Website Profits Pro Review: Make $500 Per Day or SCAM?

Hello and welcome to my Website Profits Pro review.

I discovered this site by chance after receiving an email about a new online money making system. The site claims you can make $500 per day on autopilot, just by pushing a button.

Apparently, you get access to a special turn-key niche website that “churns out cash as easily as walking up to an ATM and making a withdrawal”. As if it’s some sort of virtual money machine.

Is it the real deal?

Website Profits Pro claims to provide complete beginners with a push button system that generates $500 per day or more. However, after taking a closer look at the system, it doesn’t appear to be a legitimate method of making money online, let alone hundreds per day.

Read on to learn more.

What Is Website Profits Pro?

According to the Website Profits Pro sales video, it’s a system that can make you $500 or more per day, without doing any real work, and without any prior experience.

The spokesperson in the video says all you need to do to make money is login to the system, select how much money you want to withdraw and click a button to receive your money.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true?

I know I’d like to get my hands on such a system if it were real, I mean who wouldn’t?

But the reality is that this “system” is not what it appears to be. Instead, Website Profits Pro is a system that really only benefits the people who are running it, at your expense.

They use clever sales tactics and a bunch of trumped up claims to lead you to believe it’s going to change your life in an instant, but that’s not what really happens.

I also want to point out that it’s not free.

In the video, the spokesperson says he’s going to be giving you access to the system for free, but that is complete nonsense. The system costs $47 to access and there are lots of upsells. So if you do decide to buy, know that the real cost runs into the hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, in the next section, I’ll explain how this system works and how making money with a website (really) works, so you know what you’re dealing with here.

How Does It Work?

The way this system works is similar to sites I’ve reviewed like Website ATM and Money Sucking Websites. To the point I personally believe these sites are run by the same people.

Basically what they’re doing is sending out mass spam emails, like the one I received, which takes you to the sales page, which uses a bunch of sketchy tactics to get you to buy.

Like saying all you need to do to make money is watch 4 videos, wait 4 minutes, and push a button:

Push Button Claims in Sales Video

This is pure hype. And unfortunately a lot of people buy into it, hoping that “this one might be real” and that it might solve their money issues. It’s only after buying that you discover later that there is no “virtual money machine” or “turn-key niche website” at all.

What you really get access to is nothing like you would expect.

What sites like this are really giving you access to, is some cheap, generic PLR content about making money online. PLR content is basically just existing PDF and video material that you can buy for pennies and sell at a higher price to make a profit.

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It’s the sort of stuff that is honestly not even worth buying.

In fact, it’s not hard to find higher quality, more up-to-date training about making money with a website for free, on a good blog.

Either way, you certainly don’t get access to a “state-of-the-art business automation system” as the spokesperson suggests. Nor does it allow you to push a button and watch the money roll in. That system simply does not exist.

Who Created This System?

There is no information on the website about who owns or runs Website Profits Pro.

The person in the video is really just a spokesperson:

Spokesperson for Website Profits Pro

And I say this for a couple reasons…

Firstly, because he just looks like someone who is acting. I’ve seen a lot of these videos over the years so to me it was pretty obvious.

Owners of System- Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow

Secondly, he actually admits he’s not the owner of the system in the video. And says that the real owners are Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow.

Apparently, they’re the brains behind Website Profits Pro. But we never get to see them in the video, so there’s no way to know if this is real or fake. I did some research to see what I could find, and I was unable to find any information about either of these people at all.

You’d think if someone really had really “cracked the code” to making push button money using pre-made websites, they’d at least have a Facebook profile or a website… something. But that’s not the case, these people are essentially ghosts.

Is that because they want to keep everything a secret because it’s so valuable?

Maybe, but I seriously doubt it. I mean, think about the following two scenarios and see which one you think is more likely…

Scenario 1: “Calvin and Jesse” created an (and I quote) “automatic transaction maker that uses advanced monitoring and computerization technology” that is so valuable they don’t want anyone to know about it (except for everyone they spam).

Scenario 2: Some shady internet marketer made the whole thing up to make money. And these are just the names they chose when putting the scam together.

Which do you think is more likely?

I know what my money’s on (lol).

Is Website Profits Pro a Scam?

Yes, I personally believe Website Profits Pro is a scam.

