Notion Cash – Scam or Legit Money Maker? [Review]

Welcome to my review of Notion Cash.

This is a new site that claims to pay you $15 per referral and $30 per task you complete. Apparently, members have been paid over $4 million to date.

Sounds exciting, but is this legit or just another scam?

Read on..

Notion Cash Review

I came across the Notion Cash website ( the other day, while looking into another site called Kids Earn Cash.

The site claims to be a “one of a kind Social Earning Network”, and says you can earn easy money referring others and completing simple tasks.

But this is simply not true, and here’s why I say this…

First of all, it’s almost identical to the Kids Earn Cash website. And in fact, it is virtually the same as many other sites, it just uses a different name and URL.

Second of all, while this site looks like an easy way to start making money online, it’s really not. Rather, it’s true purpose is to harvest your personal information and profit off of you.

I know this because I’ve seen this exact type of site many times, and nobody ever gets paid.

It appears as though you’re earning money just by sharing your link, but when it comes time to cash out, you get nothing.

You can earn money by completing simple tasks, and by referring others to membership sites. But that is not what is going on here, and I am going to show you why I say this shortly.

Before I do, I want to point out that the testimonials are completely FAKE.

On the website, you’ll see multiple testimonials from people who claim to be earning tons of money with Notion Cash. For example, this guy, who claims he’s making easy money using the site…

Notion Cash Fake Testimonials

I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on this blog over the years, so it’s easy to spot fake testimonials these days. And that’s exactly what this is, a fake testimonial.

Here’s proof that (like all the others) he’s really just an actor from a site called…

fiverr actor

The only money this guy made was from selling a fake testimonial to whoever’s running this site. Period.

Also worth mentioning is that these testimonials are actually for a site called “Influencer Club”. I did some digging and it turns out this is yet another version of this same site, that now redirects to the Notion Cash site.

In other words, Influencer Club was the previous version of this site. And instead of buying new fake testimonials, they’re recycling the old ones because it’s cheaper (lol).

How Does It Work?

The way this site works is by luring you in under false pretenses, for the purpose of harvesting your personal information.

They are building a massive ‘sucker list’ complete with names, emails, phone numbers, and even physical addresses. Which they will use to sell as much crap to you as humanly possible. And sell this to other unethical marketers, who do the same.

That’s the game, and this is what’s really going on here.

The ‘clever’ part of this scheme is that the site is using unsuspecting people (like you) to plaster their links all over social media. So that more and more people join.

You think you’re earning money by sharing the link, when in reality you’re spreading this scam further, and earning zero dollars in the process.

How do I know this site is total BS?

Because first of all, nobody is paying you $15 for completely random referrals. Plain and simple.

I do affiliate marketing full time, which (in a nutshell) is earning money to generate leads and sales for other companies. So I know first hand that literally no company is paying you this much.

If this was real, there would be some serious vetting in place. Not to mention, actual products would be sold in order to cover that huge referral costs.

Second of all, I’ve seen this same site many times over now.

Most recently, the Kids Earn Cash site which is a complete scam. The way these sites operate is exactly the same, just different names and URLs. I encourage you to read the review I linked to earlier to see what I mean. You will also see that there are TONS of complaints about it online, which I provide proof of.

Third, the so-called “tasks” the site gives you to earn $30, aren’t working at the time of writing this.

And even if they do work, they’re not tasks. They are you completing survey after survey after survey, to go in the draw to win something.

This is not a real income method at all.

Verdict – Is Notion Cash a Scam?

Yes, Notion Cash is a scam in my opinion.

The site pretends to be a “social influencer club” where you earn by referring others and completing simple tasks. But the reality is, nobody EVER gets paid a cent.

The people behind this site are collecting as much personal information as possible, so they can profit by sharing/ selling it to other scammers.

This results in tons of SPAM and in some cases can be dangerous. Because you never know who has all of that information and how they will use it.

In any case, this is not a legitimate way to earn money.

After a while people tend to figure this out, once they try to withdraw their money, and nothing happens. This is precisely why the scam needs to continue re-branding itself.

It wouldn’t surprise me if (like all the others) this site goes under in a few months time. As soon as one of these scams is exposed and shut down, a new version takes its place.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

Update: July 13, 2019

Today, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a Consumer Report, warning people about the Notion Cash scam. You can read the full BBB report here.

