The Profit Shortcut Review: Shortcut to Success or SCAM?

Welcome to my review of The Profit Shortcut.

I discovered this site today while surfing the web, which claims to give you the “top secret shortcut” to making $500 per day online. Without a product or any tech experience.

Is it legit? The Profit Shortcut isn’t exactly a scam, because it’s just a sales pitch for another program called The Super Affiliate Network, which was created by Misha Wilson. And it’s possible to make money with the system, but the startup costs are very high. And according to the income disclosure, most people end up losing money.

In this review, I’ll show you what this system is about, how it works, and my feelings on whether or not I think it’s worth joining, to help you make a more informed decision.

My First Impression

My first impression of The Profit Shortcut is that it’s just like all the other systems I come across. You know… the ones that promise you big things, just to get you to buy something?!

To be fair, it’s not as shady as other systems I’ve reviewed like Website Profits Pro or Income Sites Online. But if I’m being honest I still did find it a bit misleading.

And the reason is, because the whole sales video revolves around the concept of giving you the “shortcut” to making money online.

And as someone who actually makes 6 figures per year doing affiliate marketing, which is essentially what this is about, I know that is nonsense.

The reality is that if you go into any business venture with that “overnight” mindset then you are probably going to fail. Because real success takes time and effort.

There is no shortcut to success online, and this is no different.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some aspects of this system that are done for you, which can make life easier for you. But it’s not as easy to reach success as they are making out. If it were, everyone who bought into this would be wealthy, which simply isn’t the case.

So, what exactly is this about and how does it work?

Read on…

What’s The Profit Shortcut and Super Affiliate Network About?

The Profit Shortcut is really just a sales pitch for The Super Affiliate Network.

So if you whip out your credit card and pay the $37 fee, you’re really going to be getting access to the Super Affiliate Network. Because that’s the underlying system here.

Why are they calling it something else?

Because by calling an old system something new, they can sell the same old system in a new way, that appeals to different groups of people. In this case, they are targeting people who want the “shortcut” to making money on the internet.

It’s kind of clever, and it works, but I personally feel like it’s a bit misleading.

What is the Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is a high ticket affiliate marketing system that was created by Misha Wilson. It’s basically an “all-in-one” platform where the idea is to buy lots of products yourself, to qualify to earn commissions promoting the same system.

The plus side is that the training is legitimate, some aspects of the system are already in place, and some people do make good money this way.

The down side is that the real startup costs run into the $10,000’s. And the whole thing is really about recruiting people who recruit people, which is why some liken it to a pyramid scheme.

In the next section, I’ll elaborate on this and explain how this system works in more detail, so you what to expect before making any final decisions either way.

How Does This System Work?

In a nutshell… the way this system works is by getting you to join, purchase more expensive products, and promote the same system to earn affiliate commissions.

If you do decide to purchase The Profit Shortcut, the first thing that will happen is you will be asked to “upgrade” your order. Because the first $37 is just the beginning.

These (not so) optional upgrades include the following:

  • SAN Basic Membership: $47 per month
  • SAN Pro Membership: $2,497 – $2,997 one time
  • Maui Mastermind Event: $12,497
  • All In Membership: $17,497

As you can see, there are some huge upsells here. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if what you’re buying is worth the money. As in, if it turns out to be a good investment.

But it doesn’t stop there…

The Super Affiliate Network teaches you how to make money promoting the same system. So all of the training and tools are setup to help you do this.

And one of the main things they teach you, is how to buy solo ads. Which are basically advertisements other internet marketers send to their email list on your behalf.

So my point is… paying for advertising is a key aspect of how this system works. And this advertising can quickly add up to $1,000’s per month. Which means the costs go beyond upgrading.

Between the startup costs and the advertising budget you’ll need to pour into this, it can end up costing you a lot of money to even get started making sales.

Do you have to upgrade to make real money with this system?

Yes. Because if someone you recruit buys something you haven’t bought yourself, you miss out on that commission. So you need to buy whatever you want to promote.

Especially when you’re paying for advertising, because you need to recoup every dollar you can to get into profit.

