Online Income Review: Sneaky Scam or Legit Work At Home Job?

If you can spare just 60 minutes a day, then Heather Smith and her Online Income Program will teach you how to make $100’s per day. Guaranteed.

Really? Not quite.

I’m glad you are reading this review, because there’s more to the story…

Online Income Program Review

Depending on which website you land on, you may get a different sales page. I’m basing this review off the following pages…

  • Landing page:
  • Sales page:

Update: Since publishing this review, the above pages have been taken down. Which is common among these scam sites. I’ve archived both pages though, so you can view them at any time by copying and pasting the above URLs into

The person behind the program is supposedly named Heather Smith:

Heather Smith

She claims she was a struggling single mother when she “suddenly” discovered a way to ‘post special links’ online. Now she’s making tons of money and living the high life.

There’s just one problem… link posting is not a real home job of any kind. Heather’s story is fake and it turns out she’s a stock photo:

Stock Photo Heather Smith

How do I know her story is fake?

Because I’ve reviewed dozens of these near identical programs. They all use the same story, tactics and sell the same underlying program. They just change web addresses, names and characters among other things.

For example, the last review I published was for the WAH Program. This program uses the exact same page, except this time the woman’s name is Bobbie Robinson.

There are countless other examples of these cookie cutter sites. My point is, the story is fake just like the character they use to present it.

But there’s much more to the story than this…

Has NBC Endorsed This Program? Nope.

A common thread among these sites is their use of news logos and videos:

Fake News Endorsement

At first glance, it appears as though this is some ‘revolutionary’ way to make money that is ‘sweeping the nation by storm’. As if the video is about the program itself.

In reality, the video has nothing to do with Online Income Program.

The video is years old and (while real in itself) it’s referring very generally to work at home jobs. The same is true for the logos they copy and paste onto the sales page.

They can get away with this because of the wording. When you look closely, it says “work at home programs” have been featured in the news. This is very general wording, and it’s deliberate.

At this point, you may be wondering if this is how a legitimate company would operate?

If so, you are one of the smart people reading this.

Real companies do not use fake stories and alias’, and don’t pretend to have a news endorsement. No. This is something scammers do.

Are Real People Making Real Money With This?

The use of testimonials in marketing is good when used ethically. It proves the program works and is something people can benefit from.

In this case however, I suspect the testimonials are fake.

I say ‘suspect’ in this case because I can normally prove it. If you scroll through my other reviews you’ll soon see what I mean, they use stock photos for all of their testimonials and rehashed copy.

Anyways, it seems they have stepped up their game somewhat. I was unable to find the origin of the photos. Except for one.

Here is one of the testimonials supposedly from Jason T:

Fake Testimonial Jason T

I managed to find this person on a site called Ezine Articles:

Author Ezine Articles Christopher

As you can see, he’s an author and his name is not Jason, it’s Christopher. He probably doesn’t even know his picture is being used to promote this program!

It’s NOT a Certified, Proven, or Guaranteed Home Job

Getting past all of the misleading sales tactics, what is this about? They claim it’s a ‘link posting job’ and say companies are desperate to hire people to fill this role.

Apparently, everything you need is contained within their Wealth Development Center. The trouble is, the WDC isn’t real just like everything else on this site. I’ve looked into this in detail, the link above takes you to an article where I prove this.

Anyways, here’s the income chart they give you:

Misleading Income Claims

Absolutely nobody is paying you this much money to post links. Period. Menial tasks like this are outsourced to countries where the minimum wage is WAY lower.

To be clear, you can earn money when someone buys something through your link, yes.

But this is a business model known as affiliate marketing. Anyone can grab an affiliate link and ‘post it’ online, but actually making money this way is an entirely different story.

Firstly, it’s a business and you only earn when someone buys something, or signs up to something through your link. Money is not made from just posting a link.

Second, you need a real way to get people clicking on your links. These guys encourage you to pretty much SPAM it all over the net, which is not smart and will not make you much (if any) money. You need real training, tools and support to make money with affiliate marketing. Plain and simple.

In other words, the notion of ‘posting links’ is a misleading spin on a real business model. It’s like saying all you need to build a house is a hammer and some nails. Good luck with that.

The worst thing is they actually claim they will ‘guarantee’ you results:

Guarantee Income Home Job

Now let’s take a look at the fine print in their disclaimer:

Disclaimer Reveals Truth

So, let me get this straight…

On one hand, it’s a “guaranteed, proven and certified” home job. Then, where nobody reads, it’s all “who knows… you might not even make money” and “this is not job”.


As far as I’m concerned, there’s not one shred of credibility to anything they are claiming.

Is Your Personal Information Safe?

One thing I always like to warn people about is how they plan on sharing your information with other dubious marketers. Not only will they contact you to buy much more high ticket programs, but they sell/ share it with others who do the same!

Privacy Policy Spam

Even worse, the checkout page has literally copy and pasted security verification logos:

Checkout Page Not Secure

None of the logos are clickable or verifiable, which is standard. Also, when you look closely, the GeoTrust verification is 7 years out of date. That is super sketchy guys.

If you are going to buy this, I recommend exercising extreme caution.


Given this is yet another cookie cutter link posting site, I chose not to buy it. I know full well what I am looking at with Online Income Program.

Unfortunately, this is not a legitimate program and will not help you create a real income working from home. As much as you may want to believe it’s real, the only ones getting rich are the people behind this scam. Plain and simple.

But thankfully, not everything online is a scam. There are many genuine ways to build an online business. This just isn’t one of them.

If you haven’t purchased this, think yourself lucky. If you have, chalk this one up to experience.

4 thoughts on “Online Income Review: Sneaky Scam or Legit Work At Home Job?”

  1. If you read the “Terms and Conditions” it becomes completely apparent that this work from home scheme is NOT as their ad proclaims. I always read this on these type of sites as normally it gives their scam away! In addition, if you look at their Earnings Section, it clearly demonstrates that there has to be a sale for you to make money. Thanks so much for writing this review. Hopefully, many desperate people will be saved from these horribly unethical and evil individuals. Keep it up!


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