What Are Adam O’Dell’s “Fear to Fortune” Stocks?

I recently came across an ad from investment guru Adam O’Dell about his “fear to fortune” stock picks and decided to look into his clues to see what they might be.

In short, O’Dell claims that one of the companies he’s teasing could be the “most profitable stock recommendation” of his career, and he’s predicting it could see a “2,000% gain.”

“I predict every $1,000 stake could come back as $20,000 in the next five years … a full 2,000% gain.”


“I’m convinced my No. 1 Fear to Fortune stock could be the most profitable stock recommendation of my career.”

Source: https://pro.moneyandmarkets.com/p/WMC-SFTFEAR-001/LSFTYC31/Full

I have no idea if he’s right or not, but that’s an incredibly bold prediction and one I am highly skeptical of because the chances of that happening are very slim.

In any case, the whole thing is a pitch for a $47 investment research service called Green Zone Fortunes, which I have tried and reviewed.

And while he didn’t share the names of his picks in the teaser, I think I’ve managed to figure out what at least one of them might be, which I’ll discuss in this post.

Unpacking O’Dell’s Fear to Fortune Prediction

I’ve looked into quite a few Adam O’Dell stock teaser presentations, and one thing I’ve found is that they are almost always overhyped.

So before I even get into what I think he’s recommending, the first thing I want to do is suggest taking most of what this slick salesman says with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, the main premise behind this sales pitch is that Adam O’Dell claims we are “nearing a bottom” in the market because “fear is everywhere.” And he seems to think that this is a “beautiful thing” as it could mean a reversal is coming.

“… right now, I know we are nearing a bottom.

“Because fear is everywhere.

“In fact, stock investing is at ‘record lows’ as everyone is fleeing to cash, which is at an ALL-TIME high.

“And, if history is any guide, that’s a great thing.

“A beautiful thing.

“Because it confirms that ALL the sellers have sold, and the only direction for the market to go is … up.”

O’Dell shared numerous charts in the presentation about how “this same ugly scenario” has played out “12 times over the last 100 years.” And he said that the masses “fleeing” the stock market has “signaled the bottom” every single time.

“You see, what most people don’t know is … we’ve been in this exact same ugly scenario 12 times over the last 100 years.

“And every single time, the masses’ fleeing’ the stock market signaled the bottom.”

Furthermore, O’Dell claims that the “smart money” is “already loading up” on stocks and that they’re investing in “fear to fortune” stocks.

What does that even mean?

Well, there’s obviously no such thing as an actual “fear to fortune” stock.

But O’Dell defines these as stocks that offer more growth, income, and profits. And he says they’ve historically achieved gains of up to 2,000% within five years.

Here’s a snippet from the teaser:

“… the smart money is already loading up on stocks. Billionaires like Warren Buffett, David Tepper and Ray Dalio just invested over $50 billion.

“However, they aren’t loading up on mutual funds, ETFs or any of the usual investments, because they aren’t aiming for just 300% gains.

“They’re investing in what I call ‘Fear to Fortune’ stocks.

“Stocks that offer…

“More growth.

“More income.

“And more profits.

“Stocks that have historically achieved gains of 500%, 1,000% and 2,000% in just five years.

“Today, I’ll show you exactly what these Fear to Fortune stocks are, and how to follow in these billionaires’ footsteps with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

“You’ll even see my No. 1 Fear to Fortune stock.”

How does he supposedly find these stocks?

O’Dell claims that he’s developed a “blueprint for investing in Fear to Fortune stocks,” which involves 1) investing at the “bottom of a bear market,” 2) identifying an industry on the “verge of soaring,” and 3) investing in stocks with a “green zone rating” of 90 or higher.

What is a green zone rating?

The green zone rating system is basically a stock rating tool O’Dell created, which you get access to as a member of his Green Zone Fortunes service.

You can learn more about it in my review of Green Zone Fortunes, but the general idea is that you can punch in a ticker, and the system spits out a rating of between 0 to 100.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s see what stocks he’s interested in.

Adam O’Dell’s “Fear to Fortune” Stock Picks

All told, Adam O’Dell teased three stocks in this presentation.

And the first company is apparently his “No.1 fear to fortune stock.”

As for the clues, the first main clue was that, according to Adam O’Dell, several well-known billionaires have invested in the company:

“Larry Fink now owns 10,000 shares.

