Instant Cash Solution Review: Fast Cash or Big Scam?

Instant Cash Solution is an online money-making “system” created by Rich Meyer. Who claims you can easily earn $100 to $500 commissions each day with the system.

He says that all you need to do to make money is “copy and paste some pre-written ads” on classified ads sites and social media platforms.

Sounds cool, but does it actually work?

It may be possible to see some level of success with this system. But it’s not as simple as posting some ads and watching the money roll in. And either way, there are definitely some drawbacks to consider before joining. Which I’m going to explain in this review.

Read on to learn more.

Instant Cash Solution Review

The Instant Cash Solution website ( is run by Rich Meyer, who says he’s a professional online marketer.

Apparently, he’s giving you a special “done for you system” that can make you $1,000’s per month. And all you need to do is copy and paste some ads online.

That sounds exciting and the truth is you may be able to make some money this way. But nothing is ever as simple as “copy and paste” online. This is an oversimplification of the real process behind earning money online. Plain and simple.

Anyway, the further I looked into this, the more it reminded me of a system I recently reviewed called Copy and Paste Ads. These are basically the same online business model.

Which isn’t exactly a good thing, because Copy and Paste Ads is a chain recruitment based cash gifting scheme. And this operates in virtually the same manner.

What do I mean?

Well, this system is all about recruiting as many people as possible into the same system. The idea is to “buy in” at a given membership level, and then convince others to do the same.

And the reason I use the term “cash gifting”, is because you don’t actually buy the membership from the company itself. You only pay the company a small admin fee, the bulk of the money goes directly to your sponsor.

Meaning, this is all about member to member payments.

Is it legit?

The good news is, this system is not based on the multilevel marketing (MLM) business model. Because if it were, this in my opinion would be a pyramid scheme.

The bad news is, this business model isn’t exactly legit. And even though this is a high ticket system, that doesn’t mean you’re going to make tons of money.

How Does the System Work?

Here’s how Income Cash Solution works in a nutshell:

  1. Buy in at one of four membership levels ($100, $200, $300 or $500).
  2. Follow the steps to place ads on classified sites and social media.
  3. Receive $100 to $500 payments when people join through you.

Now let’s run over these steps in more detail so you know exactly how it works.

Step 1: Choose a Membership Level

Instant Cash Solution has four membership levels:

  • Bronze membership: Pay $100 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 commissions promoting the Bronze membership.
  • Silver membership: Pay $200 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze and $200 Silver membership commissions.
  • Gold membership: Pay $300 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver and $300 Gold membership commissions.
  • Platinum membership: Pay $500 plus a $79 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver, $300 Gold and $500 Platinum membership commissions.

Each membership level comes with training to help you promote the system. As well as capture pages, banner ads, text ads and access to a back office to run your business.

As you may have guessed, every product you receive is aimed at helping you promote the system. These are not products you can sell to retail customers. Only people interested in this bizopp are going to be interested in these.

In any case, the higher your membership level, the more resources you get to help you recruit others into the system, and the higher commissions you qualify for.

That last point is important to understand. Because with this system, you only qualify for commissions at the level you buy in at.

For example, if you purchase the Bronze membership level, you can only earn $100 Bronze level commissions from people you recruit, regardless of what level they buy. So if the person you refer joins at the Platinum level, you miss out on that commission.

On the flip side, if you purchase the Platinum level, you qualify for commissions on all membership levels. Which is why everyone is encouraged to “go all in” from the beginning.

Step 2: Copy and Paste Pre-Written Ads

The main selling point with ICS is that it’s a simple system that anyone can follow.

According to Rich Meyer, all you need to do is copy and paste some ads on classified ad sites like Craigslist. And social sites like Facebook and Instagram for example.

You can make money posting ads online, but it’s never that simple.

Copying a bunch of pre-written ads and plastering them all over the internet is spammy, not very effective and will probably get your social and ad accounts banned.

Especially because you are promoting an “online business opportunity”.

In any case, you might be able to make a few sales this way. Because when people see your ads, a percentage will click on them. Which takes them to your replicated website, where they can join the system through you.

So it’s not that it doesn’t work. You are basically just funnelling people to the same landing pages you joined the system through yourself.

It’s really a question of how effective this strategy will be for you. In my opinion, it won’t be very successful at all for most people. Considering that everyone is going to be using the same ads, same sites to post them on and the same landing pages.

At best, done for you sales funnels don’t work for very long.

Step 3: Earn Commissions Recruiting People

The final step is all about earning commissions from the people you recruit.

