Link Posting – Legit Work From Home Job or Scam?

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably found a site that says you can make money posting links. As if all you need to do is signup, post a few links, and watch the money roll in.

Is it legit? Link posting is not a real job or business model, it’s a long-running scam that has been ripping people off for years. The sites running these scams claim you can make money just by “posting links on the internet”, but the real purpose is selling you a fake work at home program.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it though.

So in this article, I’ll show you what link posting is about and how these scams work. Then we’ll discuss how real people earn money on the internet with a process that involves internet links.

Link posting is a fake work-from-home job opportunity.

The sites running these scams tell people they can make money online simply by ‘posting links for big companies. And in the process, earn $ 100’s per day, or $ 1,000’s per month, depending on how many links you post.

Of course, there is a fee to qualify for the ‘link posting job’ of typically $97. Which is really the first alarm bell, because you should never have to pay to get a job.

In any case, it’s only once you pay that fee, that you discover the whole thing is fake.

The job simply does not exist.

And unfortunately, some people fall into the trap of handing these scammers even more money. Because they employ telemarketers to call each member, attempting to convince them to ‘upgrade’.

Members are led to believe that if they pay more money, they will get access to the ‘real’ training and be able to succeed. Which sees some people losing $ 10,000’s.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most prolific and longest-running scams on the internet and one that shows no signs of slowing.

The scam is able to continue running because the people behind it continually close and re-open new versions. Making it impossible for authorities to keep up with every new version.

This also makes it very difficult for people to find honest reviews of these scams.

Because it could be weeks or months before review sites catch up with each new version, and even when they do, it’s not long before the scam site shuts down and starts a new version under a new name.

I’ve reviewed dozens of link posting scams on this site over the years.

This is how I know they are ALL the same, they are just ‘packaged’ differently each time. Changing things such as the site name, URL, the fictional character in the story, and so forth.

Whatever version you happen to come across, they all sell the same underlying program. And they all operate in the same manner.

So in this section, I’m going to break down each ‘stage’ of this scam in detail, to show you exactly how it works.

Stage 1 – Opting In

Most link posting scams start off with a ‘squeeze page’ like this…

Squeeze Page

The majority of people are invited to these optin pages by a SPAM email or advertisement somewhere online.

In any case, once you land on this page, you need to provide your name, email and in some cases, your phone number in order to proceed.

The purpose of this stage is to get your information so that even if you don’t join, they can SPAM you. And sell your information to other unethical marketers for a profit, who will then do the same thing.

Once you click through to the next page you will often be told that “your spot is being secured” or something to that effect. This is to create a false sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Stage 2 – The Sales Page

The sales page is where the major red flags pop up.

This page often begins with a headline claiming that “in just 60 minutes per day” you can start earning over $300 per day from home.

Link Posting Job Site

The page then goes on to say that “this work from home job has been getting a lot of media attention lately” followed by a (generic) work from home news video.

The remainder of the page is all about a woman and her “rags to riches” story. And apparently, link posting made her wealthy, so now she’s sharing her secret with you.

The whole story is very convincing and has all kinds of emotional triggers to take people from visitor to buyer. It must be quite effective because the same sales copy has been used for many years.

Anyway, the program itself costs $97 in most cases. And if you do buy, this is where you figure out you’ve been scammed.

Stage 3 – Disappointment and Upsells

If you do buy into this, you will get access to the member’s area.

This consists of some generic, outdated training on affiliate marketing, which is where you earn money promoting other people’s products.

Affiliate marketing is absolutely legit in and of itself. But first of all, it’s a business (not a job) and second, this site does NOT teach you how to be successful this way.

Given the low quality of the training and complete lack of support, most people are thoroughly confused as to what the heck they are meant to be doing.

There’s no job and no tangible instructions on how to build a real online business. Period.

And this is why everyone who joins is encouraged to ‘call their coach’. Who in reality is a pushy telemarketer, whose sole objective is getting you to buy more stuff.

The most alarming part about this is that any money spent over the phone is almost impossible to get back. So those who fall for this lose out for good.

Stage 4 – Bring on the Never Ending SPAM

Regardless of whether you buy or not, your information is sold to third-party marketers.

