Is Richard Harper’s Job Quitter Club Legit? [Review]

Job Quitter Club is a new system created by Richard Harper, that he says you can use to replace your job’s salary in a single month. And that he’s going to show you the “proven trigger to force money into your bank account”.

Sounds cool, but is it legit?

No, Job Quitter Club is not legitimate, it’s a get-rich-quick scam that uses clever sales tactics to trick unsuspecting people into buying. There is no such thing as a push button money making system. And the man who’s selling this fairy tale, Richard Harper, is just an alias.

Let’s take a closer look at this “system”, so you can see what it’s about and how it really works. That way, you can decide for yourself if you think it’s worth joining.

Job Quitter Club Review

I stumbled across the Job Quitter Club ( today, which is very similar to other sites I’ve reviewed over the years. For example, sites like Website Profits Pro, Income Sites Online, and Profit Point Autonomy.

Just like these sites, there’s a clever “hook” to get you in, a convincing sales video, and a “secret system” that only costs $47. One that the video says will make you $1,000’s per week at the push of a few buttons.

In other words, it’s another ‘get rich quick’ system that promises you the world for doing practically nothing.

And this is up there with some of the worst I’ve come across.

The spokesperson in the video goes as far as to say that you can somehow use other people’s efforts to make your money. And that you’ll make money just by watching the video presentation itself.

None of which is true.

What I found after looking at this system closer, is that it’s really just a way for whoever’s behind this to make a quick $47 off of you. And worse, if you do buy, there are numerous upsells that bring that cost into the $100’s.

Who’s Behind This?

According to the sales video, Richard Harper created this system:

Richard Harper With Family

He says he is from Chicago and that he started out as a college dropout who wasn’t happy with his job, so he started looking for ways to make money online.

Now he’s apparently crushing it, and wants to share his system with a select group of just 100 people.

I have to admit, I wasn’t buying that story.

Because first of all, it just sounds fake. I’ve heard so many of these exact cliche stories that I simply don’t buy it, because they often turn out to be fake.

Second, there’s no way to verify who this person is or if his story is real. All we get is an image in the video and a voice over who could be anyone.

Third, the image he provides looks like a stock photo. Which doesn’t make it a scam but it does start to raise red flags.

Anyway, I did some digging, and it turns out my suspicions were correct.

He’s really just a stock photo:

Stock Photo Richard Harper

And I’m willing to bet the backstory is fake too. Especially since the income screenshots he provides are just copy and pasted from other sites that have used the same screenshots.

Here’s the income screenshot he shows in the video:

Job Quitter System Income Claims

Now here’s the Google image search results for this:

Google Image Search Results for ClickBank Income

This is a ClickBank income screenshot and there are mountains of these all over the internet. And this particular one has been used many times.

So to sum it up…

We don’t know who’s really running the show. All we know is that “Richard Harper” is just an alias and that his “success story” is fake too.

How Does Job Quitter Work?

Sites like this never reveal the actual system until after you buy.

And this is because they want you to think you’re getting access to a secret system that nobody knows about. One that will force money into your bank account with no effort.

When in reality, this system is really about making money off of you.

Rather than teach you real methods of earning real money online, this is setup to make the people running it wealthy, at your expense.

And the way it works can be broken down into 3 steps:

Step 1: You are sent an email with a link to the sales page, where Richard Harper says he’s going to be giving you access to a top secret money making system.

Step 2: You need to put your email into the box to get access to the system. And if you do this, you are redirected to another video. The reason they do this, is so they can send you more promos via email, even if you don’t buy.

Step 3: You are asked to pay $47 to access the Job Quitter Club system. Which, despite the videos, is not a simple system that allows you to quit your job in a month. And if you do buy, you will be presented with more offers that cost more money (called upsells).

That’s the gist of how this system works.

And as you can see, it’s not about making you money. It’s about making money for the people who are running the site, at your expense.

Red Flags

Now that we’ve looked at what this system is and how it works, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the red flags I found during my research.

Because not only will this help you make a more informed choice about this system, but also other systems that make similar promises and use similar tactics.

Here are some of the main red flags I found:

  • Get rich quick claims
  • Richard Harper is an alias
  • Fake scarcity
  • Agressive upselling
  • Potential SPAM emails

Now let’s discuss each of these in more detail…

Get Rich Quick Claims

The first and most obvious red flag with Job Quitter is the pumped up claims about getting rich at virtually the push of a button. And within 5 minutes or so per day.

