Success With Anthony Review: Inside The Latest 2017 Version!

I recently received an email about Success With Anthony and decided to take a closer look.

After watching a rather lengthy sales pitch, I eventually decided to buy the program. I’ll admit I was quite curious to see what this was all about.

Turns out there is some good training material, and it’s not a scam. Like any program though, it does have it’s drawbacks.

Read on to see what it’s all about before you buy…

Success With Anthony Review (2017 Version)

When I first started watching the sales video, alarm bells were ringing for me.

Why? Well for one thing, the videos shows Anthony Morrison meeting up with three ‘regular people’ for the first time, who then make money within their first hour…

Sales Video Anthony Morrison SWA

Then he re-visits them a few days later and they’ve made almost $2k each.

I’m sorry, but people rarely (if ever) just ‘plugin’ to a system and begin making money that quickly. I’ve only ever seen this marketing tactic used within scams, so I definitely had my guard up at this point.

To be fair though, the amounts of money shown were very small. And Anthony did say clearly that “not everyone will achieve this level of success”.

So while I am personally convinced these ‘meet ups’ were staged, the claims made weren’t outrageous. It is possible to make that kind of money once this system is setup. In any case, sales pages always have some level of hype, this wasn’t extreme in my opinion.

Anyways, let’s take a look at the actual program itself…

What Is Success With Anthony?

Success With Anthony 2017 (SWA) helps beginners make money with a Profit Cycle Funnel. Which is really just making money with affiliate marketing using a basic sales funnel.

Success With Anthony 2017

The basic idea of this program is very similar to every other ‘make money online’ program you see kicking around. Build a basic affiliate sales funnel and send traffic to it, so you can make money promoting affiliate offers. It’s a simple concept when you learn the basics, which this program does teach you.

Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison

The program was originally created by Anthony Morrison back in 2012. According to Anthony though… “times have changed and we wanted to change with them” which spurred the release of the new 2017 version. So I guess you could call this ‘Success With Anthony 2.0’.

In any case, the core training consists of five main ‘steps’ each with a number of videos. And the cost of the program depends on which option you choose…

Pricing Options

How Success With Anthony Works

As mentioned, this is about affiliate marketing. Which means your main goal is to convince people to buy through your affiliate links. When they buy through your links, you earn a commission. Here’s an overview of the process Anthony shows in a video…

Sales Funnel Example

Here’s how these ‘Profit Cycle Business funnels’ work in a nutshell:

  1. Send traffic to your squeeze page and collect emails by offering something of value
  2. This traffic is then sent to your ‘thank you’ page which contains your affiliate link
  3. You follow up with them via email to increase your commissions

That’s basically it. But there is a unique difference with this program though.

Rather than showing you how to build your own custom funnel, Anthony gives you a ‘done for you’ funnel he has already created. This is a ‘proven’ funnel that is geared to promote a program called ClickFunnels, which is a legitimate internet marketing funnel creation tool.

To be able to use the funnel however, you must buy ClickFunnels yourself. Which starts out with a free 14 day trial, and becomes $97 per month after the trial.

So the end result is you get your squeeze page and thank you page all ready to go. This does make your life a lot easier, and if it converts, awesome.

The good news is, this is a process that will work, and it’s very simple to follow. You can potentially make money by following these steps. Also, the program you are promoting (ClickFunnels) is legitimate and a profitable offer to promote.

The bad news is, it’s the same funnel everyone else is using so, over time, the conversion rates will likely suffer. Not to mention, you are forking out a lot more money on addittional products (upsells and other tools needed) and paid traffic. Which quickly add up and can make it difficult for beginners on a budget.

The Upsells

UpsellsImmediately after buying, the upselling begins. I counted around 8 pages worth of upsells and downsells I had to go through, before getting access to the members area. This is a bit extreme.

Also, within the actual members area there are quite a few additional offers. Some are essential tools like an autoresponder you should buy anyway, and some are addittional training and tools that are optional.

In any case, by the time you add all of the addittional costs up, you could easily be spending well into the thousands of dollars.

Probably the single biggest upsell of all is the coaching. There’s no price listed for this, but I can safely say this would be well into the $1,000’s. Maybe even 5 figures. But again, this is optional. If you have the money, and the coaching is good, then it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it.

Inside The Members Area

Here is a screenshot taken directly from inside the members area:

Success With Anthony Members Area

I’ve highlighted the important parts. Everything outside of this is either an upsell, or some old training thrown in to beef up the value of the program. The core training is broken up into 5 main steps with a number of videos in each, and there’s also some bonus content.

Anyways, here’s an overview of the training steps…

Step 1: Overview and Introduction

As the name suggests, this is an overview of the program and what it’s all about. There are two videos in this ‘step’ and the second video really gets into the meat of what the system is about. As I explained earlier, it’s about setting up a basic funnel to promote affiliate products. In this case, the funnel is designed to promote ClickFunnels.