Here is a direct quote from the BBB report:

The money appears to tally in the account for each completed task, but when consumers try to apply for payment, often when they reach a $250 threshold or some other set amount, they allege that they are unable to retrieve the promised payment or contact the company for assistance.

Also this comment from the same report:

One possible purpose of this kind of operation may be data harvesting, for the likely intent of selling the consumers’ information to spammers. There is also the possibility of identity theft.

These validate the concerns I posted about this scam from the beginning.

It is only now that people are not getting paid, and more and more complaints and comments roll in, that people are becoming aware that they have been scammed. It won’t be long now until this scam is gone and a new one takes its place, operating under a new name.

Be smart folks, do not spread this scam by inviting people to join it.

80 thoughts on “Notion Cash – Scam or Legit Money Maker? [Review]”

  1. Site has changed named to Sephora. I signed up from a recommendation from a friend. Have waited 30 days for the payout. On this site you can’t even contact customer support. Tried to send email. It keeps saying there’s a problem sending. Looked up phone number and of course it’s a recording. RED FLAG! Unfortunately I trusted a friend who said it was real.

  2. I was supposed to receive $550 And that was in July and now we are in September and I still haven’t received anything And I still have a pending payment of 350 and I still didn’t receive that so yeah I think this is a scam and I wonder if I should do a lawsuit against them or just leave it alone

    • It is April 28th 2020 and I am here to tell you that this site is still up and running as far as I can tell. I remembered my friend posting about it on her instagram last year but I never looked into it. So I decided to see if it still exists today and it does. So for some reason it did not get shut down.

  3. well i just finish and cash out i guess it is a scam the things people do for money you cant trust no websites these days will keep yall posted if i get paided.

  4. Look im contact a lawyer in a few month ive been waiting 3 month amd i have 6 people sign up and it said i need 5 more it a scam whoever said they got paid is part of it i have the information and will go online to facebook Twitter and who ever will listen no notion cash

  5. They are a fraud i never received my payment and it says paid but to some sort of account in NC this is a SCAM YOU REALLY ARE NOT GETTING PAID THE PERSON BEHIND IS GETTING THE MONEY THIS IS A FRAUD FOR THEM TO GET YOUR INFORMATION.

    • My payment was due this month on the 7th and I haven’t received a payment yet.Even after contacting their support group multiple times.Nobody ever contact me or give me an update.Even though the payment was said to be paid out that day.

  6. I started laughing when they say they got a pay but they don’t even show proof that they got paid from the bank not from notion cash. They’re funny as hell they always say give us 24 hours but they never replied back when you asked and the question was your money that will all go to at the end of the day there is a scam look at the website and you can see the building I wish you I had people in New York I would’ve told him to go to that building to see if it’s true

  7. This is a scam i called FTC to file a complaint now we trying to see how we can go about getting a lawsuit against them because i dont think its far that they tell us what we have to do and when we did all the task NOBODY got money back so yes to me its a problem its two things u dont mess wit my kids and my money so imma get to the bottom of this

  8. I already got the 5 referrals and it said I got paid but still no cash was paid to my account. So how can we start a lawsuit?

  9. Yep, and it’s true notion cash is a big scam and I never received any payments from this fraudulent company. These people are stealing information to steal your hard earned money. I would recommend that you contact the hosting company and have them take notion cash down permanently.

  10. Yeah I’m starting to think it’s a scam also it said my $250 payment was sent days ago and I haven’t received anything at all and they won’t answer my messages now smh we should start a lawsuit for false advertising………… they put up a new rule saying u have to get 5 people to join to cash out we’re about to see I only need 2 more people to join to be at 5 referrals if I don’t receive my payment I’m gonna try to get a lawsuit going for false advertising.

  11. I was supposed to get my 250 at 12am and I was waiting counting the days down and on top of that I needed to pay a bill I was really depending on that money now I’m popped .they let me down foreal depending on that 250

  12. They are a scam I unfortunately didn’t check the reviews first and got excited to have made 250 and got nothing so don’t fall for it like I did

  13. I created my account last month and it told me July 8 2019 at 12am I was supposed to get my $250 to my cash app. It never came talking about they having some problems but my money should be coming soon and I’m still waiting and it’s July 9,2019. So if you ask me yes this a scam and I’m pissed off because I really could have used that $250.

    Thats bold that they have you do all these things for money and still get played I wish I could expose them and call corporate but they don’t have a corporate office.

  14. It’s a scam!!!!! It just said that I was paid but I haven’t received anything for my cash app .

    If I could I would post a pic of it!!!!!

