Survey Freedom – Scam or Legit Survey Site? [Honest Review]

Welcome to my review of Survey Freedom.

This site ( claims you can make “up to $40 per hour taking surveys at home”. Apparently, you don’t any special skills or experience, and you can get rolling right away.

Sounds cool, but is it legit or just another scam?

Let’s find out…

Survey Freedom Review

I came across the site today, which at first glance looks like a real survey site.

The site talks about how you can make as much money as you want and work from the comfort of home doing something as simple as taking surveys.

The site even provides testimonials like this one of a woman holding a check…

Woman Holding Check Fake Testimonial

I’m always skeptical when it comes to testimonials though, because SO many of the sites I review use actors or stock photos. So I did some digging to see what I could find out.

The first thing I did was run the above photo through a site called TinEye, which shows you where else the photo resides online. Which revealed that this photo is used on over a dozen other sites, dating as far back as 2017…

Generic Photo Proof

The second thing I did was check the Who.Is database, which shows that the SurveyFreedom website began in June of 2018.

Which means that this logically cannot be a photo of a woman holding a check from Survey Freedom. Because the site didn’t even exist when this photo was taken.

So they’re clearly using fake testimonials here.

Which is never a good sign and almost ALWAYS proves that the site is running some type of scam operation.

Let’s take a closer look though to be sure…

What Is Survey Freedom and How Does It Work?

Survey Freedom is a website that directs people to third party survey sites.

What this means is that they are not actually providing you with surveys, or paying you anything. Instead, they are simply directing you to join existing survey sites.

And if you do join one of the survey sites they recommend, they earn a commission off of you.

How does it work?

First of all, you land on the Survey Freedom site hoping to make $40 per hour taking surveys. This is what the site is promising, and it’s what you’re hoping you’ll get.

So you click on the “Start Earning” tab which takes you to a questionnaire.

This is a series of questions that supposedly helps connect you with the best possible surveys available, that pay the most amount of money.

When in reality, these are just generic questions that lead to the same outcome.

In any case, at the end of these questions, you are asked to give your email to ‘unlock the results’. After which you are taken to a page where you see ‘recommendations’ to join various survey companies.

Recommended Survey Sites

As you can see, these survey sites are Inbox Dollars, Survey junkie and i-Say Consumer Panel.

The good news is, these companies are legit and you can earn money this way.

The bad news is, making $40 per hour is absolutely NOT going to happen. It is a known fact that survey sites like these pay (at best) $1-$2 per hour on average for your work completing surveys, doing trial offers and so forth.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, earns $40 per hour doing surveys.

Instead, it is a viable way to earn a few extra bucks. It is boring, repetitive, tedious work and it’s nothing to write home about.

What’s more, you don’t need to signup with to qualify to join these companies. The ONLY benefit in doing so, is getting SPAM emails from these guys, because now they have your email.

This is literally exactly how a site called Survey Approved works, which is almost certainly run by the same people.

Is Survey Freedom a Scam?

Survey Freedom isn’t exactly a scam.

I mean, the site is certainly misleading because they claim you can earn an amount of money that is simply not possible taking surveys. So in this respect their marketing is a scam.

But they’re not actually selling you anything, they are simply directing you to join third party companies. Which to be fair, are legit.

So I guess it’s up to you if you personally believe this is a scam operation or not.

Either way, I certainly won’t be recommending you join Survey Freedom. Because there is simply no point in doing so. By giving these people your name and email, you will be hit with tons of spammy emails pitching you other ‘make money’ offers.

That is literally the only benefit here as oppose to joining the ‘recommended’ survey sites yourself.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has been helpful.

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