“Jamie Dimon … 46,000 shares.

“And Ken Griffin … 131,000 shares.”

Next, he revealed that it’s an energy company.

In short, O’Dell said in the presentation that the demand for oil “is expected to soar” and revealed that the company has both renewable energy and oil and gas operations.

“My number one Fear to Fortunes stock is in the energy sector.”


“With people going back to work and driving more, the demand for oil is expected to soar.

“And with my No. 1 Fear to Fortune stock, we can make money in both renewable as well as the old and gritty energy sources like oil and natural gas.

“Because this company operates eight thermal power plants…

“Three hydroelectric power plants…

“Three major wind farms…

“It has the world’s fourth-largest reserves of shale oil…

“And it has the second-largest reserves of shale natural gas.”

Third, he dropped some hints about the size of the company:

“… it’s 28 times smaller than Exxon.

“150 times smaller than Shell…

“And 216 times smaller than Chevron…”

And finally, he shared some clues about its stock price.

One was about its trading history:

“… the stock has a history of moving, in less than five years, as much as 2,300%”

And the other hint was the following chart that suggests its stock is trading at around $25:

A chart of Adam O'Dell's number one Fear to Fortune stock pick.
A chart of Adam O’Dell’s number one Fear to Fortune stock pick.

What could it be?

The short answer is – I don’t know.

The first clue he shared didn’t lead anywhere because those guys have invested in a lot of different companies.

However, the second set of clues about the company having the “fourth-largest reserves of shale oil” and “second-largest reserves of shale natural gas” led me to a Reuters article about an Argentinian shale formation known as Vaca Muerta.

And based on that, it would seem that the company O’Dell’s teasing most likely has operations in Vaca Muerta. But after looking into a bunch of different companies with operations in Vaca Muerta, none of them seem to match his clues.

Some of them came close, but no cigar.

So, I’m genuinely stumped with this one.

If you have any ideas of what it might be, let me know in the comments section below.

As mentioned, I am a subscriber of the Green Zone Fortunes service, which is where O’Dell reveals this pick. But I haven’t read his report or logged into the member’s area to solve this one, purely out of respect for the fact that it’s a paid service.

Anyway, O’Dell also teased two other stocks. And while his clues were pretty vague about the first “bonus” pick, I think I may know what his third pick is.

Here’s what he said about this company:

“Right now, it’s also trading under $10.

“Yet, it’s one of the largest gas extractors in the world, and operates one of the biggest pipelines as well … sending natural gas through more than 5,700 miles to distribution companies, power plants and other industrial customers.

“That’s why this company is the third Fear to Fortune stock you should buy today.”

That clue led me to a Yahoo Finance article that discusses three companies, one of which is called Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A., an Argentinian natural gas company.

And it looks like a possible match because:

  • According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest natural gas extractor in Argentina.
  • According to the Yahoo Finance article I shared above, the company has a pipeline network “spreading across 5,700 miles.”
  • And third, its stock (NYSE: TGS) is currently trading for just under $9 a share.
A chart of the TGS stock taken from Google search.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=tgs+stock

So to sum it all up… I don’t know what O’Dell’s number one “fear to fortune” pick is, or his second pick, but that looks like a possible match with the third stock he teased.

Bottom Line

Adam O’Dell’s “fear to fortune” teaser was all about his prediction that the market has potentially bottomed and could be ready to turn around.

And he teased three stocks, all of which are energy companies.

I have no idea if O’Dell’s “nearing a bottom” prediction is right or not, nor do I know if his stock picks are good investments.

What I do know, however, is that nothing is guaranteed.

Nobody knows what is going to happen in the market going forward, let alone what specific stocks will go up in the future, much less which ones will see a “2,000% gain.”

That, folks, is pure hype.

So I would recommend taking the presentation with a grain of salt and not buying into those sorts of overhyped predictions, as they are essentially just a way to sell more newsletters.

Speaking of which, if you want to get an idea of how Adam O’Dell’s stock picks have (actually) performed lately, check out my review of his Green Zone Fortunes service.

Not only do I discuss his model portfolios, but I also break down how the service works, which may help you decide if it’s worth signing up for or not.

And with that, thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks.Tv guys saying could be plenty of medium sized banks invested in u.s.debt whilst rates were zero,with no insurance on the investment.


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