This is disclosed within the fine print of almost all of these sites. And it basically says you agree to receive SPAM emails, text messages, and even direct mail on a daily basis from these people.

I am not kidding, read the privacy policy page on ANY of these sites carefully!

The most annoying thing about this SPAM is that once your email is sold and shared in this manner, the spamming is virtually impossible to stop.

And that’s how this scam works in a nutshell.

As you can see, at no point are you making money or given a real home-based job. The whole thing is an elaborate way to make money at your expense.

4 Major Red Flags To Watch For

Now that you know how this scam works, I think you will benefit by understanding some of the most COMMON tactics these scammers use to convince people to buy.

This way, you will know what to look out for next time. Knowing the stuff I am about to share with you can help you avoid all kinds of internet scams.

1- Scraped News Videos and Logos

Every link posting site I’ve come across pretends that the ‘job offer’ is attracting lots of media attention. This is why you will see news logos and generic news clips about working from home.

What most people don’t know, is that they are literally copying and pasting those logos without permission and embedding OLD generic news clips like this one…

This is THE most common news clip I’ve seen them use and it is practically the hallmark of a link posting scam.

If you watch the above video, you will notice that the name of the program is NEVER mentioned. And that’s because legitimate news networks are not endorsing these programs at all.

2- Fake Alias’ and Back Story

All of these sites use a fake persona and a fake story to lure you in.

Often the story is about a ‘struggling single mother’ who lost her job. And then one day, she “had a chilling day that changed her life”.

Apparently, she met a man in a doctor’s office who showed her how to do link posting. And now that she’s rich, she teaches others how to do the same thing.

That’s about the gist of it, and it’s all 100% BS.

How do I know?

Well for starters, they only ever use stock photos. For example, in one version of this scam called My Home Success Plan, the woman is known as ‘April Matthews’.

Here’s a screenshot I took of that site:

April Matthews

Now here she is as a stock photo…

Stock Photo Woman Working From home
Source: Google image search

I guess you could reason that the story itself could still be real though, right? Well, not when you see how many times that SAME story has been told by countless other aliases.

For example, in one site called WAH Program, they use the same story but attach it to a different alias, Bobbie Robinson. While in other versions it’s Karen Johnson, Kelly Simmons, Linda Wilson.. on and on it goes.

Here are some examples to show you what I mean:

Linda Wilson
Home Online Profits Club

Other common aliases I’ve found are Kelly Simmons and Heather Smith. But honestly, the list just goes on and on… and on.

3- Fake Testimonials

Along with fake personas, they also use fake testimonials.

This is VERY common among almost every online scam I see. The people running these sites KNOW that you are much more likely to buy if it appears as though others are making money with the program.

The trouble is, real people are not making money with this. So they need to use more stock photos and fake stories to convince you the whole thing is real.

If you see enough of these sites as I have, you will see what I mean. The stories are always the same and if you do a reverse image search, you will see that the images are just stock photos as well.

4- Fake Scarcity (buy now or you’ll miss out!)

It’s no secret that many people buy on impulse. I do it myself and chances are you’ve done it at some point too. We all have.

It’s a fact of life, and these scammers are capitalizing on it.

Throughout every page of these sites, you will see fake countdown timers and mentions of ‘limited spots’. The idea is to convince you that “time is running out” so that you buy on impulse, without doing your homework.

Fake Limited Spots

The fact is that there is NOTHING limited about these offers at all. Except maybe that soon they will shut that version of the scam down and open a new one.

In any case, this is a common and unethical marketing tactic known as fake scarcity. Which is making something appear limited when it is not.

Unfortunately, it works.

This is why I always recommend being cautious of any program trying to convince you to make snap decisions.

Who’s Running These Scams?

Good question!

I have no idea who started this scam and to be honest I don’t think anyone does. Because every site uses an anonymous domain, fake alias’ and nothing that points to the real people behind it.

However, I did manage to find some information from the FTC website regarding this scam. And I explain what I found in detail within my review of Home Job Placement (which is yet another link posting scam site).

In short, the FTC caught up with the people running these scams and found they ripped consumers off for well over $100 million dollars.

Here’s the source of that information if you want to learn more:

Whoever these people are, they know what they are doing and they have made it their mission to scam people.

