Karen Johnson’s Computer Experts Online Is a Scam and I’ll Show You Why In This Review

Today I came across a work from home program called Computer Experts Online. The creator of the program, Karen Johnson, says you can make over $379 per day posting links.

She claims it’s a “certified work from home opportunity” that has been featured in the news!

Certainly sounds exciting… I mean, who doesn’t want to make money doing something that simple, right? Yep. But unfortunately, Computer Experts Online is a scam.

We don’t know each other though, so I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

Which is precisely why I’m going to explain my reasoning in detail in this review. That way, by the end of my review, you’ll know exactly how this program really works and why I consider it to be a scam. Then you can make your own decision about buying.

Sound good? Ok. Read on to see exactly what this program is all about…

What Computer Experts Online Is About

Computer Experts Online is a new site that promises people can make easy money posting links. The sales page says you can earn over $379 each day, putting in just 60 minutes work.

The cost of the program is $97 which supposedly gives you access to the Wealth Development Center

That’s right, for only $97.00, you get everything I told you about Sign up today and within five minutes you’ll receive your link to The Wealth Development Center

Cool story. But the Wealth Development Center isn’t even a real thing!

Just like the concept of link posting, this is literally something they made up out of thin air. I know this because I’ve done my homework on this in detail, which you can see by clicking on the link above. Not only is it fake, but people have lost millions of dollars buying into this same story over the years.

Computer Experts Online uses the very same sales pitch as many other link posting sites I’ve reviewed. Believe it or not, there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of these cookie cutter sites that ALL say the same thing!

Here’s just a few variations to show you what I mean:

So basically what they do, is change up a few details with each new version to keep the scam running. Once enough people catch on to the scam, they switch it up.

Pretty sneaky huh? Yup!

Karen Johnson- Fake Alias With a Made Up Story

The single biggest thing that tricks people into buying this is the story they use.

The story of a “struggling mother” who lost her job and discovered how to post links by chance. Now she’s a millionaire living the dream, and wants to show you how to do the same.

In this case, the person telling this story is Karen Johnson…

Karen Johnson

This story really gets you in if you’ve never read it before. It must work because they use this over and over again across countless sites.

Either way, the whole story is BS. Here’s why in a nutshell…

  • The story is fake- it’s the same one they use on all these sites
  • Karen Johnson is a pen name
  • The woman on the sales page is a stock photo

Here’s the same story used on a few of recent reviews to show you proof (Linda Wilson, Cynthia Sprinter and Tonya Martin)…

As you can see, same story but they switch up some details depending on which version you land on. There are many other alias’ too, these are some of the recent one’s I’ve found.

Anyways, here’s Karen Johnson as a stock photo…

Stock Photo Woman

Clearly there’s zero merit in the entire story they use on the sales page, and Karen Johnson isn’t even real.

Is “Link Posting” a Real Thing? Nope.

First and foremost, I want to be clear that link posting is not real. This is a made up “job” whereby companies pay you to post links.

There is nothing legitimate about this whatsoever. Companies do NOT pay people this kind of money to perform menial tasks like posting links. Period. This sort of thing is outsourced to countries where the minimum wage is significantly lower.

It is true that you can “get paid to post links” and it’s called affiliate marketing. But the real process is worlds apart from how they explain it. I know this because I earn a full-time income doing affiliate marketing.

The REAL process looks like this…

  • Choose a niche (target audience)
  • Build a simple website
  • Get traffic (visitors) to your website
  • Promote other companies products as an affiliate

This is the real process that goes into making money as an affiliate. It’s not hard when you know how, but it’s a LOT more involved that “posting a few links”.

For starters, you only get paid when people BUY through your link. You do not get paid “x amount per link” at all. Which is what they pretend happens, and the even use a fake income calculator to make it seem real…

Link Posting Income Calculator

The real work with this business model is in getting people to actually click on your affiliate links in the first place. It doesn’t happen by spamming it on social media or forums either- you need to get people onto your website the proper way.

This simply does not work and does not help you create an income.

How This Scam Works

Computer Experts Online works by selling you a junk training for $97. Once you’re in the door you soon discover you do not have what you need to make money doing anything, let alone posting links.

This is where your “coach” comes into play. This person calls you to convince you to buy into much higher ticket programs that “really help you” make money. The cost of which runs into the $1,000’s. I’ve never bought into these upsells so I can’t say for sure how good they are.

But I’m willing to bet they are equally as useless and I know for certain you don’t need to pay this much to learn how to create an income online. Not at all.

So to recap how this scam works…

  • Suck you in t0 paying $97 under false pretences
  • Upsell you into the $1,000’s once you’re inside
  • Make it difficult to obtain a refund (near impossible if you buy over the phone)

In any case, you do not learn how to work from home posting links. You are taken for a ride. One that can end up costing you a significant amount of money.

Has This Program Really Been In The News? Nope.

No. These sites all pretend to have some kind of news endorsement, but this is a trick. The logos they use have been taken from the news sites themselves. They get away with this because they shut these sites down and open news ones at a very high rate.

Fake News Endorsements

Notice the wording is generic too… “work from home programs have been featured in the news”. This is true, they have in general. Just not this one!

The same goes for the news videos- generic news clips about working from home they use over and over again.

The reason they do this is to gain your trust and make the whole thing seem real. It’s only when you look closely that you begin to see the truth.

Which brings me to my next point…

The ‘Spots’ Are Not Limited- This Is a Dirty Trick

The whole ‘limited spots’ thing is not real. They do this because they want you to buy on impulse. They certainly don’t want you reading reviews and looking closely at the facts.

This is an easy one to verify too, simply visit the site next week. It’ll still say there’s only “9 spots” available in your area.

The Testimonials Are 100% Fake (Here’s Proof)

The testimonials they use are (you guessed it) fake. Yet another trick in their arsenal to trick you into buying. Here’s a couple of the testimonials to show you what I mean…

Fake Testimonials

Now here they are as stock photos….

Stock Photo of Wesley
Stock Photo Woman

Much like Karen Johnson’s story, these testimonials are the same ones they use on many other versions of this site.

Buying This Program Is Risky

Other than losing money, there are two reasons why it’s actually risky to engage with their site.

The first reason is because they share and sell your personal information…

Privacy Policy SPAM
Source: computer-experts-online.com/gm5/PrivacyPolicy.cfm

This means you go into a ‘sucker list’ and will receive never ending SPAM from them, and whoever buys your email.

The second, and more alarming reason, is the checkout page uses fake verification seals…

Checkout Page Not Secure

These are not real verifications- they are dated back as far as 2010! Look closely and you will see what I mean. Not to mention, none of the links within the logos work.

You can always check these verification logos by clicking on them, which takes you to a page that shows you they are current and legit.

So (in my opinion) giving these people your credit card information is concerning.

Conclusion- Why Computer Experts Online Is a Scam

Computer Experts Online is a scam because they promise you a work from home job posting links- and sell you into the fake ‘Wealth Development Center’ which doesn’t help you create an income from home.

And they do so in a highly unethical manner. Pretty much everything you see on the sales page is fake, and manipulates people into buying on impulse.

Before too long this ‘version’ will be gone, and a new one will take it’s place. In most cases they run for a few months. This is how the scam has been running for over a decade now.

Anyways, what you decide to do is up to you. But I cannot recommend this to you.

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  1. Thank You for this information, as I was listening to her video, I as well was trying to do some research and it disappeared which was a good thing.

  2. Thank you so much for taking time to post. If it wasn’t for my dog jumping in my lap towards the and of her video causing me to lose the site I was well prepared to invest.


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