Money Sucking Website System- Scam or Easy Money?

I received an email today about the Money Sucking Websites System (MSW System).

It claims to be a “push button system” for making money with a website. A system that is not like all the other guru scams either.

Apparently, this system “pours out cash” into your bank account non-stop.

Since you’re here reading this you’re smart enough to know that sounds too good to be true. And you are right for thinking this way, because this program is not what it seems.

Read on to see exactly what this is about before you buy…

It All Starts With a FAKE News Article

The very first page I came to after clicking on the link in the email, was this fake news article…

Fake Work From Home Opportunity- News Article

This is supposedly an article reporting on a new “work from home opportunity” run by Amazon. Known as Amazon Cash Websites.

The reason I know this is fake is because I’ve seen this a number of times before on known scam websites. Such as “Facebook Bonanza” and “Facebook On Fire.”

The above sites use a very similar fake news article about a work from home offer. Except it’s supposedly from Facebook and some details are swapped around.

So my point is I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Which is how I know what I’m looking at, a 100% BS article that has zero merit whatsoever. I don’t expect you to take my word for it though, so I will prove it to you.

First of all, take a look at the photo of the family who claim to be crushing it with this:

Chris Peters Fake Testimonial

Karen and Chris Peters claim to be making “around $14,000 a month right now” according to the website. Funny, because this is nothing more than a stock photo…

Stock Photo Chris Peters and Family

These people are NOT making this money from Amazon at all. It’s fake.

And you can also confirm this is a fake story by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Where they legally must disclose that the article is fake…

Amazon Cash Website Disclosure

So to sum it up… people are being led into the Money Sucking Website System under false pretences. They are being ‘sold’ on a fake work from home job about Amazon, then being sent to the MWS System…

Fake News Article Leading to

This is a terrible way to promote any legitimate program or system online. And it’s a very good indication that what they are promoting (MWS System) is in fact a scam.

Let’s take a closer look though to see what the underlying program is all about.

Money Sucking Website System (MSW System)

The MWS System website ( uses every trick in the book to get you to shell out $47.

The video begins by claiming you can make $500 per day by literally pushing a button. That’s it. Just signup, plugin and watch the cash start pouring in.

Seriously. That alone is enough to confirm this is a scam.

Because this is not the reality of how online business works at all. I know this because I actually earn a full time income online. I know what it takes and it’s absolutely not that simple. Ever.

Furthermore, every time I have seen a program make this claim, it has been a scam.

Anyways, the video goes round and round in circles talking about how rich you will get and how quick and easy it will be. With a money making website.

That pretty much sums it up.

At no point does he explain to you what you are actually buying into. Rather, you are told you are going to receive $500 and a “Money Sucking Website”.

Who’s Behind MSW System?

Good question. The guy in the video says his name is “Willy Handcock” and shows a picture of him and his family. This is supposedly his way of showing you he’s real and not like all the other gurus.

Willy Handcock With Family

Except he’s full of it. Because here’s that same picture over on a stock photo site…

Stock Photo of Family

The website uses an anonymous domain registration too. And considering there is no other information given to use on the site, it’s impossible to know who’s really behind this.

Don’t Be Fooled by The Fake Testimonials

One of the most common tactics I see on scam websites, is the use of fake testimonials. And this site is no different. Here’s some of the people claiming to be making insane amounts of money with this system…

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2

They all claim to have been newbies and say that the system is making them tons of cash. Except this is NOT true, because they are paid actors.

Now here’s the same people over on Fiverr selling their acting services…

Fiverr Actress
Fiverr Actor

If this system works so well, and it’s really legit, why does he need to hire actors just to get a testimonial?

So What’s MSW System Really About?

Money Sucking Website System is really a way to ‘suck money’ out of unsuspecting newbies. Where the people behind it make all the money at your expense.

The true intention of everything leading up to now is getting you to buy the program on this page:

Money Sucking Website Order Form

This is where they ask you to shell out $47 within 5 minutes of landing on the page. Which, yet again, is another scammy tactic to convince you to buy on impulse.

All you need to do is refresh the page and the timer starts all over again.

Spots are NOT limited and there is no time limit. These people want to sell this to as many people as possible. Period.

Anyways, based on what I’ve seen from this and how similar it is to other systems I’ve reviewed, I decided not to buy this. I don’t need to throw money away to know something’s not right. Nor do I want to for that matter.

One thing I can say for certain, is that you will not be receiving a “money making website that pours cash into your bank account”. Not a chance.

I actually make money with a website. So I understand the process well. Which is how I can say without a doubt that you will not be getting a money making website that “pours out cash”.

To earn money with a website, you need to educate yourself. You need to learn how the REAL process works. Even when you do this, it takes time and effort to earn money.

It certainly does not happen in the way this guy claims.

He’s telling you it’s push button simple because he wants to profit from you. Plain and simple. That is the real story about what is going on here. He is certainly not trying to help you.

Is Money Sucking Website System a Scam?

Logic and my experience with similar programs, tell me that Money Sucking Website System is a scam. However, since I chose not to buy this I cannot say for sure it’s a scam.

I guess it is possible that there’s some value somewhere. I can safely say it’s not going to live up to (anywhere near) the hype though.

The marketing tactics are extremely unethical, this is exactly how scams operate.

They promise you the world, convince you they are different and deliver a low quality product. Then, they hit you with tons of upsells once you buy.

In most cases, once you buy a program like this you will immediately be hit with upsells. And as I’ve seen with similar programs, hidden fees and charges.

