Website ATM Review – Scam or Legit Way to Make $500 Per Day on Autopilot?

Welcome to my review of Website ATM.

This is a new site that claims to help make over $500 per day by “pushing a button”. Apparently, all the work is done for you, so you just signup and watch the cash flood in.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. In this review, I’ll show you what this “system” is all about, to help you decide if it’s worth buying or if it’s something you should avoid.

Website ATM Review

I came across this site while surfing the web, and the moment I saw it I knew something wasn’t right.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of ‘make money online’ programs on this blog over the years. So you come to know when something is at least halfway legit and when it’s just using hype to sell you something.

Unfortunately, Website ATM falls into the latter category.

This site uses every trick in the book to convince you that by signing up, and paying the $47 fee, you are going to get access to a secret money making system.

One that generates you at least $500 per day or more, at (literally) the push of a single button.

I earn a full time income online, with a website, so I KNOW first hand that making money online does not happen that easily. There is no such thing as pushing a magic button to make money.

Other than using extremely misleading hype, the site also uses other tactics like pretending there’s only “limited spots” available.

So that you feel you need to ‘hurry’ and buy before the time runs out. This is known as ‘fake scarcity’ because the truth is the spots are NOT limited at all.

Simply refresh the page and the number of available spots resets.

The other thing this site does is use FAKE testimonials to pretend as if other people are making tons of money with the system. Right throughout the sales video, we see constant popups of people who are supposedly making money with Website ATM.

Fake Testimonials Website ATM

I’ve seen my fair share of fake testimonials so I know them when I see them. But I don’t expect you to take my word for it so here’s proof…

stock photo proof

As you can see, these people are nothing more than stock photos.

I could go on about all the BS in this sales page, but I think you get the point. These people are using every trick in the book to convince unsuspecting people to buy on impulse.

What exactly are you buying and how does it work? Read on…

How Does It Work?

Website ATM works by luring you onto the sales page, and selling you into a scam.

This typically starts with a SPAM email or an advertisement of some kind. I’ve seen this same sort of site many times now, and one common method they use is fake news articles.

As in, articles that appear to be a legitimate news report but in reality are ads to funnel you into the sales page.

For example sites I’ve reviewed like Money Sucking Websites literally use the SAME sales video and site design as this, and use the same tactics to lure you in.

In any case, the whole thing starts by luring you to the sales page.

One you’re on this page, they want to get your name, email and phone number before you can proceed. This is so that (even if you don’t buy on the next page) they can SPAM you and sell your information to other unethical marketers who’ll do the same.

If you do buy, the initial cost is $47 and you get some VERY basic (generic) training on ways to make money online. Stuff that in my opinion will not help you make much, if any, money online.

And what’s worse, if you do buy, you are immediately hit with upsells.

The people running this pitch you on progressively higher priced programs. Within the site itself, by email and phone, using pushy telemarketing sales people.

Unfortunately some people have lost a LOT of money this way.

It can also be very difficult to get your money back from sites like this because they are constantly changing URLs and website names. Not to mention they often operate overseas behind the cover of anonymity.

Verdict – Is Website ATM a Scam?

Yes, in my opinion Website ATM is a blatant scam.

This site uses extremely misleading marketing hype to convince you that spending $47 will lead you to riches. Even claiming that everything will literally happen at the push of one button.

But Website ATM goes beyond misleading hype.

Their SOLE goal is getting as much money out of you as humanly possible. Which is why the initial payment is just the beginning.

Those who do buy are upsold higher and higher ticket programs that are equally as useless as the first one.

Make no mistake about it, the only people “getting rich quick” here are the people running this scam.

It is possible to create a legitimate income online. But like ANY worthwhile endeavor, it takes time and effort to build your business and see results. Nothing happens at the push of a button.

This is something scammers say to make money off of unsuspecting newbies. Plain and simple.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

41 thoughts on “Website ATM Review – Scam or Legit Way to Make $500 Per Day on Autopilot?”

  1. Thank you for this review, I have looked for years for a real online business and see this crap all the time. It takes work real work to make anything a success

    • Glad you found it helpful Jonathon, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not hard to create a successful business online but it does take time and effort, and that’s when you have access to a legit method for getting started online.