To underscore just how fake link posting is, let’s consider what these sites actually claim.

They claim that anyone can qualify to instantly begin making money as a ‘link posting agent’. They also use other names for this such as ‘search engine agent’, as if this is some sort of Google-based work from home job.

Anyway, they even provide an income calculator to work out how much money you can make…

Link Posting Income Calculator

According to this calculator, you can start making over $300 per day from day 1 (the calculator above isn’t even on the highest setting).

Ask yourself, why on earth would ANY company pay over $6k per month, for a job that ANYONE can do.

After all, it’s apparently so simple that you don’t need any skills.

So why wouldn’t these companies outsource such menial work to lesser developed countries, where the minimum wage is significantly lower?

They would and they do. And either way, real companies don’t hire people to post links, because it’s not a real job description.

If you analyze the sales material, what you will find is that these people are really selling you on affiliate marketing. Except they are GROSSLY misrepresenting what affiliate marketing is all about and how it really works.

Yes, you can technically make money by posting a link. Just like you can technically make money by posting ads online. But there is a LOT more to how this works, it is absolutely NOT that simple.

I know this because I earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you earn money promoting other people’s products or services online.

The process takes time and effort, but it is relatively simple…

You choose a niche, build a website, get traffic and promote affiliate products on your site. The way you promote products is by joining a free affiliate program, that provides you with your own unique affiliate links. So that when people click on your link and buy something, you earn a commission.

Everything is tracked automatically, so you just need to focus on getting the right people to click on your affiliate links.

Anyway, the way these sites explain the process is nothing short of ridiculous. They reduce the ENTIRE process down to ‘link posting’ and make it sound like some sort of job. Which it most certainly isn’t.

Affiliate marketing is a business. One that takes time and effort to get profitable. You certainly do NOT get paid per link you post and you need to have traffic if you want to get people to click on your affiliate links.

You can’t just expect to SPAM social media and other sites to get people clicking on your links. Which is essentially what these scam sites tell you to do.


If you’ve read this far, well done. I went into a lot of detail in this post because I really wanted to show you what this scam is and how it really works.

Link posting scams are one of the most prolific and long-running scams the internet has ever seen. This is why it’s so important to arm yourself with the right knowledge so that you can avoid stuff like this in the future.

If you want to be successful online, it takes time and effort. There is no shortcut and you will not start making money right away. This is simply not the reality.

The only people making money by ‘posting links’ are those who do so at your expense.

74 thoughts on “Link Posting – Legit Work From Home Job or Scam?”

  1. Tim,
    I like so many was just a click away from being scammed. It’s a shame because all any of us want to do is make extra money due to excessive expenses (economy). I myself am needing to get back into the workforce just to keep my house well maintained. Costs are so high and these scammers just pray on the fact all you want to do is get a little bit ahead of the situation.
    Thank you for your article, I had a feeling it was to good to be true.
    Now on to looking for a real, legit job.
    Thank You

    • Yeah, it is hard to believe they target people who really can’t afford to be losing money in the first place, but that seems to be their approach. The sad thing is that not only have they scammed a lot of money from people over the years, but I suspect they put many people off the whole idea of building an online business. which is a shame because there really are legitimate ways you can build a successful business within the online world. It’s just not as quick and easy as many unethical marketers out there portay.

      Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts here Sharon, and I wish you the best moving forward.

  2. I saw this same ad in my e-mail and sent 77 dollars to this program. I talked to this telemarketer, Ian, and he got me to take out a credit card which I canceled the next day. When I got a bad feeling about this, I asked for my $77 back and he just argued with me and tried to convince me my life was “unsatisfactory” and tried to manipulate me into staying but I told him I wanted out and listen to his “rants”. Folks, this guy is a fucking narcissist and a scam artist. I know because I study these characters and had various experiences with them. I detected his gaslighting, manipulation and deception and he would NOT take no for an answer. Anyway, thank you and I have filed a report with the FBI and if you have been scammed the website to report it is

      • I am sorry for calling this guy a nasty name but I want to warn that these people are very manipulative and you should know that it’s about deception and truth twisting. That’s what made me wary and that whoever is running this is unscrupulous and if it weren’t for that sense from God’s spirit, I would have been thousands in dept.