Also worth noting is that they are not running this through a legitimate third party payment processor. They are selling this directly. Which means your chances of getting a refund are much lower.


It is possible to earn a comfortable, even extravagant, income online. In fact, there is a wealth of opportunity to be had if you take the time to educate yourself and put in some effort.

Unfortunately, programs like this only exist to sell you stuff. The real people getting rich are the ones selling it to you. Once the complaints start rolling in, they shut down and a new “system” takes it’s place.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I can’t recommend this to you in good conscience.

119 thoughts on “Money Sucking Website System- Scam or Easy Money?”

  1. I want to thank you Tim McKinley! You just saved me from myself, I was about to shell out $67.00 to Markenark, sending me yet another scam website video showing me how I can earn $5oo.00 per day starting today. I shake my head because I never learn that if it’s to good to be true it is… lol, thankfully I had the sense to type in Markenark and find your article. This scam (Shocking Report About Mary’s system) happens to be narrated by a woman named Mary claiming to have made 2 million plus in the past two years. I am scraping by in life to just find rent money and they set me up for total failure. WHY are these Scammers not arrested and sent to prison for steeling from everyone? In closing THANK YOU AGAIN Tim.

  2. Address on Disclaimer in Ad online for Company is 30 SW Elm St Desoto, TX 75115. This address does nor Exist! Not on Google Maps, or anywhere online!

  3. How about getting hit up for a rotten coaching program from Utah for 15k. I’ll be all of you are super appreciate when you spent all of that money on internet coaching and you’re paying a $12 per hour coach for 10 sessions. The sessions are 25 minute sessions. You do the math. Hope is was worth it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  4. I knew something wasn’t right about this.. like a similar comment that was posted above about this offer being available in my area.. “United States Hollywood”? Incorrect.. in addition to me not even living in that area. What confirmed my speculations about sites similar to this, is that you actually found these stock photos elsewhere and actually found these paid actors creating these false testimonials. Totally sealed the deal for me and anything else similar. Thanks for shedding light to this. It’s horrible that there are people out there struggling and are looking to these types of opportunities only to scammed out of what they barely have to begin with. Glad I didn’t follow through and I’ll be looking into affiliate marketing as suggested. Thank you again. I hope more people will find your page before falling victim.

  5. Hello, Tim
    Your great for blogging about that scam site. See I automatically knew to look it up. You see I have a group on facebook called WHERE ARE YOU? I do searches for members who have lost touch with a family member or a friend. I have been doing this for 6 years. A lot of the time I get ladies and men who want me to find someone for them but they do not tell me that they met them online. I can tell right away that the person they asked me to look for is a scammer or not. I will go back and ask the person how did they meet the person and they will tell me the truth.

    You know what would be helpful if someone would make a page with all the internet scams on it. That way a person could go to the page and look up the site to see if it was legit are not. I also do back ground checks I was wondering do you post on sites that are scamming people are this one just caught your interest.

    Another question how do they get away with this ?? How is this not against the law is there some loop hole they use to get out of scamming people. People are skeptical of my group to because I ask for donations they think I am just trying to get money so I have the members who I have been successful at finding their family member or friend to write a review that way they can contact that member. thanks for seeing that people like this scumbag gets reported I just cannot believe they get away with this.

    • Hi Judy,

      Yeah so I do lots of reviews of other sites, and unfortunately many of them are scams because the internet is so full of them. The trouble with reviewing literally ALL the scam sites is that it would require a team of full time writers and to be honest it probably wouldn’t be viable from a financial perspective. There are probably 100’s of new scams coming out every single day, and many of these fly under the radar because they come and go so quickly.

      A classic example of this is the ‘link posting scam’. Sites that claim people can make money per link they post online (which is total BS). This particular scam has been running for well over a decade, and the reason it can keep going is because as soon as one version is shut down, a new one takes its place. Literally 100’s if not 1,000’s of versions have appeared over the years.

      It is virtually impossible for authorities to track down site owners like this, since they operate from different countries, under the cover of anonymity and constantly switch things up. This is why the single best thing anyone can do to protect themselves, is their homework.

      Anyways thanks for commenting and all the best with your FB group!

  6. I, too, watched the 30 minute video, and got as far as the page of putting in my cc information. I didn’t because my gut was saying, “If it seems too good to be true….”

    Thank goodness I listened to my gut.

  7. Update. I called 888-793-3429 and asked for the refund again. The lady who answered said I could receive half. I then told her that I had contacted an attorney who reviewed the website and if I couldn’t get the full refund, we would continue from there. She put me on a brief hold, then came back on the line and said I will be getting a FULL REFUND. I will wait the 7 to 10 days and update my results.

  8. I was recently reeled in to this money sucking website. I’ve sent a few emails asking for a refund of $47. They offered me half of my money back. I refused. How can they have the right to do this to people? I’m not giving up. Don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next, but I’m gonna be their worst nightmare.

  9. Thank you Tim for providing a good review. I’ve read other reviews where they just say it’s a scam but did not provide any proof. You provided ample proof. Thank you. Saved me some money.

  10. Hey Tim,
    I appreciate your awesome work you did to unveil this shame program. I opted to someone list to receive a free report after I see in the thank you page this money sucking website. I took all my time to listen this video and I heard all this promise this tell about this program and I google it and I read your article. Before I invest in any program I always look for information about this program that claim it can help you make fortune.
    That’s why I suggest to everyone who want to become internet marketer to research before investing in any kind of program that promise you sky.
    Your work is very useful
    Thank you

  11. The money sucking website has changed their name it is now new at home career the program is still 47$. Warn your readers.The devils are on the run.