And here’s why I say this:

  • The sales video is full of “get rich quick” hype and never shows you what it’s really about.
  • It’s very similar to other scams like Website ATM (review) and Money Sucking Website System (review) that I exposed a while back.
  • You do not get an automatic money making website after buying.
  • We don’t even know who’s really running this.
  • Other red flags I’ll walk you through shortly.

I guess it’s not a scam in the sense that you do get “something” for your money. As in some basic content that you could probably find for free online.

But it’s honestly just a classic example of a push button scam, the type I warn people about all the time. The types of systems that promise you the world, without doing any work at all.

Systems that, immediately after buying, present you with numerous upsells (higher priced products). And when it’s all said and done, you only end up losing money, while the people running the scam make a tidy profit at your expense.

It’s a shame, but this is what goes on.

Fortunately, there are real ways to make money online.

It’s not as easy as pushing a button, that is a fairy tale scammers use to sell you stuff. But you can be successful if you learn the right process and put the work in over time.

But before I elaborate on that, let’s take a closer look at some of the other red flags. This will give you more insight into why I say this isn’t a legit system.

3 Common Red Flags to Watch Out For

There’s honestly a lot of red flags on this site. But after reviewing hundreds of systems over the years, I have come to learn some of the most common elements to watch out for:

  • Get rich quick sales hype
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake scarcity

Let’s take a closer look at each of these red flags that I found on the Website Profits Pro website, that are also very common among scams in general, so you know what to avoid.

Get Rich Quick Hype

You know the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Well that might be an old saying, but it’s very relevant within the online world and something worth heeding. Because without a doubt, every scam I come across, including this one, uses get rich quick claims to get people excited to buy.

In this case, the spokesperson completely avoids (ever) explaining how the underlying program really works. And instead, spends the whole time talking about how much money you’ll make, how easy it’ll be, and how fast the cash will begin rolling in.

Showing video snippets of cash raining down, how he’s sitting back on his chair relaxing while the money pours into his account… basically pure hype.

This is how they get people pumped up to buy. But on it’s own, it’s not enough to close the sale because people are still skeptical. Which is where the next red flag comes into play.

Fake Testimonials

Throughout the video and on the website itself, there are lots of testimonials from people who are supposedly using the system and seeing amazing results.

They even have images popping up at the bottom left corner of the page, alerting you that other people are making money as you watch the video:

Fake Testimonials on Website

It looks convincing.

But are these people really using the Website Profits Pro system to make tons of cash?

I don’t think so.

Because as with most bunk sites I come across, these are probably just actors who are paid to pretend like they’re making money, or plain old stock photos.

Stock Photo Woman on Shutterstock
Image source:

So I personally doubt that anyone in the video is actually making any money with the system at all. It’s a shame people resort to these kinds of tricks. But that is what unethical marketers do to sell stuff when real people aren’t making money with the system.

Fake Scarcity

This is the third major red flag and equally as misleading if you ask me.

Fake scarcity is when someone selling you something pretends like there are “limited spots” or that “time is limited” so you need to “act fast” or you’ll miss out.

And the Website Profit Pro site is full of fake scarcity.

For example, it says there are only “8 spots remaining in your area” and there’s a countdown timer under second video and on the order page. Everywhere you look, something is telling you that you need to hurry up and take action before the offer expires.

This tactic works surprisingly well, because people hate missing out.

And legit companies use this to increase sales all the time, which is okay. But it’s obviously not okay, and a huge red flag, if they’re lying about it.

Which in this case, I believe they are.

All you need to do is refresh the page and all the countdown timers and limited spots starts over again. Here’s a screencast I took from the order page to show you what I mean:

Fake Countdown Timer Order Page

As you can see, the countdown timer is completely fake.

They just want people to buy on impulse because they know that as soon as you start reading honest Website Profit Pro reviews you’ll think twice before buying.

Anyway, there are more red flags than this but these are the main ones. And I think knowing these can really help you avoid future scams.

Can You Really Make $500 Per Day With a Website?

Yes, it is definitely possible to earn $500 or more per day with a website. And you don’t have to be some tech genius to do it either.

But it does take time and effort.

The idea of plugging in to a ready made niche website that makes you $500 per day is something that would appeal to a lot of people.

I mean who wouldn’t want to skip the work and start making money right away?

But that’s just not how it really works.

