why Chris Rowe is bullish on the companies he teases in the presentation (which appear to be Exxon Mobil and Vermilion Energy), the best thing to do would be to check out the two research reports he’s put together:

  • The One Hyperprofit Stock Every Investor Should Own
  • Two for One: The Next 10X Hyperprofit Stock

However, the only way to access those reports is to sign up for the advisory service he’s pitching, Sector Focus. So let’s discuss that service now.

What Is Sector Focus?

Sector Focus is an investment research service headed up by Chris Rowe of True Market Insiders. And according to Chris Rowe, it’s dedicated to “identifying and focusing on the sectors about to explode thanks to Demand Control.”

I’ve come across Sector Focus before, and you can see my full review of it here.

But in short, Chris Rowe’s strategy involves identifying the major sectors with the greatest strength relative to the overall market. And he essentially “niches down” from there to find the best sub-sectors, industry groups, ETFs, and stocks from there.

Each month, Rowe shares his “#1 demand-driven trade,” a Featured Sector of the Month video, and up to ten additional Sector Focus recommendations.

The service also comes with training, the bonus reports I mentioned earlier, and other resources aimed at helping you become a successful self-directed investor.

As a subscriber, the basic idea is to sign up, learn Chris Rowe’s sector investing approach, and decide which recommendations, if any, you want to follow.

How much does it cost?

The price of a Sector Focus subscription varies depending on which page of the True Market Insiders website you join the service on and which membership option you choose.

But as of writing, if you join through the presentation we’ve discussed here, the price is either $79, $129, or $149 per year.

Is it legit?

Regardless of how exciting the presentation may seem, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Chris Rowe’s recommendations. However, I don’t believe Sector Focus is a scam, and it comes with a 60-day refund policy, according to the order page.

That said, I think it goes without saying that there’s no getting your money back if you lose money speculating in the market. So, as with any service, there are risks involved.

Who Is Chris Rowe?

Chris Rowe is the owner of the financial research company behind the presentation and Sector Focus service called True Market Insiders. He’s also the owner of a registered investment advisory firm called Rowe Wealth Management.

In short, Chris Rowe’s profile states that he began his career on Wall Street in the 1990s, serving wealthy clients for investment banks. And at some point, he decided to give that up and become a stockpicker, which is what he’s probably best known for today.

His flagship service is Sector Focus, but True Market Insiders sells numerous investment and trading-related services that cater to different groups of people.

I’ve written about some of his stock picks, too.

For example, before this, I wrote about his L.A.S.E.R. stock picks, and before that, I wrote about his “Apirion” stocks. Both of which are centered around tech stocks.

Bottom Line

The “Hyperprofit stocks” presentation centers around a group of stocks that Chris Rowe believes could thrive in the years ahead. And based on what he said in the presentation, the “group of stocks” he’s bullish on are primarily in the energy sector.

Time will tell if certain “hyperprofit” stocks thrive while many others remain flat or decline, as Chris Rowe predicts, but I wouldn’t expect to get rich overnight because nobody has a crystal ball. And there are a lot of different opinions about what could happen next.

Nevertheless, I hope this post has helped shed some light on the presentation, and if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this, add your comment below.

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  1. The comment box on Ian King’s micro chip tech named Ion Implantation wasn’t working.Agree with Axcelis Tech. of Beverly Massachusettes.Still mystified by Chris Rowe film stating 2 dollar stock 22 patents 2 day manufacturing time down from 4 months. Savings in chemicals,energy usage in the 80 to 90% range.Also talk of 50 billion transistors on each chip.Didn’t give location of company.
    Know that Japanese company Rapidus is starting production in 2027 and IBM in 2025.


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