Club Cash Fund Review: Legit Money Making System or Scam? Let’s Find Out!

Welcome to my full review of Club Cash Fund.

This is a new site that claims you can receive “$100’s in your mailbox on autopilot” without promoting or explaining anything. Just signup, follow the system and watch the cash roll in.

Sounds easy. But is this really a legit way to make money, or some kind of scam?

Here’s what you should know before signing up…

What’s Club Cash Fund All About?

Club Cash Fund is a direct mail cash gifting scheme.

In a nutshell, what this means is that affiliates who join the system send cash (or money order) in the mail, in the hopes of receiving cash from other affiliates who join after them.

These schemes aren’t new, they’ve been around for a very long time.

However this particular program takes a more automated approach. Because you don’t actually have to mail anything out to anyone after you initially join. The system is setup to take care of this for you which I will elaborate on in more detail shortly.

In any case, the cost to participate in Club Cash Fund is $80.

And by paying this fee, you qualify yourself to recruit others into the same system. Each time you recruit someone who pays the $80 fee, you earn a $20 commission.

The remaining $60 is paid out to the person who referred you ($20), the person who referred them ($20) and the company itself ($20).

The site ( talks a lot about how easy it’s all going to be. As in, you don’t need to sell, tell, explain or promote anything because everything is done for you.

But this simply isn’t the reality.

Like ANY affiliate offer (even ones like this), you will not make any money at all without learning how to do internet marketing. Because you need to get people to signup in the first place.

Let me explain…

How This System Works

This way this system works is pretty straightforward- signup for $80 and recruit others who do the same.

It all starts when a Club Cash Fund affiliate reaches out to you (in person, by phone, through social media, email, sms or otherwise) about an “amazing opportunity”.

Personally, I received a random SPAM email which took me to this page:

Mailbox Money capture page

This is just a one page site that basically asks you to click through to the next page. Where you are then asked to put your name, email and “access code” into the box. website

The reason you need to put your access code into the form is because it tells the system who referred you. Each access code is unique to each affiliate.

In any case, once you do this, you’ll end up on the official Club Cash Fund website… website

This is where you will see a short sales video that prompts you to enrol in a “simple 3 step system”.

The first step is to call the number on the page, which is basically a series of voice testimonials.

The second step is to complete the form to have your free “starter kit” mailed out to you.

Free Starter Kit Mailing Form

And once you receive your Kit, the third step is paying the $80 registration fee. Which as I mentioned earlier is something you send by mail, which qualifies you for recruitment commissions.

At this point, you need to learn how to refer others into the same system.

So it’s not as if your work is done at this point.

Not even close.

If you want to make money with this system, you need to get people to visit YOUR affiliate site. Which is literally the most time consuming (and potentially costly) part of all.

Can You Really Make Money With Club Cash Fund?

The simple answer is that yes, you can make money with schemes like this.

However, there are a couple of points I want to make here.

First of all, you should definitely not expect to be making “quick and easy” money. Which is kind of what the sales material implies when you consider statements like “get $100’s in your mailbox on autopilot”.

The reality is, you need to generate leads before you can generate ANY sales as an affiliate for ANY program. And learning how to do this takes time and effort.

On the plus side, there does appear to be some training within the members area. For example tutorials on generating leads with Instagram, Linkedin, email marketing and so forth. But I cannot say whether or not this is quality training.

Either way, there is nothing “done for you” about learning internet marketing. And this is (without a doubt) the most important part of you actually making ANY money at all with this system.

Second of all, the business model of cash gifting via direct mail is not legitimate.

You are literally paying $80 for the SOLE purpose of qualifying to receive gifting payments from other affiliates you recruit.

And to make matters worse, you are earning these gifting payments across multiple levels.

Because there are 3 tiers in this downline. You don’t just earn on people you refer, but on people they refer and people they refer. Which means that this IS a multilevel marketing (MLM) system.

To be clear, not all MLM programs are scams or pyramid schemes.

But when you combine cash gifting with MLM, and instead of buying an actual product you are simply buying access to recruitment commissions, it’s a different story.

Is Club Cash Fund a Legit Opportunity or Scam?

On on hand, Club Cash Fund is not a scam because you can technically make money this way.

On the other hand, the business model itself is absolutely not legitimate in my opinion. You are essentially buying into a cash gifting MLM recruiting scheme, one that uses direct mail to process member to member cash payments.

Seriously guys, there’s a reason this system only works with cash and money order.

Yes, you do get access to some training products as a member, which is something I know many affiliates will argue makes this scheme legitimate. But this is clearly not the focus here.

Let’s be honest.

The products are simply “thrown in” on top of what you are really signing up to receive- cash payments.

The trouble with systems like this is that they simply do not last. Eventually, as with all such schemes, the “buzz” dies out and people stop joining. This is inevitable.

Only the top recruiters make the bulk of the money with these types of systems. As in, those who recruit tons of people because they are experts at internet marketing. And once one system falls apart, they simply move onto the next system.

Not to mention, sending cash in the mail to complete strangers is just plain risky, no matter which way you look at it. There really are better alternatives to getting started online.

What you decide to do is up to you, I hope you found this review helpful either way.

8 thoughts on “Club Cash Fund Review: Legit Money Making System or Scam? Let’s Find Out!”

  1. On my Affiliate Marketing journey, I deferred this to a later time earlier that may have been the fall of 2020, yet in January of 2021, the system says that I requested it, and then I received a response . . . the more I think about it the more I like it. I am yet persisting on my journey to excel in Affiliate Marketing and realize my abundance, but even as I have the utmost confidence that I will eventually succeed, I am settled on a plan to engage this, but for a reality check and personal reminder of, ‘ from whence I have come . . . ‘ after I am finally a rich man. An empirical testimony and evidence of the effort.

    I heard a testimonial on the phone system that a man has been a part of this since 2015.

    The phone testimonials are what hooked me from the start of this project.

  2. Thanks for stopping me from this program. I already got the info packet in the mail and was going to get $100 out of my account and mail the return envelope tomorrow! glad I found your website about Club Cash Fund…

    • I have made my initial $100 back now anything that comes will be all profit. Plus the income I made from a few prodict sales.
      Its nothing hard or illegal about it. You are getting resale rights to some products. This makes it legal and by the way they are some good products.

  3. Club cash fund is a scam I lost $100 i couldn’t get it to work . They wanted help me to do it through my website they never did sent me.or through facebook. None of my team member couldn’t get me help in support helping me in it . Wish i could get my money back. Phillip thrasher wish I could make money from home.

    • You can earn money from home, you just need to avoid money making schemes like this and learn how to build a real online business. Something that you can be proud of and that can earn you money for potentially years to come.

      For example affiliate marketing, which is promoting real companies tangible products online for a commission. This is what I do, and I show others how I do it for free here.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting.


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