  3. Just got a text for a work-from-home job that after asking for my name and email took me [to a link posting scam site]. Don’t remember her name but u summarized the video precisely and so accurately. I had a feeling it was a scam and like I always do I started researching this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and found this amazing post.

    My mom always taught me “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

    I wouldn’t have paid to work, but I appreciate your post. Hopefully, more people will get access to this post before they become a victim of these dirty criminals.

    ➡️➡️➡️➡️ I highly recommend anyone who comes across these videos Visit the following sites to report them.
    ???The US Dept of Justice
    ???Consumer Issues Page at USA.GOV has a bunch of different consumer-related resources but ??the link for scams and fraud is
    ⚠️⚠️(If you don’t trust my links just search reporting scam websites/texts/calls etc. These sites will be done if the first to show up and have so much valuable info)

    Doesn’t matter how you get to the sites, just matters if you report or not. Maybe we can get some of these predators shut down before they hurt too many people. Life’s hard enough without these creeps!!!

    ❤️❤️Thanks Again!!! Sorry for the long post, if I can help just one person or shut down even one of these monsters, it’s worth it!!!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I added a small section [in brackets] to the first part of your comment to help clarify what you were saying because it was a bit unclear, hope you don’t mind. Based on your second comment, sounds like you originally had a link there to the scam site that you were texted about but removed it so people wouldn’t click it (which is good, thank you).

      Definitely, those sites you listed are good ones for people to visit. Also, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a good site for people to check out. They have actually gone after these scammers in the past. From what I understand, this scam has (literally) been going on for YEARS now. The scammers simply keep changing website URLs, names, fake characters, etc. which makes it virtually impossible for the authorities to catch them. Especially since they could be operating from anywhere.

      Unfortunately, scams like this will probably always exist. So I think the key is, like you said, to avoid anything that sounds too good to be true.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, and all the best.

  4. I am currently listening to the spiel from some guy called Rory at ‘”. Yeah I think I will pass on this but its fun to let Barbie the Sales person waste my time lol. Oh she just told me is $59 to host and $38 every 3 months! WOW so cheap!!!

    Thank you for putting this info out there although they would have lost me at the payment part. I am not paying anyone to hire me!

    • Yeah, I am familiar with the “link post blogging” system that site promotes and it’s not something I recommend.

      Glad you found this post helpful Eunice, and all the best going forward.

  5. Just almost fell for this scam myself.
    Glad I found your article!
    Lost my job a month ago and need help to work from home. I don’t have the money to be losing even $50 on scams so I appreciate your article and thank you.

  6. Thank you. I know if you have to spend money, it ain’t free. Very useful info. Thanks again for the breakdown.

  7. I’m good with that ..
    I actually appreciate the fact that you post an honest review on several of the Marketing, Affiliate and now this Link posting program. You have saved me tons of money. I have never once thought that you were posting reviews to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You are one of the rare few that actually do not charge to be a member and you offer so much guidance along the way.

  8. Hello Tim,
    My name is Brandon and I am a skeptic doing research on all things questionable. And I’m glad that is so because that’s how I ended up on your website and I sure am glad that I did. Like everyone else on the planet these days I am caught up in this pandemic and currently not working as a result of the pandemic. Which is why I almost paid the now $47.00 one time payment. And the even mention the pandemic making this “link posting” job even more lucrative. Preying on innocent people in a time like this. I really appreciate your insight and knowledge on this. You saved me from wasting my money. And it was a pleasure reading your article Tim.

    Kind Regards

  9. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for this great information! Unfortunately, I already fell for it and paid the $47 a few minutes ago. But. I’m not exactly sure what I bought…Lol. I seem to have gotten some Facebook and Twitter training instead of anything about crazy Link Posting. I emailed them for a refund saying that’s not what I expected to receive, but they’ll probably laugh when they read that I wanted to buy the Link Posting Scam instead. I may be better off with this training? As long as they don’t try to charge me for anything else, of course. ?

    • Hi Amy,

      Yeah I’m not sure lol. There’s a lot of different “make money online” programs online, so without knowing what it is I really couldn’t give an opinion on whether or not I think it’s legit.