  12. They almost got me. I am still reeling myself back from a trailer scam that I lost 500 dollars on. Scammers are on Craigslist beware of five or six hundred dollar enclosed trailers on Craigslist and payments with eBay Gift cards. The devils are everywhere robbing and stealing honest people hard earned money. Please do your research before sending money to any program no matter how good it looks or seems.

  13. This is a scam. At the end of the process they say call the number below to get logged in and there is no number listed. I could not find any any number on their site to call. I just flushed $47 down the toilet.

  14. I just received a phone call and subsequent voicemail telling me that my resume posted at a certain site has come to their attention. (my resume is legitimately posted on this site and I have received real job offers by employers finding my resume in this manner ) Amazon was hiring 20 people before the end of the month. This gets scarier for me because I have started the Amazon Affiliate process and I do a lot online sales for myself and others. A close friend of mine earns his living via the variety of ways that you can legitimately earn money via Amazon. ( He spends a lot of time and energy on this work and I was curious why he hadn’t contacted me to let me know there was a new program). So when the woman told me they had a job where I would be posting and reviewing products… well that sounds like something I would have applied for. It didn’t sound fraudulent until I actually went to the site she had directed me. The fact that I put in and ended up at a completely different site immediately made me itch a little. Lol. And the page itself is not convincing. But I’m extremely bothered that I was called and told to do this. I use the AT&T call protect and it does an extremely thorough job at blocking spam and even debt collectors. 860 467 1253 is the number I was called from. I don’t know why this extra step offends me so much. Would they have gone through this verbally on the phone with me if I had answered. ? I know that’s not much different than being emailed but I don’t even tell Facebook my phone number. (Although they somehow figured it out and once they sent me a text, I deleted FB from my phone. ).

    I guess in this situation, they just got close enough to some real facts about me that I was taken aback. Thank you for taking the time to spread the word and for replying to all these people speaking out and asking additional questions. People being good to other people online is just like being able to take a deep,full breath after an asthma attack. Thank you for putting some good out into the world and giving us something positive to focus on.

    • Hi Heather,

      Yeah it certainly is intrusive the way they are ringing everyone and leaving voicemails. This really shows the extent of this scam too, they must be hiring a lot of people to do this.

      Anyway, glad you listened to your instincts and did your homework, that is your best line of defence against scams in my experience.

      Thank you for commenting and all the best going forward.

  15. Hi. Well I guess I get to be another victim of this scam. I actually received a voicemail from the so called opportunity saying everything that is described in your article. I’ve been out of work for months, money is tight, and I’m always looking for a “life preserver”. I gave it a listen and was even skeptical during the whole song n dance. Ive even been faced with similar campaigns in the past and decided against it after seeing their videos. What was it about this one? I’ll tell you; if you listen very close to the audio, Mr. “Handcock” actually changes octives in voice tone and sounds quite legit than in the other videos on this site. I wasn’t 100% convinced but was enough to hand them 47.00. soon after, I even got 2 emails confirming my purchase and an email that contained a link to the “members area” where once logged in they show you a “dashboard” where you can begin to build these sites that just do nothing but create money (it seemed like). In the end, it’s NOT just a push of a button, it’s actually a webpahe of a never ending list of video after video explaining how watching the next video is going to reveal how to get started. After the first video, I was convinced I had been scammed and my 47.00 was history. I thought that a full refund was in order so instead of calling the number for customer service, I opt’d to email the support[at] address. Soon after hitting the send button though, I get a “mailer-damian” return on the email saying that the email address I sent to was “suspended” amd not accepting any emails. To me that means only 1 thing, that my 47.00 is never to be seen again. There’s an old saying that goes; “be fooled once, shame on them, be fooled twice and shame on you”, well, with all the indicators throughout the sales pitch telling me this was a scam I certainly qualify for “SHAME ON ME” for spending the money. Folks I’m living proof, that wealth and riches do not come to the foolish but only to the hard working. In the end, i’m still unemployed, about to go broke, and no where even CLOSE to having any type of wealth or even riches for that matter. If you are reading this prior to deciding to spend your money on easykits, take the advice of a fool and go spend that money on something else…or even better, save it… You’re gonna need it for something else much more Important.

  16. I too lost $47….but i did watch the video that was short of any real information. Then i got an outlook virus warning and it said to call asap otherwise all my information will be stolen. So i called and it turned out they were the scam. They said my IP address was compromised not the laptop. They said i had to pay $700 and then $10/mo for life. Well at that point i knew my bank would reject the charge and they did… so these creeps tell me they will connect me to MY bank. Thats when i woke up. I said no and they insisted. Lucky for me i was on my work computer. I knew that there was no way i would have to pay for something like this. I called my IT guy and he cleaned everything out and luckily they weren’t able to steal anything. This is the second scam this summer! I’m just trying to make money, and these thieves are stealing the money we don’t have. My bank is disputing it so hopefully I’ll get a refund. Thank you so much for your information. I will check out the sites you have suggested. God Bless.

  17. I was just scammed an hour ago I paid the $47 then by going through I ended up paying another $297 then I can’t log in anymore.tried calling their number 1 888 793 3429 it was an answering machine until was hanged up.