  15. It’s A Scam. I done it because my bday is 7/4 and that’s my 30th bday. I really needed that money and haven’t received a dime. So it’s a scam.

  16. Still haven’t received my 250.00 payment. It says paid, but I have yet to receive anything. What is the customer service number?

  17. Notion cash is a straight scam so whoever’s talking about they received their money is a damn lie I was supposed to get my payout 6-29-19 mind you it says paid but today is now 7-1-19 and I still haven’t received any money to my cash app so yeah this is a fucking scam and your not gonna receive your money and like I said whoever said they did is a lie

  18. Still haven’t received a payment from them and my payout day was today it’s now 3:43 where I am and I still have no money I think it’s a scam

  19. I’m also waiting for a payout of $500 that was supposed to be paid today 6-29-19 but when I get on it still says pending and when I chat with the customer service lady it’s like I ask her questions but your not answering them but we’ll wait and see if I really get the money to my cash app think everyone was right it’s a scam!

  20. Thank all of you for the positive feedback on this scam. Although your misfortunes are upsetting at least it can prevent other innocents from falling into the scam.

  21. This seems redundant!
    I also requested a pay out that was to take 4 weeks. It stated that I was paid on 6/25/19 with a Transaction # but nothing. I contacted Pay Pal for them to put a tracer on it. I will update this site if I find out more!

    • So I heard back from Pay Pal and they said there was no payment made to my account and to contact Notion Cash for follow up. Of course, there was no answer from Notion Cash to my e-mail questions about payment. Scam!

    • Yup. Won’t be long now until this scam changes its name and URL to something else, because people are starting to catch on.

      • Same here. I was supposed to receive money yesterday. It says paid nothing yet. Lady keeps telling me dont worry it takes a little time to update sometimes. Update what? It’s supposed to send me money not updates.

  22. Any updates from anyone that has actually gotten paid?? If its to the good to be true then I guess it is but there is always hope. I am currently downloading apps and following instructions but I will stop until I hear at least a few positve feed backs. Thank you.

  23. I asked the customer service lady how long it would take for the money I cashed out to come in . She said about 4-6 weeks

    • What’s the customer service number I am waiting as well and it say I was paid but it’s been two days and nothing

  24. I also signed up with NotionCash to do surveys and download apps and complete the task! I’m also waiting on my 250 deposit since 6/15/19 and it just says pending! I’ve called their customer service number and have left several messages and no call backs! I’m beginning to think this is a scam!

    • I been waiting since the 26th of this month June 2019, they say paid on my phone at the bottom of their site, but I haven’t received a dime. I gave them my cash card information.

      • Me too!! I’m waiting it was supposed to be in my account on July 16 th and so when I message them they tel me they are having issue, but when I asked them other questions they don’t answer it says paid but they didn’t pay nothing

  25. It’s funny how this person says it’s a fake but then gives you their way to earn money. If you ask me that’s a scam in itself. I have also put in to receive my money. My sons friend also earned money from this site. So we’ll see.

    • What’s wrong with recommending real ways to earn revenue online?

      I only recommend programs I use myself and that I know are 100% legitimate. So I think that is helpful to people who visit this site.

      Notion Cash is definitely fake, there is no doubt about it. Because as I said in the review, I’ve seen this scam many times before and just like all the others, nobody ever gets paid. Not to mention, I earn a living online so I understand how real referral marketing works, and this simply is not that.

      Anyways it’s only a matter of time before you figure this out yourself. Thanks for commenting.

  26. Hi Lashondra,
    You said you received your money but this guy says it fake and never replied to your statement. I’m waiting to see if I receive my money.

  27. Well I received my money so I don’t feel it’s a scam at all I received 750 through my paypal and it was well worth it

  28. Well i guess I fell victim and was wondering if I could reverse it i used my paypal. Are they going to directly take money or steal dat or something. Should I be worried?

    • I can’t advise you one way or the other. But personally if I had given these people my PayPal address, I would be changing it asap.

      And the reason is because (if the people running this are in fact serious scammers and not just unethical marketers) they could potentially take your PayPal email, along with whatever password you used to create your NotionCash account, and attempt to gain access to your PayPal account.

      People often use the same passwords for multiple sites, which is why this can work. So if you used the same password on NotionCash as you do for PayPal, they may be able to gain access to your PayPal account, unless you have 2 factor authentication setup.


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