Is Legit or Scam? [Sephora Review]

I discovered a site called Sephora today (located at or

And I’m not talking about the beauty company. I’m talking about the site that claims to be a “social earning network” that pays you $50 per task you complete and $15 per friend you refer.

Is it legit?

No, / is not legitimate and does not pay you to complete tasks or refer friends. It’s a scam. And it’s basically the new version of an old scam I exposed called Notion Cash. Which never paid anyone what they were owed.

In this review, I’ll walk you through what this site is really about, and how it really works, to show you why referring your friends would be a huge mistake.

What Is About? is a new site that claims to pay you up to $50 per task you complete and $15 for every person you refer to the site, who creates a free account.

But in reality, it’s a reboot of an old scam called Notion Cash, which never actually paid anyone what they were owed.

How would I know?

Because first of all, whoever’s running this couldn’t even have been bothered to change the name of the last scam on some of the pages.

Here’s a screenshot of a testimonial that is meant to be for Sephora, but is really for Notion Cash:

Notion Cash Testimonial on Sephora Website
Notion Cash Testimonial on Sephora Website

And here’s the about page: About Page

As you can see, the “invite your friends” page and “about” page both clearly use the name Notion Cash. And that’s because the same people who run this, ran the now defunct scam called Notion Cash.

Which was a scam that never paid anyone a single cent.

I know this because I reviewed it myself and received tons of comments from people who never got paid. Not to mention, so many people were scammed by Notion Cash that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) itself issued a warning about it.

Read my full review of Notion Cash for proof of what I’m saying.

Anyway, my point here is that this is really just a reboot of Notion Cash. And Notion Cash is one of many defunct scams run by these people. I’ve seen this same type of scam site dozens of times now.

And every time it’s the same deal.

They promise you good money for completing tasks, answering questions, and referring friends. And then, even when you complete the work, they don’t pay you.

How Does Sephora Work?

The way Sephora works is like a classic bait and switch.

For starters, the “tasks” you are given aren’t real tasks. Instead of paying you to complete simple tasks like answering questions or testing apps, you’re basically directed to questionable sites to sign up for services – which cost you money.

For example, when I tried to complete one of the $50 tasks I was directed to a site called Which wanted me to provide my credit card details and sign up for video streaming services.

Here’s the task I thought I’d earn $50 completing:

Simple Tasks to Complete Within Members Area

Now here’s where I ended up after following the “steps”:

Media Streaming Site Asking for Credit Card Information

A quick bit of research revealed that is a scam site that charges your credit card despite saying they won’t.

It was the same for the other tasks they have in the members area. They appear to be real tasks but in reality whoever is running the site is just getting you to join sites they’re affiliated with.

There are legit sites out there that do pay you to complete simple tasks such as surveys and other basic tasks.

For example, I recently reviewed a couple of legit work at home sites called Surveytime and Remotasks, which pay you to complete tasks.

The way these work is you sign up, complete surveys or other jobs they give you and earn cash and gift cards in return. Not very much, but it’s a simple way to make a few extra bucks.

But that’s not what is going on here.

In this case, you’re signing up for something that sounds amazing, when in reality they are just getting you to join random sites they’re affiliated with.

Anyway, the second point I want to make is that you don’t get paid to refer people to the site. They say you’re getting paid $15 per person you refer to the site, but that is not what’s going on.

Because even though it looks like you’re earning money in the back office – nobody ever gets paid. Even if you have dozens of referrals and it says you have $100’s waiting to be paid out, that money never makes it to your account.

Why Sharing Your Referral Link Is a BAD Idea

Other than completing simple tasks, which as I’ve shown aren’t even real tasks, the main way to make money with Sephora is to share your referral link.

As soon as you sign up, you are given a unique referral link which you can then share however you want. And if someone joins, you apparently earn $15.

But there’s also another way they claim to pay you for referring friends. And that is when you submit content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

They say you can earn extra just for sharing content on these sites.

How much can you (supposedly) earn?

  • Standard: $15 per person you refer
  • Facebook: $35 for every live-stream, video, or story you share
  • Twitter: $2 for every re-tweet you get
  • YouTube: $50 for uploading a video
  • Instagram: $25 for every post you upload

This seems like such a good, low-risk way to earn money online. After all, you just need to share your link and upload some content to start earning.

Payment Options

And they claim they pay you via gift cards like iTunes, XBox, Playstation, Google Play, or Steam. Or services like PayPal or Bitcoin for example.

But as I have said over and over, nobody ever gets paid.

So by sharing your referral link and uploading these spammy posts/ videos, you’re actually scamming people – without even knowing it. Which is a real shame.

And it’s very clever from the scammers point of view.

Because what they are doing is using these sites ( / to build an army of people who convince others to join. So it’s basically free advertising they’re getting, by creating a kind of “viral” scam.

So when you share your referral link, understand that you are helping to spread this scam for whoever is secretly running this. Which means not only do you lose time and potentially money, but others are too.

Which is why it’s such a bad idea to spread your referral link.

Not to mention, if you do upload content promoting this scam on ANY of those sites, you will probably end up getting your account/s banned.

Who’s Behind

Nobody knows for sure who’s running

They claim to be a “market Research panel that offers our valued members great rewards and gift vouchers in exchange for taking surveys.” And that they’re “headquartered in New York”.