  18. Hi Got scammed said it couldn’t take my credit card to use another one I did not have another one thank God because it looks like they charged my account $60 instead of 47 maybe that’s another charge I have to go to the bank and confirm it but it was listed as EB poe poe so I don’t know if that’s the same thing let me know

  19. Update:
    I called the one number that I kept on seeing being repeted in the comments and some one FINALLY answered. But she was not wanting to give my money back. At first I was nice to her but her first comment was that she wants me to call back once I tried the site. I asked her again and I made sure I sound serious, then she says she can give me the refound BUT it will cost me $25 so I will get half or my refund. So I stop being nice and told her why am I getting half when I was told that I will get a full refound back. So then she said finally that she can only manage to give back $44 but I will have to wait 7-10 business days and that if I want my full refund I would have to call a different office WITHOUT telling the other office nor giving me the number for that office and hung up rudely. Some customer service. Some full refound my ass. Complete bullshit.?

  20. I have been calling the number it had emailed me, its been a week, and all been happening is a hang up. I thought this money sucking website would help me and my husband out while we get new jobs. My current job don’t pay me well and my husband lost his job so a scam, we don’t need in our life such as this one. We have more important stuff to use for the $47 instead for a scam. With us loosing our home, car and have a baby on the way, I need that $47 back one way or another. And this isn’t helping us >:(

  21. My Name is Nikkita . I am a victim to this fraud . This is the number i have also for technical support . I was in the process of creating my website i can never get back to the website Generator page. I don’t even Know how to get back to the tutorial videos. Are there any suggestions anyone may have ?

  22. Scam!! After you email the support email address and then they reply it appears that they block your email because you’ll get returned delivery notifications. I was able to call the +1-888-793-3429 number that someone posted and was able to get through. Now whether it actually gets cancelled I don’t know but the lady was able to pull up my information and gave me my name without me giving it to her so hopefully it works.

  23. Yep. These folks are professional scam artists. I bought the program justjust to see if they had an angle that I hadn’t explored.

    They’re liars. Plain and simple. The functionality, at best, alters the size of, for example, the Amazon ad that appears on your web site. Period. They refuse to answer any questions about how to you drive traffic to your site from Amazon. They demand another $297 to give you the “private” information. Upsell, Upsell. Pigs in a poke.

  24. Thank you so much for this article! I too recieved a phone call. I went to the website. I was very suspicious so i googled Amazon cash scam. Your article came up. So thankfull it did! The only thing that made me look into it was because it had Amazon’s name. I am an Amazon Prime member and at first i thought it was a real offer because I was a member. Thank You!

  25. paid this also and even paid namecheap for domain name… will definately have my husband call to get refund…thank you!!!

  26. I just wanted people to know, I too joined this company and due to concerns of being ripped off, I called to cancel. I received a full refund like stated they would. I kept calling and the money was back into my account. So I’m not sure why others are having issues with refund but I guess I was lucky. Not sure . Call this number for a refund:‭1 (888) 793-3429‬. Hope this help. No partial payment all my money back?

  27. I fell for this just the other day actually, so they are still up and running. I definitely felt my intuition saying it is a scam. But all the promises, the money back gaurantee and the customer support line they offered, had me thinking…. “Ok, well if it doesn’t work I can get my money back”. I paid the $47, called the number I got in my email in order to sign in with the password. A womans automated voice says someone will be right with you and what caller you are. Once I got through, what sounded like the same automated voice was the lady speaking to me, which I thought odd. But she helped me, and answered all of the questions I had at the moment of how to get started. So I was relieved thinking “Yay! This is real!!”. However, I have called twice since, technical question the second call… on the third call, mind you it has been the same lady every time I call. Which leads me to believe she is the only tech support person “working” for them. But the third call I asked why I don’t have any traffic coming to my site, that I haven’t made any money even though they claim you make money within hours and it had been a whole 24 hours… She said “did you purchase our Amazon traffic package?”. I of course said “no, I thought you brought me traffic”. She says “no, you have to buy the extra package, the basic which you have does not provide that”. I ask her how am I getting traffic now then? She said “through Ebay and Amazon, they provide advertisement through their page which gives you traffic”. But that by buying THEIR Amazon traffic package they provide unlimited traffic through social media advertisement. Which costs an additional $297 by the way! I thought… CRAP. And started looking for other peoples testimonials or advice on them and here I am! Thank God I didn’t spend the extra $297. I really had hoped it was legit because someone kept answering and answering questions… but having to buy that extra package, just had me thinking… Well if it didn’t work with the $47, what will be next that I have to buy after the $297 that they aren’t telling me about. I will be calling to get that refund… if it is real.

  28. Thank you Tim for making this article! MSW is definitely a total SCAM! I didn’t do my research before I just became click bait to ‘push one button’ but wanted to see what would happen anyway *face-palm* The video was so funny which reminded me of Wolf of Wall Street, like they were already selling you the pen in your hand! Soon after the false hope of praise and reward I got a generic e-mail, a sketchy unprofessional phone call from Utah and I called their support line to cancel immediately then was fully refunded once I notified my bank. For those who have have any doubts: BEWARE of “money sucking” dirt-bag

    ~Willy Handcock~
    haha r u serious? just think about all the B.S being spun by these greedy devils —_____—

    • Yeah it’s classic sales hype that’s for sure, and don’t worry most of us have fallen for this sort of thing at one point or another. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. If you look at the terms & conditions for the MSWSYS website, one of the last things listed says that you are agreeing to be bound by the judgment of the high court of Cyprus in all disputes. Cyprus…the money-laundering center of the world. Ummmmm, no thank you.
    You know, the fact that this actor did not bring up with this company that people here almost never say, “nay” instead of “no” and that no one believes any Russian would let you call him “Ser-jee” instead of “Ser-gay” is really to their detriment. The more I listened, the more I rolled my eyes.

