Easy Survey Jobs Review: Legit Way to Earn Cash and Rewards, or Just Another Scam?

Updated: September 24, 2019

Welcome to my review of the Easy Survey Jobs website.

This site claims to be the “most popular place online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts”. However, after looking into this, I found that they don’t actually “reward” you with anything.

Instead, they simply refer you to join other paid survey sites and “make money online” programs. In order to earn affiliate commissions from you.

Is it a scam?

Not exactly. But as I explain in this review, it’s not really worth your time either. You’d probably be better off just signing up to the survey sites they recommend, directly.

There’s also a couple of red flags with respects to the site itself, and one of the main programs they recommend within the members area.

Read on for the full review.

What’s EasySurveyJobs About?

EasySurveyJobs.com is a website that “recommends” various paid survey sites.

If you follow the process, it looks as though the site is helping you, by “matching” you with the best and most profitable survey sites. Based on your answers to the questions they ask.

But this is not the case.

The site simply directs you to join survey sites you could easily join yourself, for free. And there’s no custom list of sites for you to join based on the answers you provide to their questions. Everybody gets the same list of sites to join.

Why do they do this?

Because they are affiliated with every site they recommend. Which means if you join, the people running the site earn an affiliate commission.

What exactly is a paid survey site?

A paid survey site is just a site that rewards users for completing surveys, sharing opinions and providing feedback. They can pay users for this stuff because they get paid by companies who want your feedback, to improve their products and services.

So paid survey sites are kind of like the “middle man” between you, and companies who want to hear from you:

  • You (complete surveys to earn rewards)
  • Paid survey site (the middle man who make everything work)
  • Companies (want your opinions and feedback)

Easy Survey Jobs is none of these. They are just affiliates, who are promoting paid survey sites, so that when you join, they earn referral commissions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Joining EasySurveyJobs is free.

However, inside the members area, there’s an option to “upgrade” your account:

Easy Survey Jobs Members Area
Source: easysurveyjobs.com

As of writing this, the “upgrade” link doesn’t work. But the fact that it’s there does make me wonder if maybe they’ll start charging a fee in future. Makes sense.

What about the sites they connect you with, how much do they cost to join?

The paid survey sites they recommend are all free. However, some of the make money online programs they recommend cost money. Which I will elaborate on shortly.

How It Works

The Easy Survey Jobs website says there are “3 simple steps” to start earning:

Steps to Get Started

However, it’s more like 6 steps when you break it down:

  1. Visit easysurveyjobs.com and click on the “get started” link
  2. Answer 5 questions to get matched with surveys that fit your answers
  3. Create a free account
  4. Signup with the paid survey sites they recommend
  5. Start completing surveys
  6. Earn cash and rewards from those individual sites

The first step is to visit the website and click on the link to get started. From here, you need to answer 5 questions so they can “match” you with the best survey sites.

The questions they ask you are very generic. For example, “how much money do you want to make taking surveys” and “when can you start” and so forth:

Question 1 on EasySurveyJobs.com Website
on EasySurveyJobs.com Website

Once you answer these questions, you are taken to a page that says you’ve been “matched with 3289 surveys”. As if the answers you gave have aligned you with the best possible paid survey opportunities online.

But this is not the case.

I went through this Q&A process a couple of times. And no matter how I answered, it always said the same thing. So there’s no “matching” taking place at all, it’s just for show.

Why would they do this?

Because if you think you qualify to participate in the best possible surveys, based on your answers, you’re more likely to complete the next step.

Which is creating your account:

Create Account Screen

To create your account, you need to provide your name, email and phone number. And in doing so, you will get access to the members area. And the first “step” within the members area, is to join a bunch of survey sites they’re affiliated with:

Paid Survey Companies

As I mentioned earlier, the links inside the members area are affiliate links. Because they are affiliated with these survey companies. And they profit if you join through them.

Here are the direct links to each company they recommend:

I am not promoting any of these companies. So the links you see above are not affiliate links. I simply included these links so that (if you want to) you can join directly.

Anyways, they also recommend some “make money online” systems:

Money Making Systems the Site Recommends

I clicked on these links to see where they took me. And all three of the buttons you can see in the screenshot above, took me to this page:

Sales Video that leads to system called Website ATM

This is your typical sales video. And if you watch the video for long enough, a “buy now” button appears. Which takes you to the order page for a system called Website ATM.

I’ve reviewed this system, and found that it’s not legitimate. In fact, it’s a “get rich quick” scam that I absolutely do not recommend.

