Profit Point Autonomy Review (Real $500 Per Day System?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Profit Point Autonomy.

I discovered this “system” through an email I received from an online marketer, which basically said I should click the link to learn how to start making $500 per day online.

I was skeptical, but also curious.

So I decided to click the link to see what it was all about. Which led me to a video presentation by a guy named “Mason Brown.”

Presentation featuring Mason Brown of Profit Point Autonomy, where he talks about how you could make $500 per day with his money making website app.
“Mason Brown” in a video presentation talking about Profit Point Autonomy.

In the video, Mason claims he has a special app that creates push button “money making websites.” And that, if you join Profit Point Autonomy for $47, he’ll share this app with you.

He says that the app does everything for you, and that it can make you $500 per day or more. Apparently, all you need to do is signup, activate the system, and watch the money roll in.

Sounds cool, but is it the real deal?

Unfortunately, no. Profit Point Autonomy is not the real deal and I do not believe it will help you make $500 per day online.

In fact, the most likely outcome of joining is that you end up losing money. And there are lots of upsells too, so you could end up losing more than just the initial $47 joining fee.

That said, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. So let’s take a closer look at what this is about and how it works, then I’ll explain why I don’t believe it will help you make money online.

What’s Profit Point Autonomy About?

Profit Point Autonomy is a site that claims to help you make $500 or more per day using a secret app that creates money making websites for you on autopilot.

According to Mason Brown, all you need to do is pay $47 to access the app, activate your money making website, and start making money without doing any work.

He says that, before becoming a rich internet guru, he was an accountant who discovered this app through one of his clients that used it to make millions of dollars. And apparently, now he’s sharing the app with the first 300 people who join Profit Point Autonomy.

On the surface, this sounds really exciting. I mean, who doesn’t want access to a secret money making app that could make you $500 per day (or roughly $15K p/m)?

But that’s NOT how this really works.

The reality is, there’s no such thing as an app that creates money making websites. That’s a story used by shameless internet marketers to sell you their bunk program.

What’s this really about?

By joining Profit Point Autonomy for $47, what you really get is access to some basic information on making money online with affiliate marketing. So while you might get “something” for your money, you don’t get a push button money making website or app.

Creating the types of generic, spammy affiliate website that sites like Profit Point Autonomy show you how to create, simply does not work. In order to be successful, you need to learn real skills and create a real business, there’s no shortcut.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products online. In and of itself, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and it is something you can make money with.

But you need to learn how to do it properly and it does take time and effort, as with anything worthwhile. There are no shortcuts or secret money making apps that do it all for you (lol).

How would I know?

I know because I actually make money online with affiliate marketing. As of writing this, I’m making roughly $10k per month. So I know first hand what is involved in making money as an affiliate. I know that it takes real work and effort to be successful.

The days of throwing up a generic affiliate website that is full of ads, and hoping to make money with it, are well and truly over.

But that doesn’t stop some “less than ethical” marketers from selling you the “dream” of push button riches. Because that’s how THEY make their money.. by selling stuff like this to unsuspecting people who don’t know any better.

How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?

Profit Point Autonomy is supposed to work by helping you make money with a push button affiliate website. The site claims to give you access to a special app that creates these money making sites for you, so you can sit back and make $500 every day on autopilot.

But as I explained earlier, there’s no such thing as a push button website for making hundreds of dollars per day with affiliate marketing. That simply does not exist.

Here’s how this site really works:

  • The first step is to put your email into the box on the Profit Point Autonomy website. They ask for this because that way, even if you decide not to buy on the next page, they can email you from here on out with more offers.
  • The second step is to pay $47 to get access to the “money making app” which supposedly makes you $500 p/d. However, after buying, what you find is that, instead of getting access to a money making system, you are greeted with higher priced upsells.
  • Third, you discover that there is no app or money making website at all. Instead, you get some generic, outdated information on making money with affiliate marketing that in my opinion won’t help you make anywhere near $500 per day.

That about sums up how this works.

It’s all hype. Real online businesses are not built using a secret push button app, they are built by learning real skills and putting in real effort over time. It’s that simple. Anyway, after realizing there’s no money making website, the next logical question becomes how to get a refund.

How Do You Get a Refund?

One of the most common questions I get from people who’ve joined systems like Profit Point Autonomy is “how do I get my money back?”

It’s a frustrating experience to get scammed, I know. I’ve lost more money online to scams than I can count. But the good news about that for you is I learned a thing or two about getting that money back.

And I share that information in this article about how to get your money back from an online scam. So I highly recommend checking that out if you want to learn more.

But if you couldn’t be bothered reading that article, here’s the deal..

