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Inbound Closer Review: Legit Payton Welch Program?

Welcome to my review of Taylor and Payton Welch’s “Inbound Closer.” I discovered this program through an online ad, which basically claims to help you make big money with “this high-demand skill” that exists in a $129 billion industry. According to the presentation, you can “stuff your pockets with daily commissions of $980 or more.” And apparently, 1,621 people from around the world have already done this, in as little as 21 days, and within nothing more than a PDF

Profit Point Autonomy Review (Real $500 Per Day System?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Profit Point Autonomy. I discovered this “system” through an email I received from an online marketer, which basically said I should click the link to learn how to start making $500 per day online. I was skeptical, but also curious. So I decided to click the link to see what it was all about. Which led me to a video presentation by a guy named “Mason Brown.” In the video, Mason claims he

Make money selling t-shirts on Printful

Can You Make Money Selling T-Shirts on Printful?

Creating your own clothing brand is a feat that many people attempt, and companies like Printful are set on helping you make it happen. But can you really make money this way? Yes, you can make money selling T-shirts on Printful. It’s a legitimate on-demand printing and fulfillment service that can be integrated into your online store. There are no fees or order minimums – they only charge the cost of manufacturing and shipping once a sale is made. How

Portrait of fashionable dog dressed in a blue shirt and sunglasses.

Can You Make Money Selling Dog Clothes Online?

The reactions are divided. When you hear of someone dressing up their dog, you either roll your eyes or you adjust your own pup’s cute jacket. But there’s a third group of people, too: the ones who recognize the potential income opportunity relating to pet clothes. Can you make money selling dog clothes online? The average e-commerce store brings in a few thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars per month, and dog clothes are no exception. All you need

Woman selecting handmade crafts at a flea market

Can You Make Money Selling Crafts Online?

In the U.S. alone, the craft industry is worth over $43 billion! So, if you’re talented, you might be considering turning your hobby into a job. Can you make money selling crafts online? The average online craft maker earns $44,000 per year, but that number might be lower in reality when you take into account the cost of supplies and listing fees. Plus, higher earners skew that number upwards – over 65% of Etsy sellers made under $100 per year.

Group of friends sport fans watching rugby match victory

How to Make Money Online Talking About Sports

Few things beat the excitement of watching your favorite sport, whether it be at home on the telly or live amongst all the action. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. If you’re passionate about a particular sport, and willing to put some effort in, you can actually earn money sharing your commentary with others! Here’s three ways you can make money online by talking about sports: Create a sports blog Contribute to someone else’s sports blog Create a

Overview of girl hands binding knot on top of giftbox among pinecones and star anise while packing gifts before holiday

How To Make Money With a Gift Guide Blog

In 2019, Americans wasted $15.2 billion on Christmas gifts that were ultimately unwanted by their recipients. To make matters worse, only 31% of people who received a bad gift actually kept it; the others either gave it to someone else, sold/exchanged it, or threw it away. To avoid wasting money and potentially damaging a relationship, some people turn to gift guides to help them find the perfect present. And if you’re particularly gifted at gift-giving, then maybe you want to

Example of person researching online to earn money.

Can You Make Real Money Researching Stuff Online?

Popular search engine Google processes over 63,000 search queries per second, meaning a lot of people are familiar with internet researching, even if it is just in the form of Googling an answer to a simple question. And even if you’re like the average American, who spends about 24 hours online per week, you might not know that some people claim you can make extra cash by looking up stuff online. But is that true? Actually, yes, you can earn

Bitcoin Edge Website

Bitcoin Edge Review: Legit Trading App or Scam?

Welcome to my review of Bitcoin Edge. I received a spam text message about this system today and decided to take a closer look to see what it was all about. Apparently, it’s a trading app that allows you to make $1,000’s per day from home by investing in Bitcoin. Is it legit? No. Bitcoin Edge is not legitimate. It’s a scam that uses fake news stories, misleading claims, and other unethical tactics to lure you into depositing funds into

EZ Money Team Review Banner

Is EZ Money Team Legit or Just Another SCAM?

Hello and welcome to my EZ Money Team review. I discovered this site ( today after receiving an email about a “fool proof system” that can apparently make you $5K per week. Sounds cool, but is it legit or just another scam? After taking a closer look at EZ Money Team, I do not believe it’s a legit system, but rather a scam designed to whoever’s running it rich. It makes a lot of pumped-up claims, but I personally doubt Review

Is Legit or Scam? [Sephora Review]

I discovered a site called Sephora today (located at or And I’m not talking about the beauty company. I’m talking about the site that claims to be a “social earning network” that pays you $50 per task you complete and $15 per friend you refer. Is it legit? No, / is not legitimate and does not pay you to complete tasks or refer friends. It’s a scam. And it’s basically the new version of an old

Job Quitter Club Review Banner

Is Richard Harper’s Job Quitter Club Legit? [Review]

Job Quitter Club is a new system created by Richard Harper, that he says you can use to replace your job’s salary in a single month. And that he’s going to show you the “proven trigger to force money into your bank account”. Sounds cool, but is it legit? No, Job Quitter Club is not legitimate, it’s a get-rich-quick scam that uses clever sales tactics to trick unsuspecting people into buying. There is no such thing as a push button