    • You can see the programs I promote and recommend here.

      I never promote anything fake or BS. I only ever recommend programs/ products I use myself and that I know are legit. At the end of the day it’s my reputation on the line so I take what I recommend very seriously. I also always recommend you do your own research before joining anything, so you can make an informed decision.

      Hope this helps.

  30. For people asking for a refund from the MSW. The number given was bogus. Found online support and only got back 27.50 per their “company policy”. They are a joke. Link below.
    They will ask for full name and first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number and try everything under the sun not to refund you. Plus they charge the 47 yearly which they did not say. After canceling the rep stated “your yearly membership has been canceled, but you can continue to use the software until it expires” such a RIP-OFF. Nothing of value.

  31. I received this email and clicked on it, thinking it was about working with Amazon. I listened to the whole thing and was about to buy it but stopped. I decided to wait until after I fed my son and put him to bed, so that I could give it my undivided attention. Thank God I did. As I was looking at it again, I wondered, “How are they still looking for people if it was only opened to 300 people? Surely they should’ve filled those slots by now!” Then I looked at that name again…….Willy Handcock. It just didn’t seem, or sound, right, so I googled it and found your article! I’m a student and mother to a child with special needs. I don’t have money to waste. Thank God, and you, for showing the truth.

    • I’m so glad you found the review, Kiki. It’s stories like yours that remind me of why I started this site. These people really are taking money from people who literally don’t have it to spare, which in my view is nothing short of disgusting.

      Thank you for sharing and I wish you the best going forward.

  32. Well, they got me $100. That is all I will say about it. Being new trying to find my way around the market I fell into the trap. You learn and keep moving.

    • Yeah that is honestly the best way to look at. I’m yet to meet anyone who earns decent money online who wasn’t scammed at least once along the way. It’s unfortunately a given in this space so your mindset is spot on. All the best going forward 🙂

  33. Probably another suggestion worth noting. Because after reading this, I am seeing other reviews that expose this MSW as a scam, but then they are promoting a system that supposedly will make you money real fast, and lots of it. Be careful and skeptical with all of them.

  34. I came so close to purchasing this a little while ago. Even though being skeptical of a lot of the psychological hooks they put forth.

    But I stopped, and felt I should check. I did notice too, that when I went back, everything had refreshed. The time limit, the amount of positions. None of it added up to any sense, if they were able to make the kind of money they say they do. Yet they need $47. But tell you they don’t need it.

    • That’s it, it’s only when you take the time to look a little closer like that, that you see these tricks for what they are- BS. Thanks for commenting.

  35. Unfortunately I fell for it and didn’t do my research until the next day. They only got 47.– but that’s all nothing else.

  36. I just got this and watched the whole 30 min. Video and was like, yeah right, this guy MUST BE a part time comedian, and there’s no way I’m giving you any money, then searched and found tour article, thanks for confirming for me

    • LOL yeah some of the hype in these sales videos ridiculous so I know what you mean. Glad you found the review helpful anyways. Cheers

  37. Thanksfor your review as i have been ripped off by sites like this before. I am looking for a legit site one that is honest and up front one that does not keep asking for money . Can you help with this

    • Hi Robert,

      Yeah I have also been ripped off by sites like this too over the years. I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because this is how I learned how to create an income online after failing many times.

      It’s free to get started (Starter account gives you 10 lessons and a free website) and it costs $49 per month if you upgrade to Premium. Which gives you literally all the tools, training and support you will ever need to build a thriving online business. The ONLY other cost is a domain name for about 14 bucks per year. But that’s it.

      Anyways, hope this helps and all the best going forward!

    • Hi Janet,

      What you’ll probably find is that they promote NameCheap, but this company is not a scam in and of itself.

  38. So, Im one of those that got caught up in this thinking I could make some money. I do have a website through them and up until a few days ago was able to log in and actually add stuff to my page through their portal. I have not been able to log in and bought my own domain and the webpage I made is still up and active. I can open it and click on stuff already added to buy but am unable to edit it. If i take that domain to a reputable place and try to make a page is that going to be possible? or am I just out all that money time and effort?

    • Hi Carmine,

      It depends on the type of website you’ve got really. Assuming it’s a WordPress site you can easily transfer these from one host to another. Just as you can transfer a domain from one registrar to another.

      It comes down to knowing how and having a reliable support team to deal with.

      If the domain/ website is only new and you are having trouble moving it, I personally would start over, using WordPress. This is the best way to build your site (hands down) as these sites rank well in search engines, meaning traffic potential.

      You can learn how to start a new site here for free.

      Hope this helps and all the best!

  39. Just to add my two cents. I received an email from this Willy person today. I initially thought this sounds like a scam. I’m retired law enforcement and I hate scammers… I went as far as to listen to the video…and at the end of it… …I was directed to act promptly or I’d miss out on this great opportunity. I clicked on the page that was asking for my information and a $47.00 payment …none of which I provided… …clicked out of it all, made dinner and then looked for any “money sucking website review” to read and here I am with all of you nice people. This particular scam is still active. Hope my two cents here helps someone to avoid being taken for a ride financially. Good luck people.

  40. Here’s my rule, which has saved me thousands: listen to all the come-ons you want, but before you give them money, google the name of the system. Every single time, it has proven to be a scam. Thanks to all of you who help us naive, desperate, poor folk see the light.

    • That is definitely a good rule, Pamela. And a smart way to be.