It can be very difficult to get a refund from sites like this. Because the domains (web addresses) of the sites change often. This same site has been run under multiple domains that change frequently because that allows them to keep running long after they’re shut down.

And the people that run this site also appear to run other scam sites. Such as Website ATM for example, which is a similar program I reviewed a while back.

To show you what I mean, here’s the Profit Point Autonomy sales page:

Now here’s the sales page for Website ATM:

Example of how the Website ATM sales page is similar to Profit Point Autonomy

As you can see, these are virtually identical. And Website ATM is one of the biggest scams I’ve reviewed on this site. It’s certainly one of the most common ones.

In any case, my point is, you’re not dealing with your typical “garden variety” scam here. You’re dealing with people who have been doing this for a long time.

And I have found that, in cases like this, contacting your financial institution and asking them for help in getting your money back (and to help stop future billing) helps. Because it’s not very likely you’ll be able to obtain a refund through the site itself.

Beware of Fake Profit Point Autonomy Reviews

One thing I noticed while reviewing Profit Point Autonomy is that they have paid to publish fake positive reviews on trusted news sites, like AP News for example.

Basically, what they’ve done is paid for a “press release” in order to make it appear as though credible news sites are endorsing the program. When in reality, they’re not.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about on the AP News website:


AP News is a legitimate news site. So I am not suggesting they’ve done anything wrong. They openly disclose it’s paid content and that they didn’t create it.

But I did think this was worth mentioning. Because, as you can see, that review states that you can make thousands of dollars by joining.

And if you didn’t know any better, you might assume that it’s real review. When it’s really just a sales pitch from whoever’s behind Profit Point Autonomy!

Bottom Line

Profit Point Autonomy claims to help you make an easy $500 per day without doing any work. But there’s no such thing as a “push button app” or “secret money making website.” So if you join hoping to find this, you’re going to be very disappointed.

Because what you really get is some basic information on making money with affiliate marketing that, in my opinion, won’t help you make money online at all. Let alone $500 per day.

In reality, the only ones making money here are the people behind it. And they do so by selling the dream of push-button riches to unsuspecting people willing to pay them $47.


What is Profit Point Autonomy?
Profit Point Autonomy is a site that claims to help you make $500 or more per day online with an app that creates money-making websites for you on autopilot. In reality, it’s a $47 program that contains some basic information about making money with affiliate marketing.

Is Profit Point Autonomy the real deal?
I do not believe Profit Point Autonomy will help you make $500 per day online. In fact, I doubt anyone is going to make money with this system at all.

How much does it cost?
The system costs $47 one time, but there are upsells that run into the $100s that you only see after you buy.

Who’s behind it?
The man in the video goes by the name of Mason Brown, but he’s more than likely just a spokesperson. So it is not clear who’s really behind this.

Are the spots really limited?
The Profit Point Autonomy site claims that there’s a “limited amount of positions left” so you have to join quickly or you’ll miss out. But there is no limit, this is just a marketing gimmick to convince people to buy on impulse.

How do you get a refund?
It may be possible to obtain a refund, but after what I have seen with this program, and similar programs, it’s going to be difficult. Especially if you buy more stuff (upsells) over the phone.

28 thoughts on “Profit Point Autonomy Review (Real $500 Per Day System?)”

  1. I got one of there texts then I clicked on it. I watched there video and I felt in my gut it was hog wash. Then I started look for reviews and scam alerts. In short your review helped me save my money rather than lose it. Thanks


  3. Thank you Tim. I have followed you for a while now. I know your reviews to be spot on. You saved me $47 that I cannot afford to loose right now.
    WA sounds good and the training is very useful. My only Block is finding out my niche and the subscription. I am now permanently out of work and cannot afford it anymore. Please email me. I’d like to discuss further options about WA with you.

    • Hi Bill,

      My pleasure, glad you found the article helpful, and thanks for commenting.

      Regarding WA, there is a free Starter option and I’ve created some training videos that Starter members can access. For example, anyone can access this 4-part series I created that walks you through the entire process of how I built an online business from scratch (including how I choose a niche).

      With that said, the Premium membership, which costs $49 monthly, gives you access to all the tools, training, and support needed to build an online business. Other than a domain name ($14 per year) it gives you everything – websites, hosting, training, tools, support, etc. And that is the membership I used to build my business.

      If you’re not in a position to join Premium, I would suggest soaking up as much information as you can out of the free Starter membership and getting started using the free site. It would be better to join Premium as it gives you everything you need, but at least this way you can get started.

      If you ever do decide to join Premium, one thing I recommend is giving yourself at least 12 months. It took me 3 months to earn my first affiliate commission, just under six months to earn my next one, and about 18-24 months to get to the point of earning a full-time income. Of course, it’s different for everyone, and some people quit long before earning anything, but that was my experience.