Can You Really Make Money With This System?

It is possible to make money with The Super Affiliate Network. The system was created by an internet marketing professional (Misha Wilson) and there are success stories from real people who use the system.

But it’s important to understand that most people do not earn this sort of money. Because according to the The Profit Shortcut Income Disclosure Statement

The average partner spends between $3000 and $12,000 in expenses per year as they build their business. Less than 2% earns sufficient commissions to cover their costs of the The Profit Short Cut products.

So 98% of people who buy this system end up losing money.

I don’t say this to put you off, because obviously some people are seeing success. I say this because it paints a more realistic picture of what to expect.

The sales video talks about how easy it’s going to be to “shortcut” your way to profit. But the fine print tells an entirely different story.

So if you are going to invest your time and hard earned money into this, or any other program, just keep in mind that success doesn’t happen at the push of a button.

So, Is The Profit Shortcut a Scam?

I personally don’t believe The Profit Shortcut is an outright scam or pyramid scheme.

I say this because you do get real training and real resources to earn money with this system if you buy. So it’s not like they’re just blatantly ripping people off.

And the Super Affiliate Network is not a pyramid scheme because they no longer utilise the multilevel marketing (MLM) business model. Instead, they leverage a regular affiliate program where you only earn on sales you make yourself.

With that being said, there are some red flags that stop me from ever really recommending this system to you or anyone else reading this.

What red flags am I talking about?

Well firstly, I don’t like the kind of “push button” hype they use on the sales page. I think that this is a great way to make more sales for them, but not so much for the people who are trying to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy.

Second, the “pay to play” nature of the business model concerns me. Because similar systems (like MOBE and Digital Altitude) have been shut down by the FTC. I only recommend business models that lead to longterm profits.

Third, the cost of this system (and running paid ads) is very high. You simply do not need to pay this much to create a successful business online. Paying $10,000’s to start a business online puts you deep into the red from day 1 and creates unnecessary risk.

And often the only reason these “upgrades” are so expensive, is to facilitate higher commissions for the people who are trying to recruit you.

So these are red flags in my view and they do prevent me from recommending The Profit Shortcut or anything like it. I just feel that there are more ethical business models out there.

Pros and Cons


  • The initial $37 is affordable
  • I like that there’s real training in the members area
  • They have a 30 day refund policy in place
  • Misha Wilson is an experienced online marketer
  • It is possible to earn commissions promoting this system


  • Sales video is a bit overhyped
  • The real startup costs run into the $10,000’s
  • Most people lose money according to their own disclosure
  • I don’t like the business model itself, it’s a bit shady in my view


What is The Profit Shortcut?

The Profit Shortcut is a sales pitch for The Super Affiliate Network. It is not a program or system in and of itself, it just funnels people to buy SAN.

What Is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing system that was created by Misha Wilson. The whole thing is about purchasing higher and higher priced “upgrades” so that you qualify to recruit others into the same system.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting cost is $37, but that is just the beginning. Beyond this, there are upsells that range from $47 per month to $17,497 one time. And then there’s the cost of advertising.

Who’s Created the Profit Shortcut?

It is not entirely clear if Misha Wilson himself created this site or if a Super Affiliate Network affiliate created it. Either way, it’s purpose is promoting SAN.

Is The Profit Shortcut (AKA Super Affiliate Network) Legit?

I’m not sure I would go as far as to call it “legit” but it’s not an outright scam either. I personally think it fits somewhere in the realm of semi-legit and borderline scam.

Summing It Up

Getting your hands on the “shortcut to online profits” sounds exciting. And let’s be honest… who wouldn’t want to use a system like that if it really worked?

I certainly would.

But oftentimes these systems don’t work. And even if they do work, the whole “instant success” thing is really just a marketing gimmick gurus use to make money off of you.

Either way, those who create real success online learn real skills and apply what they learn on a daily basis. They didn’t get anywhere by using a “secret shortcut”.

You could continue searching for systems that promise this, and continue losing more money. Or you could accept that success online takes time and effort, and create a real, profitable business that you can be proud of. That’s what I did.

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