This is something that sounds exciting and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to earn easy money?

But it’s not real.

I hate to burst your bubble, but if you want to earn real money online, it takes time and effort. And that’s AFTER you find a legit program.

How would I know?

Because I earn 6 figures per year online doing affiliate marketing. Which is what most of these systems teach you because it’s simple.

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So anyways, my point is, you can make money online, but it takes effort.

And in my experience, anyone who tries to convince you that making money online will happen at the push of a button is straight up lying to you.

Richard Harper is an Alias

Just because someone uses an alias doesn’t make the system a scam. Sometimes people just want to protect their identity.

But when you start to stack this up with all the other red flags, it is something I feel is concerning.

Because what we have here is someone who is telling you they’re a successful online marketer, and that you should pay them $47 to get access to their methods.

When in reality, he’s a stock photo and the income screenshots he’s using aren’t even his. So “Richard Harper” is just something someone, somewhere, made up. The real person running this could be anyone.

Fake Scarcity

Fake scarcity is when a site pretends there’s only a limited number of “spots” available, or you need to act before time runs out.

It’s VERY common and it’s not always a bad thing.

Even legit companies use scarcity to sell products, because when people think something is limited or that the time is about to run out, they buy at a much higher rate. This is a proven marketing and sales principal.

However, it’s only legit when the product actually is limited, or if time really is running out. Which in this case, it’s not.

The site claims you need to act because there’s only 6 spots out of 100 left, but this is completely fake. All you need to do is refresh the page and that will be exactly the same number, 3 months from now.

It’s an unethical sales tactic and it is a red flag because almost every scam I’ve ever exposed uses this exact trick to convince people to buy.

Agressive Upselling

If you do decide to buy this, it’s important to know that you will be offered more and more products. Immediately after handing over the money.

This is a very common strategy sites like this use to maximize the amount of money they make from every single person who buys.

There’s nothing wrong with selling extra products. But it’s not a nice feeling when you’ve just bought a program that says it’s going to help you change your life, the 2 seconds later you’re asked to shell out even more money.

So if you do buy, be prepared to spend more than $47.

Potential SPAM Emails

If you put your email into the box on “step 2” of this system, that email goes into a database of emails. One that the people running this use to send out promotional offers.

The reason they do this is because, even if you don’t buy, they can send you email after email to convince you to come back and buy. And to buy other offers. It’s basically a giant SPAM list.

And in some cases, the people who run sites like this will actually rent or sell your email to other marketers, who do the same.

So I recommend exercising caution here, because by providing your email to sites like this you are in some cases agreeing to be spammed. And once the spamming begins it is virtually impossible to stop.

Summing It Up

By this point you probably know that I’m not a huge fan of this system. And it’s certainly not something I’m going to be recommending.

And the reason is because what you are promised on the sales page, versus what you actually get, is worlds apart.

You do not get access to a “top secret money making system” and I doubt that anyone who buys this will be quitting their jobs anytime soon (lol).

In fact, it might put you in a position where you need to work overtime. Just to recoup your losses. And that’s never a nice feeling.

What you decide is ultimately up to you. I just personally refuse to recommend stuff like this because at the end of the day, the only people benefiting from it are those who sell and promote it.

I’d rather recommend programs that I believe are worthwhile, and that I know work from personal experience. Which is simply not the case here.


What Is Job Quitter Club?
Job Quitter Club is a new system that claims to “force money into your bank account” and replace your job’s salary in a single month. In reality, it’s a get rich quick site that only make the people behind it money.

How Does It Work?
There are 3 basic steps. The first step is to watch the video, the second step is to provide your email to access another video, and the third step is to buy the system. Which is when you find out it’s nothing like you though it’d be.

Who Is Richard Harper?
Richard Harper is the alias they use to present the system. He’s not a real person and his income screenshots are fake.

Is It a Scam?
Yes, I personally feel that this is a scam based on everything I’ve seen. There are simply too many red flags for this to be something I’d call legitimate.

Is It Possible to Make Money Online?
Yes, you totally can make money on the internet. The key is to avoid sites like Job Quitter, that promise you quick, push button results. Often these are scams and only end up costing you money and time you can never get back.

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