      Not everything online is a scam though, so it could be a good program, maybe just watch the upselling.

      Either way, thanks for commenting and all the best. 🙂

  10. I’m retired army and I’m tired of leaving my family every day. Any suggestions on how to stay home and work without having to “not be home when I’m home”?

    • Hi Mathew,

      If you want to earn money online without physically sitting at your computer all day, then setting up a business that earns you passive income (where you’re not trading your time for money) is the way to go.

      The vast majority of work at home programs (that aren’t scams) like survey and simple task sites for example, take up a lot of your time and pay very little. So if your goal is to have more time, you may want to avoid those sites.

      There are many ways you can create passive income online. But one of the main ways I do it is through affiliate marketing, which is about as passive as it gets. Although, full disclosure, it does take a bit of time and effort to get it dialed in at first. So you should expect to work on your business for at least 12 months before getting to the “passive” part. But in my experience, it is well worth the effort.

      I created this beginner’s guide to help people learn about affiliate marketing, which you may find helpful.

  11. I’m a 19 year old, bored college student, who didn’t come from the richest family going into school. It’s summer and I need a job. I started looking at this and had this feeling in my gut. But the amount of money they offered surpassed it in the moment. Because I’m a woman who does her research on everything, I went to another tab to look this up, and that is when I saw this website. They tried to scam me. I always feel uncertain and like it’s not right whenever a website asks for my debit card number unless it’s Wal-Mart or something. Thanks for posting this. So glad I didn’t get scammed. I exited those pages right away.

  12. I saw almost all of those pictures and videos. I am glad and thankful for your information. I was thinking about doing it. Whew! Thanks so much. It is now $47 instead of $97. Apparently it’s a special deal that runs out today.

    • There is no such thing as a link posting job or business, no. But you can make money in ways that “involve” the posting of links. Such as through affiliate marketing, which involves sharing your affiliate link online (like on your website for example) to earn commissions when people buy stuff through that link.

      I explain the entire process here in this free beginner’s guide.

    • I wouldn’t get too down on yourself Anne, most of us have been scammed in one way or another. I’ve worked with, and met, a lot of people over the years who make money on the internet and I am yet to find a single person out of these who hasn’t been scammed. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is almost a right of passage.

      What I would suggest is to look for programs that allow you to get started for free, and give you LOTS of value upfront before asking for a single dime.

      Because what I have found over the years is that most scams rely on pushy, manipulative sales tactics to get you in the door, and never really explain what you’re getting yourself into. For example, in this case they sell you on “link posting” which isn’t even a real business model, it’s something scammers made up to sell a scam.

      Whereas legitimate programs, ones that teach you how to start a real business online, are transparent and actually educate you on what you’ll be doing to earn revenue. They explain the business model in detail, which you can verify through your own research well before buying anything.

      Kinda like the programs I recommend on my resources page.

      Anyways, if you do want to get started online, check out my free training. On this page I show you how I earn money online and how you can get started with the same process for zero cost.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Hello Tim,
        I happen to come across this same scam algorithm.. it showed up as a job advertisement on Instagram. I was looking through some job descriptions, they even used Amazon as a main job link, I wish I had taken picture of the advertisement… I did take a snapshot of the second page if you want it..

        • Hi Bruce,

          Yeah they seem to be everywhere lately and for sure, you can send the screenshot to the email listed on our contact page and I can take a look into it and potentially post a review of it. Thank you.

      • That’s ok, I got scammed to but I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach and I thank God that I canceled that card and did’t charge on it. It was that sense and it could have been worse. I could have been thousands I dept and had to pay it off.

  13. I also was duped with this exact and I mean exact Link Posting scam. It’s that as seen on TV banner that reels you in. First, they say all you need to $47 to start making money. It’s normally $97 but they are offering a discount. Then they send you the get started “kit”. Then an advanced team member calls you as your personal coach and asks you all this information and then goes on to say he can coach you for “while it is normally thousands of dollars for his service” he will offer it for a mere $300. Woah, light bulb went off and said no immediately (thankfully). Then you are assigned a 1 on 1 person who sends you an email and says in order to get a “Blog” going it will cost $87.95. You really can’t proceed any further without paying that NON Refundable fee. Once I saw that I knew for sure it was a scam. I should have done my due diligence which I normally do. Thanks you for posting this article before I was scammed any further.