      Either way, my point is that building a successful online business is nothing like many of these so-called “gurus” make out. In reality, like anything worthwhile, it takes time, effort, and persistence to be successful. You can do it, though. You just need to take massive action and give yourself the time you need to succeed.

      Anyway, hope this helps and all the best.

  4. Thanks Tim !!
    Thought myself Profit….looked & sounded suspicious! Glad I double-checked! Truly appreciate your review! Will return to read more when have time! Hope my comments will aide someone.

  5. Super apology reader(s), forgot to include ‘Scam Alert Words’ (what I get for typing at 2:09 a.m. yet still sleepy) –

    1.) ‘System’ – ad’s using this word usually are targeted to ask for low amount upfront and highly increased and/or ongoing amounts on backend after initial sale. BEWARE!

    2.) ‘Secret…’ – ad’s using this word normally are direct in asking for high amounts upfront and claim to be THE ONLY creator, founder, manufacturer, business SELLING the advertised business opportunity. BEWARE! RUN EVEN!

    3.) ‘Limited Time’ offer with countdown ticker/clock – ALWAYS A LIE! To prove it wait month’s later and revisit site or google the company name from bottom of website. Or search for that type of business. Usually will find it again! Same offer. Same countdown. Same lie!

    4.) ‘Customized just for you’ – Now there’s a real duzzie! Some scammers will use this to grab your attention and tempt you through plain old Human Vanity/Ego. Surprisingly, it works most often. (Proves that many people are in fact too easily led by their own vanity/ego versus they’re brains.) Do not succumb to this lousy but intelligent tactic!!!

    Just do not permit yourselves to be ‘Suckers’ no matter how desperate the need for cash may be.

    • That’s actually very accurate based on my experience in reviewing 100’s of make money online programs over the years. Spot on.

      I would also add though, that sometimes even legit programs use marketing that is a bit overhyped, so sometimes it’s not a full blown scam if they use these words. But I would say that out of all the ones that are scams, almost all of them use this sort of marketing.

  6. Frankly, the FTC states any……

    I said, ANY business opportunity offer advertised anywhere that uses the following words is most likely, and has normally proven to be an outright scam.

    The FTC publishes numerous financially educational materials that aide in consumers protecting their hard-earned dollars from schister’s and crooks that proliferate the world even as you walk down a street in broad daylight! Okay! The materials are usually free and can easily be downloaded by now or mailed (which was my only option 25+ yrs ago).

    So hope onto the FTC website and get a free financial education and protect your income.

    If not for yourself, do it for those who love and/or rely on you. Please.

    Thanks for listening.

  7. Jocelyn Nazario / Elizabeth A Morrison / Fay / Philip cooley / All these people said they lost info after paying $47.00 what’s up with that?

  8. lol…you are saying it’s a scam but you are posting your stuff everywhere…there’s no honor among thieves!

    • I’m saying it’s a scam because I genuinely do believe it’s a scam. Period. And I outlined the reasons why I believe this in the review quite clearly. The fact that I recommend a legitimate alternative (that actually helps people start a real business online) makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of my reviews.

      And why wouldn’t I share something legit, that I think people will find helpful, on a site that is about making money online?

      I do earn commissions promoting the programs I recommend as an affiliate, but I only recommend stuff I believe is worthwhile (often tools and resources I use myself), and I clearly disclose this in my affiliate disclosure and on the actual pages I recommend them on.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best!

    • I deliberately paid by credit card so that I could get my money back if it was a scam. But from what I’ve been learning, I consider the cost to be an education fee.

  9. Paid the 47 dollars and clicked on a domain name at that cheapname place then accidently clicked to my home screen and now I can’t find it how do I retrieve it or how do I get my refund

    • Profit point autonomy is a scam. I signed up for the program for $47.00 dollars and they give you a user name and password to log into the system right no website or system to log into to make money. I kept calling customer service for almost 1 week and l got fed up and l cancelled my service because l could not get into there system. However l will say when l called customer service and spoke to the customer service rep and l asked for a refund she said ok please allow 3 to 7 business days for your refund. And l did get my refund check for $47.00. I don’t think this company is legit it’s a SCAM. Don’t use there system because there is no system to make money. Run…

      • Ya I also tried to pay for it and I was on the phone with my bank and they said that it was a problem with the website because I did have the money to pay for it but if you don’t mind can you give me the number that you were able to call maybe I can find out what is going on

  10. I’m very interested but I don’t have the money to begin. Can I begin working and later on when I make the money here I paid


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