      One thing I would say though, is that in some cases people call something a scam when it’s not. I’ve seen good programs labelled a scam so it does happen.

      With that being said, if the vast majority of trusted review sites confirm it’s a scam, and the facts point that way, then you are more than likely on the right track. Especially if there are complaints and so forth in the comments section and on sites like BBB etc.

      Anyways, thank you for sharing and all the best going forward.

  41. THANK YOU ALL!!!! I was considering it, thinking it was an Amazon opportunity. There should be a law against this. One thing that had me doubtful was the $47 payment options only VISA or MasterCard but they claim to be able to make deposits to PayPal accounts. I look for PayPal for all online payment options in case of disputes. Good practice to consider – BEWARE and again, thanks to ALL for sharing.

    • I agree, always try to pay with PayPal. Often scam sites don’t allow for this because they know PayPal will shut their account once the complaints start rolling in. So good advice.

  42. Thank you guys for all the updates…. it’s true that there are people that take advantage of our need…. the need to earn more money for all the expenses and obligation that we have to pay. I too, was one of the people like yourself was a victim of this kind of schemes…. I was too mad at myself before…. I learn now… I just got this link on my phone and reading it…yes it was so convincing….. but THANK YOU TIM !!! and to the others for all the inputs…. keep this link open to everyone…. TO KNOW THIS IS A SCAM>>>>>>>>


  43. Hi
    I also just joined them thinking that they mean to help me as I have no income at all. Now all my 47 dollars are gone. They say they are affiliate with Amazon. Once I signed for Amazon they charged me automatically for professional business 39 per month which I did not authorize. They refuned me and I down graded now I am under individual business option. I never listened to the long audio promising fortunes but I let it play out and slept instead. I knew something was fish but I gave it a try after their insistence. Now I lost my 47 dollars. Their training did not quite tell me what was to be done for Amazon so I was left wondering where to click to find the API. What they tell you on the video for training is not the same as it was under amazon.

  44. You mentioned that you make money online. Is it through the blogging that you make money. I am a stay at home mom and I am looking for something that I can do part time. Do you have any advise?

    • Hi Dana,

      I do affiliate marketing with a website. Which is very similar to blogging, depending on the niche you choose and how you approach it I guess. The link I just dropped takes you to a page which explains this exact process in more detail. Might be worth checking out if you’re keen to learn more.

  45. thank you for your article i was very suspicous of this system. i figured i should check to see if there was anything online to see if this was a scam. you saved me $47 and a whole lot of aggrevasion. i am curious of what system you use to work full time online?
    thanks for your time

    • No probs, glad I could help out.

      I don’t really use a ‘system’ to make money online. Because in my experience they don’t work. I just educated myself on how to build a business with affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best going forward!

  46. Great article! I noticed many of the things you pointed out. It all seemed to good to be true and you know what they say about that and when it specifically says that they are not affiliated with Amazon, there you have it. All the money Amazon (and the legit companies these scams connect themselves to) makes, they should hire a hacker that gets into their website and makes it so that it directs people to the ACTUAL Amazon website where they warn people it’s a scam and point out the things you did: the stock photos, actors (and their websites), the disclaimer, and the fact that they NEVER say what you’ll be doing. Amazon (or whatever company) can tell them not to give this company any money and they are not associated with them. It’s their name that is being tarnished so it would seem something like this would be worth the money to pay to protect their name and their customers. Just a suggestion.

    • Thanks for commenting Monica.

      What normally happens is these scammers shut down one site and launch the exact same site on a different URL, I’m assuming once they get cease and desist notices and warnings to pull the site down, because it’s clearly fraudulent. So it’s not uncommon to see the exact same scam running across multiple URL’s. I see this all the time.

      And this makes it near impossible for anyone to stop them, especially if the people running it can’t be identified and are operating from who knows where.

      As crazy as it may sound, it’s reviews from simple blogs like this that are most effective in warning people, in conjunction with people like yourself doing your due diligence. The internet is awesome, but it’s a wild west in some respects that’s for sure.

  47. OMG wow!! so here’s my experience. I got 4 emails today (2 dif “from” addresses) sounded good, clicked on reply. I asked is this for real and how did you get my email? Both reply addresses came back undeliverable. DD.. I searched the woman’s name Sandra Johnson nothing. I searched the in her emails; those actually were businesses. then I searched for Willy Handcock; of course could not find anything on him. Searched for, nothing. Searched money sucking websites (now that’s actually funny because that’s what they’re doing), nothing. luckily I found Tim’s post. I’ve read all of the messages; what a nightmare. many of us are searching for that golden Holy Grail to have a supplemental income. It’s freaking not surprising in this economic downturn that the demons are running rampant. The Demons of scams on the internet are holding people back, unbeknownst sucking their money from them. It’s up to each individual to do our own due diligence. I’m praying to rebuke and bind all scam demons and cast them into that vast Abyss never to be heard from again, never to hurt anyone again. In the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit so it is. once again thank you Tim thank you thank you thank you

    • Hi Sharon,

      Nice work for doing your due diligence and I agree, this is the most important thing you could do to safeguard yourself from scams. Anyways glad you found the review helpful and thank you for commenting. Cheers

  48. Thank you!!!! I am a single mom who just started school and although I work full time also I’ll probably have to quit soon because of school demands. I’m always looking for ways to make extra money and this site almost got me. I’m so glad I had the sense to do my research. That $47 may not seem like much but it definitely is too some of us. You’re an angel! Again thank you.