So the fact that they try to get you to buy into this, is a red flag.

Is It Worth Joining?

Not really.

Because they’re not providing you with anything of value.

First of all, no matter how you answer the questions before accessing the members area, you get the same result. Everybody is “matched” with the same list surveys, every time. So this is really just a waste of time. This process only exists to make it look like you’re getting connected with the best possible surveys. When that’s not the case.

Second, you could easily join any of the survey sites they recommend, for free. At any time you want. Directly on the survey site itself.

Third, some of the sites they “recommend” are known scams. Like Website ATM for example. Which is a $47 program that does not help you make money online. And it’s full of upsells too. Which means it could end up costing you a lot of money.

This is why I say the site doesn’t provide any real value. The only purpose of the site (when you boil it down) is to make the people running money.

And I’ve seen this kind of thing before.

For example, sites like My Survey Jobs, Survey Approved, Survey Freedom and AOJ Online Jobs work in a similar way. They don’t provide anything of value to those who join. The whole thing is (really) about convincing you to join their “recommended” sites.

How Much Money Could You Make Completing Surveys?

Completing surveys is not a very profitable endeavor at the best of times. It’s more like a good way to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

Most people who signup with survey sites, even legit ones, earn less than $2 per hour on average. Which works out to roughly $16 per day, or $80 for an entire weeks work.

And it can work out to even be less than this.

For example, NerdWallet did a case study where they signed up to 12 of the top online survey sites. They made between $0.43 and $2.03 per hour on average.

WTF. I guess it might be possible to earn more than this. Depending on your demographics, the companies you signup with and how much effort you put in.

But I doubt you’ll make as much as the “income calculator” on their website suggests:

Calculator to work out potential earnings

To be fair, I’ve seen a lot more suggestive income calculators than this, and they do provide an income disclaimer. But it’s still well beyond what most people are likely to earn if you ask me.

Is Easy Survey Jobs a Scam?

I don’t think Easy Survey Jobs is a scam.

I mean, it is free to join and most of the survey sites they recommend are legitimate. Not to mention, it is possible to earn a small amount of money on these sites.

However, the site is a bit misleading in my opinion.

Why do I say this?

First, because they use fake job advertisements on low quality job search sites to lure you in:

Fake Job Advertisement on job-motor.com
Source: job-motor.com

This is not very ethical in my view. People who see these ads probably think they are applying for an actual job that pays between $5 to $46 per task. Which is BS. This is not a job at all and nobody is making that amount of money.

Second, I said earlier, it doesn’t matter how you answer the questions, you end up with the same result. With the same list of sites to join. So this is really just a clever marketing tactic.

Third, I’m not a fan of how they recommend low quality programs like Website ATM. This is not a legitimate program, it’s a get rich quick scam. Buying this is as good as throwing money down the drain if you ask me.

The other point I want to mention, is the risk of giving these people your personal information. When you create your free account, and give them your information, they actually share this with third party sites.

We may use the personal information that you supply to us and share it with other third party businesses to bring selected opportunities to our members via email , direct mail, text message or telephone.


Why do they do this?

Because they want to profit off of you by:

  • Sharing/ selling your information to other companies
  • Sending you offers via email

Sharing information such as emails and phone numbers is big business online. Unethical marketers line up to buy this information, so they have people to send promotional offers to.

And not only that, but they profit if you buy anything they pitch you themselves. Which is fine. But again, it comes down to how they promote it, and what they promote. Spamming people with get rich quick offers isn’t exactly legit.

In any event, if you are going to signup, consider using an alternative email/ phone number. Because once they have this information, it can be very difficult to stop spam emails, calls and text messages.

What I Like

  • It’s free to join
  • You might earn a few extra bucks completing surveys
  • Most of the sites they recommend are legit

What I Don’t Like

  • No real value in the site (you might as well join survey sites directly)
  • Income potential for doing paid surveys is generally very low
  • Some programs they recommend are scams
  • They share your name, email and phone number


You could join EasySurveyJobs, follow the “steps”, and maybe make a few bucks completing paid surveys on the sites they recommend.

But why not go straight to the survey sites directly?

Doing so would almost certainly save you some time. And it could save you from a bunch of annoying spam down the road.

Either way, the site serves no real purpose for the user.

I can’t see any logical reason to signup with Easy Survey Jobs, as oppose to going directly to the survey sites themselves. It doesn’t make your life “easy” and there are no “surveys” in the members area. It’s just a waste of time.

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