Is “Online Income” Really The #1 Choice For an Internet Career?

You’ve seen the Online Income website, and maybe even read the sales pitch. But you’re not convinced if it’s really the top choice for an internet career.

It’s good to be sceptical when it comes to these programs, and it always pays to do your homework. So you’ve made a wise choice by reading this article.

I’ll show you what you need to know so you can decide for yourself if it’s legit…

What Is Online Income?

Online Income is a program that claims to be “the #1 choice for an internet career”:

Online Income

It’s run by Heather Smith who says she ‘cracked the code’ to making money by posting links.

Apparently, big companies are paying everyday people to post links all over the internet. It’s a simple and easy job, and something anyone can do. The program claims to have been attracting “quite a bit of media attention” and has even been featured in the news.

Cool story. But the TRUTH about this program is vastly different.

The reality is, this is the same old link posting scam that has been rehashed by the same group of scammers for many years now. There is absolutely nothing legitimate about it. Period.

I actually reviewed Online Income in detail a few months back, which is how I know it’s not legit. But I don’t expect you to take my word for it though, so read on to see exactly why I say this…

Why Online Income Is NOT The #1 Internet Career Choice

There are a number of reasons why this program is far from “number one”. I’ll go through some of the main reasons now to show you why it’s not a good choice.

Link Posting Is NOT a Real Job or Business

The first thing I want to be abundantly clear about, is that link posting has not, is not, and never will be a legitimate online job. And it’s not a real business model either.

The website claims you can make “x amount per link” as if it’s an actual job…

Link Posting Income Calculator

But it’s NOT a real job, much less one that pays $20 or more per link posted.

Inserting a link within a webpage is incredibly simple, I mean it’s as simple as tying your shoelaces and anyone really can do it. Which is precisely why no company with any shred of logic pays people hundreds of dollars per day to do so.

They do not mass post links everywhere online either, because that is spamming. Even if they did (which they don’t), they’d hire workers for pennies on the dollar from lesser developed countries.

What you really get, is some basic affiliate marketing training.

Affiliate marketing is a business model, and it’s legitimate in and of itself. Affiliate’s earn commissions promoting products for big companies like Amazon. You sign up for free to get your unique affiliate link, and when people buy through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

What would I know? I am an affiliate marketer, and this is how I earn a full-time income online.

Which is how I KNOW what these people are telling you, is complete and utter BS. Every word of it. What they’ve done is taken an otherwise legitimate business model (affiliate marketing) and ‘watered it down’ to the point it sounds like a job.

Yes, posting links is part of making money as an affiliate, but there is MUCH more to it than this. You need to learn the right skills and use the right tools if you want to be successful. And it takes time and a whole bunch of effort.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is awesome. I love it. But I want to be clear about what’s involved unlike the scammers running Online Income and it’s many versions.

It’s The Same Old Scam- Rehashed Over and Over Again

The second reason this is not the “#1 choice” is because it’s the SAME program that has been running for years. Under many different alias’.

There have been hundreds of different versions of these come and go over the years, maybe even thousands. I started this blog in 2015 and I’ve seen/ reviewed dozens of them in that time alone.

You can view the full and current list of link posting scams here.

The Story About a ‘Struggling Mother’ Is FAKE

The story they use about Heather Smith being a ‘struggling mother’ is completely fake:

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is really just stock photo as you can see below:

Stock Photo Heather Smith

The same story has been used across countless other versions of this scam too. Unfortunately, this works because the story itself is relatable and tugs at your heart strings.

It’s really just the work of a team of scammers, nothing more.

Deceptive Marketing Tactics 101

This program, like all the others, uses misleading marketing tactics to lure people into buying. Below are what I believe are some of the most commonly used.

Fake News Endorsements

This is the bread and butter of these scams- fake news stories and fake news endorsements.

Fake News Endorsement

When you look closely, these stories never talk about the actual program being sold. They discuss ‘general’ work at home opportunities, and these videos are recycled across all of these scams.

Read the fine print, and you’ll see they have not, and never will be featured in the news. It’s a trick to gain your trust and convince you to buy.

You can also read my latest review of a program called Accelerated Income where they use a video made back in 2011 to promote a new scam. With the aim of tricking people into thinking it’s a credible news endorsement.

Fake Scarcity

This is another trick they use, convincing people ‘spots are limited’…

Limited Spots Available Fake Scarcity

When in actual reality, there’s nothing limited about them. Go back to the site in a week and it will say the exact same thing. Every time.

Other than the fact they pull one scam down once enough honest reviews have been published, and start another one.

The Testimonials Aren’t Real

Much like the use of stock photos and fake stories with the woman behind the program, the testimonials are fake too. Read my review of Online Income or Secure Job Position for example, to see proof of what I’m saying.

They use stock photos and canned testimonials because in reality, no one’s making any money with this program.

Online Income – It’s Really The #1 SCAM Online

Online Income claims that it’s Wealth Development Certification Program is “rated #1 online by leading review sites”…

Wealth Development Certification Program

First of all, where’s the proof of this?

I can assure you that “leading review sites” do NOT endorse or look favourably upon this program at all. A quick Google search will dispel that BS. It’s actually the exact opposite- every credible review site I’ve seen warns people not to join it!

Secondly, I’ve looked into the Wealth Development Certification and found that it’s fake, and connected to many scams. Which have lost people a lot of money over the years. You can learn more about this by clicking the link above.

When you do your homework you’ll find that Online Income is actually part of one of the most prolific scams to ever hit the internet.

And I back up what I am saying here with hard proof in my review of Home Job Placement. The FTC exposed this program as being a scam that runs into the $100’s of millions. Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars! And it’s the exact same program as Online Income, it’s just running under a different name and alias.

This is a VERY elaborate and deceptive scam run by a team of con artists. Far stretch from the ‘#1 rated program online’ isn’t it? Yup!

It goes to show you can’t believe everything you see on a sales page. Or anywhere online for that matter.

I don’t even expect you to believe me either, which is why I link to as much supporting evidence as possible when I say these things. This way, you can research for yourself.

In fact, I highly recommend researching other reviews of Online Income if you’re still considering buying.


Once upon a time I fell for every scam in the book. I was in a ‘hurry’ to find a way to make money online. The next program somehow always convinced me that “this was the one” when it never was.

Through sheer persistence and finding the right program I managed to start an actual business online. Within less than two years of doing this, I created a full-time income online.

So it is possible, but it’ll never happen as long as you buy into scams like Online Income. These are scammers that prey on people that are desperate to make money online quickly and easily, and those who do not know any better.

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