  14. Well, I fell for it yesterday! Got a call several hours later telling me he had an appointment for me to help me get started this morning. I found this article last night. One thing I didn’t read about in your article is the option to get your own website from a company called “Cool Handle”! They say that having this website will help your online business tremendously, so of course I decided to sign up with a domain name that they gave me a few choices for. I will be calling my CC company today and report these charges as fraudulent. I should have researched the scam first but I was in a car and it seemed like for only $47 even if it is a scam they say you have a 60 day moneyback guarantee but then after you sign up for that then they want this and that and then an upgrade and more and it just never ends! Thanks for the information. I can’t believe this is still going on.

    • Yeah Cool Handle is not a legitimate company in my opinion and is tied to a lot of link posting scams. It sucks to lose money to a scam but at least you have learned something out of it and what to avoid in future. Thank you for commenting and all the best going forward. 🙂

  15. i fell for the scam 2 days ago, imputed all my card details and clicked submit, was skeptical and immediately transferred all the money in my account to my husband and left $35. since then i havent been debited but my gmail has filled with spam messages, i delete bunch of messages every 10minutes. i dont know how to opt out of the messages. A woman called me yesterday to convince me on it. Now i am afraid to put money in my account because they have my card details and can withdraw $97. After reading this article just now, i called my bank and make a report, i was told to block the card and get a new card.

    • I think you’ve made a wise choice there.

      Most people, myself included, have been sucked into stuff like this at one point or another, so you’re not alone. Unfortunately there’s a lot of people online that just want to make a quick buck off of people.

      The important thing is not to let stuff like these deter you from your goal to work from home, because it is possible.

      There are many different ways to earn money online too. I personally like affiliate marketing though, because it’s simple and doesn’t cost much to build your business.

      Either way, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward.

  16. I fell for this site out of desperation to make thousands of dollars a week from my bed, literally. Once, I paid the $47.00 and talked to a person, describing herself as my personal coach, I realized that there was more to this game than meets the eye. I also, realized that if things were so wonderful, why are they asking, begging that you not leave the site and reduce from initial asking price of $197.00 to $99.00 and finally in a desperate effort reduce the price even further to $47.00.

    Needless, to say I took the bait..but..after talking to the so called coach and receiving the real deal information. I put on the brakes. I was now informed after a brief, very brief over-view, that I needed now to pay a one time fee of, I believe to be 58.00..for life. She reiterated. But, I would also need to pay 28.00 per month to remain active and to be able to make the thousands of dollars initially claimed by the fakes. The same images, appear over and over in their Fake Videos claiming to make so much many that they decided to quit their regular jobs..Ha Ha..don’t fall for that one…

    Lastly, after the request for additional money to ensure success in the program/scam..I was now an informed job seeker whose unrealistic dreams of making tons of money from home was now debunked and I have moved back into Reality…Take Heed ..and think if this was a plausible would have less congestion on the freeways and bi-ways daily..Sorry to dis-appoint..

  17. Wow thanks for all this important information as I almost got lured into this after watching the promising video. Thank God for google and that you can find the truth if you search hard enough!!

  18. Why is it I haven’t seen the FRAUD company , World Wide Web Services . Co , not listed. Huge Fraud, Lying, Stealing Company. Does the name scare people? Sounds like they own the WEB. Does it make people not report them.

    Their Business Marketing Videos to pay to HIRE YOURSELF, to lose money, (name of the 7 minute Video) “I bet you want to make more money”:

    The name of the 22 minute Video: “Today is going to be a great day for you”:

    The Video Financial Claims of $400.00 a day and more, without selling anything. Don’t have to worry about getting paid, because reputable companies will pay you every week.

    Now for the truth- after you pay on some level, starting at $97. or $77. or $47.,,,and the promise that “we will not ask you for any more money, no reoccurring charges. Then, a Pop-up telling you, you might not succeed, another, $84. Then a Mentor for $138.00 and a Pop-up if you don’t pay the $138.00 saying, Call your Specialist at 877-219-5077. Then you get the BIG SCAM of $10,997.00.


