What Is a Profit Cycle Funnel – Scam or Legit Way To Profit?

The idea of a profit cycle funnel sounds cool, and there are some good aspects to it. But it’s more of a ‘marketing pitch’ than anything.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly what they’re about and how they work. So you can decide for yourself if this is the best method to make money or not.

What Is a Profit Cycle Funnel?

A “profit cycle funnel” is a standard affiliate sales funnel, with a unique ‘marketing spin’. There’s nothing new about the concept itself (for the most part), it’s just a different way to describe an existing (and well known) online sales process.

Anthony Morrison of Morrison Publishing
Anthony Morrison of Morrison Publishing

The guy behind the ‘profit cycle funnel’ is Anthony Morrison of Morrison Publishing. He’s a successful internet marketer responsible for many products within the ‘make money online’ space. One of which I’ve reviewed in detail called Success With Anthony.

There are a lot of negative reviews and complaints about this guy if I’m being honest. And without a doubt some of his marketing could be considered spammy.

But he does know what he’s doing and there is value in what he teaches. At least based on the stuff I’ve seen myself.

How Does a Profit Cycle Funnel Work?

A profit cycle funnel works in the same way most affiliate funnels work…

  1. Send people to a capture page to collect emails
  2. Some will put their email in and go to the ‘thank you’ page which has affiliate links
  3. You follow up with these people automatically via email

That’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it, which is no different to any other sales funnel. Here’s an overview of a profit cycle’ sales funnel to show you what I mean…

Profit Cycle Sales Funnel Process

It’s a pretty straightforward process. As an affiliate, you can make money promoting other people’s stuff so it’s simple and it does work.

There is one unique aspect about how these profit cycle funnels work though. And it has to do with ClickFunnels, the program he promotes on the ‘thank you’ page of this funnel.

I think the best way to explain how this works in more detail, is with an example. And what better example to use than Anthony’s exact funnel.

Step 1 in the funnel: Visit the capture page and put in your email…

Profit Cycle Funnel Example
Source: https://myprofitcycle.com/free

As you can see, the ONE goal of this page is to get your email. When you submit your email, you are placed into his email list so he can contact you down the road.

Step 2 in the funnel: You land on the ‘thank you’ page and follow the prompts….

Steps In Profit Cycle Business

Normally, there would just be an affiliate link on this page directing you to buy something, or a link to download something. Like a free eBook.

However, with the ‘profit cycle funnel’ system, you are asked to complete two steps…

The first step is registering for a free account with ClickFunnels. Which is an ‘all in one’ sales funnel builder software. It’s absolutely a legitimate tool. I don’t use it myself but I know many who do. Anyways, the first 30 days is free and it’s $97 after that.

The second step is coming back to the same page and putting your account info in, so Anthony’s team can load your account with some free templates (sales funnel). You will essentially get access to the same funnel I am showing you right now. ClickFunnels is unique in the way they allow you to share sales funnels in this way.

In any case, this means you will be promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate and sending followup emails. The reason you send followup emails is to convince people to buy ClickFunnels and join other programs Anthony runs, like SWA.

This is a smart affiliate funnel in it’s own right. There’s no doubt about it. But other than the ClickFunnels aspect, it’s nothing new. And there are some distinct drawbacks to this model, just as there are benefits.

Profit Cycle Funnel Pros

The main benefit is that it’s free for 30 days and you get access to a working sales funnel.

  • It’s free to get a sales funnel that converts well (apparently)
  • Promoting ClickFunnels is a legitimate way to earn an income online
  • This type of sales funnel can work for many offers

Profit Cycle Funnel Cons

The main drawback is, nothing is that simple and nothing is free.

  • ClickFunnels isn’t cheap (there are more cost effective alternatives)
  • You are promoting the same funnel as everyone else (not good)
  • You are not getting the training you need to succeed with this
  • Many hidden costs within this method you may not be aware of

Is The Profit Cycle Funnel a Scam?