In reality, “turn-key websites” fit into these two main categories:

  • Those that don’t cost much, but aren’t worth buying or using
  • Those that cost a fair bit, but can make you money

Let me explain…

The first type of turn-key website is like what Website Profits Pro is offering you, and it’s pretty much a complete waste of time. And the reason is because they do not bring you any traffic. If you want traffic, an essential ingredient in making money with any site, you need to be creating unique content that helps people (more on this below).

The second type of “ready made” site is legit, but typically costs a lot of money. You can find these on sites like for example, which has websites for sale that other people have already developed. These can make you money, but be prepared to pay $10,000’s for a good one that is actually turning a decent profit.

Personally, I don’t recommend either way to get started online with a website.

Because the first one is a scam, and the second just costs too much. Especially for someone who is new to the industry. There are better ways, like starting your own site.

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What’s the Proper Way to Profit With a Website?

First and foremost, if you want to make money with a website, avoid sites that promise you overnight riches at the push of a button. Like Website Profits Pro for example.

I earn 6 figures per year with my websites and I can tell you truthfully that it took a lot of work to get to that point. It was totally worth it, but it was no easy ride.

I’m not going to write a novel on making money with a website here in this review. But I will give you an overview so you know how it works, and link to an article at the end if you want to learn more.

In a nutshell, there are four steps involved in making money with a website. These are the four key steps involved and this is how real people make real money with very real websites:

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Create content
  • Promote stuff

Choosing a niche is pretty simple, you’re just selecting a group of people you want to help with your site. For example, people interested in the outdoors, fashion or animals.

Most people are afraid of building a website, but this is actually the easiest step of all thanks to the technology we have these days. It can be done in minutes.

Creating content is the part that takes the most time and effort. And the reason we do this, is to get free traffic from search engines like Google. Because when you create helpful content that people in your niche are searching for, you get quality, free traffic on your site.

The last step is about making money. There’s lots of ways you can go about this but I personally like affiliate marketing. This is a simple business model where you can promote other people’s products on your site, to earn commissions.

As I said, I won’t go into full detail on this here as it would be getting off-topic. But if you want to learn more about making money with an affiliate website, check out this free beginner’s guide.

Summing It Up

Website Profits Pro claims to help you make $500 or more per day with a turn-key niche website that does all the work for you.

Just pay the $47, sit back and relax as the money rolls in on autopilot.

Sounds cool, but it’s total BS.

Unfortunately these types of systems sound amazing and are often very convincing. But when you look a little closer, the red flags start to appear.

And it becomes obvious that this is just another scam that is designed to make money off of unsuspecting people. Folks who are just looking for an honest, real way to make money online.

So as you can probably tell, I won’t be recommending this.

I don’t make a habit out of recommending something, unless I feel it’s 100% legitimate, which in this case it’s not. There are far better programs out there that actually work.

11 thoughts on “Website Profits Pro Review: Make $500 Per Day or SCAM?”

  1. I am anxiously reading on………..I’ve tried all the stuff you have been thru, so need some guidance on to something legit and honest.



    • Hi Lou,

      You can learn how to start an online business here. On that page I show you how to get started with affiliate marketing (selling other people’s stuff), which is legit, I know because it’s how I earn a living online. It does take time and effort though, so just know that it’s not a way to get rich quick.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, have you tried it out but did not succeed? How do you know if you never actually tried it? So, why would we not think about yours as being the same?

    • Hi,

      I gave my opinion in the review, so it’s up to you what you decide to do with it.

      I earn a full time income with niche websites, and I’ve been doing this for over 4 years now, so I know how this stuff works. Which is how I know that the claims Website Profits Pro makes are total nonsense. There is no such thing as an automatic money making site. The whole thing is a money grab, which is clear when you understand the real process involved in making money with a website. But by all means, try it and see for yourself if that’s what you want to do.

      Because for starters, I only recommend legitimate programs I use myself, that actually work.

      Second, I never make exaggerated claims. I clearly tell people that making money online takes time, effort and persistence.

      And third, I show people how to get started with a website for free. Because this way, people know exactly how everything works, before making any decisions. Which I think is far better, more ethical, and more transparent.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best going forward.

      • I have attempted to contact website profit pro for several days now after paying $47 and their answering service gives me the run around, so l guess l’m out of $47 so why should I trust you. Every online business l’ve encountered are scams and it just makes me so angry when l get no results for my hard earned money. And what this about storage and handling privacy policy.


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