    You can’t sign a VIDEO. They get you to sign a contract electronic, that then states it is about giving you access to thousands of products to sell.. DOESN’T HAPPEN. AMAZING, NO FEAR OF GOD. The videos came before the contract. FRAUD. Deceptive, Lying ways to obtain finances, a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. LAW. FTC.

    They are then saying you are in an internet school to learn all the ways to sell on the internet. THEY HAVE LEARNED HOW TO LIE AND DON’T CARE. Refusals to let you break the contract after you see you have been absolutely DEFRAUDED! LAWSUIT TIME. $400.00 a day and more WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING. You have to listen closely and stop the VIDEO after each FRAME (yea), screen shots can be taken with your phone.

    These are some of the snakiest people. They talk nice on the phone. Just think,,, what do they really want to do to everyone by putting them in a financial bind and tell them they can’t get out of it. Oh, they give you a few days,, BUT, they have you on their fast track setting up all the platforms you need, to do what they said it had nothing to do with and when you wake up from under their spell you have past the time limit… GOD KNOWS WHAT THEY DO. One day!!

    OH, and their contract says that can’t make financial claims, the video, up to $400.00 a day, and more, $12,000.00 a month and $144,000.00 a year.. Without selling anything! Can you believe it?

    • Thanks for sharing Roxanne, appreciate the information here, especially regarding the upselling into the $10,000’s as you mentioned.

      Unfortunately, this is their entire game. Use incredibly misleading hype to get people in the door to a low price product, then systematically sell you more and more… and more stuff. In other words, bleed you dry.

      This is how they profit and it is the unfortunate reality of scams like this.

      Anyway thanks again for your comment and all the best going forward.

  19. Thank you for this! I literally have another page open right now to pay the $47… but I thought to myself I need to do my research first because right times are hard and $47 is a lot for me..
    thank you again I’m so glad I found your page!

  20. My grandmother did this in the 90’s waaaay before social media picked up. She only made a few measly dollars a week. Like 20-30 bucks. And she spent it on beer and junk food. No joke. Not lying. She told me she made money from creating a store and having people click on the links. But it was chump change. You have to be a social media guru to make money that way these days.

    • Hi Beverly,

      Yeah there were companies that did pay for that sort of thing back in the day. But now those tasks are so easily automated that no legit company pays people per hour to post links. The only exception would be if they are hiring folks from lesser developed countries where the minimum wage is extremely low.

      Thanks for sharing.

  21. Unfortunately they reeled me in for $47. Glad I found your breakdown of what this is really about. I’m going to try to call their customer service to get a refund. If that does not work I will call CC company to process a fraud activity. The real culprit is Windows 10 which does not allow avoiding pop ups. And they call it progress?
    Peter M.

  22. I’m so happy that you wrote this article! It’s a bit embarrassing that I almost fell for yet another scam….yes I said another 🙁
    I’m just so hopeful that these scams aren’t scams!
    Anyway I’m so happy I was researching it first and found your very enlightening article 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Don’t worry, mostly people (including myself) have been scammed multiple times before actually succeeding online. Unfortunately given that there are so many scams online, that’s just the way it is.

      Anyways thank you for commenting and all the best going forward!

  23. You’re great guy Tim,
    Almost got reel in! Just before submitting any payment I became skeptical about it. so I went on did some research, and stumble on your site. It was to good to be true anyways. Like you said, anything ( worthwhile) takes hard work, and persistence. Thanks for your article very helpful. God bless 🙂

  24. Hey, Tim I already figured that Posting Links was a scam because I clicked on it at different times, from different sites, going all the way back to 2013. The article was almost always the same, but the photos, what you called stock photos, were different. No, I never made a purchase because honestly, I was too cheap to hand over any money. But after not seeing them for a while, the ad popped up on a trucker website, I went to recently. I finally asked Google if one could actually earn money doing this and the search lead me to your article explaining in more detail how it works. I rolled over laughing when you replied to another comment about taking three months to earn $1.17 from Amazon. Is it really that challenging? Could I really expect to wait two years to start earning a full-time income? I hate trucking and I want out.