The more ads you place, the more clicks you receive and the more money you can potentially earn when people signup. That’s the name of the game here.

And as mentioned earlier, instead of earning commissions from the company itself, you receive the entire membership fee from whoever you recruited.

Here’s the problem…

Legitimate affiliate programs are free to join. And as an affiliate, you promote real products to people who really want to buy them, based on the value of the product itself.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

In contrast, with ICS you are paying between $100 to $500 to qualify for commissions of $100 to $500 when you recruit people. There are products, but these are not the key focus.

That is how a chain recruiting, cash gifting scheme works.

You could argue that there are real products. But nobody is paying hundreds of dollars for these products without the bizopp attached. They are buying to earn commissions.

Either way, I wonder how the products could be of any real world value. Considering that most of the money goes directly to your sponsor, instead of the company/ person that produced them. This makes no sense to me.

And in my mind, this further shows that these products are just “thrown in” to make the whole thing look more legitimate than it is. And of course, to help you recruit more people.


  • High ticket commissions are nice.
  • You get some training and tools to promote ICS.


  • You have to pay just to promote the system (pay to play)
  • Posting spammy little ads all over the internet is ineffective and generally just a bad idea.
  • No genuine retail products are being bought or sold.
  • Not a sustainable business model.


Income Cash Solution looks like an easy and fast way to make money online.

But it’s really just about buying in at the highest “level”, and then convincing others to do the same thing. Using pre-made ads that you post all over the internet.

I guess on one hand it’s not a scam. Because you do get some training and tools for your money, and it may be possible to earn revenue promoting the system.

On the other hand, I personally would never recommend this system.

And there’s a couple of reasons why:

  • Posting pre-written “business opportunity” ads on classified and social media sites is spamming and not a good internet marketing strategy.
  • This is all about chain recruiting and member to member payments. Which is not a legitimate or longterm business model in my opinion.

You might get a few clicks posting ads like this online. Maybe even a few sales. But if you want to achieve lasting online success, you need to learn real internet marketing skills. There is no shortcut or done for you system in the world that will change that.

Especially when you consider that everyone else will be using the same ads, on the same traffic sources, to promote the same system.

Either way, the business model itself is highly controversial. As I explained earlier, it’s all about purchasing the highest membership level, just so you can qualify to receive gifting payments from those you recruit. This is not how real businesses operate.

I’ve seen systems like this many times before, and they rarely last.

There’s usually a lot of buzz at first. But once the hype dies down, it becomes harder and harder to recruit new people. Until eventually, people move onto the next “opportunity” and those that join towards the end, end up losing money.

12 thoughts on “Instant Cash Solution Review: Fast Cash or Big Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the time in writing this article.

    I have been a member of ICS and this system is legit and I highly recommend it.. (It is not a Pyramid Scheme, if you join at a lower level and them you make a sale at upper level they put you at the maximum level you sold the membership instantly).

    It has all the tools ( Capture Page, Funnel, Email Marketing, All kind of Ads, Vimeo account for your use, also a discount for Solo Ads).

    You only need to buy your web domains ( they suggest 3) for promote your business.

    Here is my link with capture page provided by ICS [link removed].

    After you enter your email… you will receive emails automated… (All this is provided by the system). You don’t need to pay on any tools like (email marketing, ClickFunnel, etc) all of this is include in the platform, plus every Tuesday 5pm PST the same Rich Meyer goes lives and promote the system, so your can invite your prospects or leads and they can ask everything live to the owner.

    Here are my links [links removed].

    Everybody knows that online business depends on traffic… so increment traffic to your website and you will get success.. Also you can make a youtube video promoting or write another good blog like this.. …leave the link on the description and then it will increment the traffic. 🙂

    God bless you and be safe.

  2. Hello dear, I am from Turkey, it’s hard and not allowed to my country, to open job or register, sign up, or create an account to your website, any other things are allowing in Turkey to work with you?

    Best regards

  3. I tried to connect to their site,I google-ed the site and google led me to a page where the site was on the first position.But when I clicked that site ( I was turned back to google.
    What technology they are using?

    • Because this system is only available in America, Canada, and UK. It is therefore prohibited in other countries such as Walmart site is not available to all countries. You must log in through VPS America

  4. Would it be awful if I rode out the wave of “Instant cash solution”? I mean, really, if I can turn $300 into $600 or more while learning a more consistent way to make money online would it really be a bad thing to get involved with? Thank you very much for the informative review and it has helped me make sense of what the deal is with “Instant Cash Solution”


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