I think it’s unfair to call Profit Cycle Funnels a scam. I mean, it’s a free way to set yourself up with a converting sales funnel. The concept is one that does work and there is money to made. But there are drawbacks here that you should know about.

Firstly, there are many addittional costs involved in making this profitable. If you think you will sign up for free and start making money, you are in for a rude awakening.

You will need to pay for ClickFunnels ($97 per month), pay for traffic (how deep are your pockets?), and actual training so you know what you are doing. This is why Anthony contacts you via email to convince you to buy his program ‘Success With Anthony’ which shows you how this stuff works. Among others.

That’s all good and well, but there are tons of upsells within these ‘other programs’. Which inevitably sees people paying out a small fortune just to get started online.

As in, well into the $1,000’s to get all the training and tools you need for this.

Just because the costs are high doesn’t make it a scam. But it also doesn’t make it the best method of making money online either. Far from it.

The trouble with this method is that you are promoting the SAME funnel as thousands of other hopeful affiliates. The funnel may convert well now (according to Anthony it does anyway). But done for you funnels quickly lose their value when the masses jump in.

Not to mention, you are not building YOUR business for the longterm. You are promoting Anthony’s brand and establishing him as the authority. Rather than creating your own unique brand, with your own website.


There are some good aspects to a profit cycle funnel (AKA Anthony Morrison’s version of an affiliate sales funnel). But there’s also some very real drawbacks to consider as I explained in this article.

What you decide to do is up to you. Hopefully this article has given you more insight into what these funnels are and how they work. This way you can make a more informed choice rather than just going off the sales page.

7 thoughts on “What Is a Profit Cycle Funnel – Scam or Legit Way To Profit?”

  1. So I signed up for them and for 2 das I have sent emails to supposedly 500 people each time, but right away it says my commission was 100$ then today its at 116$. I knowif its this slow I can’t afford 97$ a month I dont know what to do. I also see noway to redeem that supposed commission. Please wht do I do. The pandemic has made my family loose EVERYTHING. And now my last dollar and were already living in our car my husband has a broken back. What do we do? Our phones were hacked and our website was shut down erased as if we never existed, im holding by a thread please help us thanks for your time.. God bless ?

    • Hi Farrah,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

      I would suggest contacting Morrison Publishing support via email and ask them about getting your commissions.

      Other than that I don’t really have any recommendations on how to make money quickly online, I just recommend a 4-step method for building an online business that doesn’t cost much and that actually works. It takes time though, so it’s not a way to make money quickly (you ideally want to give yourself 12 months to build something of substance). But if you follow the process you can be successful.

      Anyway, hope this helps and all the best moving forward.

  2. I would have to say this is a scam for one they there a no charge they say nothing about a 3 day trail then turn and charge you 34.00 after 3 days and every month forward.
    Plus on top of that they give you a non working number therefore you can never log on or get ahol of anyone even tho they tell you they will get back to you within 24 hours. Well that was a lie they will get a hold of you only after they get there 34.00 dollars this is how they make there money. Scammers there all over the internet. If anything sounds to good easy it’s a rip off.

    • It is supposed to be a “one time” charge for the $34.00, and they did tell you that upfront would be charged after three days. They are hard to get ahold of. I am making some commissions with it daily, nothing spectacular, but so far has covered my cost (once/if I get paid) I am consistently making money every day. I did do their lead co-op 1x and made $34.00 off a $20 spend. My question is it shows my commissions, but nowhere does it tell you how you actually get paid. I did a little digging around, and think I found the right info. You get paid after you make $1000.00 in commissions. So far after $18 days I have made $202.20 for about 30 seconds of work a day. Now how to figure out how to make it more profitable. They stand by their word on giving you an additional 500 subscribers every week, in fact I am already up to 2000 after 18 days. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • When i called support cause i forgot my log in information they gave me wrong information to start with they told me to never call back there again or they was going to charge my phone 2500 dollars . i called many time and they just hung up on me


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