      Unfortunately, sites like Website ATM just want your money, so they promise all kinds of BS that has no substance whatsoever and use every trick in the book to convince people to join. It’s especially sad to see this happening now, when so many people are losing their jobs, but that’s how scammers operate. Zero conscience.

      Anyways thanks for commenting and all the best going forward. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tim,
    I knew this was too good to be true because that’s the saying, right… anyway I could tell they were actors I wasn’t convinced I know it’s not easy making money online either so a whole lot of red flags went up. They keep blowing up my text and constantly calling. Like Jessica says: “It is so hard to get by these days working a 9-5 so people are looking for ways to increase income and rather than people working together they rob you.” We all just wanna get ahead and hope to earn some extra money. Anyway I almost pressed the button then I decided to look for reviews and now I’m here. Thank you again.

    • You’re very welcome Evans and I think you are spot on with your reasoning here.

      Unfortunately sites like this prey on people who often are in a bad situation. They are quite clever and know the right things to say etc. But at the end of the day, like many people, you knew something didn’t feel right and you listened to your gut, which led you here. So nice work.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best moving forward.

    • I didn’t charge you anything. This is a review, and you are on a review blog.

      If you want your money back, you will need to contact the people who run Website ATM.

      • Good luck..they have the ability to answer but they don’t give you straight answers and then when you ask for your money back they refuse and put you back into the membership area..I had trouble logging in.. and got so pissed over it I tried to get my money back fairly quickly.. they do not care

  3. Well , I paid the $47 and got to the end of all the videos for website ATM and was given a number to call to set up my username and password and so far I have hit a brick wall , no one answers or if they do they put me on hold for so long till the call is dropped. So much for trying my hand at affiliate marketing.

    • I got someone and he sounded like a angered man in his kitchen but he answered, “Corporate Office, how can I help you?” So that was red flag #1 for just the phone call. He then went on to make himself coffee and breakfast, it was hilarious.
      I kept notes and the entire thing was completely unprofessional, and I’ve tried getting my $47 back as well and am considering going to my bank to attest it as a charge back for service purchased but never used.

  4. Why is it so hard for anyone to say what it is they are promoting to sell?????? Okay you can make money online by selling products online but nobody will say what the product is that is going to be sold or how they are making the money. So in my eyes everyone of these people that say they can show you how to make money online are all scams and just trying to get rich on someones misfortune. The world has turned into such a shady misleading place. It is so hard to get by these days working a 9-5 so people are looking for ways to increase income and rather than people working together they rob you. There was once a time that you could ask some for guideance and not have to give your bank info or cc. There is nothing direct. Just like the work from home gigs. You could actually go to a site and see what the product is or know what was involved. Now its pay this and we will send you a packet with code language in so you have no idea what you are signing up for. So done with scams and crappy people. I dont know how people sleep at night taking advantage of people who are trying to succeed and get by in life comfortably. And im sure that i will get nothing but spam emails from leaving this comment or shall i say rant. Sorry that im not sorry for speaking my mind

    • Thanks for commenting Jessica.

      Totally understand your frustration. I have been there myself many times over the years, before I learned how to build a real business online which was in late 2015.

      I personally do affiliate marketing to earn money online, which allows me to promote literally any company/ products I want. You can learn about affiliate marketing here.

      I also want to point out that you definitely will NOT be spammed by leaving a comment here, or anywhere else on this site. Period. I never SPAM people and none of the emails provided in the comment section are used for marketing purposes. If it helps, you can view our privacy policy here.

      Appreciate the comment and wish you all the best going forward.

  5. Curious about your claims of really helping others join a legit online money making program. How do we know you’re not using some click bait system, stock photos, make believe or manufactured emails to boost your “scam”? Its so hard to believe anyone these days. Tell me… how do I know to single you out as the legit business that will lead me in the right direction? What guarantees do you offer? To really make a substantial profit, how much does one have to sink into the program to aid in his / her growth?

    Thank you

    • I don’t offer any guarantees at all.

      And the reality is, nobody can guarantee you that you will be successful or make money online. Period.

      I show people what I do to earn a full time income online and how to access free training and tools to get started with affiliate marketing. I bootstrapped my entire business for less than 50 bucks per month, so it’s very low cost to build an affiliate business in the way I recommend.