  49. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for saving me from another SCAM. I am looking for a business to help my son. Do you have an email where I can contact you directly because when I find the right home based business, I want to make sure it has a coach he can talk to when he has questions? You can contact me directly at my email as well.


  50. You are a blessing, thank you! I just knew it sounded ay too good to be true. It’s a shame there’s so many traps to fall into if you’re not careful. And what bothers me the most bout scammers?… If they would devote 10% of the time they takrvscamming, and did legitimate work….they’d be in high cotton. There is SO much opportunity in our country to be an entrepreneur it’s ridiculous.
    Anywho, thank you again for having this posted. It was the exact same article that you have posted with the “family” too, except they said Amazon announced it May 18.
    On a side note, I do know that legitimately Amazon has the Mechanical Turk that you can do from anywhere in the world. I recently found it through Clark Howard’s blog/email. I signed up & waiting to hear back. They say if you’re smart about it, you can make $16/hr pretty easy. AND, no set hours you work when you want. Good luck to all! Folks watch out please! So many predators looking to run a game on hard working, good people. Be smart, get aware & don’t become a victim! Don’t buy into their lies. Be blessed & be well!

    • Glad you found the review helpful, Rebecca.

      I agree, there is no need to mislead people just to make money online. Especially not when you consider the vast opportunity that literally anyone willing to learn and apply can tap into.

      For sure, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a real opportunity to work from home, since Amazon is a legitimate company. I personally would rather build a business than do that sort of thing because it’s way more profitable, but that’s me.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best going forward! Cheers

  51. The phone# I copied down was 1888-793-3429 or support[at]
    I guess I was blessed because they said my email address was invalid and would not process.
    If anyone knows of any REAL online marketing program, please let me know. I could put out maybe $500 and maybe I am unrealistic. The ones I have checked out are: Success with Tonny Morrison, AWOL Academy, Accelerated Training, MOBE and probably one more I cannot remember. The challenge is the upsells!!!!

    • I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. There are zero upsells, you get everything you need to build a business for $49 per month. Other than a domain name, which costs about $14 per year.

      This is how I learned to get started online, so I know it’s legit first hand. And I know it works because I now earn a full time income online, following exactly what I was taught within WA.

  52. I too gave them 47.00, I called the # on my receipt which there are 2 #s 1888 793-3429 & 888 779-8646. I waited thru the obnoxious distorted noise or music. the first call when my # 1 it hung up, I called back , then I actually spoke to a female, she said credit had been processed and membership cancelled. I ask for a confirmation # and she provided a 6 digit #. but they say refund , no questions ask in 24 hours. well turns out it will take 7 to 10 business days. if I want to expedite credit, I was told to call my bank. ok, now I dialed the second # to see if the confirmation # would reflect my credit processed and again I waited thru that noise. I did speak to another female and found out the confirmation # given to me was of no value, but I was in the system and membership cancelled. I also had a credit of 47.00 that was sent to processing dept. I ask for a confirmation # again and she gave me a 6 digit #. she could not provide a phone # to processing dept., and repeated 7 to 10 business days for refund back to my credit card. I’m tired and will call back later . I may call my bank, all in all this is most defiantly a bad way to spend ur money.

  53. Tim,
    Thanks so much for this. Definitely pays to do the research first. I actually looked this up prior to signing up and if you can believe it, your article is the only one against this with soooo many other “sites” supporting it. It’s amazing b/c even as I’m trying to read your article, I’m bombarded with advertisements in support of this “opportunity”. It’s a new world and you just have to be vigilant I guess, since even when you try to do your DD, sometimes they still (attempt to) find you. 🙁
    In any case, you’ve saved me some $ and definitely put things into perspective, so…thank you.

    • Hi Mel,

      Yeah there will definitely be plenty of fake review sites promoting this, because if you join through their link, they earn a commission. If you do a search in Google though, you will find a good number of trusted sites that also warn people about this. So I guess it depends on where you look too.

      In any case, nice work doing your homework and thanks for commenting. Cheers

  54. I received an ‘invitation’ to join this MSW. It was via phone call, so I went to the website they gave told me about and I had to laugh. Red flag #! The site never explains what you are suppose to do, just that you will make a ton of money (like you stated). Flag #2, the heading read “NEW – Work at Home Opp ortunity with Amazon in Monroe US” …Ummmm Monroe US? Like…that’s a State? Almost every State (if not every State) has a city/town/ whatever named Monroe. Flag#3, as I was reading the article I noticed how horrible the punctuation is! Any half educated person should know how to use commas. (I’ve learned that poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling are quite common on scam sites.) Flag #4, like you mentioned, the ‘canned’ testimonials and family pictures. Flag #5 – I admit I didn’t see or read this until you mentioned it on your article here – the disclaimer. A true telltale sign.
    Thank you, Tim , for posting this blog, for doing the research on the paid actors and stock photos. I wish all people would research these MSW and scams before committing to them. These scams are especially inviting to people who need cash now, people who can’t afford to lose any money but think the ‘investment’ will pay off quickly. Nice article!

  55. Your article really addresses the need to do your own due diligence as a customer.

    What is unfortunate here is the implied tie to Amazon and some new programs are suppose to be coming out this spring. The Amazon CEO should go after then for false advertising and misrepresenting Amazon and its programs. These scammer are only interested in using their hype to sell to as many folks as they can before people get wise to them or the site is shut down.

    • Yeah the ‘news article’ before people land on it, supposedly from the Amazon CEO. This is known as native advertising and when it’s done in this manner, it is super unethical and highly misleading.