    • Hey Drena,

      Yeah this scam has been running for years, crazy how it just keeps on going.

      LOL yeah but in the grand scheme I don’t think 2 years is that long. I mean.. people pay pay $10,000’s to go to university for 3-4 years, in the ‘hopes’ of getting an entry level job they’re probably gonna end up hating. In contrast, I was earning regular commissions after a year, and went ‘full-time’ in less than 2 years, doing something I love. Not to mention a business model like affiliate marketing gives you a lot of freedom (time and location).

      So it may seem like a long time, but in my view, it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things considering how life changing it can be for you. And that is just my experience too, I know people who’ve made more money sooner, just as I know people who’ve taken longer. There are a lot of variables at play so it’s impossible to predict how long it will take you.

      In any case, it’s not difficult or challenging in a technical sense. Literally anyone can do this. It mostly comes down to hard work and persistence, so the biggest challenge is really just being disciplined enough to see it through to the point of reaching your goals.

      Anyways hope this helps and thanks for commenting.

  25. Wow!! Thanks for all of the enlightening info. I literally came here on a different browser tab with the scam page still up on a different tab b/c I wanted to just see what I could find out if “ad link posting” was a real money making opportunity or not. Now I know it’s not. And I have seen these types of scams before in the past, and every time they say oh this system is easily worth this much & you get all these free additional bonuses & they won’t charge you what it’s worth, but.. and I think ok here it comes.. and you’re right, the onetime fee is always $97.00. And each time I have been on a page thinking whether or not do I wanna do this, I always chicken out for the same reason: What if it is a scam or I don’t understand the program? I wil be out $97 which may not be a lot to some people, but to me, it’s a significant amount that I don’t wanna just hand over not knowing what to really expect or have no idea if I can do this… even with the 100% money back guarantee.
    SO thank you… your insight has proven to me once & for all this is a 100% guaranteed scam!!

  26. Thanks for writing this very informative post – I hope it prevents these scammers from taking people’s money. I am a “guru” of sorts – 45 year software engineer – and I’ve seen lots of obvious scams. I’m aware of what affiliate selling is and how to go about it, so I won’t need your help. Thanks again.

      • Lots of info on how the scam gets people. Then a link to your site that has the same things on it, but in different format. Nice work downing a scam to promote your own.

        • Hi Bryce,

          I can appreciate your skepticism, but I don’t own or endorse ANY form of link posting scam at all. Period.

          I show people how to get started with affiliate marketing for free, which is a 100% legitimate business.

          Companies like Amazon and Best Buy for example, run affiliate programs, and affiliates all over the globe collectively earn billions in revenue each year promoting stuff like this.

          So my point is.. what I share is legit, and it works.

          With that being said it takes time, effort and persistence to earn money this way, and I always make a point of telling people this. Never, at any point, do I pretend like you’ll just ‘plugin’ and start earning $1,000’s right away.

          Instead, I’m upfront about the fact that it takes real work to succeed, and I share my own journey whenever someone asks me how long it takes to start earning. Which was working my butt off for 3 straight months to earn $1.17 from Amazon, and it wasn’t until about 6 month mark I started earning small, but regular commissions. But in less than 2 years I was earning a full-time income.

          So clearly this is not some “get rich quick” scheme. Affiliate marketing a legitimate business model that (like anything worthwhile) takes time and effort if you want to earn a living doing it.

          And I’m passionate about sharing this stuff with others because I know how hard it is to find legitimate ways to earn money online. I have something that works, so I share it with folks on this site.

          Anyways, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward!

          • Hi Tim,
            I actually appreciate the fact that you post an honest review on several of the Marketing, Affiliate and now this Link posting program. You have saved me tons of money. I have never once thought that you were posting reviews to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You are one of the rare few that actually do not charge to be a member and you offer so much guidance along the way.
            I usually look for your review prior to adventuring into another stream of an affiliate program. I have found you, to be honest, and have much integrity.
            I want to thank you for your review. I myself was thinking about Link posting but am definitely no longer interested.
            Thank you again!!
            Karrie 🙂

          • Thank you Karrie, I really appreciate your comment here and I’m glad you find my content helpful. All the best going forward!

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