      I will say that it takes time and effort to be successful. Took me 3 months of working my butt off to earn my first dollar, and 18-24 months to get to the point of a full time income. So it’s not a “get rich quick” deal. It’s building a real, longterm, legitimate business online.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best going forward.

  6. These guys are sending me many many text messages per day and every single day with their promotional video and each time they use a different phone number so I can’t even block them and I’m not sure what to do. Please help me and tell me how can I stop them from spamming me and to make them completely stop. They are freaking annoying

    • Yeah that’s an unfortunate and common side effect of giving scammers your personal information.

      The reality is, once these people have your phone and email, there’s very little you can do to stop the SPAM. Because as you say, they use different numbers each time, so they know how to get away with it. So even if you do report them, they’ll just keep doing it over and over.

      To compound this, scammers will often sell your information to other scammers for a profit. Which means it’s not just this company, it could be many different companies sending you this crap.

      I also get SPAM emails, calls and text messages from scammers, so I know how annoying it is.

      The surest way to stop this (as much as it would suck) is to change your number and/ or email.

      Also, at the very at least, do NOT open any messages they send you, just delete them right away.

      Because after awhile they *may* (and that’s a very big “may”) remove you from their SPAM list due to you being an “unresponsive contact”. Most SMS and email marketing tools give the user the ability to check open and click rates, so chances are they keep track of this stuff. Because remember, their aim is to profit off of you by sending you these messages.

      So my point here is that it cost them money to SPAM you. So if you aren’t opening the text messages or clicking on the links within them, it is possible they may eventually remove you because it’s simply not worth it for them.

      Lastly, even though this probably won’t stop the SPAM given that they are clearly and deliberately breaking the law and working around it by changing their numbers etc, it may still be worth reporting this to the FTC to help stop these scammers:

      I hope this helps and all the best with everything going forward.

      • I get at least 20 emails a day of this kind Somebody sold my information. I am starting to recognize the names and delete them. They are very tricky and send an email that looks liike it is an email you should openI. They pretend to be possible employers and when you are looking for a job you have to lock on it. I have seen and heard that man talking about a magic button so many times. They even change the approach with a different video. I am ready to change my email. It takes me most of the day opening all the junk emails ( or it would if I answered them ). It should be a crime, punishable by prison. They can be very convincing,if they used
        their creativity for good ,they could make money and be proud of the work.

        • Yeah it is very annoying, I know exactly the kinds of emails you are talking about too, as I get these myself and have had for years. It’s just that these days I don’t give any of these sites my regular email, I use a kind of “junk” email for any site I don’t fully trust.

          SPAM actually is a crime, and it is punishable by huge fines, so it might be worth reporting this to the FTC:

          Thank you for commenting and all the best.

  7. After much investigation, I learned you are a scam, no one in your testimonial is an actual person, pandering neither are . You people make me sick. I joined and went for upgrades as you conned me with empty promises $129 I blew on your program you stole my money. I intend on letting folks know your all about thievery. Thanks for the education.

    • Hi Darla,

      I’m pretty sure you are referring to the creator of this program- Website ATM?

      I don’t sell any programs at all, and none of my recommended programs cost $129, so I can only assume you are referring to the Website ATM program in this review.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. I actually signed up and paid the money this is a scam and I’m trying to get my money back but it doesn’t look to good.

  9. I listened the the entire presentation “WEBSITE ATM”. I typed in all my information to make the purchase.

    It turns out that Chase Back had determined that this charge is being collected in the “Middle East”

    The presenter did not have a middle eastern accent, so we determined it to be Fraud. If it’s not Fraud, you are welcome to contact me and we can have a conversation

    I hope that someone willcall a validate this program as not a scam. Never talked about generating traffic. Just because you have a WEBSITE, doe’t mean anyone will find you. Ad Words are very important

    • Thanks for sharing Jeff.

      And absolutely, traffic is key to the success of any website. But you don’t need Adwords for traffic, this is just a way to monetise your site using Google ads.

      When it comes to traffic you can either pay for it or ‘earn it’ by creating good content on your site, which can rank in Google and Bing search results. Earning your traffic is far more profitable since you’ll have a zero ad spend, but it does take hard work and time.

      I created this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing, which explains how to build a site, generate quality free traffic and use your site to make affiliate commissions.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting.