But there’s nothing anywhere to prove this.

They also claim to have been in business for over 3 years, which is yet another lie. Because the domain was registered anonymously in October of 2019!

Even the “about” page on the site is total nonsense.

They claim to be Sephora, LLC but this is not true, Sephora is actually the name of a well-known online beauty store. They do not provide any information whatsoever about who’s really running the show.

They do not provide any contact details whatsoever.

So it’s a mystery as to who’s running this, it could be anyone from anywhere in the world. For all we know it could be a group of Nigerian scammers which wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Whoever they are… what’s in it for them?

Good question.

And the answer is, they earn referral commissions whenever you join the sites they recommend. Like the site I showed you at the outset. What they are doing is a form of (highly unethical) affiliate marketing. Where they are linking you to third party sites and collecting commissions.

The other way they earn is by collecting, renting, and selling your personal information. If you look at the fine print on the site, they clearly admit to sharing your information with their “sponsors”.

Which means any information you give them is fair game.

Such as your name, email, contact number, address and so forth. All of this information will be used to profit in some way, because that’s just how scam sites like this work.

Selling emails is big business online, it happens all the time. So if you suddenly end up with lots of SPAM emails after joining this, now you know why.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam. This is a site that pretends to help you make money online, when it’s really about making the people behind it money.

And there’s three main reasons I say it’s a scam:

  • The tasks you are given aren’t real, there are no apps to test or questions to answer. They just link to third party sites which ask for your credit card information.
  • Nobody is ever paid what they’re owed. Despite the money appearing to go up in your back office, nobody actually receives anything.
  • It’s the same scam as Notion Cash and many other similar scam sites I’ve exposed over the years.

Another major red flag that I haven’t really gone into yet is how they use the name Sephora, which is the name of a well established (and legit) beauty company.

The reason scam sites do this is because it makes it very difficult (near impossible) for people to find real reviews on Google.

For example, if you type “Sephora review” into Google – you’re not going to find reviews of this scam site. You are going to find reviews of that online shop that sells cosmetics.

And that is the whole point.

Because that way, if you can’t find reviews, there’s a lot higher chance you’ll sign up and start sharing your referral link. Which is exactly what these scammers want you to do.

Only a handful of people will type in “ review” or “ review” which is the domain names they’re currently using. And the sad part is that even then, they can easily change these domains at a moments notice.

So my point is, they’re deliberately making it hard for people to find honest, real reviews like this one. And that is yet another huge red flag.

Can You Make Money Sharing Referral Links Online?

It is possible to make money online and you can even make money online sharing referral links. I do it myself. In fact, I recommend products and services on this very site and get paid commissions when people buy. And I earn 6 figures per year doing it.

But here’s the thing:

  • It’s not as easy as they’re making out;
  • Nobody is paying you $50 to upload a YouTube video (lol);
  • And you should only every promote legit sites that provide value (and actually pay you).

Sephora is none of these things.

They make out you’ll earn quick and easy money doing virtually nothing, which is a total lie. And they never pay you.

In any case, the real process behind earning money sharing referral links is called affiliate marketing. Which is a business model where you earn money promoting other people’s stuff online. So when someone buys through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

It’s not hard and you can earn good money. But you need to learn the right process and take massive action over a consistent period of time to get anywhere worthwhile. I can say this from experience and knowing many others in the industry.

Related: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

So you can make money referring people to sites through affiliate marketing, but sites like Sephora are simply not going to help you.

Summing It Up

Sephora / /… whatever they’re calling it by the time you’re reading this – is not legit. Instead of helping you earn money by completing tasks and sharing your referral link, they’re running a scam.

One that literally sees you unknowingly sign up to scam sites and unknowingly invite others into the same scam. By sharing your link, you are helping to spread this scam all over social media, which is a real shame.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially since I know some of you probably really need the cash. But at the same time, I’m glad you landed here on this review. Because now you know what’s really going on, and you can help to warn others instead of encouraging them to join and lose money.


What Is
It’s the latest version of a scam called Notion Cash. They claim to help you make easy money online, but nobody ever gets paid.

How Does It Work?
The site lists simple tasks and surveys to complete for $30 to $100 a pop, and says you can earn $15 by referring people to join through your link. And even more by uploading content to social media. Then when it comes time to withdraw your earnings, nothing happens.

Who’s Behind It?
Nobody knows for sure who is really running this scam. They choose to hide their identity because that’s what scammers do.

How Do You Join?
By visiting the site and creating your free account.

Is It Legit?
No. It is not even close to legitimate and there is nothing good that can come out of joining. Which is something most people will probably learn the hard way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing on the Sephora scam ,just shared on my Facebook now am blocked from account ,I can’t think of anything else that triggered to this but Sephora scam link .
    I feel relieved I won’t share this link again or put my hopes up I will earn all thanks to you for rescuing me to this scam link?

  2. Yeah I would have to say it sad because I did sign up for in hopes to make money do to the fact I just lost everything living on the streets and I figured out that its was fake a scam and it just a waste of time

    • Sorry dear there ruined many people lives with there scam link ,but its not too late at least now we are more knowledgeable thanks to the one exposed its not legit .


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