      I see this a lot among scam sites too. Sometimes it’s (supposedly) a job offer from the FB CEO, Trump or Richard Branson to name a few. Total BS and not a good way to promote anything, regardless of how legitimate it may or may not be.

      Anyways thanks for commenting, Tom.

  56. Ihad decided to give it a try but i could not get the website to load and i was using the link they provided to me from a email so i called and they sent me the links again which only one loaded for password setup did not work called back again (3rd call) explained to rep problem and that it stated needed to make call so password could be setup so she set it up but website still would not load so i requested a refund she stated only half of amount paid would be refunded i told her no all of my money needs to be refunded since website wont load and that they stated 100% money back and not even 4hrs have gone by since i paid put me on hold came back to say all would be refunded and to allow 7 – 10 days I will be contacting by bank tomorrow to make sure i get my money back

    • Hi Jennie,

      Based on another recent comment I’d say this “you only get half your money back” BS is happening to everyone. With this sort of thing going on I doubt this program will be running for long.

      Thanks for chiming in, much appreciated.

      • I’m glad I checked here to see if this was legit. I had a voicemail telling me they had seen my application online for making money from home for Amazon and said they only had 300 spots left for my area. The lady who left the message sounded very professional and gave me the website to go to. For one thing the guy NEVER says anything about Amazon. I found the whole thing of keeping on using the ” money sucking” term very odd and almost sounded like you were going to be the jerk money sucking from people so I didn’t like the sound of that at all. It said at the end there were only 8 spots left and told how many were watching the video at the same time I was. I have found the saying “if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is” to be a VERY TRUE statement that you can pretty much count on! I am a Christian so I like what the one lady said about how they will pay for. Proverbs 28:8 says “He that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor.” I wouldn’t want to be these “MONEY SUCKERS” come judgment day!

  57. I also paid the $47 dollars. The company is definitely false advertising. I spoke to 2 reps for a total of 2 hours. The last rep got mad at me when I mentioned the advertisements promises, and he hung up on me TWICE!
    I also called back to request the 100% money back guarantee, and the associate stated she was not allowed to process any refunds, and that she can only provide me half of my money back.
    I will now have to dispute this charge with my bank instead.
    They are also not registered with the BBB in case anyone is wondering.

    • Wow that’s so rude that they hung up on you, and super sketchy that they don’t honour the money back guarantee. Hopefully your bank can help you and thanks for letting us know.

  58. I signed up for this system over a month ago and tried to get signed up. I tried to contact customer support many times. I would submit a customer support ticked and never get a response. I tried the on line chat they would tell you for about 5 minutes they would be with you shortly and then they would send you a message to send a support ticket. I could never talk with anyone. Then this week I had a call from someone and said they wanted to help get me set up. He told me he needed me to talk with another person to get my info. I spoke with him and he kept asking me about
    how much was in my bank account. I finally asked why he wanted this info. He said I would need to pay more money to get any help. This is the biggest scam I have seen.

        • Hi Callion,

          You can learn how to get started with affiliate marketing here. Plenty of sites out there that teach people how to make money online, really depends on what you are wanting to do. I recommend affiliate marketing because it’s what I do myself.

          Hope this helps and all the best going forward!

  59. Thank you!
    Scary to rip off innocent people!
    Who have nothing and believe this garble!
    How do you sleep at night doing this?!
    I truly believed you and yet was smart
    enough to check you out!
    Thank god…yes god!!! I did!!
    I prayed first, to give me the truth
    about your site and he gave me the
    idea to research you first!
    You will ultimitely loose your good
    fortune for scamming innocent
    So….start watching your life crumble
    starting now!
    My next prayer to god will be to put
    a stop to people like you, from in your
    words “money sucking” from innocent
    victims who wantvto believe you!!
    And need every penny they give you!!
    Because of your lies, and fraud!
    Very Wrong!!
    You cannot have a conscience!!
    Get ready for divine intervention!!
    You too…will lose everything!!
    Thou shalt not lie, bear false witness! steal,
    thou shalt not covet that is thy neighbors!
    Ever read the bible, commandments?
    You could not have!!!
    Power greater than anything else, especially money!

    • Hi Lori, it’s a shame people resort to scamming like this so I totally understand your frustration. They literally prey on people who are desperate for money, which makes it that much worse.

      The good news is you’ve done your homework so you’ve been able to avoid it and get some insight into how these scams work, so you can avoid stuff like this next time.

  60. Do you have a phone number to get my refund? The number they gave me was 425 363 4420. It does not answer, but advises the inbox is full call back later. Alwayes does this.

    If you possibly have a valid phone number. please send to me via E-mail

    • Hey Bob,

      That doesn’t sound very good. I’m not sure what their phone number is to be honest. I would check through their terms and conditions page and also your credit card/ bank statement to see who charged you.

      I wish you the best with this and if you do manage to get a refund, it would be immensely helpful for others if you come back and share how you did it here. I’m sure others are now in the same boat and would really appreciate it.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • I am a Grandmother raising my Autistic Grandson, naturally after only qualifying for SS and being stupid as far as investing works when I was working, this option was all I have.

        I was just on that website, listened to all the propaganda and was about to click the button when it disappeared, now after reading all the comments, I am going to call that divine intervention and am extremely greatful for the loss of the connection.

        I too have tried many things connected with internet money making including Ebay and am now having to pay back over $2,000 for something that to my WAY of thinking was a scam, so unless something is proven to me that it really, really works I won’t be trying anymore of these get rich quick schemes. Thank you for your honesty.


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