  10. Tim, i started filling out for your training. I was scared that it would be too hard for me and too technically advanced. My heart was racing. I’d rather someone else do it for me. I’ve been left alone so many times & scammed so many times. I just don’t want to fail anymore.

    • Hi June, I’m assuming you’re talking about the training you found through this Get Started page?

      If so, this is absolutely something you can do, even as a total newbie. And the cool thing is I show you how to get yourself connected to a community of helpful people (experts and newbies alike) to help you every step of the way.

      Unfortunately nothing worthwhile is ‘done for you’. This is a marketing gimmick and it’s one scammers use to take your hard earned money. Typically some sort of high ticket recruiting scheme where they get you in the door at a low price point, then systematically upsell you into the $10,000’s.

      In any case, if you want to build a business online, it will take time and effort. There’s no way around it. But if you’re willing to put the effort in then you can be successful.

      What you will be learning is how to do affiliate marketing, which is arguably the lowest cost and simplest business model going, yet can be highly lucrative. I started off as a total beginner myself so I am confident that anyone can do this. Again it’s just time and effort, like anything worthwhile.

      Hope this helps!

      • Yes thank you but I have a different one nobody is answering I have to get a hold of customer service I have never been able to get in some are fake some are not and some require a different technique I would not know if it is fake I cannot get inside and the laptop and the phone crashed and I know who’s voice that is and he good at what he does but I have played but almost 3 weeks and I cannot get in or a refund if you know the contact info would be great but you are probably busy thank you for your time on I am Jeremy new and learning but not techie just trying to get it right good luck thank you and there are a lot of scams but not everyone trying to get us a lot more people than we think want to help keep it up see you at the top if I don’t hear from you wish you the best of luck

        Thank you
        Time is valuable
        Thank you for yours

        • This is a bunch of crap. I gave my credit card info and I was given a message saying to use another card that my card wasn’t accepted and to use another card. 20 seconds later I receive a text from my credit card company saying there had been a charge to my credit card!! unbelievable SCAM!!!!!

        • If you wanT a refund call 888 886 2953,
          Or have your bank, or credit card co. review the transaction
          And check for a phone number attached to the transaction record.
          My bank did a 3 way conference call and got my refund.
          The number the atmosphere people give you is an endless leave a message
          Good luck.

    • Tim Mckinlay or Travis I am giving you tell Tomorrow to get my Money back from April and couple week ago along with my wife Money. You are aware I am in Law Enforcement Sargent Ryan Cowan [phone number removed for privacy reasons]. That is the Number to the Police Department My Number [phone number removed for privacy reasons]. IMDS Highway Surveillance Unit (Edward Cummins you) Taken 47 in April 47 Couple weeks ago. 47 from my wife Gina Cummins Total 142.00 Dollars. YOU WILL HAVE ALL MY MONEY BACK TO ME OR I WILL CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FBI INTERNET CRIME DIV. I HOPE YOU ARE ONE OF THE STUPID ONE WHO THINKS I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. I DARE YOU AND I WILL SHOW YOU HOW US BROTHER AND SISTERS IN BLUE COME TOGETHER TO CLOSE DOWN LOW LIFE LIKE YOU AND YOUR SCAM DOWN YOU HAVE MY NUMBER AND EMAIL [email removed for privacy reasons]. Google My Numbers LIKE I PULLED UP YOUR BACKGROUND AND WILL POST TO EVERYONE PUBLIC INFORMATION FREEDOM RIGHTS ACT. I ALSO CONTACTED THE IRS TO LOOK INTO YOU. HAVE ALL MY MONEY BACK GO PULL UP MY ACCOUNT YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY WITH US. ONLY WARNING

      • Hi Edward,

        I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost money to this scam.

        But I did NOT sell you this program. I published a review about Website ATM, explaining why I don’t recommend it.

        If you read my review (above), you will see this in black and white.

        In any case, to be abundantly clear— I do NOT own, endorse or promote Website ATM.


        So if you want your money back, you will need to contact the scammers who sold it to you. Or whoever else you feel you need to contact. But I sure as heck didn’t sell you this or take any of your money at any time.

        I run a review blog (the one you’re on right now).

        All the best.

        P.S I removed your contact information (phone and email) for privacy reasons, since anyone can see comments posted here.


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