Step 2: Your Profit Cycles

This module goes deeper into how the system works. It shows you how to sign up for ClickFunnels and gives you the download links to the actual ‘done for you’ funnels you will upload into ClickFunnels. You are also shown how ClickFunnels works so you can familiarize yourself with it.

The term ‘profit cycle’ is really just Anthony’s spin on “sales funnel”.

Step 3: Autoresponders and Emails

Almost every good sales funnel should leverage an autoresponder. Most internet/ affiliate marketers use them, including myself. This is a tool that allows you to collect emails from people who visit your squeeze page and allows you to send them emails automatically, or all at once.

It is a very worthwhile tool to have, whether you use it with SWA or not. The recommended autoresponder is GetResponse which is actually the autoresponder I use myself as of writing this. It’s a very good tool.

The pricing starts at $15 and goes into the $100’s or even $1,000’s per month if you have a massive list.

You also get an entire series of emails that you can copy and paste into your followup campaign too. Over 20 days worth which is pretty solid. All you need to do is insert your affiliate link where appropriate and you’re good to go.

Step 4: Traffic Generation

The recommended traffic source is solo ads. This is a very simple means of getting traffic, and it’s relatively affordable. The main issue being, the quality.

Tim Donavan (not sure if the spelling is correct there) is the ‘traffic guy’ who walks you through this section. He recommends a platform that apparently sells very high quality solo ad traffic for a good price. I haven’t used that particular platform, so I can’t say for sure if it’s good or not.

For those that don’t know, solo ads are when you pay another marketer to send out promo emails to their list, on your behalf. For example, you pay $300 to get a guaranteed 500 clicks to your squeeze page.

Step 5: Build More Profit Centers

This is a basic training that shows you how to find addittional ‘profit centers’ (AKA affiliate offers) to promote. There are additional offers within ClickFunnels shown, and offers within ClickBank which is a good affiliate network too.

Bonus Material

There was actually some nice bonus content. The main bonus is a ‘traffic multiplier’ which shows you how to leverage a FaceBook fan page to attract more leads into your funnel. Anthony gives you a simple idea to work with, but one that can potentially work. There are three videos that walk you through the process.

The second bonus is a 14 module video series about email marketing. I’m pretty sure this is old content, but probably worth watching all the same.

The Verdict – Is Success With Anthony a Scam?

Success With Anthony is not a scam.

I must admit I was skeptical with some of the marketing tactics used in the sales video. But there is value within the training and the methods taught are proven to work.

I will say that I’m not a fan of using the same funnel as a ton of other people, and solo ads aren’t my favourite traffic source. But this is a reasonable way to get started. And you are given a couple of squeeze page variations to work with which is good.

Considering I paid under 10 bucks, and ClickFunnels comes with a free trial, I’d say SWA is potentially worth checking out. I wouldn’t expect to be making money within hours like the sales video shows, but you can make money this way.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has helped you gain some insight so you can make a more informed decision about buying.

10 thoughts on “Success With Anthony Review: Inside The Latest 2017 Version!”

  1. Hi Tim thank you so much for your review! I have spent thousands to date, hours upon hours, trying to find something that works. I would very much like to check out what you have. I’m sick of upsells and hi monthly fees. Again. Thank you.

    • You are very welcome. Yeah I can relate to that. When I first started it seemed like all I ever did was spend money and end up going round and round in circles trying to figure it all out.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best!

  2. Great review, Tim! Thank you. I’m thinking I’ll look at *your* program before doing anything … but, I am on Social Security (70 y.o.) and can’t waste $$. Back in ’98 and ’99 my storable food business did $1MM in sales each year

  3. Dear Tim,

    Thanks for your informative review on Success With Anthony. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

  4. Great review, Tim! Thank you. I’m thinking I’ll look at *your* program before doing anything … but, I am on Social Security (70 y.o.) and can’t waste $$. Back in ’98 and ’99 my storable food business did $1MM in sales each year, but, today, we’re lucky to do $200/month. Will your program help with sales of ‘hard goods’?

    • My pleasure, Bruce 🙂

      I show people how to create an income with affiliate marketing, using a simple website. With this model you can promote literally anything you want- including digital products and physical products. You can even use your website to promote your own products if you like, absolutely. Because you will learn how to attract customer to your website using proven techniques.

      It’s a shame about your current business, but it’s never too late to start. So if you can put in some time and effort, then you can create a very profitable online business. I created this page to show people how to get started.

      Hope this helps! Cheers

  5. Thanks I like this review and am going to try this program , I too was leary that you could make a 1,000 in a day i’m guessing with time you could

    • Hi Jennifer, glad you found the review helpful 🙂

      There are many ways to make a full-time income online. Assuming a given program is legit, it really comes down to what method works for you and what your budget is. And most importantly, how much effort you put into your business.

      The methods taught within SWA can work, but the costs are relatively high. Especially considering you are primarily shown paid traffic strategies. By all means this can work, but it can quickly blow a hole in your budget too. Before you make any money at all.

      There are far more cost effective ways to get started online worth considering too.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward!


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